Book quote by Jitu Das quotes 2019

Reading good  book is the best way to get back to a balanced mind and body. When everything else is not working, read a good book, you will see a new way , a new motivation to find the good in life and be grateful about it. #jitudasquotes

Bright Sunshine love poem by Jitu Das English poems

A poem can speak out the feelings like nothing can do. #jitudaspoems #lovepoem #romanticpoems #sadpoems

What is the right relationship by Jitu Das philosophy

What is the right relationship !! A relationship where both can express their truest self without getting judgements, a relationship where both uplifts each other, a relationship where they are true and loyal to each other, a relationship, where noone hurts each other intentionally, a relationship where both are vulnerable to each other crossing the barrier of ego and false pride. A relationship where the love is more about being there for each other's need than being selfish need . A relationship like that is hard to come to by in a times like this, whoever have a true relationship should appreciate it and be grateful for it because not everyone have a relationship, many are dying to have a relationship like that. One of the things people do most in such situations is they compromise and gets into a relationship that just doesn't have that spark or passion, these relationship won't fulfill you, you will never be able to truly bond or make a connection at a deeper level where nothing else matters, not their look, race, culture, color, money or social status only thing that matters is the person. But many people are not going compromise these things ! But there are also so many people who is not going to listen to man made reasons, social norms, they would instead listen to their heart because hearts knows best what you really want. #jitudasphilosophy #lifephilosophy #love#loveandattractionquotes #relationshipquotes

How to be free from our self imposed limitations by Jitu Das philosophy

Limitations are self imposed ! We put limit to ourselves because we don't really want to change even though you wish for a change. But you are too comfortable with your old habits, old self that you distract yourself instantly whenever a change starts to happen, whenever things start to happen in a better way, you distract yourself from that and you end up where you were before. It's really weird how our mind works, what is this cause of distraction or resistance that stops us from achieving our goal. Whatever that is you are now is not free from all the resistance, and the question is how to stop this and keep moving towards your goal ! Well it is bothering for a while and it made me felt weird when I notice how distraction came to my mind as soon as I started to learn something new as training to speed read, which is pretty cool if you h been a slow reader, I have been always a slow reader, slow reading is just not efficient in this fast paced 21st century, and there is this abundance of information about life, world and universe, and with slow reading you could not read much books and if you are a book lover like I am who buys all these books, hundreds of them and have not read them. I feel guilty for not reading these amazing books, just like hundreds of good films I haven't watched yet, I don't know what kind of procrastinating this is, when cinema is like my drug ! Is our limitations self imposed ? Do we limit ourselves unintentionally to remain forever unchanged and wishing to change our life. Change is not easy and everybody remains the same, even though they may act like they have changed. True change is not about killing the old self ,but rather a small step towards your trueself that is unique. #limitless #lifestyleblogger #jitudasphilosophy #jitudasquotes

What is the supreme joy by Jitu Das philosophy

Whatever keeps our mind occupied must be important. The inner whisper that talks about your desire must be important. Whatever keeps you awake and even in dream you see it, must be important. Whatever that maybe that makes you feel good about yourself even though you have not achieved mastery, must be important. Whoever never stopped caring for you for years, you must be important for them and all you need to do is reciprocate. All things are never going to be in it's exact desired state, but sometimes all you need to do is keep doing whatever made you felt alive and great once , then you might find the balance you need to have hope for a brighter future and this balance will keep you afloat even if there are thousands automatic negative thoughts and overdramatic thoughts. But if you are an empath, it will be not be easy for you, you will end up thinking why you should not have said something harshly to someone few months back, why you should not have said no to that person, what you need to help out the people in trouble, all these and one hundred sources of thought will keep coming to you like feedly feed. What can you do then, well only thing you can do is do what shuts off all the overthinking , doing which your focus is concentrated in a way that as if you are meditating, the thing I realized lately that meditation is not just sitting down and taking slow and long breathing, your work could be your meditation and it will declutter your mind like nothing else and it happens so naturally if you are doing the right thing that just fills your soul with pure joy. I think this joy is of supreme kind because it rises within yourself and you are not dependent anyone to find this spiritual upliftment. #spiritualawakening #spiritualquotes #jitudasphilosophy #lifehacks #lifephilosophy #philosophyquotes

How precious is time by Jitu Das philosophy

How precious is time !!

