Why is it we become sad for no reason ? by Jitu Das Philosophy

Isn't it weird that sometimes we become sad for no reason and you get so sucked into the sadness like you have surrendered yourself into this black hole of depression? Every time you get into sucked into the depression, remember that whatever reason you are feeling bad is not true, it's a fake reason. You might find it hard to understand this, but let me give you an example of how it works. Well, let's assume that you are feeling down for a reason that you are alone and nobody loves you, but that reason is self-implemented and it's actually not the truth. There are people who love you and cares about you, but you have distorted the truth.

But the real question here is why you are doing this to yourself !!
Why you have chosen to be sad rather than be happy because you can. There must be something that's stopping you from being happy. It's all in the mind but lies in the deep psyche.

How would you solve this issue? Why it's an issue?

It's an issue because sadness has nothing to do with anything good in life. But the thing here is when you start to like being sad! The question is why anyone would like to be sad and not be happy? The answer to this question lies in whether the person thinks he deserves to be sad, or he shouldn't be happy because others aren't happy. I think sadness come to our mind when you try to suppress our desire. By suppressing our desire we feel inadequate and this feeling of inadequacy and not having what we desire kills our happiness. As the Buddha saying goes to seek is to suffer and to seek nothing is bliss, but I think it's the opposite, we thrive and we feel most alive when we desire something with all our heart and mind and when you try to repress the desire, our love, we suffer terribly, it's not our desire creates the suffering, it's the attempt to repress it. So what is the other way here than to surrender to our desire freely without hesitation.

We become sad for no reason because deep down you know you have unfulfilled desire and nomatter how many days you spend on distracting yourself from the core issues of the heart.

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