Happy Dussehra wishes messages in Assamese

Happy Dussehra to everyone, WISH you great success over evil.

Success is doing what you love by Jitu Das philosophy

1     Do not try to fit in where you do not belong. If you are oil, you can not mix with water, you will need alcohol to mix with, there is no nothing you can can do about it. You are just who you are and you need to be there where you belong. You are different and you need to define your own self and your success and failure. Some people define success by money, some people want power, respect, some people do not want anything, some people want to find the meaning of life, some wants to know about how to heal people who are suffering physically, some people want to heal the people who are suffering mentally, some want to know how universe works, some just want to create music, some want to write a novel or poems, some want to design and create new architecture, some want to paint, some want to do photography, some want to sing, some want to dance, some want to cook, some want to create apps, softwares or games, some want to drive or ride………….. and it goes on. These are different people with different ideas about success and failure. There are more than a thousand different work to do in the world, you have to choose one or two or three to earn money and enjoy life. Read what I think about success and Success and failure, if you you want to know my own views on success and failure. But that just me and you don’t have to find them as your own views, because you may have your own view and that is the most important challenge in life.

Why failure feels so horrible ? by Jitu Das philosophy

    why failure feels so horrible ?

    Well I think that we are taught to feel bad, when we fail. Do you remember anyone saying congratulation to you whenever you failed. Failure reminds you of you past, childhood, where you were blamed, cursed, or made fun of whenever you failed. Failure tells you to experience all the nagging , bad memories. Failure is a bad thing, if you have failed in the last chance. But the question is last chance to achieve what ? Always remember, life gives you a chance everyday. So, do not worry about failure. Failure is actually a great opportunity to learn about our own mistakes. Always remember that there is no success without failure. Failure and success are not so different as people have taught you. No one can define your failure and success , no person, no media.Only you can  define your success and failure. If somebody tells you that you are wasting your life, do not feel bad, sad because they do not know who you are completely. Greatness lies within everyone, there is no doubt about that. But greatness does not matter if it remains only within and never for others in need. Failure and success. People talk about it, you talk about it. But what is failure ? Failure is different for different people and thus failure is not one thing. It is all about how you see it. Success is also same as failure, it is not a one thing for everyone. The meaning of success differs from people to people. So, when someone call you a failure, you must know that he  is calling you failure in his own perspective, but you should not project that same view in your mind too. Because you are different, you are unique just like everybody has their own uniqueness. You must trust the uniqueness inside out. You are different from others, you must know it by heart. Do not force yourself to be where others are, do not force yourself to do what others do.

Real Life is beyond whatsapp and facebook by Jitu Das philosophy

1   Just because you do not understand something that does mean it is wrong. Some people try to understand the whole universe in his life time, but that is not easy task. They could not comprehend the immensity of universe , so they get angry by getting overwhelmed by the infinity of cosmos and call it all meaningless. They do not see the creation of stars from the dust; they do not see the vastness that is beyond our grasp. Some sees the cosmos in different way; they see it as the creation of god. Some do not see anything, they do not have neither  time nor interest to look up and see the sky. They are too busy in their life racing towards their goals competing with friends and neighbors. But life is always more than the race we all participate. The true meaning of life can only be found outside the boundaries of narrow world that we so carefully created. Life is always beautiful when you are on a mission to find your true self or doing self discovery or when you are trying to reach your goals, without aims, goals, desire, life becomes static,boring and in that moment we feel like life sucks. But the truth is it does not matter what you do, if you do it alone or with people, its all about doing something that you like, something of course other than facebook and whatsapp, it has to be something creative, anything that takes your full attention. The real life always beyond facebook and whatsapp, its upto you whether you chose to live in a virtual world or real world.

What is freedom in life by JItu Das philosophy

1.    Freedom is where happiness lies.
2.    Freedom is trusting yourself more than anyone else no matter how close, famous or great they are.
3.    Freedom is trusting your own gut and doing what you want.
4.    Freedom is the ultimate meaning of life.
5.    Freedom to do anything , freedom to go anywhere , freedom to love anyone , freedom to do and be great, freedom to leave anyone or anything, freedom to protect your spirit, freedom to show yourself. Freedom to have self-respect, freedom to create and build things, freedom to sell and buy, freedom to know , freedom to say anything, freedom to tell the truth , freedom from fear. Freedom from all these things and everything that lets you down.
6.    Freedom is preferring your inner voice and not  listening to other’s to please them. You should not please anyone if it takes to ignore your inner true self. You are not a entertaining channel.


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