Why is it we become sad for no reason ? by Jitu Das Philosophy

Isn't it weird that sometimes we become sad for no reason and you get so sucked into the sadness like you have surrendered yourself into this black hole of depression? Every time you get into sucked into the depression, remember that whatever reason you are feeling bad is not true, it's a fake reason. You might find it hard to understand this, but let me give you an example of how it works. Well, let's assume that you are feeling down for a reason that you are alone and nobody loves you, but that reason is self-implemented and it's actually not the truth. There are people who love you and cares about you, but you have distorted the truth.

But the real question here is why you are doing this to yourself !!
Why you have chosen to be sad rather than be happy because you can. There must be something that's stopping you from being happy. It's all in the mind but lies in the deep psyche.

How would you solve this issue? Why it's an issue?

It's an issue because sadness has nothing to do with anything good in life. But the thing here is when you start to like being sad! The question is why anyone would like to be sad and not be happy? The answer to this question lies in whether the person thinks he deserves to be sad, or he shouldn't be happy because others aren't happy. I think sadness come to our mind when you try to suppress our desire. By suppressing our desire we feel inadequate and this feeling of inadequacy and not having what we desire kills our happiness. As the Buddha saying goes to seek is to suffer and to seek nothing is bliss, but I think it's the opposite, we thrive and we feel most alive when we desire something with all our heart and mind and when you try to repress the desire, our love, we suffer terribly, it's not our desire creates the suffering, it's the attempt to repress it. So what is the other way here than to surrender to our desire freely without hesitation.

We become sad for no reason because deep down you know you have unfulfilled desire and nomatter how many days you spend on distracting yourself from the core issues of the heart.

Bulbul Can Sing, Assamese movie by Rima Das

20 September ত ৰিমা দাসৰ  Bulbul Can Sing 
অসমৰ ছবিঘৰত ৰিলিজ হ'ব। চিনেমা খনৰ Trailer টো চাই বহুত ভাল লাগিল আৰু চিনেমাখন পাঠশালাত আহিব বুলি আশা থাকিল !!

অসমীয়া মানুহৰ সদায় প্ৰতিভা আছিলেই , নাছিল মাথো আত্মবিশ্বাস আৰু  ইজনে সিজনক দিব লগীয়া সহযোগিতা !!

অসমীয়া চিনেমাত মানুহ নোহোৱাৰ মূলত  বিশেষকৈ প্ৰচাৰৰ অভাৱ । 

 কিয়নো  ৰিমা দাসৰ আগৰ চিনেমাখন Village Rockstar তো ইমান মানুহ হোৱা নাছিল, যিমান হ'ব লাগিছিল বিশেষকৈ Academy Awards r Best Foreign Film ৰ বাবে নোমনিত হোৱাৰ পিছতো  ।

তথাপি যিহেতু মানুহৰ মনত অসমীয়া চিনেমাৰ প্ৰতি আগ্ৰহ জাগিছে , তেতিয়া হলে বহুত মানুহে চাব পাৰে !!


