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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The sound of music(1965),an inspiring film to watch

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1. The sound of Music ( 1965) is a very inspiring film. It is visually so beautiful that you can not think that it was made in 1965. It won 5 Oscar that year. At that time maybe my parents even didn't born.
2. The actress Julie Andrews has a very beautiful voice,indeed a strong voice. The whole cast was great.
3.The musics and songs are romantic. The film inspires everyone to love and play music. Musics are soothing and creating a happy mood that makes you fall in love with music. Music is a great thing. I believe that everyone has music within. Everyone should sing sometime like they did in their childhood. 
4. I used to shout so much when I was a kid, there was girl in the neighbour who used to ask why do I shout and says that she could listen from her house. She was older than me. But why I used to shout so loud ? Maybe it was joy overflowing from my heart. Every kid shouts and laugh, dance and sing and then run. Why the adults do not do that ?
Why don't we sing and dance and be merry rather than criticising and comparing other people ?
5. Maybe it is because we become fool as we kill our wisdom by memorising notes for good grades and black money and bribes.

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