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My idea of a happy family by Jitu Das, Pathsala

 A happy family is one in which all the members love, respect and care for each other naturally regardless of the age, gender,,personality, look,career,job etc. No matter what your socio-economic status is , a family is there for you always.A family is the most heaviest and important component of your life, thus we all wish for a happy family, where every member understands you. A family is happy, where every member have a good feelings towards each other,where members are health, economic,educated; where the young members love and respect the older members. A family may be nuclear( mother,father and children) or consanguine ( grandparents, parents, uncle,aunt,cousins) Each family consist of members, members with different personality,every member is unique, no one is same, though one or two characters may be similar.A family can only be happy,when member is satisfied with their own life.
                A family just do not happen to be happy  or sad.As we all know behind everything there is a reason,  

 The most reason responsible for a unhappy family are -

1. Alcoholic or drug addicted members always makes a family unhappy. Alcoholic parents influence on their children and it is likely to be that , the children may becomes fond of intoxicating material too.

2. Gambling member; if any member of a family gets addicted gambling, that could  the family economically at a very great risk.Gambling have ruined many families.

3.Disrespect, hate and jealousy towards each other,only cause sadness- and depression in a family,  which results the splitting of family members in most family.

4. Money problem also cause a great deal of anxiety, stress and distress in a family.Th money problem which makes parents to take debts.Th worry of debt don't let the parents sleep at night and when the children ask for money, the parents feel helpless.Money problem does not cause much trouble ,when the money for food, cloth and other luxury are available.These are only available in rich families.In a poor or middle class family , money problems affects the whole life-style.But it does not touch the life-style of rich people. Less money is also not a cause distress in all family necessarily,because I have seen poor family happy and satisfied and rich family with unsatisfied, gloomy members. Well, we love and need money,and yet money is still blamed as the root of all evil.For me the most amazing way to earn money is doing what you enjoy doing it. A family is where members are satisfied with their own career, doing their work, earning money and living a simple life.               

But what makes a family happy ? 

The followings are my idea about How to make a happy family

1. No doubt that, most important  reason that makes a family happy is LOVE. The good feelings towards each other and the will to do good for each other is love.Care is what you want to take, when you love someone and it comes naturally So, in every happy or in  relationship love is the real band or connection, where members are willing to do anything to keep the connection.If in the family, parents are so busy with their own business , and have no time for their  children, the parents will miss one of the most wonderful experience in the world , and that is to raise  children.Just like that, grown up children should also spend their time with their  parents having gratitudes,love and respect in their heart

2. Everyday numerous events happens to us all.We all love to share what happened today in our life and thats why more than 100 crore people use facebook,twitter and blogs now. To share our thoughts we seek companions.In a happy family ,they provide a great company and listen to each other's problems and seek to know what happened today with each other's life. Listening is one of the important part of any relationship just like talking.Talking and listening with someone creates a connection which results intimacy.I believe it is the intimacy that creates love.In simple.,if you are spending  so much time with someone or something ,you definitely gonna fall in love with.
3.In this modern age of competition  one thing that everybody need is inspiration, which is a great reason behind a happy family.Everybody in a family expects supports from each other to reach their goal.In a happy family,the parents inspire and motivate their children to have a good life.In a happy family parents understands what their children want to become in their life and guide the path.In a happy family,where parents do not compare their children with other's children, because they know it very well that comparing wouldn't help, it would only make the children feel bad.
                      In a happy family, the parents teach and encourage their children to have  a happy life rather that only demanding grades. In a happy family,parents never curse or punish their children .In happy families parents don't talk about the controversial parts of other family and never curse and criticize neighbors, relatives and other people in front of their children.
                    For a happy family, parents are more responsible than children , because children follow the elders.The behavior of children only comes from their parents.The way the parents treat their parents( i.e. the grandparents) it is very likely to happen that,the children when grows up, would treat their parents the same same way, because they learned the way from their parents.
                 In a happy family, parents and children are like friends,because they know it very well that creating a generation gap will only weaken their family bond.In a happy family,parents are concerned about the happiness of their children to make career in the field they are good at.

4. In a happy family,members are educated both morally and practically.A home is always regarded as a first place for education of the children.Children learns the moral education from their parents and elders both verbally and non-verbally.A happy family knows the art of living and apply it in their family.The  art of living is one of the most beautiful art by which humane can achieve or reach the highest level of happiness in life, which is indeed the greatest success on earth.Discipline , regularity, neat& cleanness,economic of a house are all parts of the art of living.A happy family takes good food, live in peace in a clean house.They have a good taste in music,they have a small library.In a happy family,they watch inspiring films about life, not the cheap programs in television .A family where people laugh more than 15 time,is surely a happy family, because from a census, it is found that an average children laugh 415 time a day and an average adult laugh only 15 time a day.

5. One of the most important thing about a happy family is the comfort in their home.A happy family make their home comfortable,disciplined and neat& clean,where the air passing through is fresh,water is pure and rooms are filled with sunlight coming through the opened window .

6.One of the  most important component in the recipe to make a happy family is the unconditional love between mother and father.A father or a husband working all day outside comes home being tired and hungry comes home  with a hope peace,comfort and of course good food. If his wife at least keeps the house clean and makes food for her husband,then why in the world the husband would go to a club or bar.He would feel safe,satisfied and content in his own home with his loving wife and children.

7. For a happy family, health is very important too.Without a good health, nothing in life feels good. Thats why a good healthy diet must be followed. A good health increase the ability to work, think and to do all the other activity of daily life.Cholesterol is the main reason for many disease such as high-pressure,diabetes,obesity,heart and liver diseases. To avoid, cholesterol   and such disease , taking junk food and fast food must be limited.
Today the most scaring disease in the world is AIDS( acquired immune deficiency syndrome) , which is mainly caused by unprotected sexual relationship with HIV(Human immuno deficiency virus ) infected people.The prevention of HIV is not a medicine, but it is the true love and loyality between the life life partners.
                   In conclusion, I would say that a happy family believe in the virtue of love and sacrificed an have a great sharing and caring attitude towards each other.There is a great willingness to stay together and a strong loyalty.A happy family is where, they stand by and protect each other in the time of great misfortune and they share love and happiness in the time of joy.   
8.What ever happens don't stop feel small. I am really not experienced, but marriage is a tough thing. To raise a family, you have to think about your family, you have to make others happy. You can not be all your own and you have to keep yourself happy. What I learned from books, films and from my own observations that you can not be happy even if everybody loves you, even if you have everything you want, if you are not happy on your own. Dear friend, so the question is how to become happy all by yourself ? I think that you have to know who you are really ? That is the first aim in life. That is how you found a work to do. By doing that you can be happy. So, my friend what I want to say is that find the happiness within yourself first. I hope I said something good.

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