How I fell in love with movies by Jitu Das Blog

Out there, there is always more than your eyes can see. It is never the truth that it seems to be. The color and all the things you see all around you, in your room, outside in the street. Look at whatever you want, you will see only a fraction of what it really is. I am not talking seeing the surface of the whole object, I am talking about seeing a fraction of the surface. The colors you see of a object is a different one for an other animals. A red rose is not way it look in reality. The rose when absorbs all the other color of light but reflects the red color,it looks red. I saw about this on t.v. When I was 12 to 13 years old. From that moment my world was not real anymore and I started finding everything interesting and thus life itself became the most interesting and deepest thing for me and I became a romantic. I started to see beauty in sunrise,clouds,sky and sunset. The sunshine though the leaves became a great source of joy and I felt beauty in many things that other members of my family and friends overlooked. When I see green young leaves shining though the sunshine, it gives me joy that I can not explain.It feels like there is beauty all around us where we live, and yet we only see where the dirt is. There are Ashoka flowers in my yard, I see butterfly ad bees flying around sucking sweet honey from the flower.
The literature and films has made an romantic. The films of Shakespear’s play has made me realized the beauty of poetry. In my childhood I was not interested in poetry, because our english teachers taught us to memorize the poems from the english text book.But I was never interested in memorizing from my childhood, still I do not like memorize texts.For memorizing without feeling and understanding the subject is parrot learning.I could never do that. I search for creation of new things more. I did not felt the poetry untill I was 15 or 16, when I was in class 9 or 10,That is when somehow I became interested in literature and films,and I saw it, the vast ocean of literature, arts, philosophy. I did not know where this interest was leading me to, because from that moment I was not the same person I used to be.I knew not how to name the feeling, but there was always a feeling, so beautiful and great and yet so hard to name the feeling, I was always curious about God, religion, life and world.Before the year 2000, I did not have any idea how big the world is, the vast human knowledge, I was 8 years old when I read about Y2K in a science magazine, I did not understood what it was. Before the year 2000, we did not have color t.v, but then in 2002, we bought a color t.v, because my father promised me, he would bought us a color t.v, if India enters the final in cricket world cup. India did enter final but lost the game. After the color t.v, we got cable connection, there I could see the National geography, and the channels of Bollywood films, there was a channel of english films star movies. In the films I saw a world, I never thought that there was. Before cable connection, we had only two government channels called DD national and DD metro and I used to watch all the cartoons. broadcasted on metro channel, there was numerous cartoons broadcasted on these two channels in the evening, but now metro does not even exist and DD national is same as dead. Those were great time, I was in a quest to discover new unknown things or words. I learned hindi watching the Disney cartoons. There was Hercules, that cartoon series was great, I used to feel amazing, every evening I could see that greek mythology. When we got cable, I could see more cartoons zee t.v and star plus, but now, these two channels are not great they used to be. Batman, spiderman,superman,hulk,iron man, justice league,fantastic four they were all my favourite, I have spent many great times watching those cartoons. My most favorite cartoon was Duck tales, it was full of adventure and mystery, Oh those days were great.Without those cartoons, my childhood would have been something else, I would have been someone else now doing something else, not writing about those times. Everyday it was adventure, school in the morning, then after all day at school, lunch at home then cricket at the field nearby. Then after cricket, all sweating and tiredness, I used to wash my hands and mouth, then I watch those great cartoons, which have a great impact in my life.
Even though I was not interested in english films, because my parents used to think they are dirty. All these years till when I was 16, I have watched numerous films of Bollywood. In my childhood, Mithun was my favourite actor, because he used to fight with the bad guys all alone. Then my favorite hero was Akshay kumar, Sunil Setty, Gobinda.
I know that I would not have been me if I did not watched these devotional serials like Mahabharata, Krishna, Vishnu Purana, Ganga maiya, which have created a great wonder and curiosity in me about God, life and vastness of universe. As the great book Gita says that all the universe is within the Great god Krishna. I used to wonder and wonder about it, but there was no answer. Besides these, every thursday, a holy book ”Vagabata” was read by an old man, and 10 to 15 people used to come to listen. It was giant book written in verses praising the god and the stories of saints. It took 5 years to complete the whole book. Every thursday it was a holy day for us, our feelings used to be different every evening the holy book ”Vagabata ” was read in a melody. There verses were not tough to understood, because the words were originated from a great ancient language ”Sanskrit”. Three readers completed that book,one was a saint, who had left his family to praise God Krishna, but he could not finish that book, then there was an old watchman of Pathsala girl’s high school, but he died, then came a man from a village nearby, who completed the book. Everyday thursday evening, that book was read for 1 hour, and we used to serve them tea, sweets,cookies and cakes. Among these old people that used to come to listen the reading, two of them are dead by now. So, this is life. we live and we die.
I was growing up very fast, I went to high school, that books was finished, thursday was no more different , it became just an day of the week. Then in the world of t.v. a new channel called discovery came. I was mesmerized the documentaries of BBC, the documentaries about physics.
When I entered in class 9, I never knew that my life was about to change, I was about to enter in the world of cinema, art and philosophy. Meanwhile I read books like the invisible man, The Frankenstein, The 20000 leagues under the sea, Doctor Jackyl and Hyde, these science fictions opened a door in my mind that I never know of. The science fictions inspired me to think and imagine and I thought and thought and thought.
