How to stop worrying about what would people say by Jitu Das

Don't ever let other's put you down,No matter who are they,it could be your friends. They just don't want you to  be more successful,happy. Don't believe them. Believe in yourself, yeah only yourself. Don't believe anyone. It is from my own experience.If you don't have any friends, you must not regret about that.Because there is so many people that  love you already, your family, don't they ? Don't  ever  think that you are alone just because you have no good friends, most of the people don't have good friends, the friends you see in the films, read in the books are rear. If you have friends, that does not mean they can insult you even if you ask them to stop.Always remember,you are not all alone. You must never let the others to control your mood or emotions, because its your one and only life,. You must find your best way of living, the best way to express your talents, you must seek and find the meaning of your life. Believe yourself, your  instincts , your own idea of life. It really does not ever matter what happened to you,or what you did in your past life.But you must not forget your past life, it would tell you not to make previous mistakes in your present life. Only thing you have that matters most of all is right now, because your future depends on it. You will never get this day, this hour can be the day you decide you believe in yourself. In simple, this moment is the best time to do any change in your life, of-course only if you want.Only thing you have earned so far is your present, all your past activity has made you this.Remember life is also not only about breathing, you must enjoy your life.If someone is the reason ,you are not happy, then leave that person immediately,you no longer need that person who is bringing you down, the people who criticizes you, have nothing do in their own life, thats why they are busy in talking behind , you  have to be just original,no matter what people say. The things you love,like are not meant to be loved by everyone.Everyone is different and special, so do you. You must always believe and respect yourself. The way you treat yourself matters very much, if you don't believe in yourself, how could you hope other's to believe you.One of the most popular dialog in our society by which we have been terrified by our elders ( mostly parents)  since our childhood is that " what would people say ?", what are you doing ? what would the people say ?, My question is what would they say ? Even if they say something why should you care ? Whatever they would say, it does not matter to you ? so  go ahead do what seems right to you( as a career), If you wanna be a singer, be it, go and take classes of music, if you wanna be an architecture ,be it, if you wanna be actor be it. Do anything that makes you happy, just don't hurt anybody. It is always important to help people,not to hurt. The so called " what would people say ?'' dialogue used to matter so much to me, but not now, I don't care much what would the critics say, because some people will always hate you and some will always love you, you can't change that, so why bother worrying what would people say, it never matters only if you don't start worrying about that. I used be so cautious about everything, what I wear, how my hair style looks, and all that. If you worry how you look, you can never be happy, you will never feel the peace of happiness. Stop thinking everyone is looking at you like a scanning machine, except someone, others may merely look at you , you know why ? they are also so self -conscious about how they look that, they never get the time look at others properly, so my friend , I am telling you to be free from the very dialog, that arises in your mind, "what would people say ?" The answer is nothing, people don't have time to think about what to say, they would give same comments according to the work you have done.Okay, you may think some people would say something bad, well, who cares ?You don't have to worry what crappy things they say behind you . You have to be just cool and calm. If people are talking talking behind you, it simply they are behind you and you are ahead of them. You should never react  criticizes , if you react , its their victory. The very best way to reply any criticizes is to remain silent and give them a smile,that is just gonna break their spirit to criticize you again. Instead of reacting you must focus in improving yourself. You must become more successful than them.This is your challenge. If you think you have a skill., believe in your skill, this is the very skill, you need to focus and  improve,make it shine out. It does not matter if your parents,friends don't believe in your talent or skill, you need to have your faith in yourself even in the hardest time and keep fighting till you win.Try it, I am also trying it, Be free from the worries  about what others think about you, have a peaceful mind and life.Belief is full of energy, it can connect you to the universal energy. No one can beat you , trust your skill and talent , improve it and make it best, there is nothing  to worry about the future, everything is in your present, right in this moment. Stop worrying about your past and future, only thing that matters most is  what are you  doing in this moment and how  you feel doing it ?  

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How choices makes you who you are by Jitu Das

       If you think your parents and your environment is completely responsible for who you are, you are wrong. Actually its all about the choices you made from your childhood that made you who you are so far. Always remember,its the coices that changes your life. Make choices that  will fufil your interest. before making any choices think,is this choice gonna make you feel proud or good in future or not ? For example If you know that studying would make your future better,then study. 

One of the most important thing we all neglect is our own instincs, believing your instincts is also a huge part of believing yourself. Everytime you feel, you will just when you feel something, act on that feeling( this feeling is also called inner enlightment, having an idea ) which will lead you to something good. When you go with the flow of feelings, ideas, instincts you never regret, you always get something great that make you feel like ,I am glad that I went with my instincts.

Your instincts are always helping you, When you trip,your both hands go downward to save your chest,abodomen,in simple instincts saves your body from the fall.Well, instinct is called reflex action in biology.

 There is two type of instincs we have, one is inborn instincs and the other is acquired instincs. Born instincs are all your unlearned knowledge and the acquired  instincs is learned or acquired. So, when you see a perfomomance of a guitarist, pianist  or a great vocalist, what do you say ? Many peolple  would say he is god gifted.But no one knows how much that guitarist had practiced. 

The best example of Acquired instincs is everything we learn to do. Just because these instincs are earned that does not mean they don't become natural for us. Eating food, walking, cycling, riding byke, driving car, writing,typing,speaking ,acting, lying, not believing, not believing, hoping, not hoping, all the good things, all the bad things are all there.

It still depends on your choices, what do you want to acquire ? There is love or there is haterd everywhere,its all upto you, what do you want ? If you want love, then earn it.Infact that makes sense, how could there will be Unconditional love, A mother won't love his children if they don't respect her or if they do drugs. Why would a boyfriend can love his girlfriend, when she is cheating him ? thats does not make any sense. 

For love there should be a condition, because condition or the situation creates our reaction or feelings towards the people, if that does not  satisfy our basic expectations or needs,how uncondititional love is possible there ?

 Love is a good feeling towards somebody, so if someone you love hurts you or make you feel bad, you are gonna hate them, don't you ? 

Thats when comes two choices whether to ignore them totally or not .Thats how its works. No matter how many people hate you, just love yourself  enough, live happily, keep learning new things, meet new people, let the old friend go if they don't respect you or don't value you. Find people who respect you.Everything has a reason, writing all these has also a reason.


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