How can you find happiness ? and a poem by Jitu Das life poems and philosophy

What is happiness ?
Happiness is being happy in small things, because small things are the great things. Happiness is free in the world and yet very rare. Happiness is the balanced, calm state of body and mind, when you can enjoy every moment. Sometime, you can not find happiness and satisfaction, even if you get what you want. Man can never be satisfied, our desire goes on increasing, our greed keep up moving. If you are good, you would long to become better and when you are better, no you are not going to be satisfied, you would wanna be best then. Thus, our desire never stops, satisfaction can never be found in increasing material desire, yet, should you keep increasing stuffs in your life. You have already a building, you have 3D T.V.,P.C you have bikes, cars, you have all the furniture's to show off. Still, there is no satisfaction, while you are known as a rich, successful man. Now, you realise that, this is not what you really wanted, these are not bad things, but all man are different, must you too feel contented, with the stuffs, richly ornamented. Others are may be happy with the process of increasing stuffs in their house. But, why should you be happy just like them, all they is talk and criticise other people. There is nothing else they want to share with you, only, who is doing what ? Only they say how bad he or she is.

But, happiness can be found in little things or the little changes you make in everyday life. The best time to change anything about your life is now. You can't change past, but only the present. By changing your present, you change your future. What you do now, will define your life in next 20 years.
The change I talk about is little changes or choices. Everything happens in your life is a choice of you, except the borning part. You can not choose to be born, you just born, by the fusion of a brave sperm out of millions of other sperm. Every sperm has different DNA sequence, that means, every sperm is a different human being, yet they may or may not resemble you.
Everything happens for a good reason. I like to think like that. Everything that is happening with your life has a good reason too.
You must change the way you think a little. The best way to be happy is using your talent. You have to do what you find easy to do. You can never expect that happiness comes from other people. Happiness can be felt within, it doesn't come from others. You can be happy, be appreciating the beauty of nature. Nature is full of beauty, just appreciate and feel the beauty, if you can't feel the beauty , how can you be happy within. How can you find what road should you take in life, if you never search for it. How can you have happy relationships ?, if you are not feeling content in your mind by doing the work you find easy and beautiful.

How can you ever fall in love with someone truly,
if you have not fall in love
with yourself already.

To love yourself truly,
you need to know yourself completely.

To know yourself completely, you have to search who you are really ?
Such question must arise from within spontaneously.

To search the answer must by done by you,
no one can know who you are.

You already know the answer,
you just don't see it clear.

If you ask for truly, God will show you the way clearly.

How can you ever be yourself, if you never wall that road, your heart long for.

How can you find God, to show you the day,
if you don't have love and kindness for yourself, for nature, for people.

How can you ever go out and be free from all that is stopping ? if you love your prison.

How can you love the world outside ? If for you, prison is the world and the world is the prison.

How can ever your dream be true, if you tell to people.who brakes dream.

How can you ever be strong and brave, if you never trust your mind and body.

How can you ever fly away to the places of your dream ?
if you let the people cut your wings of desire every time.

How shall you can ever get your hope back again, if you think that people says right and your heart says wrong.

How can you ever be yourself, if you keep worrying about what people might say, what people might think.

How can you ever be fearless ? if you are too shy to go out of you house.

How will your heart be ever mend ? If you have lost your hope for a better future.

How shall you ever find your hope again ? If you think that everything is lost.

How can you find the meaning of your life ? If you think that you are meaningless being.

How can you ever be feel healthy in body, if you are always worrying about dying.

How can you ever be happy? If you don't make others happy, being selfish.

How can you ever love the people ? If you think there is only bad people in the world.

How can you ever find your soul mate ? If you have never believe that it is possible.

How can you ever be a human ? If you don't have true love and kindness for all people.

