Prisoners(2013 film) reviews by Jitu Das film reviews

Prisoners is a 2013 American thriller, mystery film. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, written by Aaron Guzikowski, starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis., music by Johann Johannsson, cinematography by Roger A. Deakins.
Prisoners have fulfilled my desire to watch a real mystery film. I find Prisoners more of a mystery than a thriller. The story focuses on the abduction of two young girls about the age 8 in Pennsylvania and the search revealing the truth behind many missing young children.
On the day of thanksgiving Keller Dover ( Hugh Jackman) with his wife, son and little daughter Anna goes to the neighbor Frumkin and Nancy's house. That day, when Anna goes to her home with Joy Birch, the daughter of Franklin to search for the red whistle, they get abducted. Then in the wood, the search begins. Detective Loki( Jake Gyllenhaal) goes on investigating and he catches Alex Jones in the suspect R.V., suspects because that R.V. was seen parked on the road where the girls were playing on the thanksgiving day. Detective Loki questions Alex but later he was released he had the I.Q of a 10-year-old, who lives with his aunt Holly Jones. Later his aunt says that he had an accident with a snake since then he is quite like that. 

When Alex was released from custody, Keller Dover didn't like it and went to ask him directly snatching him from his aunt and media who were about to ask a question to Alex. When Dover asked angrily about his daughter, Alex replied with a low voice that the girls didn't cry until he left them. Then Dover gets caught by Police but released by the captain saying that they were going to pretend that as if that never happened because the captain knew Dover's father who works ed as a security guard. 

Day passes, still, the girls are missing, no amount of search giving any result. But Keller couldn't find after hearing what Alex said to him. He knew that Alex knew about where the girls are. So, he takes it in his hand after he failed to convince the police about what he hearsed. On that night when Dover kidnaps Alex, while he was walking his dog. Dover informs Franklin and proposes that they should torture Alex as long as he does not speak about the girls, but Franklin thought that it was wrong to do that. Dover keeps on torturing him, but he speaking nothing. Meanwhile, Detective Loki keeps on investigating the missing girls and when He went to the Father's house, Loki finds the father drunk and asleep. While searching the house, Loki finds a dead body with a round locket designed with maize. When the father was asked about it, he said that the dead body was of a man who killed 16 children and said that they were waging a war against God

Within the weak of missing, one evening, when neighbors were doing candlelight vigil, detective Loki sees a suspicious man with a hood and runs after him but he escapes anyway. But when his sketch was made and broadcasted on T.V, a girl who works in a shop says to Loki that she recognize and says that he buys children's cloth. Later, when a hooded man comes again to the shop, the girl informs Loki, and Loki finds his house from his number plate. In the house, putting Bob, hooded man handcuff, Loki search the house. The white walls are filled with maize drawings. In a room, there were several black boxes filled with children's cloth, snake and pig's blood on the cloth. Later, Loki questions Bob and finds that he was also kidnapped while he was a kid but he escaped. In Bob's house, there were books about crime, what Bob was doing was the recreation of crime maybe what he faced with when he kidnapped. In the custody, Bob keeps drawing mazes for hours, when Loki gets tired and question him harshly, other police enters the room, somehow how Bob snatches a gun from police and kill himself. 
On the other hand, Dover keeps torturing Alex.

 When Loki visits Dover's house, he finds a half-empty bag of lye and suspicion grows when Dover's wife tells Loki that he is helping the police in the search, which was, of course, a lie by Dover to his wife. Actually, Dover goes to his father's old house, where he has kept Alex. When Dover gives Alex very hot water keeping a very small box, Alex says that the girls are in the maize. But Dover thinks it as a Riddle and goes to his aunt Holly Jones's house and implies the word maize so to know if she had any idea about that

A day or two passes, Franklin's daughter, Joy Birch is found drugged when Dover asks her about Anna, Joy tells him that he was there. Hearing that Dover runs away surprising everyone, Loki seeing Dover run away, runs after him and thinks that he went to his father's house. But Dover goes to Holy Jones's house knowing that she was the one who abducted his girl. But Holy was ready and had a pistol in her hand hiding, who admitted she kidnapped his daughter. She also says that making others children disappear, which loses people's faith in God, by that she and her husband were waging war against God because their son died in cancer.

Vicky,Christina,Barcelona(2008 film) by Jitu Das film reviews

Vicky, Christina and Barcelona ( 2008 film) directed and written by Woody Allen. Amazing film about love, career, the confusion that has infected the modern world. 
Woody Allen has given another masterpiece that tells about human emotion with the bizarre characters like Vicky, a girl of America who has all the desires to express her emotion but she is restless, confused and mostly unaware of what she wants to do with her life. 
Vicky and Christina, two girlfriends come to Spain for summer vacation, where they fall in love with the same painter not knowing that his ex-wife would come back to him, to the real world, making the picture even more complicated.

