What is satisfaction ? Benefits of unsatisfaction by Jitu Das philosophy

What is satisfaction ?

  • Satisfaction is a state of mind. In a state of mind ,if your mind checks the status of mental and physical health and if your mind find that your overall health is strong,then that is called satisfaction.
  •  Your mental satisfaction depends on your physical health. But,when you are healthy, then your mind seeks various objects to be satisfied. Human satisfaction is like hunger. We eat 3 times a day, but when the digestion and excretion is done, we get hungry again. From our embryonic stage to the last stage, we eat. We eat food for energy, most of our foods are from plants, the meat and fishes are from animal kingdom. In nature, every living organism is connected with each other. Just like Isaac Newton said, every particle is connected with each other via the force of gravitational attraction. We are also made from the cells, which are made from the protoplasm and the protoplasm,which is known as the material basis of life. Protoplasm is mainly made of oxygen,carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen,which make up 95% by weight of the body. Among 92 naturally occurring elements, 24 of them are essential elements for life. You see, we are also made up from the elements that made the universe.
  • Gravitation  is a force which is acts upon the smaller objects, because of vertical bending of space fabric, caused by bigger objects. I think that, just like gravity pulls smaller mass to larger mass. Just like that we are attracted to follow the bigger masses. We are attracted to read the best sellings, watch the most viewed. Its in our deep atomic  conscience  that leads us which is big.
  •   Satisfaction is found when you have a positive status, you check your statuses in every field of human aspect.where your mind asks question and your mind answers.( but unconsciously but sometime consciously) Questions are related to statuses of health, wealth, personal success, family relationship, and social reputation. 

  •  We all compare ourselves to the people who are inferior or superior to us. But when we compare ourselves with the people who have less than us, we feel good,lucky about our status.We feel satisfied.But, when we compare ourselves to the people who have everything ,we dream to have, we feel bad,unsatisfied. Thats why I regard comparing as a loosing game.You do not win in this game. Because in the world you will meet many kind of people. So stop comparing with others.If you want to,then compare yourselves with you of yesterday. Think,are you a advanced person  today than your yesterday. Keep improving, keep learning, do not be afraid that your mind will blow up. We only use 1% of our brain. Your bran is much more powerful  than you think it is. 
  •  There is great saying we can never become satisfied, because our want is infinite. Is there a reason,why nature made us like that. Why can't we never become satisfied. Our want increases everyday. Its a life long journey, we keep fulfilling our wants, after having what we want, something else pops up as our next want. But, to be alive we only need a limited number of things.

1. Food
2. Cloth
3. Shelter.
4. Sleep
5. Excrete,bath.
6. Work, money.
7. Society
8. Book
9. Music
I added book,music and film because I regard them as my needs. Without music,I could hardly live. Because from 2008, I started music regurlarly,and now it became one of the reason that made my life beautiful. Music is majic,it can be described so little,but felt so more.It uplifts the soul( unconsicous mind). Good music is like eating cake.
I added film,because it has always been a need for me.
Books are also my need, books have taught me that life is beautiful. We must make it more beautiful with our good work. Good work is anything that pleases your heart. Good work is anything that you are good at doing and is moral.
Though,the saying says that we can never become satisfied,because our wants are numerous.
But I think we can be satisfied when they have found what they need as their character demands to be make their life beautiful.

  • Benefits of unsatisfaction:- 

  •  The nature gave us the feeling of unsatisfaction. I think there is reason. Unsatisfaction helps in evolution. Its the unsatisfied people who changed the world and made it how it looks today. If primitive peope were satisfied with cold, they could never use fire. If they would have thought,its their fate, they would never evolved. Then in the 14-17th century,the  renaissance  period changed the whole world so fast that in the last 1000 years(500-1450,middle age).The reason behind this was unsatisfaction. The people of europe in the middle age ,was convinced that there is a heaven, an afterlife. They were satisfied,so the never bothered to create art,to think new. But, after when the capital of Roman empire got attacked by the Turkish,the  Greek  pundits ran away with the great books of  Greek  to different countries of Europe. Meanwhile in the middle age,people were only concentrating on afterlife. But, when people started buying  Greek  books from the pundits,people started to realize that life is beautiful. There is so much we can do in our life. Then,many people started to make their life meaningful by doing what they love, people started to become painters, thinkers,writers,scientist and in this period people became great with their work that touched the world. People of  Renaissance  were great,they changed the idea of our reality, they saw the beauty of the world,they searched for the meaning of life,because they did not want to believe whats been told 1500 years ago. Galileo Galileo and many of them were sentenced to death for showing whats reality. In this way, we are evolving,developing or advancing as a species far more than the animals, because of unsatisfying mind.