I felt poetry for the first time when I was 16, it was a poem by Wordsworth about sitting under a tree, where the creepers were dancing, the birds were all chirping. I was no into poetry before that, because poetry was never taught us to feel, the english teachers only taught us to memorize the poems for exams, even the poems were translated in Assamese, they were never taught us as the way they should have, that is what I think. But now I know poems are not written to memorize them, they are written for enhance feeling, to widen the capacity of imagination. Poems are written to make others feel what the poet once felt. Poems are written, and we feel happy and sad as the poet express his feeling through in a creative way. Literature is thus a connection of human hearts, so that one can feel the joy and pain of each other.This is how we share our problems and solutions and help each other out whoever in need or desperate.
Before I entered class 9, I was not into english films but I had watched some great science fiction films when I was in highschool, like Terminator, species, Zathura, Jumangi. I had watched three great films when I was in class 4 or 5, these two were Jurassic Park, the stuart liitle.
In class 9, when I was 15 years old, in a afternoon, I was all alone in my home and there was no good programmes in hindi channels that I usually watch. Then I enter the button 4, it was star movies and there a film started named ” Mr. Talented Ripley” and I was absorbed by that film. Matt Damon was damn good at acting, later I saw that story in a hindi film, Then the next film was Love in the time of Cholera, then the next and the next …. and from that day in 2007, I have watched films everyday and now the numbers of films I have watched in these 10 years is more than 1000.
But human heart and mind never become satisfied, for some reasons satisfaction is good, and for some reasons satisfaction is not good. As long as the people will be curious about life, world and universe, human will never be satisfied. But if you want to satisfied, accept any religion,because every religion explains that there is a heaven up above the sky and a hell below the ground, so if you want to satisfied take religions and if you want to create something new, learn more about life and universe and if you want to do great works, you can not become satisfied then. Satisfaction will lead mankind into dark ages, just like religions once lead the world into dark age, but when the greek philosophy,literature and books were discovered again in 12 th century,a new age came, the age of light, where mankind wants to seek for the truth, the people who were discovering truth, the religious people killed them calling them witch or evil.Leo nardo da Vinci, who invented the telescope, was locked in the prison,The Roman Catholic Church’s Inquisition brought him to a central Roman market square, his tongue in a gag, tied to a pole naked and burned at the stake, on February 17, 1600. Giordano Bruno (Italian pronunciation: [dʒorˈdano ˈbruno]; 1548 – February 17, 1600) (Latin: Iordanus Brunus Nolanus), born Filippo Bruno, was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, astrologer and astronomer. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model: he proposed the Sun was essentially a star, and that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings. The Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy and he was burned at the stake. After his death he gained considerable fame, particularly among 19th- and early 20th-century commentators who, focusing on his astronomical beliefs, regarded him as a martyr for free thought and modern scientific ideas. But, now religions can not kill scientists like that. Science is a part our life.Without scinece technology human world would not work.
I am an young adult now. The stage of life when we all get confused about our goal and meaning of life and I was also confused when I entered 20, suddenly the idea of life changed to me. I had no idea who I am, who I am going to be. It was all very fancy to even think about it. I couldn’t see where my life was going. But, I knew and I believed that everyone has something, and the purpose of life is to discover who you really are. Socrates said to know thyself. And I started to study myself to know who I really am ? Before I passed my 12th class,that time was different to me. What I think now possible was impossible to 4 years ago.I always felt something within me, was trying to say out loud, something flickering , like a forgotten dreams, some fragments of true self was always there, but they were recessive, but now they are becoming dominant. When I started reading books about philosophy, I found out that man has suffered from the thoughts about the meaning in life, destiny, karma. I read about Socrates, Aristotle, Confucius, Rene Dekart, Kant, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Lin Yutao, Carl Sagan,Woody Allen, Douglas Adams. It is mind boggling to know that from Socrates of 2000 years ago till today, meaning of life has been great karizma to the philosophers. If you are an young man or an young adult, and you have confusion about who you are? And who you want to become in life. My dear reader, you must study philosophy and psychology. To know who you are you must read books on Human nature, read poetry, novels different genre, watch films and listen to music. 2 years ago, there were so many questions, and now there are some answers I have found. Finally, the meaning of life is getting clear to me, the road was all dark and full of mist, now its getting clear to me. The thoughts and questions of our existence in the universe was troubling me, now I have found answers to calm my mind. The atheist have no new idea,except they don’t believe in god. I would rather think more then sitting down and claiming that there is no God. I will believe in God, god who is beyond everything, every religion. So, I believe in God, not in religion. God is all I need and god is everywhere. I know that I am only a human. I always wanted to share with the world,what I know and feel about life. So, I started writing this blog 1 year ago, I write in my blog from life, family to philosophy, psychology to film, music, poetry and about my great country India and about my green state, the only land where the world’s biggest river island”MAJULI” and smallest river island ” UMANANDA” exist. I live in Assam, where endangered one horned Rhinoceros are found. Assam is the also world famous for its tea. I am an Assamese, my mother language is Assamese and my national language is Hindi.

