How fantasy & imagination is more powerful than knowledge by Jitu Das

Fantasy, imagination is much more powerful and beautiful than knowlege.
Thats because God doesn't exist in knowledge. God exist in imagination and almost 99 % people thinks its good to believe in God. There is no other way you can explain 

who created the universe. The god may have created a perfect earth where life supports, but I don't believe in the god the religion describe. I mean how could they know how god looks like. The common idea; that all the religion believe is the unknown god. Different religion have different idea about the appearance of god. I believe that God, is something, that we don't know nothing yet and I don't think god looks like human. How could anyone can be sure of that, the religion can. But science can't.

I wrote that imagination is more powerful and beautiful because imgination creates are hope, and hope is the real inspiration behind everyday we wake up, go to sleep and do all the things we love to do, we have to do. Using Knowledge is called wisdom. It depends how you want to spend your life. Our whole Knowlege about reality may be proved to wrong in future scientific discovery. But imagination rules the heart of mankind. Sometime in life we may need a story to be inspired not knowledge. If my explanation about the topic helped you bless the author, if not, then inspire him, at least the author tried.


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