  •  Some great people of Renaissance period are

 1. Leonardo -DA-Vinci,Michelangelo,Jan van Eyck,Raphael, Raffaello Sanzio( ARTISTS)
2. William Shakespeare,Ben Jonson,Gil Vicente ( Authors)
3. Galileo Galilee,Johannes Kepler,,Nicolas Copernicus,Giordano Bruno( he proposed that sun is a star, for he  got burned at the stake by Roam inquistion) ( astronomer/Philosophers)
4. Isac Newton.John Napier,,Marsilio Ficino( Mathemattician)
5. Francis Bacon,,Thomas More,Desiderius Erasmus,( Philosophers)
 6.Andreas Vesalius,Carolus Linnaeus,Robert hook,  ,J.e. Purkenji (Biologist)

  •  The unsatisfied mind is a curious mind, he seeks to learn more, discover more, explore more.He who is unsatisfied with his particle like knowledge,he seeks to learn more from the the sea of knowledge and wisdom.If you want to know more, you are alive.

  •  An unsatisfied mind is a creative one, he seeks to create what is should be created.A writer tells the stories that he think should be told to the world. Often these stories makes people cry,laugh and warm the hearts of the readers.

  •  Unsatisfaction is also an inspiration to be better. There is a famous saying that everything will be good in the end,if it not good now, then its not the end yet. Our life may not be what we want it to be today,but we must keep trying to get what we want, untill we get it. 

  • The questions that has been annoying mankind in the deep are---------

 1. Who you really are ?
 2. What is your destiny ?
3.What is your purpose of life ?
4.What is the meaning of life and universe ?
5. Is there is a god or not ?
6. What is reality ?
7.What happened before big-bang ? 
8.What would be the ultimate technology in the world ? 
  These questions are asked and being asked by the people who have an unsatisfied feeling about how the religions describes the life,world and universe. 
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My idea of a good teacher by Jitu Das philosophy

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The purpose of a teacher must not be just to give notes of the topics, but a teacher should make the subject interesting enough, so that the student go home with a curiosity to know more.
 Here some of the qualities a good teachers have : 

1. A good teacher never compares, for he knows it is a loosing game. Because comparing make the students feel inferior. A  good teacher never  not act as a superior to his students, but act as an facilitator, to help the students see the interesting and easiness of the subject. Because, interesting is the mother of education.
What a good teacher do ?

3.We have the general idea that he who teaches in the institutions like school,college and university. We call the teachers of college and university as a professor. The heaviness of the word Professor carries respect,knowledge. But, a professor is also a teacher,so a  good professor never act as a superior person who have all the knowledge.

4. The good teacher or professors are simple and friendly to his student.

5. A good teacher has the sense of humor with a positive outlook about life.

5. A good professor has the smile in his face for the students. The professor who has no interest in student is a false one. A professor who neglect his student and behave the students with sarcasm is a miserable one.

6.The basic thing a good teacher do to his student is that he  inspires not compare. Inspire to improve oneself,not put the students in a competition. Life is not a race. Because to think like that,now in 21st century is ridiculous, cause we are not like the other animals, trying to survive, because we are here on planet earth to thrive,to live. For me life is beautiful,a privilege. What is life ? Life is the most important,amazing, wonderful and mysterious thing we have. Life is full of joy,pleasure,satisfaction. Life has its ups and down too. But life should not based upon the academic grades and education is also not only in the colleges. A person is not only a good just because degrees,doctorates if he has no good intention to share and make others knowledgeable too. There may two things we need to find in our life,one is to find the true identity of oneself and a person with same personality. To find true identity oneself,one must be unique everywhere, you must not change your colors place to place. Its a great challenge in our life to be what we desire, to be who we really are. Some students are good at home but not in school or colleges. Its not because of lack of confidence,its because of shyness. But shyness is expression of the body of an unconscious fear of being laughed or joked by other people. So,if you are very shy,you  need  not to be,because your shyness is actually cutting down all the possibilities of experience you can have in life. 
(20/2/2013, 11 am.)