Life, complete understanding of human life by Jitu Das Philosophy

Life is a journey, not a destination. We live and die, there is no way out of it.  This life gives us everything, good and bad. Life does not give us what we want, life gives what we deserve. Real life is very mysterious. In real life, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen with good people, but ofcourse its rare.
In life, you born, then you  are brought up with hard labour of your parents, then you grow up, and you become a toddler from an infant in 13 month, then you learn to talk ma, deuta, dada. Then you learn to walk, you fall down in every step, but your family keeps you inspiring and helping, and finally you learn to walk, then you become ready to lower primary( l.p)  and you become 3 years old and you are sent to the local school, and from that day kind of start to remember , I mean your brain starts to store new memories, and after 20 years you would have fragments of the years when you were before 5 years old. Your whole early l.p days are just now  would sum up in 10 mimutes.
Then after l.p you enter m.e, now you start to store the memories  for life time. You learn learn to write your mother language and an other two or 3 languge. Well, I learned my mother language Assamese, then there was 3 more language, Hindi, Sanskrit and English,
what about these years ? In these years whenever you go out with your parents, you find that people asks your name ? And curiously , you tell your name delightly, people would kiss your cheeks like you are  a cake, I hated that. There was an uncle who used to pinch my cheek, I hated him.
So, when you are younger than a ten years old, you live in a very small world, you live with an constant curiosity then. You keep asking what is this ? What is that ? And in school , you start to learn about math, in math you learn to add, divide, multiply. You learn about your country. You start to read stories, grammer and every year,  they come up with a an advanced version and then you go to high school with this way. Everything goes well with high school, except some fights with your classmates, if you are an ideal kid, all mothers want but trust me, idealism would make you an introvert, and you will end up not expressing yourself. I believe  that whole idea of being human is to express yourself in your own way.

After high school you go to higher secondary,you get the feeling of freedom, somehow this freedom feels good,no more rules of schools,there will be no teacher to shout on you, the  professors, lecturers  don't even care even you don't go college,. it does not matter no more. So much freedom. As you get used to the freedom, then a feeling comes, it came to my mind, that is why I am saying. The feeling was a question ! The question was a doubt, whether I will become a doctor or not, I have always wanted to  become  a doctor, my parents, friends of my parents , relatives they used ask what I want to become when I grow up big ?I used to tell them that I am going to be a doctor. But somehow, deep inside my mind, I have always  heard  a small hardly distinct voice that says I would like to be a writer, when I was a kid,I always wanted to write poems, I did not even what is this really ? I used to find poems getting published by the kids of my age and I used to wonder how they do it ? I have read or heard somewhere that to write poetry, you have to sit beside a window, and see the outside world and then write them down. One day I sat beside a window,alas ! it  did not worked, but now I can not stop thinking, mostly beautiful things, about writing

