Friday, January 11, 2019

What can you do if you feel lost, should you wait for a miracle or start moving forward

Do we have a soul ( atma) ? Gita says that there is, that souls are immortal and the souls reincernates or reinstalls in the form of life, it could be any living being depending on your karma.If you are sinful, you might born as a insect and I couldn't help but wonder what does the insect have to do to born as a human being or even a chimpanzee or a dog ! I don't know! Everything seems complicated when you are supposed to believe in the things that have been established a thousand year ago, and I am not much worried about this but what can an idle man do other than pondering these things or maybe it's just me. How to know if we have a soul ?Maybe our soul, mind, heart are different dimensions of the same thing that is the brain.I used to be very curious about brain and how our right and left brain works, how I am good at imagination but lazy at maths.Now I guess I have become lazy, but I don't want to be lazy even if I try to, I will be idle instead. Idleness is something I never embraced before, I think I should and float easy with a smile in this business of life. The truth is I want to be content with as I am now, to lie in grass on a hill, to smell the soil, to feel the breeze and idle away my days as much I can and ofcourse read some classic while listening some anime music. As Walt Whitman said what could be the purpose of life other than enjoying life ! Nomatter what we want to achieve in our life that shouldn't kill the joy of our life, and our smile. Enjoying life doesn't mean you have to have to have too much cash, it's all about knowing what makes you feel happy and good about yourself. If you can do that everyday whatever that is, you shall never ever feel bad, and your heart will find peace even though there might be some pain, but it's okay, what is life without some heartache !What can you do if you feel lost, should you wait for a miracle or start moving forward even if you feel like you are not ready yet. It's about finding yourself, finding what inspires you live, to thrive, finding out what lies deep within your own heart and most importantly the belief in yourself you are good enough and that you do deserve good things in life. #jitudasblog

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