What I think about women by Jitu Das

Kalpana Chawla was the first female atronaut of India. She was a great women and had a fire of passion to fly. The day the all the women will be educated,especially in the muslim countries,then there would be no poverty  caused by the capatalist mindset. The people would no more bear unjustice coolly. There will be poverty and war and nature destruction. I respect all women,especially the mothers. For me my mother and father is my god. I can't find anything real above them. They are the creator of this specific me. Women are the mother, sister and girlfriend just like men are the father, brother and boyfriend. Women have as much potentiality as man. But I find some of the potential women being faminist kind. Its just a tragedy that just like communism is ruined by making it a politics rather than serving mankind, faminism is also being misleaded to blame and hate man,rather than improving as a mankind. Both man and women are  the opposite gender of the same species Homo sapiens. Women can't develop without man, I don't understand  their faminist mind. I don't hate their ideal,but its just their revenge taking mindset makes them horrible. I think when a women hates man or thinks like she does not need a man, she starts to behave as a man. There are also people who are in the opposite of faminist,they are called misogynist,these peope think women are inferior to man or hates women or think them as evil. Most man become  temporarily  misogynist when rejected by a women.I felt the same when I got rejected because she already loved an engineer lover. Women are selfish, and they are gonna leave you,when they find better than you ! But why ? You will never find the answer in the books of religeon,thats why I love science, because it has only the  reasonable answers. Evolution says that, in a species the female chooses the best male who carries the strong genes(character),which will make the offspring a strong species to survive. Without the companion of a loving women, a man has nothing,just like that a women would become shallow inside without the love of her man. Thats why I support widow marriage,Raja ram mohan Rai was a great man of India who just not only supported the marriage of widow,his son married a widow. A women must not live without a life partner. Education is the only way. Real education of women will make the world a better place. By real education I mean,the education that does involves a person to do good to society and nature. One who think education ends after graduating from the school and colleges. What a person can do for his society ? He or she should not seek only earn money,but learn themselves who they really are,what can do best spontaneously. I have hope one day everyone will know thyself and be happy in the deep.

What is drug addiction ? by Jitu Das

Drugs addiction is a disease, it can't be cured by blaming, shouting or beating the drug addicted person, he must consult a good pscycologist. Parents should not put their childrens in a competetion, they must indeed take away their children from the race, and inspire and motivate their children to a life of joy, balance and harmony. Its always good to remember that life is for only one time, there is no heaven or hell. Everything is here on earth. Most parents thinks that getting good grades is everything, I think good grades are just the fruits of possible  big tree their children could be. Parents must not compare their children and start inspiring and helping to achieve greatness not just grades by tiresome useless memorizing. The purpore of education must not be memorizing notes and vomitting them out in the examination. That is not what education should be, but in my state its still 100 year old educational system. Its just upset, and may be thats why we are a 3rd world country. The education must be changed, the current is giving us good grades. Life is not about getting grades. Now, education is only a way to get certificates of graduation to apply for a job. Most people go to college only to that period they have to, no students seems to be interested in studying further more. Well, the professors are also seems to have no will to teach and improve the life of students.
Drug addiction is also a absence of knowledge about drugs, and what can it cause life. That boy died because he was afraid of tomorrow and most people are afraid of future. Students are worried and afraid about theis future/ career. Thats where education system fails and the whole system. The purpose of education should be making us free from fear. As Marrey Curie said, there is nothing to fear, only to be understood.

Why you should love yourself ?by Jitu Das

Don't crticize yourself for making mistakes. To err is human, always remember that. Stop trying to be perfect, because you don't have to be. You are beautiful just the way you are. Those who loves you truly, wouldn't wanna change, wouldn't want to make you perfect, and yet some changes are required, like overcoming a bad habit, bad habit could be anything that lowers your self being. Bad habit is not a mistake, its a conscious choice you make everytime. Bad habits can ruin your life and good habits makes your life more beautiful.
So, don't get confused by mistakes and bad habits. If you make a mistake, don't blame or criticize yourself, because mistakes happens by everyone. Besides, you can only make it more worse by criticizing yourself, not undo the mistake. You should forgive yourself for whatever mistake you have done. And about bad habits ? Well, I believe that best way to overcome a bad habit is to create a good habit. It is very hard to get rid of a bad habit, for that reason, you must create a good habit, which will decrease your bad habit and soon you will have no bad habit.
Always love yourself, no matter who you are, no matter what you did or what you do. If you have done many mistakes, its okay, everybody has done more than one mistakes. Love yourself right now, every moment. Love yourself just the way you are. No matter how you look, your mind and thoughts are good and beautiful. To love yourself, you have more reasons than you can imagine. Love yourself because now you are alive. Your body, mind and god has kept you alive all these years. Love yourself, because you have learned more from mistakes than from success. Love yourself for your whole existness, love yourself because no matter how, you have kept walking this great road of life. Love yourself, because eyes to see the beauty of the world, love yourself because if do not love yourself then no one would.

