50 Elvis Presley's greatest hits list by JituDas

Listening to Elvis Presley's  greatest hits can shake you up, make you feel happy and filled with powerful rhythmic energy. It's so sad that Elvis Presley died so soon. He is truly the greatest king of Rock and Roll.
Here is the list of Elvis Presley's greatest hits :
1.   Blue suede shoes,  this song has the energy that can make you feel invincible.
2.  Hound dog
3. Jailhouse rock
4. Mystery train
5. That's alright
6. All shook up
7. Fever
8. Walk a mile in my shoes
9. It's now or never
10. Blue moon
11. Good Rocking tonight
12. Playing for keeps
13.  Don't
14. Hard headed woman
15. One night
16. Heartbreak hotel
17.  Burning love
18. You were always on my mind
19. My way
20. Don't be cruel.
21. Blueberry hill 
22. Stuck on you 
23. I don't care if the sun don't shine 
24. I forgot to remember to forget 
25. Have I told you lately 
26. Love me tender 
27. I was the one 
28. I want you, I need you, I love you 
29. One sided love affair 
30. Wooden heart 
31. One shep
32. As long as I have 
33. So glad you are mine 
34. Reconsider baby 
35. One night of sin
36. Trouble 
37. Baby let's play house 
38. Loving you 
39. Crawfish 
40. I beg of you 
41. Shopping around 44
42. A big hunk of love
43. Got a lot of living to do 
44. Guitar man
45. I believe 
46. How's the world treating you 
47. Ready teddy
48. My baby left me 
49. Dirty dirty feeling
50. I want to be free

All are great songs. If you haven't already then listen to them. They are essential.


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