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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What road should you take in life by Jitu Das

The road that calls you is the road you should take, to find peace and yourself.

Our world is heaven for those who see beauty everywhere in nature, those who is in love with the nature what shall they need more. Those who appreciate the world and nature,those who appreciate eve...ry moment they live, they live in a heaven, where God guide them to their destiny.

Life is good and beautiful and its right now. You must search who you are, because when you will find who you are really,there will be no stress no anxiety. You would never be stressed,and in your heart and mind peace will flow.

There are many roads in life. And you are confused which road should you take in your life. Because, its very important that you walk the right path, for it will take to your destiny. The right path for you is the road, where you can find peace. There are thousands of road. Its ok to get confused. To find the right road of life for you, you must know what gives you peace. What calms your mind, you must find out, what gives you serenity. The only way to find peace is to work. Work that dissolves all your bad feelings and nagging thoughts and doing that work you find peace in your soul and thats how, you walk the road of life, with hope, peace and inspiration everyday.
Don't worry too much, about which is the road for you to walk. If you search for the road with a pure heart and a undying will, you will one day find that you are already walking the road. When you have began your journey, you wouldn't even know it first. You should trust yourself, you should trust your inner voice, your instinct. These are the way of God, to show you the way. My friend, trust your instinct, you will never regret.

I hope you find the way that leads to your destiny. To achieve your dream, you must help others achieving their dreams too. I have love in my heart for you everyone. I hope you have too love in your heart for everyone.

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