Life Quotes Part 8 by Jitu Das

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How to to deal with morning melancholia ? by Jitu Das

Wake up each morning, each day to enjoy the aliveness of life. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds. Look out outside, the great blue sky, the sun radiating its light and warm to the world. Look at the trees, green all Green. Listen to the birds chirping and singing. Look at this moment, it is beautiful.
Breath deeply and know that life is beautiful. Do not worry over the past that makes you feel down. Remember the good only, the good memories and the good dreams that inspire you to feel good.
Do not worry over the nightmares.

Be calm, have peace in your heart. Do not worry about what you will do in life, do not worry about what you will eat or drink. Do not worry over everything in life, because that will make life very difficult.
For peace in mind, do not compete with others. Because when you compete others, you follow their desires. When you compete with others you compete to get what they want. That is why you should not compete with others. If there is any person to compete with, that person is you. If you want to better the status of your life, then you have to do better than what you did in past. If you want something, you have to do something about.
How can you find peace by being rude to others that destroys their peace ?
How can you find love by ignoring the people that loves you ?
How can you find happiness if you do not do the work that you are borned to do ?
How can you mend your broken heart if you do not mend others.
To get something you must do something. Only boredom, hopelessness, helplessness comes when you do nothing to get what you want.
How to rise up every morning ?

Wake up everyday, every morning and do something. Do not just do nothing. But do with your heart what you do, do not do something if you are not having the concentration or mood to do it. Do it full concentration.
Its very important that you do your work with focus, because that increases the quality of the work.
Stop comparing yourself with others. You do not have to act like those people that you compare yourself with. You do not have to what they do. You should focus on what you can do. Practise and be a master of what you can do.
Why it is important to do a work ?

Working is not only important to earn money. Most people would tell you to do work for money. But that is not the main reason you should work. You should do a work, because working makes life beautiful. Lord Krishna says to Arjuna in Gita that work is the religion.
You should do a work for peace in mind, to prevent boredom.
But there are numerous works in the world, then a question comes -
what is the main work you should do in life?

You should do the work that best matches with your personality.

You should do the work, by which you can best express yourself.
If you want show the beauty of world, then you can do it many ways, by photography, film making, poetry etc.
If you want to express the beauty of different tastes of different foods, then you can be a cook, recipe maker etc.
If you want to give justice to the people, then you can be a lawyer.
If you are beautiful, show the beauty,do not hide.
If you are kind inside,show the kindness.

How to become curious and make life young & beautiful by Jitu Das

I am good today. Weather is shiny,sky is light blue and in the comforting. A new season is heading to India. That is winter. Winter is amazing. It cold, dusty, but winter has its beauty. I think that winter unites people, when people gather to warm up near fire. In our state Assam, winter means the days of many festivals. From 10 to 18 October, these days are holiday. The festival is about celebrating the Durga puja(prayer), Durga is a Hindu goddess, she is a goddess of war. When I studied Greek literature, I found that the Greek goddess Athena is similar to Durga. 
These 8 days my college is off. I have been watching films, visiting the relatives home, visiting the festivals. 
Other than that I am studying Bio statistics one hour day. 

But that is not all. It has been 4 days since I am home. My days are going just easily. I wrote a quote this year, " when you will know yourself truly, there will be no stress, no anxiety and worry. It is true. I know now what I should seek in life. What should I want in my life ?, this question was biting me like mosquito. Do you know what I hate most in this world ? It is the mosquito's. The answer to that question is peace. I should want peace in life most of all. You may also ask, well many friends asks me, what do I write, they say that they do not understand what I write. Then I wonder, did I wrote some complex words or what ? I wonder what is the part they do not understand, because I write simple words, simple sentences to manifest my thoughts and philosophy. I guess the part they do not understand about my writings is that why in the world I am writing all these, since I should be like them, act like them. May be I do not wanna grow in that way. I do not think growth depends on what you eat and drink. It is my youth. What a man wants in his youth. In youth a man wants to fall in love like the hero of the novel or film he admire. In youth a man wants to be strong and be a leader. In youth, a man wants to everything and also gets confused about what he really want. Because in youth every thing looks beautiful. Well, youth is not only about the young age. Youth is about dreaming, seeing beauty in the nature surrounding him, youth is about having a curious mind. Youth depends on your curiosity. Curiosity ? Curiosity about what ?

