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Biography of Srimanta Sankardev ( মহাপুৰুষ শ্ৰীমন্ত শংকৰদেৱ জীৱনী ), a great saint of vaishnavism of Assam, India by Jitu Das (জিতু দাস) biography

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Whenever in earth, sin, fallacy,corruption increases, then in different places, a great man born and shows the mankind the path to a peaceful,happy life .Just like Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Mohammad  was born. Jesus was born in Jerusalem and created the religion Christan.Gautama Buddha was born in India, and he created the religion Buddhism. Mohammad was born in Arabian city Mecca, he created the religion Islam.Just like all those great saints,Srimanta Sankardeva was born in Assam,India. He was born in 1449, in a village called Bordowa.
                 Srimanta Sankardeva was born at the moment , when the society of assam, culture,language and literature was in a dark age.The saints of that time wrote that, in 1449, the people of Assam forgot about the Veda and Upanishads and morality. People were sacrificing animals in the name of god and goddesses, the people were materialistic. For the reason,the society was filled with corruption and sin.Everywhere in the society, was lacking morality in life.
            Sankardeva was born in the midst of such society. His father was Kusumbar Bhuyan and mother was Stayasandha.His mother died just after giving birth to him.His grandmother Khersuti brought him up.

             Sankardeva was strong.brave from him childhood.He was afraid of nothing. There is sayings that one day,he knocked down a big bull and in a monsoon, he could swim the Brahmaputra river( which is the world's  7th largest river) to the other side.Well, Sankardeva spent 12 years  of his childhood,playing, having fun.But,his grandmother was worried about orphan child Sankardeva.One day, she take him to the teacher Mahendra Kandali( he was a great writer in assamese literature ).That day was Thursday of the month Vada.( august- september).In India, Wednesday and Thursday are believed to be blessesd day to begin a new work. After taking admission in the school, Sankardeva started to study well.In a few days Sankardeva became a bright  student. There is sayings that, just by learning the Assamese letters,he wrote a beautiful poem,which is still a wonder for many scholars. It was sign that,he held great talent within him, which changed the entire society of assam for good. The poem he wrote was-
     Karatala kamla ,           kamaladala nayana
      Vabadaha-dahan         gahana bayana sayana
     Kharatara barakhara          hatadakha badana
     Khagasara nagadhra         fanadhra sayana
     Napara napara para          saratar gamaya
     Savaya  mabhaya mama    harasata taya
     Jaga daghamapa hara       vaba vaya tarana
     Para pada laya kara           kamalaja nayan 
     It was a beautiful poem.In a short time, he mastered the art of verse.I believe his, verse is as beautiful and meaningful as the verses of William Shakespeare. He studied the four Veda,fourteen Satra and eighteen purana and became a great scholar of that time. He also studied yoga" sastra and started to practice and lived 120 years, a great mighty long year.
        After completing his school study, he was given the title of Sanskrit scholar by the people. At,the age of 22, he married the girl Suryabati, daughter of Haribar Giri. After, 3 years of marriage, a girl born, they named her Monu.When, Monu became nine month, her mother Suryabati Died.