Time flies and you can't hold it on your hand, time will slip away. Its no use talking about the how time flies by, because you can't change it, unless you are interested to have a conversation about time dilation ! 

What I hate most is most wasting time and that doesn't mean I don't waste time, but whenever I do, I feel gulty as hell and sometimes it makes me angry at myself for wasting time, but I end up wasting time like most people. To do what we should, to be consistent with our good habit feels great, but sometimes you get distracted and again lose your real focus. But what can a human do, we are designed faluty. What really matters getting back to your real focus, to the right mindset that is content, focused on the right meaningful things that actually matters. But the real question is not how precious time is ! That's like common sense that time is the most precious thing in life, not money, not jewel or any material objects. Time and health are the only thing that matters most of all, even though we don't have any respect for both until we don't have it anymore. It's all about using your time in what you really want to do, doing what really gives you satisfaction, most people are wasting their time chasing things, people, ignoring the depth that lies within oneself, where you will find discover things that will save you from all the worries. To know thyself that is the purpose, it does not mean knowing your name, address, or even what you like, this journey to know oneself never ends, that is why learning never ends, that is why we seek new books, new films, new music to find something new, to learn something new,to see something new, to feel afresh. But why end up not doing all these things pursuing our highest purpose and end up wasting precious time on meaningless things, maybe because we are human and our psyche is designed to get automatically distracted and  fill up our head with negative thoughts, and I wish positive thoughts came automatically more, maybe it does and maybe that's why we have hope for a brighter future, and that flickering hope for a beautiful life can make a human being do good things, follow the right people and keep up with the the things we should do. With a little hope, I move forward, maybe I should have faith instead of hope, but for now with a little hope is enough for me to go on as life is happening and I am still in awe time flying so fast and I know there's nothing can be done ,but still I need more time, I badly need that time turner that Harmione had. 

What to do when something bothers you to the level that you find no peace by Jitu Das philosophy

When something bothers you to the level that you find no peace, when someone have achieved their success and you are nowhere near your dream, and the struggle never seems to end, with every passing year, slowly a fear starts to rise, a repeated question that used to whisper  starts to shout, in that moment the pressure is just too much and you want to run away from all of it. You are angry at yourself because you are scared of theunknown, and despite knowing that you need to be patient, you feel like you are going to lose your mind, in that moment, what will you do ? What will you think ? You may feel like you should just die because of all the pressure and anger you have developed for yourself. Then again the  question is what should you do in that moment, even the bigger question is what should you think in that moment, because only your thoughts can redirect your actions, without the right thoughts, your actions will never amount to anything meaningful or towards anything positive that might help you find your balance. It is never easy fight negative thoughts because they are in a automatic mode in the mind, but to have a positive thought, you need effort. People may say that tboughts are not real and this will not help you anything other than self consolation. Well, they miss the point of self well being is most important, when things are not going great, you need to have patience, all that pain whether physical or mental, you need to have patience and know that it will end. Sometimes the pain is a part of our life, without pain nothing great is possible, even to heal ourselves, we have to go through the pain. So when you are in pain, know that all the pain is not bad, you are struggling to achieve your goal,there will be pain in the process.The pain of rejection, the pain of being alone, being misunderstood, being thought you are crazy to dream hat you are dreaming.Only thing you need to do  to break free when you have terrible thoughts coming on your mind is changing your focus from what you don't have right now to the things you have right now and look up to your highest purpose of life,whatever maybe this,let your highest purpose be the source of energy.