I am talking about the curiosity about life. Curiosity about life makes you young. Of course curiosity about death, would lead you to death. Remember that, what you think, you also feel. If you think good, you would feel good. If you want to feel nothing then think about nothing. Can anyone do that ? Well I have seen trained Buddhist monk do that. They just control their mind and body.
Curiosity about life makes you love life more. If you somehow once fall in love with life, then you will always love life. When you will love life, you will love the people, the trees, the sunshine, flowers, day and night, the seasons. Everything in nature will reveal its beauty to you and then you will see a more beautiful world. I think that each person or animals sees the world in a different. I used to watch the birds( kites) flying or gliding high in the sky at midday or afternoon and still I watch them. I used to think that they are having a good time flying around. Since I have major in Zoology, now I know that they glide in search of prey. They have much more sharp eyes than us. They have a pachytene, a black tissue in their eyes, which makes them able to see the objects that lies far away. We had a practical about it. One of the reason I took Zoology as my major is because I love life, I am curious about life. That is what make me think about life more and more. So, my curiosity was that what should a man do in his life, what should a man want in his life ? 

That is why I started reading the books about life. The books I read about life are : -
1. The importance of living by Lin Yutang
2. How to stop worrying and start living by Del Carnegie 
3. The stories of Tolstoy
4. The blue bird by Maeterlinck
5. The man who planted trees by Jean Giono
6. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
7.Walden by Henry david thourough.
8. Walking by H.D. T.
9. Wings of fire by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
10. An idealist view of life.
11. Jane Eyer
12. Autobiography of Charles Darwin.
13. Yevgeny Yevtushenko's autobiography. 

I have watched much more films than I have read books. If you want to what books I keep in my desk ? Then I would say that I keep the first 5 books. 
Well, the question, some of my friends ask me is that what do I write ? I write in simple way, why don't you read it ? You will understand easily.

. I believe that we are here for a little time in our earth, even though average Indian man live about 70 years+. 
We should cherish our moments, relationship as we live.
I was searching for the meaning of life. Then I learned that, out of all meaning, enjoying every moment of life with people who you love and who love you back. It is very important that you find mutual love. I now believe that You should have a work that gives you peace more than money and  glamour.

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How to deal with boredom and hardness of life by Jitu Das

It's me.

Whenever you get bored, whenever life seems hard, whenever people seem fake, whenever relationships seems like unreal, whenever love seems selfish, my friend know that your world looks and seems what your inside feels like. Whenever you doubt your self worth, you also feel like that people do not have respect for you. You must never doubt your worth, always remember that you are much more than you think you are. You can always be better than what you are. If you want to have a strong physic, the best way is to do physical activity. There are many sports you can do to make yourself strong and fit. My favourits are yoga, dancing and martial arts.

When you get bored, know that you are not there where you belong doing what you are good at doing. Sometime wonder, why people get bored ? There are so many meaningful ways to spend time. Watching films , thinking,reading good books, listening to music, dancing , walking, running, smiling, laughing, deep breathing, sleeping ,travelling, doing photography, talking, just hanging out, falling in love, loving, writing, drwaing, playing any sports, going to gym, martial arts, meditation, cooking, cleaning house, washing clothes with hand, gardening, cycling, bike riding, learning an instrument, writing a journal ...infinite.... & beyond.....

Whenever your inner voice asks you what is the meaning of life, what is the meaning of the days and night coming and go. What is the meaning of the people who also come and go? 
I think that everybody is walking on their own road of life and from each road world looks a bit different. Whenever some people come to your life, know that their road of life has brought them near to your road. Do you ever wonder, why can't she or he understand what I feel, what I see. I told each and everyone is walking their own road, how could they understand the feelings you get from living your life. Well some people might understand what you feel, what you want to say, it is because they choose walk a similar road as you do. When I chosed to write here, some people inspired me. That is how the world works, we are never alone. We have family, friends, society. 

