What do you want right now ? by Jitu Das

If you want something get it, if you don't get it, there will be a belief arise in your subconscious mind that you can't get what you want. This belief will keep making you sad, in future you may forget what you wanted badly, but the sad feeling in about yourself that you can't what you want will live as long as you don't get what you want.

 If you want anything in the world, take it seriously, get it anyway. No matter what happens, no matter what people say, no matter great books say you must get what you want. If you really want you will keep trying to get it, but if you still not getting what you want, because you are afraid what would people say, remember forget about making people happy by doing what they want to see. 

Get what you want. If you feel like nothing to do, if you feel like there is nothing interesting, if you are being bored most of the time, then you are having a  psychological  problem. Then you must be missing what you want, I am not talking about what you need, because everyone care about what they want. Now I am happy , because I want to write and writing. But I need to study now. 

But its not all about doing what you want to, you still need to do things that you should do, that is an universal human tragedy, but this tragedy can be turned into a wonderful romance or a epic fantasy by keep doing what you want to do, if you keep doing what you want to the noises begins to disappear, so what noise I am talking about, what ? have you never been in a doubt, have you never got confused, have you never had to choose an option, did you never had a headache when you get so much confused and worry.

Have you never felt like I can't think anymore. So now you are getting what kind of noises I am talking. Damn it ! my friend, its your thoughts I am talking, that arises in your brain. Many people commit suicide get away from the thoughts of regrets , loneliness , fear of uncertainty. But the bloody noises are so full of shit and its an universal problem. At first they appear as doubt, then confusion, then you start worry, then it becomes an anxiety, and then you get stressed, your heart start to beat faster, your sleepless nights starts, OK that gone too far.

So never ever deny to get what you want. Take it seriously, because you can't try to want something. What ever you want is special, get it. Everything else is secondary or not even that. From this hour start doing what you want to do, keep getting what you want to have. Make a list of things you want to do. Trust your within, go get what you want. Your one time Life is short. So What do you want right now?

What kind of films you should watch by Jitu Das

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  • Watch films that inspire the goodness, braveness, love, kindness within you. 

  • Watch films that takes you to a journey to your within to find out who you are.

  •  Watch films connected with nature, life, world and universe.

  • Watch films that makes you smile, cry and  laugh.

  • Watch films that teaches you how great it is just to be alive.

  •  Watch films that give you a new philosophy or way to love yourself, others and nature.

  •  Watch films that gives you happiness, content feeling.

  •  Watch films that shows a positive outlook towards life.

  • Watch films that create great illusions( I mean cinematography) great inspiring soundtracks.

  •  Watch films that has a message about humanity, love, nature, wild animals.

In these two days I have seen two great inspiring film. I felt really good. I always feel good watching a film. Well not every film.I have seen more 700 films in last 4 years. 2100 hours, I spent. If I had studied my text book, or played anything my family would have been proud of me. Its not they are not now. I can see it in their eyes that they are perhaps a little. But thats enough for now. For watching all these films I never felt bad about myself.Infact I am proud of that. Its not I am a proudy boy, reffering myself as a boy, because I am 19 years old and I don't feel like calling myself as a man. Is that okay with u ? So I watched " kick ass" yesterday. I think he film is great, the cool begining showed how awesome the film is gonna be.

 I think  A films becomes a great film by having the following 12 features :- 

1. A good story.
2. Good soundtrack.
3. Good actors &Acting.
4. Cinematography.
6. Movement.
7. Visual and soud Clearity.
8. Light and color combination.
10. Editing.
11. Clearly understandable, in case of thriller in the climax everything thats necessary should reaveled fast and a very intense music.
12. In case of romantic films the environment should be beautiful & colorful and happy. A little fantasy wouldn't hurt. Happy faces, happy beats, birds flying and chirping. Flower, rain, seasons, grass,trees, forest, and lots of happy people. Kids dancing & playing. Little Babys smilin. Sunshiny day, starry night,moon playing hide & seek in the clouds. In summer rainy night is most romantic. Every thing that is natural and beautiful is romantic. Dew drop in the edge of green grasses or in the tip of leaves, or the setting of sun, or the sound of fryng fish, oh the majical sounds of birds in the coconut tree or in mango tree.