The films of Woody Allens are very beautiful. The colors are soft vibrant. In this film, the beauty of Spain is portrayed in a way that you would wanna go there to visit. In all films of Woody Allen, the places are beautiful and colorful. By colorful, I mean it, the green, orange, red, these colors make you just feel good. Vicky, Christina and Barcelona and midnight in Paris are like painting frames that are compiled into a film.
I would totally love to make films like the way Woody Allens, if one day I could, it would be great fun to do that.

Ego quotes by Jitu Das quotes

My ideas about dreams and doubts by Jitu Das philosophy

When you want something and when you get that something, you also lose something that you already had, it might be something you love. As the time goes, you forget about what you have lost and you get lost in what you have got now. But, time goes on and things become inadequate to your needs. So much things in the world, so much to do , so much to see. You can stay awake all day all night all your life and you shall miss so many things in the world and the universe. Do you know how  much time we spend sleeping,dreaming in our life ?? They say we sleep about 30 years of our life.

But when sleeping, we gain our energy back, our fatigue flies and we wake up in the morning all fresh and energetic. But there is more to it in sleeping. While you sleep, you see dreams. Dreams are so strange and so real that it can confuse you the whole next day. Some dreams are sweet and some are scary. But what these strange dreams means ? Everynight I get two or three dreams. The dreams comes to you when you are sleeping Rapid Eye movement sleep. In dreams, the world is similar and most of dreams are full of fantasy.
The purpose of writing this post is to tell you about my ideas about dreaming.

Its been couple of years that I have realised that I get dreams everynight. The one thing about dreams that shocked me and that these dreams knows the core of desires. You may find it hard to accept that you love someone or you want to be someone or be somewhere. The dreams knows who you are. The dreams telling you a story, where you are the protagonist and in that story you do things, you live your life you want to live in your real life. The dreams are not real ! But it is a great stimulated universe where your true, honest brave self live his life by being fearless. The dreams show you how does it feel it to become fearless. The dreams are not meaningless. I believe that dreams are very meaningful. The dream is a world where you are you but strangely in dreams you allow yourself to be someone, or go somewhere you always wanted to, to be loved by the woman you have needed, to do things you have always wished but always afraid of critics. 

There are reasons and there are no reasons behind why we do what we do, why we love what we love. To be or not to be. It is the doubt that somehow makes us catiuous, tends to protect us. Doubt is natural, there is nothing wrong in having doubts. Whenever you get doubts before doing something good then do it anyway, but when you have two good ways and you are now pretty much lost in the labrynth of doubts. To get of a labrynth you have to remember the path, to remember the path you need to mark it. Just like in doubts, mark the road that attracts you for no explainable reason, its the instinct of a man that changed the world to a man made world. The ideas does not come to you for definite reason, you do not have your life the way you have for definite reasons. Reasons are very important to you. You need to know why why and why ? Then we create a theory or a superstitions to satisfy our mind asking why. For years we believe that and then a scientist tells a new theory and then again a new theory. I am very grateful for the all people in the history who asked why and also gave us an answer. With each passing mankind is achieving a new milestone. 

What you want in life ? 

What you want in life ? You may ask what should you want in life ? If you ask me that, I will not tell you about what you should want, instead I would ask you to have good health,wisdom, love, curiosity, empathy, music, films, poems, novels, art, people and ofcourse money.
What if loving is the answer to all those why ! Love is appreciating someome regardless of her or his colour, race, religion, culture and age. Love is chosing to lose your ego in praising someone or something. When you love someone and she doesn't care or she loves him and he doesn't care. Can you keep on loving someone even after knowing its just onesided love. What was the purpose of love ? Wasn't love supposed bring you two together ? How can he keep living loving her ? Was love was meant for only loving and not to be loved. How can he love if he doesn't get beloved. How hollow that love would be ? That is why onesided love is sad, painful and hollow. Love is complete when he is loving her while she is loving him. That is when love brings them together fulfiling its purpose.

How to fall in love with life by Jitu Das philosophy

Love seeks no selfish reason, it is natural and it is beyond sense and reason. Love is not just loving a specific human being or loving yourself. Love means loving LIFE itself. If you are in love with life, then just enjoy it. Loving life means you love every human being, every animal and plants. But, if you may wonder what does loving life means ? Well, I did not have any clue that I was in love with life, but maybe now I know and see it better that I am in love with life. I may see it that what does it means to love life ? It never occured to me before but now it does. 

