What is freedom in life by JItu Das philosophy

1.    Freedom is where happiness lies.
2.    Freedom is trusting yourself more than anyone else no matter how close, famous or great they are.
3.    Freedom is trusting your own gut and doing what you want.
4.    Freedom is the ultimate meaning of life.
5.    Freedom to do anything , freedom to go anywhere , freedom to love anyone , freedom to do and be great, freedom to leave anyone or anything, freedom to protect your spirit, freedom to show yourself. Freedom to have self-respect, freedom to create and build things, freedom to sell and buy, freedom to know , freedom to say anything, freedom to tell the truth , freedom from fear. Freedom from all these things and everything that lets you down.
6.    Freedom is preferring your inner voice and not  listening to other’s to please them. You should not please anyone if it takes to ignore your inner true self. You are not a entertaining channel.

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