Wednesday, September 11, 2019

When you feel, you have lost the focus of life by Jitu Das Philosophy

When you feel, you have lost the focus of life, then come to basic of life. I mean concentrate on breathing. Breath in and breath out.
Your every breath worths more than all the treasure of the world, because breathing means that you are alive and I think being alive is the real purpose. You can be alive even after death only by work that serves the want or need of mankind.The great people like Socrates, Plato, Leonardo da vinci, Sir Isac Newton,Thomas Alva Adison, william Sakespear, Tolostoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Eien, Dell Carnegi still lives in their great works. I read somewhere , Martin luther king jr. saying that Everybody can become great, but not famous. He just told a great philosophy within the line. So, our purpose must be to be happy, we can only become great when we do the work,that gives us pleasure and a content mind. I am writing this ,because I want you to be happy, because when you are happy, you are feel truly alive. I told you being alive is the real purpose. You can become great by doing great what you love to do. You can always become great if you really want to, but not always famous, its not fair, do you think like that ? Great work will be always great,even if the work which is great, doesn't become famous, in the life time of the worker, but its bound to be. I promise you. Many great workers had honoured after so many years later of their death. So have a smile on your face, be happy,don't worry.

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