What happened before big bang by Jitu Das Philosophy

Sometime in life, when you ask what is the point of all these. We know that we live in planet earth in solar system of milky way galaxy in the universe. We actually do not know where we are in the universe. Why everything is out there ?
  •  Why our world is even here at the perfect distance from sun to sustain life. Well then the statement nothing is perfect is not true. The distance between the Sun or Earth is just perfect where life can evolve and thrive. We are humans, a species of class mammals, and we have the largest brain in the animal kingdom.
  • What is the point of all these ? What happened before big bang ? The universe  born  and dies again and again ? May be universe works in circle ? I mean at first the big-bang happens,then the stars ,planets  born, then the dark matters expands the universe.Everything in the universe is in a tendency to get random. When the big stars dies they become black holes and stars like sun dies,it  become a white dwarf. 
  • I think that at first the big-bag happens, then it  expanse  and reach a middle stage of its whole cycle. Then the bigger stars run out of  hydrogen  and forms iron at the end and becomes black holes.  These  black holes gather the whole mass of the universe into a tiny point, which will create a big-bang, then it  will create  a universe , and the universe wil expand and then contract by the help of black holes, all the black holes will create a very large black hole which will eat all the masses pf the universe and turn it into a tiny point.This theory only makes sense. Before the big-bang there was a universe just like  us. 
  • The universe works in the cycle, and it has three parts- The big -bang, the  expansion  and at last the contraction.
  • We had asked many questions and found many answers and yet search goes on. But you can not get panic by  seeing  the vastness of the universe. Sometime you may feel like your life has no meaning. When you look at life from the universe,you will find that it is the most beautiful thing in the universe. and you have that life. As long as you are alive,everything is perfect. Do not think of yourself as nothing.You are life. 
  •  You may ask who am I ? How do we know yourself ? You know yourself by your memories of what you did in same or different situations in different times of your life. Right now you know yourself as a person who acted in same or different time of your life
  •  People would tell you to forget past life, but past, present or future time does not exist in a  certainty, because time is relative. Your past, present and future they are all inside your mind. Your action if still remains like building a house, the trees you planted years ago now all matured up and giving you fruits. 
  • All the materials in your house, the furnitures, the  TV, freeze, the books, tables, chairs, beds, the pictures on the wall, your kitchen, the small praying place in the corner by the t.v, your computer,cycle, bike or car, all these things are called materials.They are tools, luxury, comfort, company, time  souvenir, they are not just maybe materials. 
  •  What is the purpose of my life ?The greatest purpose is to serve others doing the work you love and enjoy.

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