What happens when you get angry by Jitu Das Psychology

Its a feeling like you are in a prison. You only suffer. Being angry is worst feeling.One who gets angry  loose sense of humor. When you get angry, you become serious.
  1.  Your mouth get closed and teeth gets together like when you bite, except there is nothing in the middle.
2. Your heart pups fast.
3. Your breath becomes short and fast.
4. Your ears get hot. Its like suddenly there is a fire within you.You see that , its not the  fire of passion,that will uplift you as a human being,its the fire of anger,thats burns all over you.
4. You get tired,because being angry involves many physical changes in your body.Any physical change needs energy.So,it seems that you don't get tired being, but you get tired when you get angry.Its just when you fear, your heart beating fastens, you breath becomes short a nd fast, you shiver, for all these changes, your body needs energy. Thats why you get tired.
5. When you get angry your head becomes warm. You strts to feel a little headache in your frontal lobe,with a heavey heart beat.
6.It feels like a heavy burden in your heart and it does not take the name going.
7. When you are angry, please observe how you are feeling in your mind and body.Do you know cause why you are angry, are you angry with someone.

What makes you angry ??

There could many reason ,you are angry. No one wishes to be angry.But its the other people and things that makes you angry.

When you feel, you have lost the focus of life by Jitu Das Philosophy

When you feel, you have lost the focus of life, then come to basic of life. I mean concentrate on breathing. Breath in and breath out.
Your every breath worths more than all the treasure of the world, because breathing means that you are alive and I think being alive is the real purpose. You can be alive even after death only by work that serves the want or need of mankind.The great people like Socrates, Plato, Leonardo da vinci, Sir Isac Newton,Thomas Alva Adison, william Sakespear, Tolostoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Eien, Dell Carnegi still lives in their great works. I read somewhere , Martin luther king jr. saying that Everybody can become great, but not famous. He just told a great philosophy within the line. So, our purpose must be to be happy, we can only become great when we do the work,that gives us pleasure and a content mind. I am writing this ,because I want you to be happy, because when you are happy, you are feel truly alive. I told you being alive is the real purpose. You can become great by doing great what you love to do. You can always become great if you really want to, but not always famous, its not fair, do you think like that ? Great work will be always great,even if the work which is great, doesn't become famous, in the life time of the worker, but its bound to be. I promise you. Many great workers had honoured after so many years later of their death. So have a smile on your face, be happy,don't worry.

What happened before big bang by Jitu Das Philosophy

Sometime in life, when you ask what is the point of all these. We know that we live in planet earth in solar system of milky way galaxy in the universe. We actually do not know where we are in the universe. Why everything is out there ?
  •  Why our world is even here at the perfect distance from sun to sustain life. Well then the statement nothing is perfect is not true. The distance between the Sun or Earth is just perfect where life can evolve and thrive. We are humans, a species of class mammals, and we have the largest brain in the animal kingdom.
  • What is the point of all these ? What happened before big bang ? The universe  born  and dies again and again ? May be universe works in circle ? I mean at first the big-bang happens,then the stars ,planets  born, then the dark matters expands the universe.Everything in the universe is in a tendency to get random. When the big stars dies they become black holes and stars like sun dies,it  become a white dwarf. 
  • I think that at first the big-bag happens, then it  expanse  and reach a middle stage of its whole cycle. Then the bigger stars run out of  hydrogen  and forms iron at the end and becomes black holes.  These  black holes gather the whole mass of the universe into a tiny point, which will create a big-bang, then it  will create  a universe , and the universe wil expand and then contract by the help of black holes, all the black holes will create a very large black hole which will eat all the masses pf the universe and turn it into a tiny point.This theory only makes sense. Before the big-bang there was a universe just like  us. 
  • The universe works in the cycle, and it has three parts- The big -bang, the  expansion  and at last the contraction.
  • We had asked many questions and found many answers and yet search goes on. But you can not get panic by  seeing  the vastness of the universe. Sometime you may feel like your life has no meaning. When you look at life from the universe,you will find that it is the most beautiful thing in the universe. and you have that life. As long as you are alive,everything is perfect. Do not think of yourself as nothing.You are life. 
  •  You may ask who am I ? How do we know yourself ? You know yourself by your memories of what you did in same or different situations in different times of your life. Right now you know yourself as a person who acted in same or different time of your life
  •  People would tell you to forget past life, but past, present or future time does not exist in a  certainty, because time is relative. Your past, present and future they are all inside your mind. Your action if still remains like building a house, the trees you planted years ago now all matured up and giving you fruits. 
  • All the materials in your house, the furnitures, the  TV, freeze, the books, tables, chairs, beds, the pictures on the wall, your kitchen, the small praying place in the corner by the t.v, your computer,cycle, bike or car, all these things are called materials.They are tools, luxury, comfort, company, time  souvenir, they are not just maybe materials. 
  •  What is the purpose of my life ?The greatest purpose is to serve others doing the work you love and enjoy.

