Why people watch films ? by Jitu Das

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What am I afraid of ?
I am afraid of nothing more than dying and I think only when I would meet the girl who love the ake music, art or films, place, I would no longer fear death anymore. But its seems, I have not met any girl who have the ake personality. The girls I met in school and colleges were so realistic, they didn't like me, I mean I am kind of a daydreamer, I love music of every country . I love the sitar music, flute and santoor, I love guitar and violin.

Most of all if anything I love is films and my family. I love fantary, scince fiction films, I just love it, can't help myself. If there is a newfilm, I just can't stop myself watching it. While I watch I am in a another world. It calms my mind. When I watch a good film, I get lost, there is no troubling thoughts anymore. This is what also happens when I write. Now I am writing this listening "balads of paris de lu" through my headphone. Its just me in my room near the garage and coconut tree. Tonight the sky is clearer then it was this week. In this week the nights are misty and majical. Tonight I watch the orion constellation, the four stars in polygonal shape and in the middle one stare and 2 small stars in the right of middle star. There is also an bright star on the left side of orion. Tonight in my room I am sitting in my bed, I wonder what would be here in next 100 years ? Who would be sitting here, I won't be here. What would be here ?

May be all these thoughts give me company. I love thinking. We get bored when we have nothing new to think about. May be thats why people watch T.V, surf net, read books, listen music, watch paintings, sculptures.

 That is why people watch films. Watching a good film gives you many benefits- first it connects with people with different characters, a reflection of real world but much more  concentration found in the reflection, a film gives you new ideas about people and their behaviours and relationiships with each other. A film can take you a different time as the plot chose to, then you can have the idea of  the people and their way of behaviour, fashion, culture and relationships of that time. So watching a film you are actually studying the life of many people each different character. A great film is meastred in the number of people it has inspired to live happily.

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