So, the question can we chose the road of life we would walk in life. Yes, you can chose to walk any road you want to. It is easy to chose any road to walk, but its not easy to chose the right road of life that will take you destiny. My dear friend,by destiny I do not mean death. I believe that destiny should be the complete realisation of who you have become from what you were. And I believe that a successful life is that life, in which you discover your true nature and walk the road, from where you see beauty in every thing. That is why you should walk the road life seems beautiful. 

Live your life being your true self with confidence trusting yourself. Trust yourself completely. Surrender to your innerself. Have no doubt in your heart about who you are.

Meaning of life is to enjoy every second, every hour and every day of life being who you really are. If you are worrying about the meaning of life,then stop worrying and search for a meaning. If you have not yet found out a a meaning, then use of imagination, read great books, watch great films, listen great musics, I am sure you will find a meaning to live everyday with peace and harmony.

What is peace ? Peace is mainly being satisfied with your own work and others work. Peace having a healthy body and healthy mind. There is great assamese saying, " pet val mane sakolo val" ( it means -if stomach is well,then everything is well". Where do I find my peace ? I find peace mainly in home with family, watching the beauty of nature everywhere, writing, reading good books, watching films, listening to musics of guitar, cello, piano, violin, listening to country music, soft rock, alternative rock, blues, some classic jazz, sleeping, Cycling in the evening in my town checking out the people living their life. 

Whenever life seems hard, know that the hardness is a sign that you are not living your life the right way. So, do not take granted for the hardness of life, because life is not supposed. Life is a part nature. Look at nature and how she keep the balance and connects every elements of the universe to each other in infinite ways. The events of nature happens beautifuly, smoothly and with rhythm. Our life is supposed to flow itself without any hardness.

Someone asked me a year ago, why life is so hard ? I could not answer it that time. I thought about it, and now I think I have found something as an answer. I think that life becomes hard when we try to control the good impulse doubting them. Life is natural, nature means flow of energy from one from to another. Our life also tends to flow naturally. Your life wants to be easy, but doubt, fear and pride gets in the way. When you doubt the flow of instinct or impulses, you resist your own nature. By not following the impulses, you imprision your true nature.

Lone Ranger( 2013), Zoro,Hidalgo,The last Samurai, a review by Jitu Das

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Today I watched " Lone ranger" .After many years of watching an outlaw, today I get to see it again. Its a decade( 10 years ago) back I first watched the cartoon The mask of Zoro, who wear a black mask in his eyes, a black hat, a black horse and black clothes and he had a shining, sharp sword. He was brave. He fought against the corrupt bureaucrats, kings. He was an outlaw, he was a hero fighting to give justice to people. Zoro was my hero when I was a kid. Then in 2005, I watched the film - The mask of Zoro, beautiful film, sword fighting against the corrupt king and his army, it was thrilling, exciting to watch that film. Beside the actress " Catherine Zeta zones was very young and beautiful in that film. The Zoro character was played Antonio Berdanes, a great actor. Anthony Hopkins played the role of former king who was also the Zoro before. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor. I have seen his many films- Proof, The silents of the lamb, Instinct,Wolfman, The fastest Indian in the world, Thor etc. 
Today evening when I was watching " Lone Ranger", I felt an old good feeling again. Lone Ranger, the character was created by Frank Striker. The lone ranger is one of the top film of 2013. The lone ranger character is played by Armie Hammer and the partner of lone ranger is an Indian, played by Johny Deep. The lone ranger is directed by Gore Verbinski( director of - The ring, The pirates of the Caribbean, Rango) 

The lone ranger is a beautiful film. It was not a box office hit. I think, may be two reason- the critics made the film look like a loony film, I just do not understand what these so called critics of rotten tomato think they are. Its easy to criticise than to make a movie. No film is perfect, this film has its own faults too.

The Lone ranger has two great parts- the first 50 minutes and the last 30 minutes. This film is about a lawyer becoming a lone ranger, an outlaw, an Indian, who vows to kill the Windigo( an evil spirit). This film tells how the white man killed the American  indian people in the name of progress. I felt bad when I saw the history of mankind coloured with blood. I felt sad when I saw the helplessness of the Anglo Indians in front of the guns and rifles of the white people.
I saw such scene in the film " Hidalgo" too. Hidalgo is a very beautiful film, I would recommend this film as a must watch film before you die.
The last scene or the train scene of the lone ranger is just awesome. I have not seen such adventurous train scenes better than the mission impossible 1 train scene, spiderman 2 train scene and Man in black train scene. 
Johny Deep is a great actor. He played his role amazingly. I just love Johny Deep. He is truly great. With his voice, face and gesture, he creates beautiful humour & sentiments.