Are we losing our confidence ?? by Jitu Das

Taylor Swift singing

As the days are passing or it has quite some time now that human are loosing confidence within himself and others.Trust is very rare now. no body trusts now a days. Parents do not trust their children and children do not trust their parents. Most of all what worries me is the young generations, they have the minimum trust in themselves. now a days people have limited their lives in a virtual world, a tiny circle. I am not talking about internet circle. That circle does not that much in life. In the streets people don't look at each other.People have no time. In college, schools, teachers are distracted than the students. It seems so rare to see man or woman doing their work with passion. Everybody is doing their because they have to do, its their duty. Students do not learn,they memorize notes for the exams. Teacher don not bother to teach, they do their duty giving notes to their students. Some  politicians have forget what its like to do good for the society. As the each year passing, now its the 2013, month January 11, each year technology is advancing in way that its seems science fiction. The last decade was revolution-side by mobile phones, internet, android, laptops etc etc. Social networks, websites, blogs has completely changed whole the idea of communication, information and sharing. Now is the time of making easy money. No body wants physical work.
Confidence is always at danger by criticism and fear of failure. But the confidence must not get to low that you doubt yourself. Now some boys thinks listening to songs by girl,is girlish behavior, now they fear that if they listen to songs by female artist they will become female too. I got shocked by reading some comments on you tube. That is why I am writing this. A song is a expression of feelings just like talking but in melody, with music.Its purpose to amuse or delight a person who listen.The rhythm of music took away the tension. That is music therapy is vastly used today. You should always listen to good songs, it does not matter who sang the song a male or a female artist. Listen to some that touch your heart, purpose of listening song is always amusement, delight and inspiration. A song may make you feel bad by words, melody or music instruments like violin. A violin tune is mostly used for sad music, but a violin can also make you feel delighted, by its speed and rhythm. A guitar always used for happy country songs, romantic songs. A guitar is one of the great invention of human mind.Music of guitar is soft,but it still can rock you, and touch your heart. Sometime the sound of violin or electric guitar  may bother our ear, but a classical guitar can never. It has a magical attraction. So listen to any kind of music you love, and search for more,because there is so many more you will love.

Why the shopping malls are increasing by Jitu Das

evolution of human

my town bazar 
As the years passing, human are loosing the need for physical works, we want a robot that mops our floor. We don't wash our cloths, we have washing machine for that, we eat more cream, cease, thanks to the refrigerator, we can store them. The company are always advertising drinking cold drink is cool,why on earth we need to drink cold drinks, its not that we don't know that its bad for health. 20 years ago there was not this much of supermarket, and 20 years ago there were not this much of obese, diabetic, heart disease having people.The owners of supermarkets are growing and making millions every year, and controlling your life. I wondered why the number of supermarkets are increasing, then yesterday, when I went to our local pathsala bazaar  I realized why the cities have more supermarkets than the town. When I saw people bargaining about the cost of potato,fish and other. People bargained most about the cost of fish. As its our festival Magh Bihu is going on, last day was called uruka, on the day we show our gratitude's to "FIRE" by firing a meji.  When I saw people bargaining, I understood that people don't like bargaining, they like to buy fix prized rotten vegetable from shining supermarkets at a impossible rate. They don't like to buy from the poor, hard working farmers, cultivators, rather they would pay much more money to by unhealthy old vegetables from supermarkets. The supermarkets have caused the poor farmers and cultivators a poverty. From where the supermarkets buy the vegetables, fish and meat ?They buy it from the farmers at very low prize and sell it to the people at 200 % higher prize.You may not believe it but its true. But why people  don't like bargaining, but like to pay higher prize for a unhealthy, fresh-less foods at supermarkets. I think its because they are tired of working all day, you know that you never get tired of doing what you love doing. The problem with most people is that they are not working what they love or what they are capable of, they have settled themselves in the wrong jobs and they are not doing anything about it. The city has also  made the people crazy and stressed. Over population, pollution and sound has made the people tired, they neither have the energy to bargain in the local markets,nor to choose from the diversity of fresh vegetables in the local markets. So they choose the supermarket, where everything can be get in one place. The item of vegetables are also few, no bargaining. So, people are going to supermarkets, buying there. That is why the number of supermarkets  are increasing day by day.