English Life Quotes part 3 by Jitu Das

Why you should pray to god ? by Jitu Das

Pray to god, god is the highest intelligence or super conscious or every particle of the universe. God is the mystery of mystery, god is in air, water and soil. God is in everything that universe works, God is every theory of how universe works. God lives in every truth, every truth, every reasearch is a search for god. And yet, god can't be found, god is the boundless of the universe, to reach the boundary is not possible now, but nothing is impossible when we truly believe. Because when we believe our whole energy concentrates on what we believe in. When we believe, all our negativity, all our distractions, all our boredom and stress and anxiety,disappears from our mind, body and soul and when we belive in ourselves, we can do anything, because believing in yourself, makes you focous on your abilities. Always remember that you are much more stronger than you think you are. You may doubt yourself sometime, when you fail, you may doubt that there is no god, because you have never seen him, you may doubt God, by seeing the corruption and superstitions of the religion. But,remembeq that God is not religion, god is far more beyond that, God is the ultimate meaning of life, world and universe. Well, God is not religion, and its obvious that you doubt religions because there are so many. I believe that truth is one and unique and if God is a truth,and I belive god as one supreme conscious, knowlege or wisdon, then how could religions paint god, describe god differently.
Many religions paint god as a white man, But God is not a person, neither white, nor black, not yellow, not red. I belive that God is not a person, god is the unknown reason, god is the ultimate knowlege and wisdon to see meaning of this life and our surrounding universe.
So, don't doubt God, God is itself the meaning and the truth, the truth seekers are searching.
Pray to god about what you want,because when you want something truly from your heart. When you are sure of what you want, the god( whole universe) help you get what you want. It is the law of attraction, you know the Newton's law of gravition, that says , that every particle of the universe is attracted to each other and the particle who have more mass attracts the particle having less mass. That is why the moon is attracted to our earth and our earth is attracted to sun and revolves around it, and it takes 365 days 5 hour , 48 min and 45.51 second, but we take 365 days a year and the extra 1/4 days are added every 4 year in the 29th day month of february. And we call it a leap year.
So. What I want to say is that, when you want something, you have want it very bad, I mean, you must truly want it from your heart, then what you want will be attracted to you. Don't expect that God will give you directly in your hand, god is not a person, god is probability of the universe, god will help you achieve it. So, pray to what you truly want. Yow will get it somehow. And if you want something to happen, it will also happen.
If you want to know more about , " what is god ?" and " How to find god ? " . They are written someday ago. 

Why you should hate the sin, not the sinner by Jitu Das

I can't hate people, those who do bad work, I mean crimes, because its the work that is bad, if those people who does crimes, start to work to elimintae poverty from the world, mostly from asia and africa, then I would kiss their hands, So, it means that its the work that makes people good or bad. Always remember, no one is completely good or completely bad, its the work they choose to do makes them goodor bad. So, love everyone, but that does not let others harras you, always stand for yourself, it your first duty in the world, to be alive. Because only thing that matters most in the universe is being alive, don't ask why ? Because beling alive is awesome, being alive gives you all the cahnce to enjoy the beauty of the world, and when you are alive, there is no limit, limit is only in your mind, being alive, here I am writing, and hopefully you are rading, thats a great thing, what ? I am taliking about hope, its the hope of future that keeps people running, you and me. No matter how hard it may seem today, you should always hope for a better tomorrow, because tomorrow never dies, its a great James Bond film. So the thing is , always hope for better, always , never stop, and be a hopeless.Its a bad thing not to hope. Buddha always said that what you think you become and thats like more than 100 % true. If you think good,you feel good, how ? when you litsen to a good song, I mean a happy, jolly song, you become happy, and when you would listen to a sad song, you will feel sad, your tear will come out. For me the most sad song is '' why does it always rain on me ' and there are are many song that makes me happy, the chinese music sooths me totally, buddhist prayer ''om mani padme hum'' fills my hear with enthuaism, jsut like you can create happy mood, you can become happy, happiness is in your hand, you just need to do what you love, watch and listen what you love.
you are alive, that is awesome, and enjoy every moment of this aliveness. If alll the people in the world would feel this way ,everyone would have been happy, curious and loving. So, its the work that gives you identity, and that is why you can change your identity,I mean, if you are know for your bad work, then by doing good work, like protecting natural environment, feeding the starve, you will be known for your good work. I know that no one is perfect, everyone has done bad work in their life, if you also done any bad work in your past, just know that, you don't have to live this way all your life, past does not matter nomore, all that matters now is  what you do now good or bad.

That is why I am saying to you, you are not all bad, and don't let no one make you feel that you are a bad person. Some might say that you are not worthy, becaue you don't know something they know, but hey you also, know something that they don't know. Don't feel bad and small, just because you don't have what other's have. Many young worries that they don't have girlfriend or boyfriend, but everything happens in right time, well you acn make it happen by flirting, but how many days it would, one month, 3 - 3 month, then what ? you can not do flirting all your life. So, be true, truth will carry  you to the right person that matches with your personality just like you both are soul-mate.

