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Why some Idleness is important in life by Jitu Das philosophy

What does it mean to be s human? It is a strange time for humankind, so much change is happening every day from technology to our ideas, beliefs. It is an exciting time, it is also a time of declining morality, it is a time of anxiety and depression. We have everything and we feel like we have nothing. I am not going to blame the corporate world. It's not their fault that you feel unhappy. Then who's a fault is it? It's not anyone's fault, but it is still wrong with humankind. It feels we have lost the sense of time, we are do busy all time with our tv series, movies, internet social networks, it's like we are too busy, there is no idleness. What idleness I am talking about is that we should not be too busy all day wasting time on the internet, tv, video games or anything that sucks a lot of energy. Social networks are the highest energy-wasting places, people posting photos, writing controversy matter to get attention, its really tiresome to look at.

You don't need to express themselves all the time, sometimes you just need to relax and be with yourself and your family and talk about good stuff. While being, don't spend your time scrolling time on social networks. Take a break, plug in good music and be content.

Idleness is more than just being in the bed, sometimes we need to keep ourselves sane, because it is the insanely busy and anxious world. What we are becoming is more like a machine, always multitasking, always a distraction from the present moment. It's like we are always running away from this moment, trying to escape from being still and stimulating the brain all the time.

Lin Yutang, talks about the importance of idleness in his book " The importance of living". It's a book about enjoying life to the fullest. But at that time he wrote a book, people used to already had not been that busy. What are we if we don't indulge in idleness sometimes, wouldn't we be a machine.

Idleness is important for your health if you are staring at the tv, phone all the time, it's stressful to eyes, mind. It just drains out the energy from the body. It's much more beneficial for just be there and rest. Idleness is not a bad thing. Idleness is not the root of the devil. Idleness could actually help you ponder about things, time to do some meditation or daydreaming.

I wish there was grass in
the field and I would
lie for a while anyday
I wish there was,
time and I would,
have taken some rest,
I wish there was,
a girl who loved me,
I would have a lie
by on the grass for
As long as there was
time in the world.
~ Jitu Das, 2/4/17

Does unconditional love exist by Jitu Das philosophy

 One thing common in this world that everybody had,have and will have without any condition and i.e Love. But dear reader one question that is bugging me for a week, is love is really unconditional ?? At first I am asking you ?? is it ?? Do we love someone without any condition or what ? What is the truth behind love ? Dear reader this post is not about love but rather about the conditions in which we love. Love can't be defined but I am sure we understand love via examples.Following are the perfect examples of love is  -----
 1. Love of mother 
 2.Love of father
 3. Love of brother
 4.Love of sister
 5.Love of a boy-friend
 6 Love of a girl-friend and   
 7.Love of  other things .            

The  problem  is which love is more strong or unconditional love ?what is unconditional love anyway ?I think unconditional love is very rare and  divine , in this love the lovers don't care about their look, money,skill,age and all other facts that strongly matters  in case  of  just love. Who falls in unconditional or passionate love is called True love.In this love lovers don't expect any gain for their love,they just love to love. In above 7 examples are given. which one is unconditional ? Most of people in the world would say that mothers love is unconditional ?But in a case where there is no mother,only father is present then there fathers love would be unconditional ( if the father love his childern). After mother's love, the love of life partners comes. Both  the love of mother,father and life partner's love is seems to be unconditional ! So it seems here we have come to an confusion ! Whose love is more unconditional ? who knows ? if you know please tell me in the comment !      
  I think both parents love and life partners love is not totally unconditional , for example------

 1. the boy at age 15 who don't study, drink alcohol would not be loved by his parents !( not  essentially   in every case) 

2.The boy at age 6 can't speak would be loved less while he would have love more if he could have been talk, ( I am writing this post because I need to sort it out what is it , not in ever case it happens ,but from my 20 years of experience I can say it loud)

3 If you still think that mother's love is unconditional, you are not all right ! Here for an example, two brothers , one is at 22 and other is 19, the older brother is very good at academic career, he has no job, but the younger one is good at academic career, who would be loved more ? surely the younger one if we regard the academic career.But whom would mother love more ? After two years the older one gets married without asking his parents, and the younger one gets a little bad grades, in this case  of course  the younger one  will be loved but a little less than before. Then after a year the older one gets a job and the younger get failed , what will happen in this case, here the older will be loved ( if he stay same as before) will not loved( if he get change for having a job with his attitude toward  his  parents ). After 3 years the younger one become graduate with high grades, the he would be loved more .

4. In case of life partners the man will love his woman if she behaves him well, make good food and above all love him. The woman would love his man if she get new clothes,  jewelery,money and above all love. 

           So,it seems that when in a relationship people get what they want from each other then there remains love. In case mothers love,the mother wants his children to be educated and a job. When her children don't study she get afraid that her children won't get a job. Then she shout at her children to study because they must study and get a job, thats what she want. But is there should be shouting or blaming in love ?  of-course  not, then in that time there is no love when the children is not studying or doing what she want ,she  will  get angry at him , so my friend is  there  any place for anger in love ? After a while then her children started to study and then mother smiles. So, think about it what is it actually ? we become happy when others do what we think right for them.(everything your parents wants you to do is good for you, this is what your parents thinks, they think their children will study and then will get good grades and a good job, then get married, have kids, and then your go to school,then college,then job,then marriage, then your grandson, hey you have spent all your time playing a game called Family, you get old and die.)Dear reader I am pretty sure you don't want that life., I know you wanna shine out, don't live a common life.)        SO HERE I WOULD LIKE TO CONCLUDE THAT THERE IS LOVE EVERYWHERE AS LONG AS WE GET WHAT WE WANT, BUT THERE IS NO  UNCONDITIONAL  LOVE  IN THIS WORLD OF GREED.BUT THERE  IS A LOVE CALLED LOVE OF HOBBY OF PASSION IN WHICH WE SEEK FOR NO GAINING, DOING HOBBY IS THE GAINING AND THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING.        DEAR READER HAVE A HOBBY OR A PASSION, WHICH IS TRULY AN  UNCONDITIONAL  LOVE 

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How to find the joy within yourself by Jitu Das philosophy

Whatever keeps our mind occupied must be important. The inner whisper that talks about your desire must be important. Whatever keeps you awake and even in the dream, you see it, must be important. Whatever that maybe that makes you feel good about yourself even though you have not achieved mastery, must be important. Whoever never stopped caring for you for years, you must be important for them and all you need to do is reciprocate. All things are never going to be in it's exact desired state, but sometimes all you need to do is keep doing whatever made you felt alive and great once, then you might find the balance you need to have hope for a brighter future and this balance will keep you afloat even if there are thousands automatic negative thoughts and over dramatic thoughts.
But if you are an empathy, it will not be easy for you, you will end up thinking why you should not have said something harshly to someone a few months back, why you should not have said no to that person, what you need to help out the people in trouble, all these and one hundred sources of thought will keep coming to you like Feedly feed. What can you do then, well only thing you can do is do what shuts off all the overthinking, doing which your focus is concentrated in a way that as if you are meditating, the thing I realized lately that meditation is not just sitting down and taking slow and long breathing, your work could be your meditation and it will de clutter your mind like nothing else and it happens so naturally if you are doing the right thing that just fills your soul with pure joy. I think this joy is of a supreme kind because it rises within yourself and you are not dependent anyone to find this spiritual upliftment.
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