What is the history of Tabloids by Jitu Das

Almost 2000 years ago, in Rome,a royal paper called Acta Diurna ( daily activities ) was distributed. From the  16 th century, the printed newp-papers were started to published.In 1609, in Germany first weekly news-papers were published in printing letters.At first, only the rich people of the societ were the customer of these weekly news-papers. But, in 19th century,the middle class and poor class of society were educated and this changed the idea of news-paper,for its customer were increasing everyday. The new-york  new-paper publishers thought to make the workers of the city as their customer.In 1880,the publisher of "World" new paper, Joseph Pulitzer started a new popular way of journalism.This attmpt of was very succesful and revolutionary,and in this news-paper "world" was publishing increased enourmously from 15000 prints to 250000 in just three years. For his revolutionary works,pulitzer award is given to the achivements in new-paper and online journalism,literature and musical composition  every year in honor of him by US ( Columbia university, New York)


To that perod, all the news-paper were printed in same width ( 58 cm * 38 cm). In 1903, Alfred Harmworth made two page from one previous braod page. and the now the page format became  43 cm * 28 cm. The news-paper format was compacted for the easiness to rad them in moving train and buses. Then an another news-paper called "Mirror" was being printed with big headlines on that small page,alongside small photographs,news and stories.Then many news-papers started to follow this news fashion.Harmsworth( later known as Lord Northklik) named this news-papers Tabloid news-papers. (he word Tabloid comes from the medicinal term Tabloid of late 1880)

 The name Tabloid was used for these kind of news-papers because-

  • The format is small ( roughly 43 cm* 28 cm. 
  •  This kind of news-paper publish news, stories in brie words.
  •  This news papers contains everthing that is found in the normal news-paper, but in brief style from politics, sport, literature, astrology, celebrity, weather,science etc.
  • For capturing every aspects of news,stories as the broad sheet contains,they are called tabloid which are small,but contains as much as broad sheet.


Easter is a very important for Christian people, today IS 29 march of 2013, and its good friday.
 What is good friday ?
Good Friday is the friday before Easter sunday and 31 march its going to be Easter day.Good Friday is the day when Christ was crucified.In good friday, Christians mourn in the church.Between 25 march and 31 march of every year Easter day is celebrated around the world as a holiday.
 But why Easter day is celebrated ?
Here is why -
This is the day,when the christian people remembers the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ.After Jesus Christ was crucified on friday( known as good friday ),his body was taken down from the cross,and was buried in a cave tomb.The tomb was guarded by Roman soldiers,and large number of  stone was put over the entracnce,so that no-one could steal his body.
On Sunday, Mary Magdalene with some Jesus's Diciples visited the tomb and found that stones were moved,there were no guards, and Jesus's body was not there too.
Jesus was seen on that day by Mary and his disciples,and his followers. Christians believes that two angles came from heaven moved the stone and the guards and gave life to jesus. From the death to rebith of Christ is called resurrection by the Christian people.
Easter day is holy day for Christians celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

The Meaning Of Life by Jitu Das


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1.  Its just one of the  greatest  mystery of all time in the history of mankind .Still it is a mystery. But meaning is not what constitutes a living or our life. The question Meaning of life leads us to an another question - what is the purpose of our life ?

In this way many question comes one by one and they get piled up, and they look at me with their curious big eyes, but I stay silent and they get  disappointed  again. when I think of this questions, suddenly my mind wakes up and help me think, but I have not acquired as much knowledge, as much it might need to  explain  the purpose of life or may be there is no meaning at all and that is why for this confusion I can neither become a religious man nor an atheist.

2. I think there is more to learn, more to see, we as a mankind are yet to decide what is reality and all other questions like what happened before big-bang, where is everything, the space, universe and all the things, and if these are all in a  multi verse , then where the  multi-verse  is ? I do not hope to find satisfaction in the answers by the  religions , but I do like moral advices of religions, but I do not  believe  in magic,  believing   magic  is like believing in superstitions, I know that magics are amazing and wonderful, we all want to believe it,but it is an great work of illusion or a creative art that amuses people by illusions,puzzles and secrets.