The soundtrack of the lone ranger is created by great composer Hans Ziemer. If you have seen the film , The last Samurai ( a related film with this one. Where a lieutenant who killed many American Indians, regrets afterwards and try to escape the nightmares by wine and then his life changes entirely when he goes to Japan). The way of life is a great music in that film, it just touch my heart.

When I started to the ask the question - who am I ? My life is changed. I started to think more, started to learn more and more. My curiosity began to rise high. The questions about life, world and universes gathered in my mind. I think that the best way to learn is through films and documentaries. Your life start to change to a deep life when you become curious. If you are curious that means you are alive. Curiosity makes life beautiful and rich. Curiosity should be strong, like a fire always burning in your heart. You must be hungry to know more, to feel more.

Top animation films of all time part 1,review by Jitu Das

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1. Up( 2009) is one of the most inspiring film I have ever seen. Up inspires  you to follow your dreams.It is never too late follow your dreams as long as you are alive. The soundtrack of Up is beautiful. 

2. Epic (2013) is a  fantasy film. It zooms into the life we neglect everyday.One of the great quote of this film is '' we are all connected, many leaves,but one tree'',which means we are all connected.The plants and animals including us, we must not destroy the forests, because  when we destroy the forests we actually destroy the environment without which we can not survive. 

3. Paranorman (2012) is an unique film.It has a beautiful story and  characters  are very realistic. Paranorman is about a boy named Norman who can see ghosts everywhere.People call him freak,especially in school.But when his uncle, who can also see ghosts dies, his life changes forever.

4. Wreck it Ralph ( 2012) is amazing film.It enters into the world of retro games.It is very meaning story. A  character  named Ralph is not satisfied with his role in the game,he wishes to be the good guy. Then he gets out the game to find a game where he can be the guy who gets medal.But at the end he  realizes that he does not need a medal to tell him that he is a good guy.

5.Coraline(2012) is a very good animation film.It tells a very scary story in a beautiful way.The film is dark and gloomy. The film kind of depress the mood.But it is what the film was made for.It has beautiful soundtracks.

6. ''Marry and Max'' is a clay animation film. It tells a story about a man named Max suffering from autism and girl named Marry.They write letters to each other

7.  Megamind(2012) is a very beautiful film. Its about alien who was send to earth by his parent,who tells about his destiny, but he only hears the part, '' you are destined for........" He then seeks his destiny and get confused about what he is good at ? He was different and mistakenly he assumes that he is good at bad things.Then he makes himself a great  villein.Its a story about how he discovers his true self.

8. 9(nine) is a amazing film about human soul.A post  apocalyptic  science fiction animation.If you are fan of both animation and sci -fi, this film is right for you. The  beginning may seem boring, but it gets interesting as it continues.

9. Puss in Boots ( 2012) is a very colorful film.It is a fantasy animal film.This film is for you if you love cats, Humpty-Dumpty, magic  beans, golden eggs etc.

10.Lorax (2012) is a very beautiful film.It has a great message to everyone.It is also an inspiring animation film.

 11. Bee movie is a beautiful film.One of the most beautiful animation.

12.Happy feet is musical animation film.The penguins dance with step up style on some awesome soundtracks.

13.Despicable me(2010) is a great and unique animation film.It is unique  because  it brings out the minions, they are so  funny  and cute that you just fall in love with those and you feel bad that you do not have a minion.  Despicable me  tells to  you love your family and be a good,kind and a loving person.
 It tells you the truth that all and everything needs love. Love can make you a good person. Love of children makes your heart soft  and life beautiful.

14. Madagascar, escape to Africa( 2008) has a great comedy in it.It  has the awesome soundtracks.

15. HOW  TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON '' inspires you to follow our dreams, even if our family, friends think you can not achieve your dreams.