Top Science fiction films

1.  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a 1982 American science fiction film co-produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. It tells the story of Elliott (played by Thomas), a lonely boy who befriends an extraterrestrial, dubbed "E.T.", who is stranded on Earth. Elliott and his siblings help the extraterrestrial return home while attempting to keep it hidden from their mother and the government.
E.T.,The extra terrestrial,
 I saw this film first when I was like 12 years old.At that time ,I knew that it as an alien, not as an extra -terrestrial.I did not know that meaning of extra-terrestrial is alien.The only thing that thrilled,chilled me was the scene where Elliot files with E.T. in a cycle. The scene was so great that, people still get chilled watching that scene.You can see that in the picture how magical it is. But to see in a age of 12 year is one of the best memory I have.

2.Jurassic Park( 1991) has been the most inspiring film for me, because it was the first english film I have ever seen, I was like 7 year old when I first saw this amazing film. At that time, it was very scary to see the dinosaurs eating people.
 But when I saw it, 8 years ago, I felt something else about the film. Even then I could not see the entire meaning of the film, the chaos theory, I did not know anything about that. Now I know that its a theory about the sensitiveness of a system, it is used in mathematics,biology,economics,physics,engineering,economics and many subject.
To being able to trace the DNA of dinosaurs from the blood of Dinosaurs which was bitten by mosquitoes of prehistoric time, and in a probable moment the mosquito got stick in the resins of a tree, after in a natural event, the tree gets fossilized and the resin too, the resin becomes a amber.(For me amber is the most beautiful fossil in the world and the insect are most found in the ambers.The colour of the ambers is many, but most ambers are found in golden colour.) Then scientists trace down the incomplete DNA of the  dinosaurs and completed with DNA s of reptilia amphibia. They made the females unfertile so that they can control the number of the dinosaurs which will be kept in a park called Jurassic park.The owner of the whole park was unaware of what could have happen to put these prehistoric creature.
    The message of the film was not to play with nature.

3. AI ( Artificial Intelligence)( 2001) is great sci- fi film by Steven Spielberg. Its about a humanoid child robot, designed to love their parents.It was made for the parents who have no children to fill up the emptiness of a child, who will listen to his parents ,never get sick, never get old.The story is about a child robot David who was adopted by a parents,whose child is about to die for some unknown disease.But after a while, the real son becomes miraculously healthy, then there is a tension rises, because the real son starts to envy  David. Then the mother fears that it will be impossible for her to raise David, But,one day the mother leave David in a jungle with his super-toy teddy. Then one by one so many events happens,he meets a lover robot Joe( Jude Law). David once listened the story of Pinocchio by Carlo Colloid,an Italian writer( 1826-1892) He heard his mother telling the story, in that story Pinocchio was a wooden boy, and for his good heart and work, he was made into a real boy by blue fairy. Later being abandoned by his mother, he thinks that he must find the blue fairy, so she will make him a real boy too like Pinocchio. So he searches for the blue fairy, to be a real boy so he will be loved by his mother.Then the search take him to the place he was made.But he finds the blue fairy in the ocean. I am not going to tell you the end,I never do.