          After, the sudden death of his wife, Sankardeva felt very sad ! It was great shock to him ! So,it was unbearable for him to stay in that place anymore!, I believe the death of his wife made him question, why people die ?, so he started to search the answer in religion and for that reason, in 1503, he went on a journey with his friend Ramram,Sarbajay,Paramanadh and 18 other to the different pilgrimage of India.India is always been the center of spirituality in the whole world,because, the most ancient and great Hindu religion started in India,Besides the great Gautama Buddha born in India.
          Sankardeva in his journey ,visited Srikheta,Ganges ,Sitakunda,Barah khetra, Pushkarani tirtha, Mathura,Brindabana .After the journey of 12 years,he went home.The journey took that long period,because in 15th century, there is not such transportation as we have now in 21th century. At the age of 97, master Sankardeva with Madhavdeva, Ramram and Narayana, Gobinda, Udar and with 120 follower he went to pilgrimage for the second time.
            After, coming home, from his first  journey, which was for 12 years.In those years, he studied the Vaishnava religion.
Sankardeva was inspired to spread the Vaishnava religion in Assam, by translating the book for Assamese people. The main motto of the Vaishnava religion is believing in one and only one god. Hurting animal is strongly prohibited even an insect , just like the Buddhism. The people who are  true Bhakat( who strongly apply the Vaishnava religion or dharma) 
           In the time  Sankardeva was born ,People were unhappy, distracted and were living a very unstable life. Thats why to attract the people about this Vaishnaba religion, he wrote the play, Sinha- yatra and also acted on it,it is called as Bhaona in assamese( the acting ). In the sinha-yatra ( a dance play), he painted the sapta vaikuntha( home of god Vishnu or Hari ).It is the beautiful, eternal abode of Narayana or Vishnu, his consort Laxmi, or in simple it was heaven as we imagine.Watching the beautiful paintings of  7 heaven and music played  along,people got mesmerized and became disciple of Sankardeva. In this way, Sankardeva became very popular. Many scholars of Assam, started to realize the greatness of Sankardeva and became his disciple even his teacher Mahendra Kandali. Day by day people became attracted to his new religion, which was far more peaceful itself than believing many god and goddess.In this way, a new era of began in my state Assam. The era of vaishnavism,.Great Scholar of Assam said hat, the modern civilization of assam is truly a civilization of vaishnavism .
                       Great Sankardeva's best pupil was Madhavdeva like Socrates and Aristotle.At first Madhav deva usedto believe in the 'Sakta' religion.( In the Sakta religion , the believers pray to many god and godesses) At the first meeting Mahavdev debated with Sankardeva,in the debate with Sankardeva, in the debate Sankardeva told Mdhavdev that, a tree has many branches and they all need water and minerals and it is good enough to give water to the routes of the tree from the route, the vascular system will carry the water to all the branches.It is foolishness to give water to every branches.Just like that praying to Krishna( Who is the god, that Vaishavism religion believes in,he is also known as Vishnu) wouldbe like praying every god and godeses, as he is the source of all energy of universe. With such beautiful examples Sankardeva explained to Madhavdeva believing in one god is more appropriate,peaceful than believing inmany gods.After realizing the wise words by Madhavdeva became his pupil.After that, both Sankardeva and Madhavdeva started to teach the religion together all around assam.The meeting Sankar -Madhav is called ''Mani-Kansan' connetion in assamese. The religion Sankardeva what taught us was based on the ''Veda'', ''Puran'', and ''Vagabata'. The main thing in a religion is not the name of god, and the names are different in different religions.All religions holds the same believe in the unknown. We hindu call it Vagaban, muslims call it Allah and the Chritians call it God. To pray god,we only need a pure heart and a open mind, not temple. Sankardeva believed in honest thinking and simple living which purifies  both mind,body and soul. 
                         In this religion,every being is equal.Leo Tolstoy shared the same belief,thats why he said that,God lives in humanity.
              Great saint of India, Sankardeva had respect for every religion and for every people. Thats why he wrote-----

 Kukura( Dog),Srigala ( fox) ,gardabharo( Donkey) atma(soul) Rama( GOD, an avatar of lord Vishnu) 
  Janiya( knowing) sabako( eveybody) kariba( Do) pranama ( respect)
 English translation of the above great verse is ----
 Dog, fox and donkey all have the soul of god, 
 knowing that greet every being respectfully.

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How to make your life more amazing by Jitu Das

I love life, I enjoy living. Who am I. what is my goal, how to find your goal , evolution, what happened before big bang are the questions that motivates me read & learn. I write about Life, I want to know why a mother loves their children so much, and their children when grow up doesn't care about their mother, who is more important for a man, his mother or his wife. Most of the people are unhappy ! Most of the people are not doing what they wanted when they were kids, thats why they are not happy, Paulo Coelho said, wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Most of the people on earth are angry because they have no goal, they never tried to know what is their goal, what they are good at.If a person could have his goal, he or she will have satisfaction, this satisfaction will change their life,they will be calm & cool.Life would be like a long ,fun holiday on Earth, I want you to have a good life. If people get what they would never be jealous, jealousy is like the rust in the iron, Most of the people on earth is jealous of each other. It makes people sad, behavior becomes rude.Wherever your interest is, there lies your good life. So,I think finding your goal is all you need to do, because if you find your goal, you will know yourself, its called self realization or enlightment. when you have this self realization, all your nagging thoughts will melt away.You will have constant satisfaction. If you realize your talent, you will know what to do do by yourself. If you want to know your uniqueness, you have to do some study, you need to travel, you need to read biographies of great people, you need to ask yourself what you are good at, The Only question which you will erase all your confusion, and that is -- What is that thing you can do all day, without feeling exhausted, bored, tired. Thats it, you are born for this work, What is work, work is the only great way to spend your life. What is life ? Life is that summation of your work or a series of events that happens continuously, you wonder sometime, what is going on ? what is Life. In simple, Life is the best thing you have, though you have never asked for it. Life is like a ticket to Disneyland, you enter, you have fun, see different things with the people you love, and when the day is about to end, you make sure you have all the fun, then you leave that Disneyland .

How to keep the passion of life alive by Jitu Das

If you have a interest in something, you will know it all the time. Only thing you need to do is keep your interest in that something, don't let die. Your interest is the inspiration, hope and one of the great reason you love your life. You
 keep it, don't lose it. If you are not getting what interest I am talking about. I AM TALKING that Your inspiration could be anything or anyone you love. Your love for someone, your love for something is the inspiration that literally keeps you alive ! Your inspiration is the reason you wake up, do breakfast, go to bathroom and you do all the things that you do everyday. Its something isn't it that keeps you running, don't get the wrong idea, it just food, its all about the energy comes from what you love. So what I want to say is that don't be afraid to fall in love, don't be afraid to fail in love. Do what you love, love whom you like. Its what you should do to stay happy.