But  superstitions  are not sholud be believed at al, for they cause life of people. For example, the witch is a fiction or superstitions,In India, and other many tribes, believe in witch. In some uneducated  villages  of India.when a woman becomes a widow, she become lonely,for she is prohibited to wear new cloths, jewelery etc,when someone gets sick in the village,she is always suspected,the widow one. and she can accused of being a witch, and she will be killed by the people of village for the goodness of the village. In last two or three years, many bodo women were killed as a witch in Assam.

For these reasons,belief is something that can cause death. People who believe in God also believe in ghosts, fairies and witch. For that belief many women are being burned alive or cut into pieces. These are all happening in my country India and this is all because of improper or no education.

3. Life has no meaning at all, In these last two years I was searching for the meaning of my life.But I found that life has no one meaning. Since our knowledge as a mankind is still not enough how the universe was created, by big bang or something else.  Scientist  says from a single tiny point,the universe was created,so after the big-bang many million years passed by, and now we are here,on planet earth of a solar system.But if we ask what was before big-bang and singularity ? we have only theories. But theories are  hypothesis that  are should be examined to be true.

.For example,  Einstein  said that the light coming from sun is bended in solar eclipse,and it was  proved  after. So the thing is that, the universe is so big that, we can not even imagine how big its is. So,we can not say anything for sure ! But that does not mean we should not keep questioning about the universe.For this immense curiosity of mankind, our life is beautiful, filled with knowledge and comfort.True scientist do not argue whether there is a god or not ? because we all know everything has a source, so where does the source of energy comes from ? 

4.For us Sun is the source of all our energy in earth and in whole solar system. But, where does sun gets the energy from ? Its  from hydrogen burning to helium, that produce  immense  energy.You should know that hydrogen comprises the 97 % atom of the universe and in our known universe 70 % mass contains hydrogen.Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All are necessary to life. The remaining elements are trace elements, of which more than a dozen are thought to be necessary for life, or play an active role in health (e.g., fluorine, which hardens dental enamel but seems to have no other function).

So what life is ? Life is all these elements making up an individual,whether its a virus, bacteria,protozoa,fungi, plants,animals that gives them the characterists that creats a huge difference between the living and the non-living.

5.Fifteen  characteristics of life :-

 1. A life can reproduce

2.A life can grow

3. A life takes energy from its surrounding via food.

4.  A Life respond to its surrounding environment.

5. A life can adapt itself to the environment.

6. A life when dies decoposes to its constituent elements.

7.Life began on earth 3.5 billion years ago( 3500000 years ago)

8. Life is found in viruses, bacteria,fungi,protista,plants,animals etc.
9. In space the presence of bacteria are found.
10. Life is a natural  phenomenon , not a  miracle.
11. Life exists on planet earth, because earth is on the perfect distance from the sun, to get the exact light and warm to sustain life.Everything in the universe is a result of a possible and a reasonable cause,which is big-bang.
12.The life is may be only thing in the universe that has conscience.
13..Human life is the top life,we are lucky to be human.
14.Human life is the most interesting,great life on earth.
15.To be human is a great thing,because no one can think as much as human do, no one can change their environment like we do.We are advancing ever second,to a age we do not have any idea.We do not where we are going.What is our future. 

7.Most great people ever lived said that imagination is everything. The fact that imagination is not real. Then why imagination is important ? But reality is itself is relative. From the theory of relativity, the space is relative, time is relative, everything is relative, as we are made from the elements of the universe, the idea of our reality is also relative. Quantum mechanism shows us that what we see is not the reality. When a photon particle is sent through two slits , the emergence of particle becomes wave. In the sky we see the sun and moon in a same size, but in reality the sun is thousands time bigger than moon. When you are passionately curious, the whole world becomes interesting. Love is also important to live that makes us feel so good, it becomes more amazing when you are in love with a person of your ake personality. 