Do the good work, help people become happy, help people achieve therir dream. Don't live in past, forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done, beacuse evveryone does mistakes, not for one or two times, we amke mistake many time, but one point we laern from our mistake, Thomas Alva Edison made 999 mistakes, when he was inventing the light bulb, that now shines the world, and 1000 time, he learned from his mistakes, and used the tungsten wire and thats how he did it right.
In past you may have many mistakes, but don't get angry about yourself, keep calm and be patient.Forgive youself and do the work you love to do, when you do the work you love to do, you do great works, you can't do great works, unlessyou do what you love. So, find the work, most people in the world have no dream, goal or aim, so then finding the aim in life should be their aim.

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1.How to deal with people who hate you ?

How to deal with people who hate you by Jitu Das

" Stay busy loving people who love you, not worrying and have a good will for everyone, even for those who hate you. " ~ Jitu Das.

The people who makes you feel bad, with their body langugage, talking style, they are not the people you should hang with. I find many people like that and I try to ignore them. I stay with the people who loves me truly, because when there are peoples in your family, friends who love you, why bother wasting your mood, who behaves like you are a bad person.
There will be always some people, who would make you feel bad about yourself. These people will try to show you, and make you believe that you are a bad person. They would treat you like you are worth nothing. Then what you should do about them, hate them ? Make them feel bad too ?
What should you do in that condition ?
I think you should ignore them, don't hate them, don't think about them. Even the thoughts arises, you should do you what you love. These thoughts are about may be what they think you ?Well, don't worry about what people thinks about you.why ? Because it does not matter. If you think, they are perfect and you are nothing, its wrong. No one is perfect, I mean no one. No one is complete or absolute.

My friend, my dear friend. Please listen to me. Whenever you feel like, you are a bad person, don't worry, no one is completely good. Everybody is both good and bad. Don't worry, when you are told that you are bad, because everybody has their own bad sides. Well, when some one make you feel like you are bad. Just focous on how good you are. Think about the people who love you, you will find there are so many people who love you. Then, count them, how many people love you, if many people love you then, its ridiculous to worry, when someone talks bad about you.
Who makes you feel with their behaviour, they are just showing what they have in their inside. If someone is rude, they have rudeness in their heart.. So, no matter who is rude with you, don't feel bad. Its a disease of their own, don't take it. They would try to pass it you, the bad feelings,but my friend, don't take it. Don't feel bad, just because some people gives you negative behavior. My dear friend, always remember that you have always a choice and hope. No matter what situation you are living, you don't have live there if you hope for better and if you choose to search for better than this. If in your life, some people are hard, rude , don't worry over,what they think about. Because it never matters, sooner you will accept, better you will feel. What matter is who love you, love them back with your heart. So, what ? You should hate those people who are rude, and who makes you feel bad ? No, I am not saying to hate those. I say, have love for everyone in your heart. But, what does it means ? I mean that have a good will for everyone, that doesn't mean you have to also hang out with them. It just means you don't do disturb them and when they need your help, you should help if you can. Well, there may be 10-20 people who are may be rude to you, but hey ! It doesn't matter all and should not also, so why feel bad ha ? Always remember that there are 7000000000 people in the world, so think again! If you are wasting your great life by worrying how 20 people are rude to you. It does not make sense. Its ridiculous, don't worry no more. There will b atleast thousands of people out of 700 crore, who would love you just the way you are. You don't become a bad person, just because 20 people may hate you, are rude to you. There are 700 crore, there will be always thousands of people who would love. You can always count me my friend as your lover.:-D
To deal with this situation : -
" Stay busy loving people who love you, not worrying and have a good will for everyone, even for those who hate you. " ~ Jitu Das.

What road should you take in life by Jitu Das

The road that calls you is the road you should take, to find peace and yourself.

Our world is heaven for those who see beauty everywhere in nature, those who is in love with the nature what shall they need more. Those who appreciate the world and nature,those who appreciate eve...ry moment they live, they live in a heaven, where God guide them to their destiny.

Life is good and beautiful and its right now. You must search who you are, because when you will find who you are really,there will be no stress no anxiety. You would never be stressed,and in your heart and mind peace will flow.

There are many roads in life. And you are confused which road should you take in your life. Because, its very important that you walk the right path, for it will take to your destiny. The right path for you is the road, where you can find peace. There are thousands of road. Its ok to get confused. To find the right road of life for you, you must know what gives you peace. What calms your mind, you must find out, what gives you serenity. The only way to find peace is to work. Work that dissolves all your bad feelings and nagging thoughts and doing that work you find peace in your soul and thats how, you walk the road of life, with hope, peace and inspiration everyday.
Don't worry too much, about which is the road for you to walk. If you search for the road with a pure heart and a undying will, you will one day find that you are already walking the road. When you have began your journey, you wouldn't even know it first. You should trust yourself, you should trust your inner voice, your instinct. These are the way of God, to show you the way. My friend, trust your instinct, you will never regret.

