How money can make your life purposeful or meaningful life Jitu Das philosophy

I have now realized that life is too hard and existentialism is only for those who are not struggling day by day in life. If who are struggling now could somehow get the idea, it would have change their life. First to create a beautiful meaningful life, you have to rise from the situation where you have no time to think about anything other than survival. If you don't rise and keep spending your days on survival only and not more than that,you can not achieve greatness or have purposeful life and I think you don't create purpose in your life, you end up living a life with no meaning. First step is to be rich to have more time to think and work on creating your meaning ful life, it's not enough to be rich to experience life. They says that you don't richness, all you need is content in your heart, if you are hungry, you would need money to buy food, if you are sick, you need money to medicine, to educate your children you would need money. So, don't get fooled into misery, richness is a good and poverty is the bad thing. Don't fall in love with poverty,its a curse, that creates a low life. If only poor were not struggling for the basic needs, they could have achieved greatness. Poor people are mostly concerned about day by day life, they don't have the luxury of time or energy to think about the meaning of life. If they had not been poor, they would have wonder about creating a beautiful life. To make a beautiful life, it's important that you rise from poor to rich.

What is existentialism ?

Existentialism says that your life is in own hand. 
Existentialism says that you are mortal.
Existentialism says that you are not born with a meaning or purpose. You yourself have to create a meaning of your mortal life. It is about what you choose to do in your life that ultimately makes a meaning of your life.
Existentialism says that you are responsible for your life.
Existentialism says that nature and uncontrollable circumstances does not make your nature as a human being, you make your own nature as a human being.
Existentialism says that your actions and choices can change your life and make you a very important person.
Everyone is in that condition to think of truth, well maybe only few strive for knowledge and truth more than the food, shelter and company. It's a utter biased world, most people are jealous and I don't think we have changed our thinking in real life events, but who cares about the ethics, everyday thinks following the social etiquette is best thing to do in life, nobody have time to think about other than money, power , recognition and love. Nowadays people don't have to even live the day, because they are constantly working for a better future ahead and those who are not working are either homeless or begger or dead. What a time it is in the human evolution, we have so far reached a science fiction like technological era. There is no going back and it goes on and on and I wonder about what the future holds, how would people behave towards each other. There is already clash between some groups of men and women, and it's really something that makes me sad. Our ideas change the world, but we still have more than 3 billion poor people, 1 billion of people live in extreme poverty, 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. These are truths of the real world, and these are not as attractive as countless useless scientific research that every year people produce, most people do their phd just to get point for a job, I am not blaming them, they are doing it for their own survival or the chance of a good life. That's what happening in the world, we are working for our own life and we are real serious and busy about it. The thing is that everybody is just okay with it and you are okay too if you are not struggling to survive. I am not blaming anyone, everybody has the right to enjoy their life and it's not people's job either yo help the poor, it's the government's utmost job to help the poor uplift from their situation.

How Existentialism can change your life ??
1. If you are poor, if you are making choices in your life, you must calculate the decision very well, because it's your decision that ultimately makes you who you are.
2. But for a poor person, who is struggling just for the food, shelter and cloth, how can he make decisions that would change his life, the classic way is to get educated. Education is not just what you learn in school , College or universities, you can learn if you have the will. If you are not in condition to get into College or university, or if you have neither time or money on myto study subjects like physics, chemistry ,maths or Biology. I would always recommend you to study economics and books about money. One thing you should know that at first you have to secure your basic needs.
3. You have to power to fight for the things you want in life.As Sartre said, "We are condemned to be free". You have to make a choices between what you know that you want and what is available. You have the freedom to make the choice. If you decide to get what you want, it is often not easy to get, you have to fight for it. But if you chose the accept what is available easily, then you live your life with regret. That is choice you have to make and it's not a easy one. Most people now a days face that choice and what they do is accept what is easy. It's their choice , I have nothing to say about it. But if you have not made the choice yet, think on it, don't jump towards what is available and easy. If your dreams are still alive and wishes are unfulfilled, get up and fight.
4. Existentialism says the person you are shouldn't be affected by nature and uncontrollable circumstances, you should be who you are, be true, be yourself whatever the situation maybe. There is no better you other than your true within. Everybody has inherent interest that I'd affected no matter circumstances are. Keep that inner self alive.
5. Don't change yourself just to fit in everywhere, by doing that you will lose your true essence.
6. There is no one purpose and meaning of life, the catch is that you create your own purpose and meaning of your life. If you are doing something unique, you are most likely to create a unique meaning of life. If you are doing what everybody is doing, you are likely to create a similar meaning of life. So, be unique or think different and create a beautiful meaning of your life.

The Walking Dead Season 7 is the best tv series right now in 2017

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Pete Murray saving grace

And all in time, I know
I will see you again and again
And every night I'm going to hold you
And hold you and then…

This song is perfect, the music is so good and it is a song that calms your heart, give wings to imagination to fly away.

Rodney Atkins Takes back road

Listening to country music is a great pleasure. Country music is all about living with nature, country, farming, fishing, hunting and much more. Country music is very clear about the importance of love,  peace, nature, family and friends.

Nazareth Love hurts

Rock music takes it's time and  you are not gonna like it unless you have been listening for a while, simply rock music is an acquired taste. If you are not into rock music, I suggest you to listen to this, it is one of those rock song that is also called a rock ballad.

Tympanosoma brucei

Trypanosoma brucei is a species of parasitic kinetoplastid belonging to the genus Trypanosoma. The parasite is the cause of a vector-borne disease of vertebrate animals, including humans, carried by genera of tsetse fly in sub-Saharan Africa. In humans T. brucei causes African trypanosomiasis, or sleeping sickness. In animals it causes animal trypanosomiasis, also called nagana in cattle and horses. T. brucei has traditionally been grouped into three subspecies: T. b. brucei, T. b. gambiense and T. b. rhodesiense. The first is a parasite of non-human vertebrates, while the latter two are the known parasites of humans. Only rarely can the T. b. brucei infect a human.


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