Saturday, January 12, 2019

How precious is time by Jitu Das philosophy

How precious is time !!

Time flies and you can't hold it on your hand, time will slip away. Its no use talking about the how time flies by, because you can't change it, unless you are interested to have a conversation about time dilation ! 

What I hate most is most wasting time and that doesn't mean I don't waste time, but whenever I do, I feel gulty as hell and sometimes it makes me angry at myself for wasting time, but I end up wasting time like most people. To do what we should, to be consistent with our good habit feels great, but sometimes you get distracted and again lose your real focus. But what can a human do, we are designed faluty. What really matters getting back to your real focus, to the right mindset that is content, focused on the right meaningful things that actually matters. But the real question is not how precious time is ! That's like common sense that time is the most precious thing in life, not money, not jewel or any material objects. Time and health are the only thing that matters most of all, even though we don't have any respect for both until we don't have it anymore. It's all about using your time in what you really want to do, doing what really gives you satisfaction, most people are wasting their time chasing things, people, ignoring the depth that lies within oneself, where you will find discover things that will save you from all the worries. To know thyself that is the purpose, it does not mean knowing your name, address, or even what you like, this journey to know oneself never ends, that is why learning never ends, that is why we seek new books, new films, new music to find something new, to learn something new,to see something new, to feel afresh. But why end up not doing all these things pursuing our highest purpose and end up wasting precious time on meaningless things, maybe because we are human and our psyche is designed to get automatically distracted and  fill up our head with negative thoughts, and I wish positive thoughts came automatically more, maybe it does and maybe that's why we have hope for a brighter future, and that flickering hope for a beautiful life can make a human being do good things, follow the right people and keep up with the the things we should do. With a little hope, I move forward, maybe I should have faith instead of hope, but for now with a little hope is enough for me to go on as life is happening and I am still in awe time flying so fast and I know there's nothing can be done ,but still I need more time, I badly need that time turner that Harmione had. 

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