I hope you find the way that leads to your destiny. To achieve your dream, you must help others achieving their dreams too. I have love in my heart for you everyone. I hope you have too love in your heart for everyone.

How to deal with the stress of life by Jitu Das philosophy on Jesus Daily facebook

 Whenever life seems to be in trouble, what can you do ? What can you do, when everything is happening wrong ! You are getting angry at yourself. You were happy yesterday, what happened today ? When everything changes in a day, your belief in yourself are trembling, when your dreams are collapsing. You may feel like these are the worst days of life. My, friend, nothing lasts, just like after every night there will be sun shining tomorrow. Sometime in life, my friend, you may loose all your hope, you may feel like inside your heart, your spirit has died. You may even step your feet in a shit hole, you may feel only depression and  loneliness , you may feel you are the unlucky one. 
But, my dear friend, even though you are going through a hard time, and you may feeling like loosing your mind, worrying about future and past. You may feel like you are going to die soon. 
My friend, if you are feeling bad, and you don't know how these bad feeling came because everything was fine. I think most of bad and sad feelings come out of the fear of uncertain future. Don't worry so much about the future life, let the life itself take you. Don't worry where life will take you, life always wants to follow your heart, but you are the one who doesn't trust his heart and soul. Soul is the energy that is the source of all your good feelings, happiness, ectasy , peace and harmony in your body and mind. When you let your life, follow your heart, your soul becomes full of good energy and then your soul give you the inspiration to be happy, to laugh, to sing and dance and run and what not. Most people doesn't trust their inner voice, the calling of heart, only heart can lead the way to peace. For me, I find peace in mountains, just watching mountains gives me peace. What is peace ? The peace,is the absence of all bad feelings and thoughts. You can never find peace, if you fear about uncertaing future. You can never live, if you fear death. We all will die oneday. If you are sick, don't worry, go to doctor, they will tell you how to recover. If you worry about, why you have to suffer from these, not others. My friends, go to a near by hospital, then you will see 100 of patients lying in the beds. You will see some coughing, some crying in adomen pain, some are taking saline, some are having operation, and many people died today . My friend, I guess, and hope that you are not sick, if you even get sick, don't worry, keep your soul full of good energy, and you will find peace in your mind and body. Let the fear go, be brave,be now what you have always wanted to be. Be good. Be in peace. Sometime some days are bad, and everybody in the world gets a bad day, where everything goes wrong. Don't be angry,when things go wrong, don't get depressed too. Because today is not the end of your life, hopefully. These is always a tomorrow to do things right, by learning from the mistakes of today. Hey, we all make mistakes, not just one time, many time, and thus we learn something. Don't be angry about yourself, whenever you make a mistake for second time. Important thing is to accept that you have done a mistake. Its okay to do so. Its not wrong if you make mistake and take the responsibility for that, but, its wrong to accuse or blame someone else for your own mistake. You can ask for help to fix things, but you should never blame other people for the mess you have made.
My friend, whenever you feel bad, whenever you feel you have lost the will, inspiration or strength in life, always remember, all the people in the world feel like that sometimes in their life too. I hope you can see the good things surrounding you. Don't be angry at other people, just because you are having a bad time. What you give to the universe, you get back. Its the Newton's theory of action and reaction. If you give love to your family and to the world, the world will give love to you. So, don't lose hope, trust yourself,keep moving forward with love in your heart to the whole universe. Your bad time will fly away like vapour, if you make others feel good. The best way to find what you want is to give others what you want. If you want to have good life, give other people a good life. If you want love, give love. If yount inspiration, give inspiration. If you seek peace, give peace.

What is God ? by Jitu Das philosophy

1. Why the people of religions keep  advertising  the true love of God everywhere on the internet. What is that ? It is very annoying when people try to make money from manipulating their belief. I do not believe in God explained by the religions. I can't make people not believe in God, the idea of God has been around for more 2,000 years. I don't think that of people as fools just because they believe in god. They were taught by society, culture. But the people who are curious, they think, read and learn and finds that the religions are speaking all wrong, misguiding people. I do not hate those who believe in god,but I hate those who are fooling and  controlling  people. I mean millions of science teacher even believe the religions. I am angry with those who have every knowledge to deny religions, but they still believe in them. For me God is ultimate knowledge to find out what is reality.