16. RANGO inspires you to get out of your comfort zone to get for what is always wanted to be.

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Great Philosopher Swami Vivekananda's speech at Chicago, 11 September,1893,a review by Jitu Das

Swami Vivekananda, great philosopher, reformist gave some great speeches in the the parliament of religions, an adjunct of the World's Colombian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893. It was held to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of American by Christopher Columbus. The first session was held on 11th September, 1893 in the hall of Art Institute. There were more than 4000 people, Representatives of all religions( Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Jainism, Judaism, Mohammedanism, Shintoism, Theism and Zoroastrianism.
In the Chicago conference, Swami Vivekananda addressed the people by saying - Sisters and Brothers of America. Hearing such address, the people were amazed and they clapped with joy, because they had never hear someone addressing like him, they had only heard people saying- ladies and gentleman. Well this is what makes India unique. The believes of Indian people are strong and pure. India I see as the heart of the world and home of spirituality.

Swami Vivekananda was 30 years old when discovered himself as someone to reform India. Swami Vivekananda travelled around India and his heart cried seeing such poverty in India. ( caused by British !)

On the first day, he thanked the people, he said the he was proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. On the second session,Swami Vivekananda said about why we disagree with other religions. He said a little story of a frog living in a small well all his life with the belief that his well is greater than everything. But one day another frog who has seen the seas came by and told the frog living in the well about how great the sea is. But well's frog did not believe him. Then the frog started argue and turn him out. By that story Vivekananda explained the situation between the religions. He said that 1893 and now it is 2013 and yet the religions behave the same way. It is very strange and upsetting that people of different religions still have not learned to unite and make a better world, where people love and care for each other truly.

He said on the day 20 September, 1893 about Christians sending out missionaries to save the soul of the heathen and asked them why they did not tried to save their bodies from starvation in India, when thousands died from hunger.
On the 5th session, Swami Vivekananda said about Buddhism as the fulfilment of Hinduism. He said that he is not a Buddhist and he is because Hinduism can not live without Buddhism, not Buddhism with Hinduism.

On the 6th day, the final session, 27th September 1893, he asks the people to assimilate the spirit of each other for the peace and harmony in the world and yet he asks to preserve their individuality and grow according to his own law of growth.
When I read the Chicago addresses, I learned about the Hinduism with Buddhism. I see now that only way religions that can make the world better is union not separation. The religions must unite for the cause of peace and prosperity of mankind. I hope you could see now too what I see. I believe that the day people would love each other regardless of his colour, language, caste and religion, that day a man can feel free. I am sure one day people would love people unconditionally and live a beautiful life.

Napoleon Dynamite

Just watched Napoleon Dynamite, great film, smart, natural.
A highschool boy Napoleon helps his friend Pedro to win the president of class. Napoleon love dancing. He is really passionate about dancing. He draws, but not good at it though.
Napoleon does not care about much, he is, just as he is. He is just himself, cool doing his job.
I love this film. It looks like all real. I gotta say, it has a great spark. If you have not seen it, you should watch it.

What is love ? by Jitu Das philosophy

Love means embracing the beauty, the good and right in our life. Love inspire you, love teaches you to care. Love teaches you to be kind and forgive. So, to love means having beautiful & good thoughts about someone or something, to love means caring, to love means being kind, to love means inspiring & helping , to love means being happy when he or she succeeds. To love means having no jealousy when your loved one accomplishes more than you do. To love means being honest and true to your loved one. To love means finding yourself in him or her or something.
Well, to love someone is easy if you do not expect love in return.
I believe true love is the light of life, that shows you the right path which leads to a beautiful and peaceful life. - j.d

Love yourself, do not doubt your worth.

Love yourself, do not doubt your worth.

How to deal with ego, anger & career problems with your parents by Jitu Das

We are all imperfect people, our family, friends and we ourselves are not perfect people. But I think, you have to leave the imperfection of the people alone, and take the good part that lies in every beating heart of the world and live a great happy life together.

Life is dull without people, specially without a family. Families are not supposed to be perfect. But, nothing is perfect. So, you can not expect that the members of your family would behave in a perfect way. What is that you want from a family, you do not want to have a family that does not have time, love, respect and care you. Here, if you think you are not loved truly by your family, do not blame them or stay separated. Always remember that you get back what you give. Well, if you think they should start to love you before you do, it is just your ego. 

