Who am I by Jitu Das Philosophy

Who am I ? I am Jitu Das, I am an Assamese man, Indian or a world citizen ! But when I watched the sky, so big. I feel like I am a small,tiny part of this whole big business,that's when I loose my identity, I am not just an assamese, Indian or world citizen, I am a citizen of the universe. I am also a conscience of the universe. I love you everyone. I am an young adult now. The stage of life when we all get confused about our goal and meaning of life and I was also confused when I entered 20, suddenly the idea of life changed to me. I had no idea who I am, who I am going to be. It was all very fancy to even think about it. I couldn't see where my life was going. But, I knew and I believed that everyone has something, and the purpose of life is to discover who you really are. Socrates said to know thyself. And I started to study myself to know who I really am ? Before I passed my 12th class,that time was different to me. What I think now possible was impossible to 4 years ago.I always felt something withing me, was trying to say out loud, something flickering , like a forgotton dreams, some fragments of true self was always there, but they were recessive, but now they are becoming dominant. When I started reading books about philosophy, I found out that man has suffered from the thoughts about the meaning in life, destiny, karma. I read about Socrates, Aristotle, Confucious, Rene Dekart, Kant, Henry David Thorou, Mahatma Gandhi, Lin Yutao, Carl Sagan,Woody Allen, Douglous Adams. It is mind boggling to know that from Socrates of 2000 years ago till today, meaning of life has been great karizma to the philosophers. If you are an young man or an young adult, and you have confusionabout who you are? And who you want to become in life. My dear reader, you must study philosophy and psychology. To know who you are you must read books onHuman nature, read poetry, novels different genre, watch films and listen to music. 2 years ago, there were so many questions, and now there are some answers I have found. Finally, the meaningof life is getting clear to me, the road was all dark and full of mist, now its getting clear to me. The thoughts and questions of our existence in the universe was troubling me, now I have found answers tocalm my mind. The athiest have no new idea,expcept they don't believe in god. I would rather think more then sitting down and claiming that there is no God. I will believe in God, god who is beyond everything, every religion. So, I believe in God, not in religion. God is all I need and god is everywhere. I know that I am only a human. I always wanted to share with the world,what I know and feel about life. So, I started writing this blog 1 year ago, I write in my blog from life, family to philosophy, psychology to film, music, poetry and about my great country India and about my green state, the only land where the world's biggest river island"MAJULI" and smallest river island " UMANANDA" exist. I live in Assam, where endangered one horned Rhinoceros are found. Assam is the also world famous for its tea. I am an assamese, my mother lanuguge is Assamese and my national language is Hindi.

Life is the greatest thing in the universe.


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