Why you should have a hobby by Jitu Das

Live your life right now, do the things you love right now.Don't live in your dreams, live in reality. If you think deep down in your mind,what will you find that feels like real & live ?

 The only thing you have in your life is  "Life". The important thing in the whole universe is that right now you are alive. In the whole world only a few people appreciate that they are alive right now. I am alive and I do appreciate that.

My life is my god, it is whole source of energy for everything I did and am doing and will do.If you think a bit you will appreciate that you are alive.Well its not about being alive, its more,much more.Day by day its getting more than you can possibly imagine.Human intellect is growing every second.Technology is everywhere.Now-a-days kids are more smarter than we were.

 Don't ever think or say that you hate your life,you hate yourself, remember you never hate yourself because everybody love themselves, love their names.May be its your job that you don't like,maybe it your companions whom you don't like. I think everybody love the people who love them back but not everybody love back the people ,who love them.Its the truth.

When you love someone and that someone don't love you back, you start to hate that person, its true.Every life has its own reason.Everybody is important as much you & me. Because everyone is doing something and living.

This is how it the world works. Every work has its own value & importance.But when you want a job which is also your hobby.Some people watch  films , some listen music, some make chat, some go outside or play.some people make food, there is so may things that people love to do.A hobby is what you pay for or maybe not for doing something.Word is a place where good & bad things both happen.Everyday you meet people , some people make you feel good, and some make you feel bad, and you always think why did behave with me like that.But you know now that you shouldn't hang out or meet those people.

You must spend your time with the people those who love you, share their happiness with you and never make you feel bad.If someone even who is your friend make you feel bad isn't actually a friend at all.The most important fact about a true fiend is that they never ever make your fun or humiliate you.Just because some people doesn't like you doesn't mean you are a bad person. Just  believe  that there is always some true friends  waiting  for you.You gotta search for them.Its like You are in search page of  Google, you gotta search what you need. 

So I was talking about having a hobby, It can be anything you enjoy doing. I wouldn't ask you only What do you love to ? Because you love to do many thing and would love to do much more things. 

But my question for you is what do you do most of your time in a day or a week ?  What are the things you are doing and enjoying .For me I read books, watch cinemas and listen music friends,I love to chat with my dad and mom. I love to hang with my friends.I watch TV so much.May be more than anything I think in my white little brain. I can't stop thinking.But I would love to play guitar, violin, travel all around the world,marry someone who love as I am.

Take your time to think and know  about what are the things you are doing or what you did that you really enjoyed. More you know about what you are doing and what you are enjoying,more you discover your true self.

           We often have to do things that we don't love to do.Well its not fair to please yourself only. We must do things for others too even when you don't want to.I heard someone saying that bible says to do for others more than you do for yourself.I think to get the best by doing for someobody is not think about it all after you have help.

Everybody wants credit for their works, every creative worker wants to credit for what they have created, when critics give their credit, they love it, when critics don't give any credit, they suffer, But the great writer don't work for credit, they do that because they just love doing it, if they would have thought what will be review of their work they couldn't have done it so amazing.They do what they do for the satisfaction of doing...may be I am writing all these that why if you ask me why ? 


If you think you want to be a successful , rich,  happy and a healthy

person and you also  want to marry  someone you love ! well people say
that you can't  have it all, but  that doesn't mean  you can't have
anything , at least you should try to have a work you love to do.
    You can get anything you want , I wouldn't ask you the most
famous question " what do you want in your life ?" , ofcourse that is
a tough question, I guess the question is hard to answer because its
not 'the ' proper question that should have been asked . The  question
should be like this " what are the things you want to do in your life
? " ,because we all need many things in our life , everyone has a
different list of things  he want to do.