Rain poems by Jitu Das English poems

I was weary, last night in my mind,
there was a thousand stories were told,
There was this story of a village, where the old women had crocodile as pets,
all these nightmares about what not, was wearing my mind,
Then in the morning,  someone opened the window,

A pale light came through my room,
after a while, a breeze came slowly,
and touched my body
Then the breeze turned into wind, 

I opened eyes and looked through the window, there was a sky filled with black cloud.
I closed my eyes again and felt the chilling breeze.

Then I heard the song playing outside,  the roof teens were
amplifying the song.
It was the rain song, that soon freed me from these strange dreams.
I felt good about myself despite my mind was aching.
It was a restless night but in the morning,  I could hope again.
It was the rain poured from the heaven,  that has brought me back to a natural life.

What ever happens don't feel small by Jitu Das Philosophy

What ever happens don't stop feel small. I am really not experienced, but marriage is a tough thing. To raise a family, you have to think about your family, you have to make others happy. You can not be all your own and you have to keep yourself happy. What I learned from books, films and from my own observations that you can not be happy even if everybody loves you, even if you have everything you want, if you are not happy on your own. Dear friend, so the question is how to become happy all by yourself ? I think that you have to know who you are really ? That is the first aim in life. That is how you found a work to do. By doing that you can be happy. So, my friend what I want to say is that find the happiness within first. 

Life is made easy for those who acts by Jitu Das Philosophy

Life doesn't make things easy for you.  If you are expecting that your life will be on it's right track without doing anything, then you have mistaken.  Life is not easy  because people are not easy,  the natural forces of the universe are all against the order of everything, everything changes,  no matter what you are thinking but you are changing too.  Just be careful that you haven't completely changed,  because your existence depends on what remains, not what dies,  you must know that if you give up on yourself and let life take care of you,  then you have the biggest mistake.  I had made that mistake,  trusting the system of life thinking life is easy, people are easy, and above all trusting the universe that everything you desire will  come to you on it's own,  is surely not the way to get the things you want in life.  Life is a battlefield, or a play,  whatever life is,  you are a part of it and you must play your part,  you must go to the battlefield or to the stage.  In the play of life you must be the actor on the stage,  you can not be the audience all your life  .

Love in the Stary night

Night sky lures everyone,  but the lovers more. Stay night heightens the love,  senses of desire of love.  If you need,  you can find everything, as they say. You can look up to the starry sky, if you can sense the infinity,  then you will know there is more to life,  all the roads of life, all the thousands of people you meet, but there is only one true love that you really need.