2. The God I believe in :Truth is beautiful, truth is all I want. Give me scientifically verified truth. Truth clears the doubt, truth broadens my knowledge, truth is that we all want to live in peace by love and kindness. Truth is that we are all human, truth is that, the hate, fear to the people of different religion and country is made by the people of religions and politicians. 
My dear friend, religions are also made by humans, they are not made by god. so how could humans explain the creation of god, how could these people of religions know that,they are also like us, they don't have extra intelligence, do they ? 

3. So, the truth is science. Science is far more greater than religions. Science is the verified truth, science is the truth that is found through hard work by the scientist. Well, scientist actually enjoys it. The truth is that we are all same human bieng, I am not better than you, he is not better than me. We are all unique. 

4.Like I said in my previous post that to know god, you have to know yourself, because when you will who you are really,there will be no stress no anxiety. With a  peaceful  mind you will see the beauty of the world, you will be happy by just looking at the nature. The flower, the bees, the grass so green, trees so great, that give us food and oxygen. The birds singing in the morning. You will see everything that is going around you in nature all time. The sunrise,the sunset, the blue sky and clouds of different. You will find joy in everything, once you know yourself, and in the nature you will find god. The nature becomes more, the world becomes wonderful, when you will observe and seek the truth. God is nature, nature is god. 

5.The ultimate meaning of life, world and universe is God. God is in every element of the universe. We eat everyday to live and grow. But, are you not curious to know how we digest our food ? You don't have to be a scientist to know that. But, knowing the truth about  yourself  as a human being makes your realize that how amazing life is. So delicate our body is. Its not just a heart beating we feel, or the sensory organs that gives us the feelings, we are more than our sense can feel. There are so many ultrastructure inside us that we don't feel that via sense organs, that does not mean they are not there. 

6.The food( organic compounds, such as fruit, rice, corn, veg, fish, meat, bread and many more) we eat are digested by different enzyme( a kind of protien). To digest carbohydrate, protien, fat we have different enzymes and they are digest in different in the elementary canal, the canal that starts from our mouth and ends in our intestine. From the canal the digested food( now they become inorganic, such protien becomes amino acid, fat is converted to lipids, and carbohydrate is converted to glucose) and these small molecules than transfered through the blood to every cell, where these molecules are used to keep us alive, by burning the glucose and releasing energy. The amio acids are used to make protiens. Lipids are stored as a reserve. This is the basic of digestion, when I first learned about it, I felt amazing. I felt like wow ! There is a universe inside me, where the cells are dying, reproducing, and keeping me alive by releasing the energy that was captured by the trees from the sunlight, and when we eat food, the cells unlock that energy and thats why I am alive. So this transformation of energy that keep us all the living beiengs alive. Every animals have cells, I have cells. Every animal digest its food in cells, we human also digest our food in cells.

7.So, if you are wandering what I want to say. What I believe and I want to say is that,everything in the universe is connected. We eat the friuit of trees,we are dependent on the trees and the trees need the sunlight to produce fruit. So, we need sun for the food, light and warmth. So, science gives you the knowledge of this great connection.

 8.You can ask any scientist in the world, the would tell you same truth, but if ask the people of religions, they would give you different answers. Because, science is a verified truth, the answere is one.

9.And the religions give you different answers for one question, they are  mis truth. I don't hate these people, because they don't know what they are doing by dividing people, what the gain is meaningless. When science is uniting the people of the world, the people of religions and politicians devides people. 

10.Science can lead us to truth and show us the ultimte truth. The god I believe is the great connection of enegry that keeps me, you and all beings alive. There is another energy that you can create, that is called love. I believe, everyone in the world will seek the truth and learn to love everyone in the world. Because, they will find the truth we are all connected and we all need each other,they will eventually fall in a universal love.I hope, oneday there will no more war,no more boundary between the countries and everyone will live in peace &harmony.

Always Remember :-
1. God is not person, the idea of god should be used as the ultimate truth of the universe. It is more inspiring for who seeks truth about life,world and universe.
2.  God is nature, nature is god.
3.  God is in every element of the universe.

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How to find God by Jitu Das

God is universal love
If you are wandering from here to there, if you can't find peace, because your mind is restless. You know where you find peace, don't you. What is peace ? Peace is the absence of all bad feelings( jealousy, anger, greed) and bad thoughts( negative, annoying). Peace is what we need in life. Love will take us to peace. If you can't forgive the people who hurt you, you can not love. Forgive everyone, don't hold grudge. Don't love looking at their beautiful peace, love them because, they have a good heart, who are kind to others. Thus You can love everyone, some people might not love you at first. But, if you love truly everyone, no matter how hard someone is, that person will learn to love you. What is true love ? True love is the love for the whole universe, true love is unconditional love. More you love, more you will loved and thus you will be free from all your sadness, stress and  loneliness . And this is how you find peace.