  Many people say find a goal , find a destination , well I say make

a list of things you want to do before you die, because my brothers
and sisters you got only one life , don't try so hard to find your
ultimate goal , because that doesn't even exist ,  more you try to
find your meaning or your goal or destination, the more  you get
depressed  & stressed. In simple sentence , don't try to find your
goal. Because if you really want to know what should be your goal ,
the answer is simple and you already know it ! ~  At first you need to
have a hobby , Your hobby  is what you love to do in your free time.
If you don't have any what  then  think  what  would you like as your
hobby . If you want your life  to be exciting  then you must find a
work that you love to do. If you want to find a work that makes  you
happy then answer the questions ~ what do you do now in your free time
that makes you happy , and all your worries  disappear, what kind of
tv show you watch ? , which page of a newspaper attracks you ? What
kind of megazine you read,  what kind of   people  you believe as
great people ? Everthing you think or do is telling you what you love
to do. Know your interest not others.  Be confident  about what you
believe as a great work, because you know yourself more than others.
Thats why it is very  essential to know yourself. If you want to find
true yourself , do what you love , do what you believe as a satifying
work. You can't love your work , unless you do what you love to do.
Its time to  believe in what you love to do not to get confused by
random opinion of others. Your life  will be filled with pleasure  of
happiness and satisfaction, which is regarded as the highest level
success. Improve your work day by day and be master of the work you
do. Don't worry about the money , it will flow to you. Just be the
champion of what you love to do !Don't try to  adjust yourself  where
you don't belong. Find the joy in your life doing what you love to do.

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If you have any fear , then its time to overcome your fear. Because it is the fear that stops you from taking action, without action you are nothing. So be courageous & overcome the fear. Fear is what grow anger , sadness, depression. In simple, fear starts from helplessness, which grows from absence of knowledge, so read as much you can. Being curious is the way to learn new things. Here in this article I am gonna write what I learned today. Its not just today I have been thinking for a week now ! Its about our fear, everyday we face in our life in many situations. First thing about fear is everybody gets afraid; but its all about overcoming fear. With fear there is no bright future, with courage you can go on the road which will took you to your life you always wanted to live. Courage is the positive energy which charge you to act. So you may want to know how to become fearless , To become fearless you need to follow this rule or steps or whatever but its worthy enough to follow if you want to be fearless~
At first you have to know that there is nothing impossible. Well, for every problem there is a solution.So, don’t give up, being persistant is what makes you able to keep trying although you have failed many time . Fear tells you how big your work or problem is. Fear is what makes you believe that its impossible to finish. But if you fear in life you cannot get what you want. will is a energy what makes us able to take action, when you get afraid , create a will of overcoming fear. But fear is fear, if you are afraid, overcome your fear. But how ?
Good question, ha ! I think among all the fear in the universe, ” fear of death” is the king of all fear. Everybody is afraid of death ! Even who wants to go to heaven don’t want to die. I am afraid of death too. I read in a book when I was 16 , that Understanding death is main and first thing Philosophy. The book ‘The importance of Living’ by Lin yutao was easy to understand. I read it in Assamese translated by Dr.Prafulla Kataki. So I was saying that death is the highest level fear. Do you believe that the monks and saints aren’t afraid of death ! I think they are afraid too but less than us.
But some time the “fear of getting ashamed” becomes more scarier than the ” fear of death” Are you getting where I am going with this ? Everyday thousands of people die commiting suicide, I think lots of them die getting afraid of being ashamed. Many students commit that because of this fear of getting ashamed when they fail or secure low marks. Many rich people commit suicide when they loose money ,getting afraid of being ashamed ,when he have to be poor now !
So , I wrote something about fear I know. Getting afraid is ok ! , but we must overcome the fear what makes us weak. Fear of death is both necessary and unnecessary regarding the situation. To survive its necessary but sometimes when this fear gets bigger you tend to eliminate the activity of fun. Such as going outside , travelling, bungi jumping, paragliding, rollercoaster etc etc. when they get the chance to do that. There are many kinds of fear, but the point is that we should know what do we fear to ourselves better. If you are afraid of something , don’t neglect it. Face it , because they say when you face your fear fear won’t face it. Try that , it always works. Have courage in your heart and you must know that you can become anything you want. Focus on your nature, others opinion doesn’t matter. Don’t try to be something else,
“Be who you already are . “:-D


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