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#jitudasquotes #philosophyquotes #distractionquotes

If the mind is quite and calm then you have found your way to success in life. Mind does not get calm very often in this ever distracting world and social media have made it worse and if you don't not reflect on how much time and energy you are wasting on social media, useless conversation, worrying about something rather than doing something about it, then you are gonna regret it later. Every minute wasted is sixty precious seconds of this one time life. The value of time is known to all and yet we are taking it so lightly that people are wasting so much of their time doing nothing worthwhile, while they think about doing something all the time. It's easy and comfortable to think about things you want to do , it's easy to plan something, to wish to do something, but when it comes to do that in reality we shy away from it, we procrastinate and procrastinate until we forget about our whole plan. The question I ask myself all the time how do I focus on the things I should be doing rather doing meaningless things because the time is very limited in life because we are not medicine that have a expiry date, everything is uncertain and it is very important that you realize and work toward actualization of our dreams. The chaos is forever trying to break down everything and it takes a great amount of effort from your side to survive and strive in life, still so many hurdles will come towards you and it will also take love and care from your family and friends to fight with it. #jitudasphilosophy #jitudasblog #jitudasquotes

Sometimes we get into such situations in life, where everyone else is saying opposite to what you have found out to be true. It happens to everyone, it happens to me, in most cases I accept other's opinion where fighting is not worth it. But then there are situations where listening to others could actually hurt you, then you have to fight for your own good. But then again sometimes we are not right either, but listening to other's opinion could be most beneficial. There is no pattern to this, even the old and famous could misdirect you, while the young and unknown could show you the right direction. While it may happen all infront you, it will create confusion on whom should you listen to, should you listen to yourself and follow on the direction where you have found to be the one that will set you free, or should you listen to the one whom everybody listens to, or is it the one you trust you should listen to. The thing here is to find out the right path to follow and for that you have to test it out the directions you have infront of you and here I am not suggesting that you should go all the way to test it out, when you are in the right path, you will know it in your heart, you will feel right, you will good about yourself, you will feel a calm sensation that is only possible if you are on the right direction,most of all you will be happy, you will feel love in your heart, optimism,a sense of spiritual upliftment, a sense of discovering the depthness within yourself and simultaneously understanding the vastness of the universe making your life insignificant , but at the same time meaningful. But if you are on the wrong path, you will not feel any of it, you will end up only searching for the happiness and the search will not end. So ask yourself are you on the right path before going all the way on a new direction ! #philosophy #universe #jitudasphilosophy #jitudasblog #lifequotes

कठिन जो यह समय है, दिलको मरने ना दो, ऐसा कठिन भक्त भी तल जायँगे, जब सारि भय से तुम मुक्त हो, जो तुम अपने दिल ख़ुशी से भर दो । - जीतू #hindishyari #hindiquotes #हिंदी #jitudasshayari #jitudashindipoems

We are all supposed to do something with our lives, but if you don't know yet what to do with your life yet, that doesn't mean you should not live, even if you have not found the thing you want to do with your life, you can still enjoy life and that is most important thing you can do. There are things you can do and we often neglect that and look for something else to do and without ever realizing we waste a lot of time of our life searching for it, the meaning, the secret,the wisdom you need to further clarifly your life goals, but sometimes you already know what you really want, no I am not talking about money, job, love , that's what everyone wants, ask yourself what is it that you want !! #jitudasphilosophy #jitudasblog

Your heart will heal, but it will not remain the same and in the end you will stop feeling, which isn't that good either. #jitudasquotes #heartbreakquotes

This is best the photo I have captured of Mayur ( peacock) #manasnationalpark #peacock #jitudasphotography

When you have discovered the ocean of greatness, there is no more fear. #jitudasquotes #philosophyquotes


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