8. There is no meaning of life,you either make a meaning or the external factors will make a meaning out of you.That is why they say life is not finding  yourself,its about creating yourself who you want to be. I said that life is most beautiful in the universe, because life is so rare in universe.

9.The purpose life is to enjoy life doing the works that you love living with people who loves you and in a place that is good for health.

10. The most reasonable purpose of life is to enjoy every little moment, every little things in life. So, enjoy your life the way you can enjoy most.Do not worry what would people think about. 

What happens to your human body everyday ?? by Jitu Das

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1. In a day, you produce 2 litre saliva and 1.18 litre sweat in your body

2. In a day, you breath 23000 times , and  you intake 120.3 cubic meter air in you lung

3. In a day, your eyes opens and closes 27,000 time normally

4. After crossing the age of 18, you are loosing 1000 neuron cell of your brain everyday, though it does not make much affect your memory.

5. In a day, your heart pupms 7,500 litre blood in your body.

6. In a day, your heart beat almost 1,03,689 times.

7. In a day,  your brain can store more than 86 million small information.

8. Your body muscles are contracted and strecthcehed while doing work, 75 times a day.

9.The blodd in your body travels 27,00,0,00 km a day.

10. Your nail increases 0.0011684 cm everyday.

11. Your hair increases 0.435102 cm everyday.


1.The amount of chatting or talking you will do in your life,would take almost 2.5 year if you talk continously. And if you write down everything you sday in your whole life,you  can probably write 100 books each containing 400 pages.

2. In your whole life, you will eat almost 30000 kg food.

3. In your life,you shall open and close your hands 25 million times( 250 lac times).

4. In your life, your brain will recieve 10,00000000000000000000 small and big informations.

5. If you live for 7 years, you would sleep for 28 years and would work only 15 years.This facts are determined by studying most of the people on the world,so the results are on average.It might not be correct for you,but the results  are ought to be near your results.

6. If you live for 70 years,then the you shall produce 5,11,10litre salive in normal.

7. If you live for 7 years, your heart will beat 250 crore times.

8. In your whole life, your heart will continously pump in total 15,0,000 litre blood.

9. If you live for the age of 7, you will breath 5,87,65000 times.

10. You are going to fall in love 10 time in life.

The story behind Guernica painting by Jitu Das

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Guernica is the most famous paint of Pablo Picasso. Guernica is regarded as the one of the greatest art of 20th century. Among many works of Pablo Picasso, guernica is the lively work.

But why Guernica is so famous ?

In 19th century industrialization was started in most of the European countries, but Spain  was still in the middle age.The people of Spain broke the  the king rule and republic was established.But the thrown king kept on trying to dominate the people. The Republican forces were made up of assorted factions (Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, to name a few) with wildly differing approaches to government and eventual aims, but a common opposition to the Nationalists. They sought a return to the golden days of Spain, based on law, order, and traditional Catholic family values. They wanted to be free from this pain and misery,to create a advanced country like the other European countries. But the old ruling party( the nationalists) became against with these new rulers( republican).At that time, a captain named General Francisco Franco's cruelty was increasing. Inspired by One of the most worst man in mankind, Adolf Hitler, the nationalist Franco was torturing the general people of France who sought for republic Spain.Franco was helped by the the armies of Germany and Italy.In that terrible environment,where world was to about face an another war.In 26 April of 1937,Guernica was bombed for 2 hours by German warplanes led by Hitler.In that terrible bombarding for 2 hours, Guernica,which is more like a village in Spain, was destroyed literally. Guernica was the capital city of Basque region of Spain.In the middle of city,there was a big tree,which was known as Guernica.Basque people used to write their law and order sittling under that giant tree.It is possible that from that tree named Guernica,the city was also named Guernica. For Roman Catholics,the guernica was a holy place.
                  When in a usual day, 26 april of 1937, the german war planes bombed Guernica,the whole city was panicked, just like pearl harbor was panicked by the bombardment of Japanese war planes in December 7 of 1941.Along with the bombarment, the Germans were also killing the people of Basque with their filthy machine-guns.More than 200 people were killed,and many animals alongside.It was a  great shock to the world, to hear such  news about a city got ruined by bombardments.
                Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist, who was also affected by the brutality of this hopeless war.Picasso was commissioned  by  Spanish Republican government to create a large mural for the Spanish display at the Paris International Exposition at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris.