I think now that to be in love with life means to be passionately curious about life, world and curious. You may heard or read that curiosity killed that cat. But remember that you are way much smarter and better than a cat, even though its a mammal. To be curious naturally is one of the greatest human nature. I am curious about the world and universe. I felt lonely in the beginning to be curious about life, world and uinverse. I felt lonely in the beginning to be curious about life, world and universe. But when I started reading Indian, Chinese and western Philosophy then I found that I was not alone anymore. One of the philosophers and writers( teachers) I feel gratitude for teaching me the Importance of living is Lin Yutang. Lin Yutang( 1895-1976) was a great Chinese writer. He wrote both in English and Chinese. I have read his The importance of living( 1937). He is known for his philosophical books, My country and my people( 1935) and the wisdom of China and India( 1942).

The other writers I am grateful are Leo Tolstoy, Mortimer Adler, Will Durant, Bertrand Russel, Jean Giono, Yevegeny Yevtushenk,Swami Vivekananda, Charles Dickens, William Sake spear,Materlink,Walt Whitman,Del Carnegie etc.
I am recommend to you read their writings to learn what does it means to fall in LOVE WITH LIFE.
 Love Life first to love people and the world. - J. D.

About Time(2013film) summary and review by Jitu Das film reviews

About Time is a British romantic dramedy film revolving around time travel where a young man tries to change his past to have a better future. Written and directed by Richard Curtis,and starring Domhnall GleesonRachel McAdams and Bill Nighy. The film was released in the United Kingdom on 4 September 2013 and in the United States on 1 November 2013

About time is a beautiful film about life.Before giving you an idea about the film, I want to tell you that A film or art is not a perfect thing,well when I go to watch a film, I don't expect it to be perfect,but I want it to be original,original is enough to make any film interesting,an original, a new idea, that can give you new insight about the world and life.

About time is a beautiful film about time travelling,even though,my most favourite film about time travel is The time machine,directed by  Simon Wells,( who is indeed the grandson of  H. G. Wells  ).I loved the Back to the future series,but the appearance of the scientist made his look like he was crazy or something.Its a wrong idea about scientists. Sci-films that portrays the scientists as crazy,they may have not respect for science.It shows, they are only using the name of science in their films to just earn money !!

About time tells the story of a young man named Tim, who can travel in time  but only backwards to the places he can memorise. It was a secret in his family,only the mans knew. 
When he turned into 21,he is told the secret by his father,who was then a retired professor and who have read most of the looks using hat time travelling gift.

But this young man wishes to find girlfriend who did not have girlfriend yet.He lived with his family living a beautiful,even though his family was a bit different in a good wise. His mother was Mary, who was strong, her fashion icon was queen.His father who had always time to read books and spend time with him playing table tennis.His father looked amazing to me. Spending time books,music and family one of the best way to spend time.

There was another member in the family,it was uncle Desmond,who was a simple,loving person, who had his mind on other things.Then there was his sister Katherine,who was loving,cute and was nature thing.

But for Tim Lake, it was always about love.Then Tim moves to London after his unsuccessful love with Charlotte for doing job as lawyer.There in a blind date,he meets Mary,a beautiful girl,with firing in her hair,who worked as a reader. Tim fell in love with Mary.They soon gets married,they have kids,first one is a girl called Posy.Then Tim's father dies of cancer, who had spend an amazing life spending time with family,books and music.There was something peaceful about him.

Tim's father had shared his formula's for happiness.Those were -
1. Live everyday like ordinary people.
2. Live each day twice,first by living it just through the trouble of life and in the second time live the day by noticing the beauty of the life. 

Later Tim achieves a insight on his own about the time of life.He does not travel time anymore,because he lives each day day by thinking that he has deliberately come to that day to enjoy it fully.
He says," We are all travelling through time together,all we can do is do our best, to relish this remarkable ride"


The soundtrack of the film is just  amazing,,they just perfectly fit with the scenes and storyline. My  favorite  soundtracks of the About time are -

  1. Ben Folds – "The Luckiest" (About Time Version)
  2. Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman – "How Long Will I Love You?"
  3. Paul Buchanan – "Mid Air"
  4. Groove Armada – "At the River"

Row,row ,row your boat,rhyme meanings by Jitu Das

Row, row, row your boat, 
Gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

I never saw the deep meaning in this great nursery rhymes by an Anonymus. But now maybe I do ! 
Gently down the stream means living on peacefuly as life takes you.
Merrily, merrily means living without worrying being happy and healthy.
Life is but a dream means that the time of life pass by very mysteriously so fast, like a blurry dream.