What can you do if you feel lost, should you wait for a miracle or start moving forward

Do we have a soul ( atma) ? Gita says that there is, that souls are immortal and the souls reincernates or reinstalls in the form of life, it could be any living being depending on your karma.If you are sinful, you might born as a insect and I couldn't help but wonder what does the insect have to do to born as a human being or even a chimpanzee or a dog ! I don't know! Everything seems complicated when you are supposed to believe in the things that have been established a thousand year ago, and I am not much worried about this but what can an idle man do other than pondering these things or maybe it's just me. How to know if we have a soul ?Maybe our soul, mind, heart are different dimensions of the same thing that is the brain.I used to be very curious about brain and how our right and left brain works, how I am good at imagination but lazy at maths.Now I guess I have become lazy, but I don't want to be lazy even if I try to, I will be idle instead. Idleness is something I never embraced before, I think I should and float easy with a smile in this business of life. The truth is I want to be content with as I am now, to lie in grass on a hill, to smell the soil, to feel the breeze and idle away my days as much I can and ofcourse read some classic while listening some anime music. As Walt Whitman said what could be the purpose of life other than enjoying life ! Nomatter what we want to achieve in our life that shouldn't kill the joy of our life, and our smile. Enjoying life doesn't mean you have to have to have too much cash, it's all about knowing what makes you feel happy and good about yourself. If you can do that everyday whatever that is, you shall never ever feel bad, and your heart will find peace even though there might be some pain, but it's okay, what is life without some heartache !What can you do if you feel lost, should you wait for a miracle or start moving forward even if you feel like you are not ready yet. It's about finding yourself, finding what inspires you live, to thrive, finding out what lies deep within your own heart and most importantly the belief in yourself you are good enough and that you do deserve good things in life. #jitudasblog

The Accidental Prime minister film 2019 review by Jitu Das film reviews

The Accidental Prime Minister is a bold movie, to make an authentic film on such huge political family is just a great catharsis for the people who knew only to fear the politicians !! To see the inside story of Dr. Manmahon Singh was a treat for me for it has always bugged me why Manmahon Singh never spoke out, the movie is based on the book of the same title by Sanjaya Baru media advisor of Dr. Singh, it has all the details of dirty details that goes on the Politics. The movie is based on Sanjaya's narrative, and Akshay Khanna plays the character with such confidence that just made me feel good, and Anupam Kher plays the role of Dr. Singh with near perfect resemblence with the Prime minister. No matter what part is truth is or fiction, the common folk is most likely going to believe it ! The movie is not going to make everyone happy, it's a very controversial film and the right of expression of opinion is at use here at a very high level , to make a film on PMO hasn't been done before and it gives an inside look into the Indian Politics. For the people with some political interest, this movie will be a treat, but for the fans of romantic, action and comdey,it will be a bit borin for them. Even though this is not a documentary, but a film, still you will gain some knowledge about the inside of oldest Indian political party. #jitudasblog #theaccidentalprimeminister #film

What's the biggest mistake we make that kills our belief in ourselves ? By Jitu Das philosophy

Trust your brain, that's where your soul, mind and body resides, though I have doubt about if we have a soul, but still I would love it believe that I have one, just like I would love to believe tout va bein. What's the biggest mistake we make that kills our belief in ourselves ? It is asking for other's opinion and we do it more than we should intentionally or unintentionally. The chat you want to have about the things you want to do, no I am not talking about whole life, just the things we need to fill our inconsequential life, no I am just kidding here or atleast I find it funny the meaningless ness of everything and yet we never stop searching for the things that will make us feel good and we never should. But even there we mess up asking someone else who doesn't have a clue what is going on your life, well maybe not in your life, just in your head. Sometimes you need to talk with people about the things you want and sometimes you just have to trust your brain that you are doing the right thing. All you can do is when things are going right, you can just enjoy it rather than worrying about how long will it last and what will happen after that. What really matters in the end is doing the things we wanted to do, rather than only doing what we should do, in my case I end up not doing. But as Mark Twain said twenty years later you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the things you did so. We are not never going to be perfect people and that doesn't mean we should never try, maybe all that matters is being true to yourself and finding out that one thing that elevates you even though when life is most uncertain.😊 #jitudasblog


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