Guernica is famous for these following reasons  -

 1. Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace.

2.Upon completion Guernica was displayed around the world in a brief tour, becoming famous and widely acclaimed. This tour helped bring the Spanish Civil War to the world's attention.

3.In Guernica,you can see the both humans and animals in state of panicked,afraid,pain and  sadness. The color also depicts the war as a inhuman work.Those country who supports war is still a primitive country,just like America.
4. Guernica  includes the affect of war in both human and animals,by which the art tells that we humane are not the only one who is killed,injured because of war,the animals are also bearing the affects of war caused by the foolish,egoistic people from time to time.

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Why sea water is salty and its color is blue ? By Jitu Das

Do you wonder why sea color is blue and salty ?

When water is in small amount(eg. Water in a glass),it appears colorless to human eye. But water's tint becomes a deeper blue as the amount of the water thickness increases,(eg, water in seaor ocean).
The blue color of sea is just like the event of blue sky. When the sun rays comes through the sky,then out of 7 colors,blue color is scattered by the dust particles of air and rest of the color is absorbed and that is why sky looks blue. This is what also happens in case of sea water. The thickness of sea,ocean and lakes makes them look blue.There is also the blue sky above the ocean ,that is why lakes and ocean reflects the color of the sky,which is blue.

Why sea water is salty ? 

Sea water is salty because it contains large amounts of salt( Sodium Chloride or Nacl) brought to sea through many sources like rivers and streams, which collect various minerals, salt and silt on their course and drain them into sea. The evaporation sea-water also concentrates the salt in sea. If you must know ! The sea water is 220 times saltier than the fresh water( found in river ,lakes,pond, waterfall, ground water,well etc.

How to deal with anger,ego,shyness and fear by JItu Das

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How does it feel when you are angry ?
Its a feeling like you are in a prison. You only suffer when you get angry. Being angry is the worst feeling in the world. One who get angry,loose his control over himself.
Following are some of the common signs when you get angry :-------

1. Your mouth get closed. You can't smile when you are angry,which is like  highly  prohibited.Please try to smile, when you get angry, if you can do that, that is called alchemy, to transfer something so bad to something so good.

2. Your ears get hot,please observe that whenever you get angry, the ear gets red & hot when you are angry, shy and fear. These are the related emotions. All emotion are connected, thats why mood can change from good to bad in a instance.

3. Your heart beats become heavy and fast.
Its happens because getting angry needs more blood supply in the body, when you get angry, watch yourself in a mirror, you would see your face getting red, its the blood the heart is being very busy pumping towards your head.

4. Your breath becomes fast, getting angry is a hard job for the body, getting angry is a  important  behaviour also, if someone would hit you, you would get angry, that is normal, you might beat him too, as a result of your anger; and he might not disturb you again, think, what it would have happened,if you didn't get angry, that someone would keep disturbing you. Mahatma(great soul) Gandhi said that if a person slaps in your cheek,give him the other. Its a good thing,but evolutionary it has no benefits. Since Gandhi believed in god,he didn't believed in the fact of evolution. So,one thing you must know that, getting angry when someone disturbs your happiness is normal and I think getting angry is the inspiration to fight for yourself,otherwise you would not get the adequate motivation to protect your healthy state of psych and physic. What I want to say is that getting angry for a known reason is okay, but its very irritating when you are angry and do not see the reason clearly. The vagueness of the cause makes you feel both angry and helpless.