But, how to love the whole universe ?

To love the whole universe, you must believe in god. To believe in God, you must know and feel his presence. Don't believe in god, if you don't find him. Search and then you will find him, and then become a true believer. If you just believe for the sake of believing, that is not true and pretending won't give you true satisfaction.
Only true belief can give you satisfaction. You must search for god. God will guide you along the search.
If you want to search for god, then you have to know yourself. When you will know who you are really, there will be no stress no anxiety and you would know the right path, that you should walk in life. When you will walk the right road in your life, you will find that, there is something, someone in your heart telling you, guiding you all along the way. Then one point you will feel that there is someone with you now, you are not all alone, the road you walk may be lonely, but, when you will reach your destiny, you will see the truth that god gives you what you want, if you deserve and want it from your heart. When you give love to the whole universe, the universe also give you the directions to reach your dertiny. The universe do that by giving you the instinct, your gut. Whenever you follow your gut feeling, it always happens good for you. 
So, my dear friend, I love you and I hope you love me too. To believe in god, you must search for him. To find god, you must know who you are really,so you can know the right way to go forward in life and then when your reach your destiny, trusting the guidance of the universe through instinct, you will know god and then you can believe in god truly and true love and true belief makes your life a great life, so that you can die with a smile in your face and peace in your heart.

How to stop comparing yourself with others by Jitu Das

No one is perfect, so don't compare and be sad. When you think about what you don't have but others have, you will be unhappy and if you become unhappy about who you are. You may feel like you are not worthy at all, you may feel that you are good for nothing and you feel like you are nothing, you have no nothing good in you. But, hey my friend,you are just beautiful just the way you are. Whenever, you feel bad about yourself comparing with others, remember that no one is perfect, the people with whom you compare your everything, your face, your height,your voic, your entire body, are also not perfect. You are you, you are not to compare yourself with your imperfection with the other's perfection. Everybody has a good part. You have also a field of perfection that others are may be imperfect.
So, whenever you feel sad and down, whenever you lower your head infront of the people you compare. Remind yourself that you are also good in some work. Just like you can't open a lock without the right key. Your happiness, spirit is also locked in your soul, my friend, the key is to know yourself first who you are and then do the work, your personality matches with. And when you start to work you are good at naturally, you will never compare yourself with other and worry.

You may be are feeling jealous, anger, when others are doing work amazingly. Hey, you are amazing too, in your field. And don't be angry or feel jealous, cause you are not to do everything in the world all by yourself . Let others do what they love and are good at. And you do your work. Be happy for them, be happy for yourself, because, to be happy in other's happiness, and to be sad in other's misery, makes you a great man. If you have any grudge for the people, who can't see the beauty that lies in you, let the grudge fly away. You can never do anything, you can never walk your road, carrying a hidden grudge, an anger in deep, an ego. You have to let them go, you will feel lighter and you will see more beauty in the little that used to have no such meaning. It is hard, to let go grudge, your ego, but you must, you can never learn nothing new, you can never start new, with ego, a feeling that tells you, whispers in your ear that, you don't need no one, they need you. It tells you, you don't have to love them, they love you. Ego tells that you are bigger, better than other. It tells you that, you don't need to respect anyone, you are just fine without love, family and friends. I believe that You will never be fine without the love of your family and other people, you will not feel the absence of love, when your people are there for you, but you will feel it, when the people are gone. So, love your people, other people and you will also be loved by the people and thats how you find peace and happiness. If you want the love of the whole world, then give true love to the whole world. And , my dear friend, if you feel love for the sun, moon, and stars and for the whole universe, you will also be loved by the entire universe. That is how, you make your life great by doing the work you love and loving the people and nature.
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How to find your true passion by Jitu Das philosophy

When you will know, who you are really, there will be no stress no anxiety~ Jitu Das 

  •  We all have a list of interesting works in our mind, where we put, our interesting works. In this 21st century, there are thousands of work  fields ,for that reason a great confusion has formed in the minds of young-adults.If you are confused about finding a work, that you are  truly interested, then its time to free  yourself  from your doubts and confusion, which are causing  only stress,  worries  in your life. So, its time to check your list, where there are many works that you find interesting, and now you are confused. One thing you should know that among the different interests you have, one is true interest and others are not true.
  •  How to find out the true interest and the false interest from that list  ? Answer is that if your interest is true , you will work hard on the subject to know more, but for you it would only seem fun work and easy. And if you are not working hard in the subject, and if you are having problems in concentrating in the subject, then your interest is a false one, and you will have no benefit to keeping interest in that subject anymore.