Rush(2013),film summary by Jitu Das

Today I watched the film Rush. Its a beautiful film from the story, cinematography, soundtrack. Rush is a 2013 British-German biographical sports drama film centered on the rivalry between race car drivers James Hunt and Niki Laud during the 1976 Formula One motor-racing season. It was written by Peter Morgan, directed by Ron Howard and stars Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and Daniel Brühl as Lauda.     

                             .Its about two formula 1 car racer- 1. James Hunt, who is a playboy, loves drinking, doing party and people loves  James  Hunt especially the girls. And the other one is an  Austrian racer Niki  Lauda, who leaves his family business to earn his living by racing. He is rude to people, rational.He does not do a party, he goes home every night, sleeps early, wakes up early. In short, he is a man of discipline. 

These two racers James and Niki both were opposite of each other. For James Hunt,the race was a to prove himself as worthy to get liked, to love, to be adored by the people.James drove the car risking his life. He had ideas that women love racers not because they have respect for the profession, but the closeness of death the racers experience in the drive. This closeness to death makes the racers feel more alive and the women can see the alive feeling in the racers, the women want to feel the alive feeling from the racers that is why the women like racers.

But Niki Lauda shared different views about the race.For him it was just if earning a living.It was just business! He was very professional. Outside the racetrack, he would not drive his car fast, because there no purpose he saw in it, he thought of it as taking risks for no reason.
James Hunt was not successful in his marriages with the model,who is mostly away in New-York. For  James Hunt getting married, settling down was an awful idea.
Niki Lauda won World Championship three times, while James Hunts was satisfied in just winning one time.

On the final race in Japan, in the shadow of Mount Fuji, it was badly raining, far from the ideal weather for racing.
On that day, when Niki Lauda was points ahead of James Hunt and was on the way of winning the world championship. But in the moment, while Niki was behind James, the tires spraying the water to Lauda, then the view became blurry, then Niki had visions of his loving wife. Then surprisingly Niki Lauda getting out from the race telling his teammate that it was too dangerous to drive on that weather. Then James Hunts wins that World championship.

With that world championship,alos came glamour,media,limelight to his life.With that also came destruction of his life and career.James  Hunt started spending his day s by doing fun, drinking wine, smoking, sleeping with different womens and spending his time and money in a extravagant way.

James Hunt retired after two years of winning  championship.Then he became a race broadcaster.After 7 years later, when Niki meets James after winning his  third  world  championship, Niki finds James baffled  barefoot, with a bicycle with a flat tire.
Such ending of someone who was once a  champion  is tragedy.
Niki was not surprised,but sad when he heard that James Hunt had died of a heart-attack in 45 years old.

Early in the morning by Jitu Das englsih poems

It was early in the morning 

I saw a dream so amazing
I was in my yard sittting, 

A dream song that I was singing

In my street, I saw you walking,
My god, towards me you were coming !
I went to the street without thinking,
I went closer to you and you were smiling,
I asked her where she was going ?
To the park, she was going,
to see the flowers blooming,
to listen to the birds singing,
Early in the morning, 
It was amazing,
I saw the grasses while walking,
In the grasses, dewdrops were shining,
I was watching her pretty face shining too,
In the park, through the leaves,sunlights were pouring,
She was watching the white roses blooming,
I came closer and to hold her hand, my hand war approaching,
I said that, 
I was astonished by the beauty of nature surrounding,
she told me that was exactly what she was feeling !
I was stunned by the touch of beautiful smiling,
I was wondering,in me a good feeling was rising,
even though it was cold early morning,
Then I was holding her hand, a warmth was arising.
Then we went to the bridge to see the boats rowing,
I told her that
it was beautiful and heart warming,
like listening to folk song singing,
She said that she love folk songs. 
In the north, the hills were calling,
there was something spiritual in nature surrounding,
Everything that is nature,in it there is joy of shining,
There was a shining in her smiling,
It was an amazing morning, 
Above us there was clear blue sky gleaming,
Then the sun started shimmering,
the minute the roosters were awake, started Cuckrookooing,
No more soft cold breeze was blowing,
not anymore we were not shivering,
Thus it started my day with early in the morning,
Sun rising high,but the birds were still singing,
Early in the morning, the birds welcome a new day by singing,chirping,
I told her about what I felt that morning,
I told her how glad I was,to spend with her this beautiful early morning. 
Then we aparted,hoping to meet in tomorrow jogging !


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