5. When you get angry your head becomes warm. You starts to feel a  flickering  headache  in your frontal lobe of the brain,with a heart of heavy beats. It feels like a heavy burden in your heart and its not taking the name of going. When you get angry, please observe how you feel. Do you know the cause why are you angry. When you know the cause ,you can control by solving the cause. For example, if someone is making fun of you,blaming you,you can always get the hell out that place and live with people who have love,respect and care for you. If you are angry about your boss,you can always get another job. No one wishes to be angry, its the other things that makes you angry. I think that we get angry because we are missing something in our deep inside of our unconscious mind , to near but too hard to see . 

Why we get angry ? We get angry when things do not turn out the way we want. Many people get angry, because of  the interruption   in their fun time or work. A kid gets angry when he is asked to stop watching tv or play games. I used to get angry when my father used to turn off the tv while I was watching  Donald   duck, duck tales,mickey mouse,  he-man  and what not. So,the fact is that we get angry when external factors interfere to our balanced world. You are watching a film on tv, then the current supply goes off,you get angry. But we should not be getting angry  every  time  something  happens against our will. Because we must accept the fact that we can not control events of the universe,because we can not even control ourselves. 

  • Why we need to control anger ?

  Controlling anger does not mean that you suppress your anger and smile,but controlling anger means knowing the cause. Most people are angry but they don't know the reasons. 

  • Why we get angry actually ?? 

1. One of the most common reason people gets angry,is their unsatisfying work .
When our heart's are contented with the satisfaction comes from a work we enjoy doing,we will not be as much angry as those who earn only money from work,not pleasure.Most husband beat their wives because they are angry about their own life, and when they see slight mistakes by other,they gets angry.Its like taking vengeance for not enjoying his work by beating their wives and kid. Maybe most people go the club, not just to drink,but to escape from the fact they are doing a uninteresting work,which is killing their hidden talent. I think only way to be happy is using your talent. Everyone  borns  with a talent,don't worry that there will not be room for talents in the world. Tragedy is that most people never use their talent.

  • How to know what is your talent ?

Talent could be anything that makes you feel happy using it. A man who has the satisfaction from his work,he will never go to fight,kill or rape,if he is not psycho. The satisfaction of work comes only from the work you admire. No body think himself as a small being ,most children and adult young think themselves as hero or  heroine .So how can he admire a work and find joy doing it,if he has no love or passion for the work.If he or she does not think his or her work as the most interesting work in the world, he could be never happy by doing that job. Thats how, when a man has to do work only for money and finds no joy,then deep down in his mind he becomes angry and depressed. When he see people or his friends who are doing their work of dream,he might get jealous and angry about his life unconsciously at that moment. But,it will change into a conscious feeling and he will start to be angry and will be frustrated not finding the cause  distinctly .
His  behavior   might change. He will start to find faults in other's work.His ego will increase.In his inner world he will walk a dark path,guided by ego. Ego tells him that he does not need anyone.He can do everything on his own.  The things that ego gives a man  are false promises and foolish reasons to be angry about other people. Ego is a  instinct  ,but ego is not self-confidence. Ego is like an invisible rope that binds you to be so weak that you have to struggle to just to say hi to people. Ego will always make you a loner in the midst of your friends and family.Your ego will demand some special treatment from other people,like you are special,better or upgraded version of humankind.

  • How to know that you have ego in your mind ??

To know whether you have ego or not, you have to test yourself. 

The test is simple : - 

1. Say hi to a person who might hates you ?
 2.Give smile to your friends first.

If you can not do that, you have a disease called ego. Why ego is a disease ? Ego is a  disease because it  makes you a loner and a introvert even among your  friends  and family. How does ego feels like  ? 

Ego is a not comforting feeling.Ego feels lonely,guilty.Ego is like heavy burden in your heart. Ego is  believing   only oneself,not what other what say. Ego is thinking one is always right,egoistic people do not think that they could make mistake,  because  everyone makes mistake.The egoistic people never  apologizes ,never  accept  thier mistakes.