Ego is a life ruining feeling or thinking. What is ego ? Ego is simply thinking that you are perfect, nothing is perfect. So, if you are nothing then you are perfect ! Ego is thinking that you do not need anybody. Ego is believing that you are greater than others. Ego is thinking you are the best. Well, we all think we are the best. In a way, every boy thinks he is the hero and every girl thinks she is a heroine. I used to think that I am a hero of a film matching my attitude with the heros of films that I admire. It is a tough subject to talk & think about. Ego is a natural feeling or emotion just like hunger, feeling asleep. 

 Everyone has ego,so the members of your family also have their own ego and they would love and hate you and still they would be your family. Always remember you get it back what you give. When you blame your kids, your kids would be upset and won’t talk to you for a while. When I was a kid and I got blamed, I used to pretty upset and wouldn’t talk with my parents for a while and then I stay in my room and in dinner time, one of my father or mother comes to call me for dinner and I forget everything. This way things work.

Even you are mad at somebody, you have to let it go and if somebody is angry at you, you have to be sweet. If anyone in your family is mad at you, it means that you have done or said something conciously or unconsciously that hurt them. You should know that no one will be mad at you unless you hurt their feeling and believes. No one is with same personality, we are not clones, even clones might acquire different personalitities if they live in different places or in a same place but in a different lifestyle and philosophy. So, for example, if you like science fiction, do not expect that your family is going to like sci fi. Well, they may or may not like sci fi. It depends on how they have spend their childhood, if they did not have any access to sci-fi till they are young, they would not like sci fi in adult life also. So, know that your interests may not mean anything to the other members of your family, but that does not mean they are your enemy, not friends. 

So, what does friends mean ? I think that friends are simply those people who share same likeness and dislikness about enough things to create conversations about those. This defination is for the most friends you have. Only a few people are true friends. True friends go beyond just that, they could even die for their friends. I believe everyone who stay close, help and inspire to do great things in life, they are true friends.

 If you wondering if you have any true friends or not, well don’t worry, you have your parents as your true friends, they have brought you up and nurtured so patiently for 20 years and still they care and love unconditionally. They are your true friends, aren’t they ? Never leave your parents alone even though you get a job and wife or husband, stay in touch, they never left you alone when you were a baby. So, when your parents do not give you what you want to buy, don’t be angry and don’t feel helpless. There will be always some good reasons behind that. Maybe they could not afford to buy you that. Maybe they think it is right thing to do in the long run. 

Always remember, every parents try to do only good for their children. It is a natural fact, so do not doubt that. Sometime in taking  decision  in career, your parents might oppose you. The question is what to do then ? For example, you want to be a writer and your parents wants you to become an engineer. But you know in your heart, what you want to become and engineering is boring to you. Then you get in a situation where you even doubt yourself. But do not doubt yourself, do not get confused. Always listen to your small inner voice that says that yes you can do great things that others do not dare to. Yes you can dream anything and achieve.To ensure your parents about yous carees you have to believe in yourself, in your dreams. You can not expect othes to believe if you do not believe in yourself. Sometime other’s opinions may become loud, but you can’t give up hope, You have to hold the great hope and keep it alive.

 Do not be angry with your parents because they do not understand your dreams. There is an other way than getting angry with your parents. Well you have to make them understand what is your dream, its your duty. If you could make them understand who you are and what you want to do in your life, then they will definitely support you. First you must know who you are. If you have not found it yet,keep looking, reading books about psychology. You must understand who you are. You must be sure about your self,so that you can be confident to tell others too who you are. Once you find yourself, there will be no fear,doubt, jealousy and stress in life. First know yourself, then tell your parents who you are with confidence.They will definitely support you. Always remember that there is more credit in  convincing  people than be angry with them.
Many students just follow the  career  what their parents,society decides best for them, it is because they do not who they are,what they want to be,many student know what they want to be but they are not sure whether they will succeed or not. Many people do not even try to tell their parents, to their  friends  who they are, because they are afraid of ridicule. But if you are afraid of  ridicule,well do not be.Be yourself now, no matter how many go against you. Because one should live being honest to his true being. 

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