  •   To be honest with you, for me writing is like drinking water, I can't believe sometime its so easy to write. So find a work that you find it very easy, exciting and makes you happy everytime you do it and that keeps you happy for a long time. As time passes, I find writing a fascinating work and believe it thrills me from the feet to the brain. I love writing, watching films. Watching film is for me like the food of my mind. If I don't watch a film, if I don't write, I feel like so heavy. And you know it very  heaviness  in mind only  cause stress. So when I write I am only concentrated in writing, nothing else bothers me.Its like I am totally get dissolved in only writing.
  • So the field of work where your mind works amazingly, where your mind is at calm and heart is satisfied,  the subject of work,where your mind gives you abundant good ideas, is the work of your true interest or passion and that is the work you should do. Because when  you do work of your interest, there will be no other thoughts that will disturb or distract you. When you are doing the work you find interesting, nothing distracts you and when you are doing something that is not a interesting subject for you, you will find yourself, yawning, getting bored, getting distracted every minute. It always happens in the class, where the teacher is not teaching the subject interestingly,students find it boring.There is a saying that interest is the mother of education.So, if you want to a educated person, find the subject that holds all your focus. Its important to listen to your own heart, the choice of subject must be taken by you, do not listen to your parents about this and don't follow the popular trend also.
  •  You are alive now, that is a great fact, do not take it for granted.Each moment, you can start doing the work, you want to.The purpose our life is to search in our within who we are really ? When you will know yourself, you will know your abilities well, and you will do the work, that you are good at. So, never stop learning about yourself.To know who you are is the oldest advice in the philosophy.Socrates said that 2399 years ago to know thyself. If everybody have known who they are and what they should perform in the stage of word, our human life would have been more peaceful. 
  • Find a work,that you are truly interested in and you don't have to worry about anything in the world. Most people in their young -adult age, do not ask the questions -Who they are ?, what work they are truly interested in etc.
  • The best way to find the work, your true passion or interest. You have to study about the subject related to the work, you see, every work has a theory to read about. To become a businessman, there are books about business, to become a actor, there are books about how to act,. to become a  philosopher , there are books to read. Even if you hate to read books, there are multiple way  nowadays  to learn about any subject. In the subject you are spending most of your time, is the work of your true interest.
  • Notice, what do you do everyday. Answer what is the subject or work, you think about everyday. What is your dream ?
  • Do you have many dreams ? If you have, you will get confused, about what dream to follow in your life, obviously, it is hard to follow every dream. But you can achieve your dreams one by one. It is very important to complete, what you are already doing now. You should not jump around from one work to another,because if you do that, you will never do any work properly in your life. Every work needs your total concentration, if you  focus on one subject at a time, you could do many works any life, and you could even achieve more than one goal in your life.
  •  Many people says to find a goal , find a destination , well I say make a list of things you want to do before you die, because my brothers and sisters you got only one life , don't try so hard to find your ultimate goal , because that doesn't even exist ,  more you try to find your meaning or your goal or destination, the more  you get depressed  & stressed. In simple sentence , don't try to find your goal. Because if you really want to know what should be your goal , the answer is simple and you already know it ! ~  At first you need to have a hobby , Your hobby  is what you love to do in your free time.If you don't have any what  then  think  what  would you like as your hobby . If you want your life  to be exciting  then you must find a work that you love to do. If you want to find a work that makes  you happy then answer the questions ~ what do you do now in your free time that makes you happy , and all your worries  disappear , what kind of tv show you watch ? , which page of a newspaper  attacks  you ? What kind of  magazine  you read,  what kind of   people  you believe as great people ? everything you think or do is telling you what you loveto do. Know your interest not others.  Be confident  about what you believe as a great work, because you know yourself more than others. thats  why it is very  essential to know yourself. If you want to findtrue yourself , do what you love , do what you believe as a  satisfying work. You can't love your work , unless you do what you love to do.Its time to  believe in what you love to do not to get confused by random opinion of others. Your life  will be filled with pleasure  of happiness and satisfaction, which is regarded as the highest level success. Improve your work day by day and be master of the work you do. Don't worry about the money ,it will flow to you. Just be the champion of what you love to do !Don't try to  adjust yourself  where you don't belong. Find the joy in your life doing what you love to do.

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