  • But how to control your Ego ??:-----

  •  To fight with ego is not  easy  when you are angry ? Actually you get angry because of your ego .Let me explain how ? For example, one day I was watching a film, then my brother entered in my room and asked me to move out from the room for a minute, for he wishes to mop the room,which was a good intention to clean the room.But  I had ego and I did not see the good part, I only saw about myself, My ego told me ," you are watching a film in your room , who dares to disturb you."First I asked my brother, not to mop my room,But he wanted to mop that room. Then I started to tell him how badly he mops,stating his fault.Then he put too much water in my room as a revenge. But this was not his complete  fault  ,If I had got out the room,If I had respected him,I would have got out of the room,let him mop the room and everything goes well.This is happening everywhere, we all know that  most fights happens because of small reasons, the reasons that can be neglected,but ego always ignites fight, its an way to show how strong you are. Many lovers get married,but after an year or two they get separated divorced, why ?? Mostly because of their ridiculous ego. Many lovers never even get the chance to be married, because they never told that they love each-other,because their ego tells them that it would show  their   weakness.But it is a true feeling, you feel that when you are in love. If you are thinking like why don't she proposes you first, you are gonna loose it, if she is the girl you are waiting for, do not ruin that listening to ego. Ego is nothing, no one likes egoistic people. Ego makes you stubborn,rigid,you can not move your body,because ego wants to  prove   that it is bigger than other.He is the ruler. Egoistic people thinks everything must happen the way he desires.Alas ! nothing happens by  noone 's desires.So, when others do not listen to you, your ego makes you angry. To not be angry when things you can not control go against your will,because it is bad for your health, anger makes your face red, gives you headache, rises your blood pressure, digestion does not happen properly, you feel a heaviness in you heart. To be free from anger, first you have to be free from your ego. Always remember,ego is not your self-confidence or reliance. Having ego is not self-respect.Listening to ego is only your selfishness,which always leads to a miserable life.Selfishness is not something that you do not required.But too much is very bad for anything. Too  much  selfishness  is not the way of life should be.

 To be free from ego, you must need to :-------

1. Respect everyone regardless of age, gender and their socio-economic  status.
2. Understand other's feelings and point of view.
3.Love the good part of the people.
4.Care about other's comfort too.
5. Say hi to people you know.
6. Give smile to the members of your family and to friends.
7. Talk with other people,break the glass house made by ego,be free and open minded.

  •  If you are a very ego centric person,you have to practice respecting,understanding and loving other's more.To be free from ego,you also need to be free of extra shyness.You may feel like you will become small, by respecting others,but you are not going to be small,instead you will be a  love-able  person.Ego may also disguise as your innocent shyness. But shyness does the same thing the ego does,which is,to make you repulsive to people,make you an introvert,shyness is just one of the lousy taught feeling.If you are shy,that means you have ego in other form.Shyness is caused by the fear of getting laughed or jokes.But,why we feel that ? Answer this  question, who are you ? are you something that can not be laughed about or joked about?? The thing you  should remember that, those whom you are afraid of, because they will make joke about you, they are not perfect people, they do not know everything and most important thing that you should always remember is that if  some people  makes fun of you,they are the one who are jealous of you and thats why they want to make you feel bad by speaking ill of you.
  • You must know what is the thing that is stopping you to get what you want.You must know what do you fear ? What is fear ? Fear is an  instinct  to warn you from possible danger to be careful,so that you do not get hurt.Its an evolutionary trait and its in our gene. So, it does not go off completely.Its not possible that,you become free from ego,anger,shyness,fear and other emotions like greed,jealousy etc. If you get completely free from every emotions, you will have no opinion about anything, you will feel nothing, most of all, you will no longer be a human anymore. Our purpose is to be free enough from these emotions to live a beautiful life.


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