4. The day after tomorrow(2008) is a great inspiring film and what does it inspire us to do ? It inspires us to be concern  about our planet earth. From the day industrialization started from 19 th century. The pollution by the industries are constantly emitting the toxic gases like methane, carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide, nitrogen oxide are causing the ozone layer weak, ozone layer is saving us from the all the harmful solar rays. Because of the increase of carbon di-oxide gas in the atmosphere, our earth is getting warmer, day by day. We know what caused this rising of temperature of our planet, its because of the people who runs the governments and companies,who have no care about the world.But,who is guilty actually,its the people who concerns about the world, but don't go to politics or run company. They sit in their home blaming the government. 
      In the film,the global warming changes the climate of the whole world. because of the global warming, the sea level increases and first it floods many areas of the world, later the water freezes and become ice everywhere. Although in a scientific point of view, the weather does not change in the way film shows. But who knows all the climate facts, Did NASA knew about the recent meteorite  that fell on Russia. The sad thing is that the ignorant kind of  people are in every field, even in science, those who see only scientific inaccuracy in that film are ignoring the very message of the film.The message of the film was to inspire people to know about global warming.That film was not a scientific paper, why the ignorants do not see positively. 

5.'' AVATAR ''(2009) is one the greatest film ever made not only because of the awesome cinematography, but the message it give us  is to respect our mother nature, our world.
In the film, By 2154, humans have severely depleted Earth's natural resources. The Resources Development Administration (RDA) mines for a valuable mineral – unobtanium – on Pandora, a densely forested habitable moon orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri star system.Pandora, whose atmosphere is poisonous to humans, is inhabited by the Na'vi, 10-foot tall (3.0 m), blue-skinned, sapient humanoids who live in harmony with nature and worship a mother goddess called Eywa. Jake Sully, an ex-marine he is brought to Pandora,because his identical brother dies,who wa s a scientist and was about explore Unobtanium,by being in a genetically engineered Na'vi,an Avatar they called it.They were made by matching genes with the scientists, when Jack's brother dies,they had to call him,despite no knowledge about science and Na'vi language. But when he enters in  Na'vi's home, he starts to gain their trust,and act as informer for the RDA,but later he falls in love and decide to mate with her with Neyetri, the daughter of the clan's spiritual leader M'oat.But he did not know about the cruel plans of RDA,to destroy the nature of Pandora, and kill the native people, for their gain of minerals. But  things turn out to be different when Jack decides to fight for Pandora

 6.'' INCEPTION ''( 2010) inspires you to imagine, because imagination is powerful than knowledge. Inception is one of most thrilling sci-fi film of all time. It based on a universal event of mankind, that is our dream, we dream every night.We dream in our REM( rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, when in most our dream, we can not control our dream.But some night in a lucid dream, we being aware of ourselves,we can partially control our dream. On,the idea of controlling our dream, the film Inception was made.In the film,its a story about a father( Dom) a dream architect, who designs dream and dream within a dream, who is employed to  interfere  unconscious mind,which will change a important decision about business,that will profit an another company. To do such a job,which entering in the unconscious mind and changing decision,they go to sleep using powerful sedative, which will help to dream. For the whole process, they enter to dream, the team finds out that the businessman they are trying to influence has an army to protect his secrets in the unconscious mind.So they fight with the army to enter deep places of his mind.Another aspect of the film was to show the similarity of the dream with reality, sometime when you are dreaming, you feel like you are living in reality. Sometime we cry in our dream,seeing our close one dye in the dream, but when we wake up,we call it a nightmare.  

7.The adjustment bureau(2012) is also a beautiful sci-fi film.It is based on the novel of the same name by Philip .K.Dick ( american novelist, 1928-1982) His view of reality and future has made him a great prophet. His ten novel are made into films.
      Like all his other novel,this story also question reality, what is reality ? The adjustment bureau deals with the idea of fate, what is it ? We think that god plans everything.But how ? Who manges everything. This film gives an beautiful alternative way of view reality and what controls our every next step. In the film, a  David Norris, who is running for senate, falls in love with Elise, a professional ball-ate dancer, but fate maker does not want that to happen in his life, so when she give him her phone number, somehow the the adjustment bureau manages to loose the phone number by David. The fate makers try their best to keep David away from Elise. But David realizes the presence of the fate makers and challenges to change his fate.