My favourite Top 50 Tv Shows

1. Mad men
2. The walking dead
3. Rick and Morty
4. Sons of Anarchy
5. Breaking bad
6. Justified
7. The Americans
8. Banshee
9. Game of thrones
10. House MD
11. The Knick
12. True Detective
13. Hannibal
14. Mr. Robot
15. The leftovers
16. Fargo
17. Wolf Hall
18. John Adams
19.   11 22 63
20. Better call Saul
21. Vikings
22. Californication
23. Suits
24. The Fall
25. Gotham
26. House of cards
27.  Dexter
28.  Da vinci's demons
29. Constantine
30. Arrow
31. The Flash
32. The Magicians
33. The Vampire Diaries
34. Black sails
35. Limitless
36. Brooklyn nine nine
37. Sopranos
38. Broadway Empire
39. Sherlock
40. Grimm
41. Lucifer
42. The Expance
43. Marco Polo
44. Rectify
45. The Affair
46. Prison break
47. The Originals
48. The X Files
49. War and Peace
50. Mozart in the Jungle

Five Questions about Life

  1. What makes you great ?

- Your dreams makes you great.

2.What is your true interest ?

a) True interest is what makes you forget all your worries abour life and death.
 b)  True interest is what makes you feel about life.True interest always inspires you to live life  beautifully, peacefully.

3. How to find a tecaher,who can tecah about life lessons ?

- You can find the teacher in real life,if not then find him in great books.Great books are written by great people.Great books inspire you to find your true self,to be good,to fall in love with love even more.

4. Is there any god ?
- If there is any god, god is not like the way the religions portrays.

5. What is god then ?
- I think God is an ultimate knowledge and wisdom that contains all the secrets of life,world and universe.

Forgiveness quotes by Jitu Das philosophy quotes 2018

If you want something, first be ready to receive

You get back what you give. If you give love, you will be loved. If you inspire others, you will feel the inspiration. If you make others smile, you will feel a great joy in you. If you love your life,love will make your life beautiful. If you make other's life easy, your life will become easy on its own. If you can make others great, you will be also great. If you appreciate the beauty and goodness in people, you will become a good friend, a good person. If you plant a tree, you are actually planting a joy inside of you. If you help someone in need, you find peace. If you keep doing something, one day everyone will thank you. If you do the work that you love, enjoy and find easy, then you do great works that serves the great mankind. If you open are minded, you learn more, you see more beauty, you see more meanings in everywhere and thus life becomes meaningful spontaneously.

How India sustains 121 crore people being a developing country

 The truth is that , no matter what we do in our life,w e die. Death is the tragedy of all time.From the time of Socrates to sakes pear,death is the human tragedy.
Death is the tragedy of human.We do not think about death,but we all fear it.We do not want to die now, tomorrow or 2 years later, we all want to die in far future.Death maybe the tragedy,but while we are alive, it should have been comedy,romance,action and adventure and a  little  bit of fiction. But as death is a tragedy for most people.Life is also a tragedy.life is a tragedy for poor people,for poor parents,whose children dies because of the malfunction of nutrition.In  India, 70,000 children every year, because of nutrition malfunction.The vast population of India is may be the reason for that.Out of 700 crore ( 7 billion) people on earth,India, a sub-tropical continent of Asia, sustains more than 121 crore. people.Most of the people of India are  vegetarian  because of religious  beliefs  such as Vaishnavism. The Vaishnavism is a branch of Hindu religion, in which the followers believe in one god,which is the ultimate god, Krishna.

India's population is the second in the whole world, which might become first, which of-course a bad news ! The increasing population have lead India to use the least natural resource of the country.Because if such enormously populated country use natural resource including edible plants and animals.Thus India uses the lowest amount of materials from the nature, while the developed countries like USA, UK and other  European  countries use natural resource especially food.

In India still 42350000 people live bellow  property level.

Why India is still poor ?
For many reasons  India  is still poor.

 2. Population:-
India is the second largest populated country in the world. That is not the reason why India is poor. If population would have been the reason behind a country being poor then China, which is highest populated country in the world, would not have been the second largest economy by nominal GDP and by purchasing power parity.

2. Corruption

3. Poverty mindset

4. Lack of entrepreneurship

5. Lack good quality Education

6. Lack of Order and Cleanliness

7. Wastage of Human resources due to no guidance..

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