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Assamese freedom fighters : Assam History

Assamese people in India’s freedom movement against British rule

1828 :  Dhananjay Borgohain and Gumadhar Konwar were the first Assamese freedom fighter against British in 1928. Gumadhar Konwar was  sentenced for seven years and Dhananjay Borgohain  was ordered to be hanged.
1830  :  Piyoli Borphukan and Jeuram Dualia Baruah were hanged in 1830, betrayed by Sadiya Khowa Goahin who informed the British about their plan to attack Rangpur.

Maniram Dewan
 Kushal Kuwar

     Gopinath Bordoloi

Anundorum Barooah 
 Jyoti Prasad Agarwala

 Bishnu Prasad Rabha

 Laxminath Bezbaruah

 Hemchandra Baruah

 Tarun Ram Phukan


1857 :  In the Indian rebellion of 1857, rebels supporters offered resistance in the form of non-cooperation, and Maniram Dewan and Piyali Baruah were executed for their roles. Other leaders like Madhu Mullick, Kamala Baruah, Dutiram Baruah, Marangi Khowa Gohain were banished from Asom. Formud Ali and Bahadur Gaon Burha were the two others who were sent to Andamans ( Kaliapani)

1873 :  Anandaram Dhekial Phukan  , Hemchandra Goswami, Gunabhiram  Baruah  put great effort to make Assamese language as the medium in school while British were trying to impose Bengali language as the medium in the schools and office of Assam.

1884 :  Jagananath Barooah formed the first  organization called “ Sarbajanik Sabha” at Jorhat   focusing on  improving Assamese culture and language, which was converted  into a political platform by notable freedom fighters like Nabin Chandra Bordoloi, Tarun Ram , Gopinath Bordoloi, Rohini Kumar Hati Baruah, Vidyadhar Srama, Chandranath Sarma.

1919  : The Sarbajanik Sabha later  became Assam branch of the Indian National Cogress in 1919.

1919-1920 : Following  the non-cooperation movement launched by Gandhi, Assam leaders like Nabin Chandra Bordoloi, Tarun Ram Phukan, Chandranath Sarma has to go jail. Whole Assam participated in the movement against British rule in India.
Gopinath Bordoloi , Kmaini Kumae Chandra, Bipin  Chandra Pal, Satynath Baruah and Joy Govinda Som  represented Assam in  National Congress held in Calcutta.

1921 :  In 1921,  Gandhiji visited Assam, which further motivated the people of Assam to become a freedom fighter.
1930 :  The impact of Civil disobedience led by Gandhi also reached Assam and Assamese leaders  like Hemchandra Baruah, Bishnu Ram Medhi , Omeo Kumar Das were imprisoned for participation.

1935 :  Self governance was introduced in Assam in 1935. 
1942 :  In the “ Quit India  movement” Assamese leaders like Gopinath Bordoloi , Siddhinath Sarmah, Mohammed  Tayebullah, Fakaruddin Ali Ahmed, Bishnu Ram Medhi were imprisoned for joining this movement. 1942’s movement was the most violent in India, where as in Assam too people became martyrs of the movement. Assamese people like Kanaklata, Bhogeswari Phukanani, Laxmiram Hazarika, Thogiram Sut, Baloram Sut, Mukunda Kakati, Routa Kachari, Madan Barman etc.

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