Minari 2021 movie review by Jitu Das film reviews

Minari( 2020) is a beautiful Korean movie in many aspects that I can appreciate from one watch, subtle meaning in scenes is easy to be missed out. Minari is about a family who have left city to a country side and start a farm. It's about how people in the family creates meaning for each individual. What seems ordinary and available, we seem to overlook and not appreciate the most important things in life, and the first thing that comes in that list is wellbeing of family.

The soundtrack absolutely beautiful and unique, that is what gave Minari a great feeling to it.

Before we Vanish 2017 movie review by Jitu Das film reviews

Before we Vanish is at first looks like a normal sci fi about alien invading human bodies and planning to destroy the humankind. But this movie gradually leads to a better understanding about human personality and what is it that makes us human. There are different parts and emotions in human, the biology, the psyche, the emotions, but the ones that gives it all a holistic meaning is LOVE, without which existence of humankind is utterly meaningless. The subtle meaning of this movie is that alien trying to understand humankind reaped many concepts from human like family, work, war, frustration etc, but when the alien in Shinji's body reaped the concept of love from his wife, guide Narumi, everything changed. 

A beautiful movie with meaningful subtle message to humanity, to not lose love from our heart, which is the every essence of humanity.
 The movie is bit longer, it could have been a bit fast pace. The soundtrack is good and very engaging in the moments. The sci-fi


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