8.Cloud  Atlas(2012) is really one of the best sci-fi I have ever seen. The director Waschowki cousins and Tom Tykwer has done a really great work. The cast is just amazing.Tom hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo weaving, Bem Whishaw, Doona Bae( Sonmi),all actors portrayed their very  well. I love this film, it was never really done in this style and visual on sci-fi film before. The best thing about Cloud atlas is that its not like an typical sci-fi film, where there is no story, no info about the characters.The film deals with the concept that our life is not ours.The past,present and future is connected. By our each act of crime and kindness,our future rebirths.There so many kind of people on earth.Some are kind, some are cruel,some wants equality of mankind, some run after money all their life, some seek truth and knowledge. In this way people are always borning  and will born.I am starting to believe that there were people like me who thought like me, there is and there will be in the future.
      Cloud atlas has the spectacular visual beauty, editing is done seriously with subtleness.

What is Shyness and how to deal with it ? by Jitu Das

Why we feel shy ? Is shyness is bad for us ? these questions have been bugging me like a real bugger. So what is shyness ? I think shyness is the expression of the body when we do or forced to do something that we are not good at. Shyness is a weakness.From your childhood you are taught when to shy by your elders. 
But why we feel shy ?
We feel shy when we are in a situation that we are not familiar with.
Does shyness helps you ?
Since shyness is body language telling inferiority,how can it help you ? Shyness is also a evolutionary trait just like our fear, anger,greed,jealousy.
 What are the most general situations we feel shy -
1. We feel shy in front of a stranger.
2.We feel shy in front of a opposite gender.
3 We feel shyin front of many people, when we in the focus.It happens most when we in a debate, conference etc..
  Why I think about shyness 
  I used to feel very shy in front of people when I go out in my town streets.I used to be very sensitive,now I am not that much.I think that Dante,the great Italian poet of 1265 was very shy. When Dante was nine year old, Dante fell in love with a girl of his age named, Beatrice. It was a love at first sight,she was wearing a beautiful rd dress. When he saw her Dante felt a great shivering in his whole body,at that instant,he realized that its he is destined to be lover. At his age 18, Dante saw her many time and shared many sweet greetings.But still Dante never told her his feelings. For Dante Beatrice was like a divine angel,for he took his love as a spiritual love. Dante wrote all his poem revolving around her,ie. portraying Beatrice. Was it was a shyness of Dante. What else it could be ? I do not know. 
      Problems of shyness -
1. Shyness makes your cheeks red.
2. Shyness makes your ear red and hot.
3. Shyness makes you shiver.
4. Shyness could be also a fear hiding as a shyness.
    Still shyness is not controllable behavior in a day.
 How to control shyness - 
1. To control shyness,study the situations.If you are in a party, you do not know so many people, do not feel shy.Observe what is going on ? Then join a group, its okay if they neglect at first. But stick around,your shyness will be gone.
2 If you are in a conference,debate, you have to talk something,first write down what you want to say, then go there with that paper, its okay. Have you not seen the presidents,ministers giving speech by looking at their written speech.
3. If you are in front a opposite sex,do not try to impress,just be yourself,you know yourself good enough.So there will not be any situation unknown ,unfamiliar to you.You will be fine. When you are yourself, you do not shy. So,be yourself,everything will be fine. Don't worry about what the people would think about you,because if you think about what would the people say,you will never be motivated to do something that you want to do.Remember there will be always some people,who will criticize you,it does not matter what you do.So,do not be shy and do what you wanna do,be what you wanna be.Shyness does the same thing the ego does,which is,to make you repulsive to people,make you an introvert,shyness is just one of the lousy taught feeling.If you are shy,that means you have ego in other form.Shyness is caused by the fear of getting laughed or jokes.But,why we feel that ? Answer this  question, who are you ?are you something that can not be laughed about or jokes about?? The thing you  should  know that, those whom you afraid because they will make joke about you are not perfect people, they do not know everything and most most important you should always remember,if some people make s fun of you,they are the one who are jealous of you and thats why they want to take  vengenge by speaking ill of you.

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