How fantasy & imagination is more powerful than knowledge by Jitu Das

Fantasy, imagination is much more powerful and beautiful than knowlege.
Thats because God doesn't exist in knowledge. God exist in imagination and almost 99 % people thinks its good to believe in God. There is no other way you can explain 

who created the universe. The god may have created a perfect earth where life supports, but I don't believe in the god the religion describe. I mean how could they know how god looks like. The common idea; that all the religion believe is the unknown god. Different religion have different idea about the appearance of god. I believe that God, is something, that we don't know nothing yet and I don't think god looks like human. How could anyone can be sure of that, the religion can. But science can't.

I wrote that imagination is more powerful and beautiful because imgination creates are hope, and hope is the real inspiration behind everyday we wake up, go to sleep and do all the things we love to do, we have to do. Using Knowledge is called wisdom. It depends how you want to spend your life. Our whole Knowlege about reality may be proved to wrong in future scientific discovery. But imagination rules the heart of mankind. Sometime in life we may need a story to be inspired not knowledge. If my explanation about the topic helped you bless the author, if not, then inspire him, at least the author tried.

What is the most beautiful thing in Universe ? by JItu Das

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Whenever you feel that life is not worth living, know that at that time you are being punked or fooled by the thousand negative thoughts. Its not you, who usually thinks life not worthy. The question here arise that, when do we feel like life isn't worth living anymore.  Of-course  this very feeling comes and makes us weak both mentally and physically. We feel bad when we don't get what we want, we feel bad when loose someone or something very much, we feel bad when don't get the love from the people we desire love most, we feel bad when our friends ignore us, we feel bad when our family splits,but we feel bad most when we don' get to do the work that we love and enjoy doing,the work that we are comfortable with and find it easy.

 For me I love to inspire who need it, because I believe the saying of Mark Twain, (who always listened to his heart,  temperament) that the best way to get inspired is to inspire others first. I am writing all these because I feel bad too when it doesn't happens what we expect just like you. The most lucky people, among the people you know might also feel bad sometime for not working their so called luck as assumed by people. Just like universe exist, earth is in the perfect distance from the sun, so life could exist, fire & water both only exist in earth in the solar system. 


Life evolved in the sea as a cell at the very  beginning. Then came ameoba, bacteria, virus, algae,, fungi, corals, ostracodermes(primitive fishes), gymnosperms, sharks, lung fishes, first insects, amphibia, irst reptiles, repties, first dino saures , toothed birds,early mammals, then  dinosaurs  goes extinct for many reason such, ice age, falling of an asteroids.

 And in this way we human( Homo sapiens sapiens) have evolved before 1 lac 20 years from  Homo neanderthalensis which evolved from Homo erectus before 15 lac years so far.

So we are in 2012, and just 10000 years ago our ancestors started to cultivate and changed the world forever. Our ancestors also started to use goats, sheeps, pigs and cows as domestic animals. Cows and buffalo used for milk. Goats and sheeps for meat. 

In India, my country around 250 B.C. cultivation started   Indus valley. Then in Europe, industrial revolution occurs, which is still happening and will happen around 200 years ago, which changed the world forever one more time. Technology helped every aspects of science and arts. The discovery of antibiotics, has raised the avg. Age of humans. The discovery of train, aeroplane, telephone, fax had made the world a small place. In this world now its seems like it is age of technology. Without technology you would feel so empty. 

We are so much into in the world of internet. Net is so useful, fast and available for everyone the it became both our need and addiction. Facebook became the addiction of lac lac ( 10 lac = 1 million) people. But we have evolved from a cell to a human, what are we supposed to do in life ? The question that we need to ask ourselves, search for a reason that can make this world a better place. Lets have a reason and live with a clear mind. Lets not be confused anymore about who we are, what we love and who love us. 
Whenever you think its not worth living anymore, think again, and always remember life is the best thing in the universe, so don't waste your one and only life worrying, fearing.

There is no meaning of life,you either make a meaning or the external factors will make a meaning out of you.That is why they say life is not finding  yourself,its about creating yourself who you want to be. I said that life is most beautiful in the universe, because life is so rare in universe.

11 facts about  life:-

1. Life is the most beautiful and valuable thing on earth.

2. Life is a gift.

3.Life began on earth 3.5 billion years ago( 3500000 years ago)

4. Life is found in viruses, bacteria,fungi,protista,plants,animals etc.

5. In space the presence of bacteria are found.

6. Life is a natural  phenomenon , not a  miracle.

7. Life exists on planet earth, because earth is on the perfect distance from the sun, to get the exact light and warm to sustain life.Everything in the universe is a result of a possible and a reasonable cause,which is big-bang. 

8.The life is may be only thing in the universe that has conscience. 

9.Human life is the top life,we are lucky to be human.

10.Human life is the most interesting,great life on earth.

11.To be human is a great thing,because no one can think as much as human do, no one can change their environment like we do.We are advancing ever second,to a age we do not have any idea.We do not where we are going.What is our future. 

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