Borgeet by Srimanta Sankardeva, English translation by Jitu Das

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ৰাগ- আশোৱাৰী
ধ্ৰুং - আনন্দে গোবিন্দে বায় বৃন্দাৱনে বেণু
ৰূপে ভুৱন ভুলে বহিয়া কদম্ব মূলে,
কালিন্দী তীৰে ৰাখে ধেনু
পদ- গোপ শিশু সন্গে, শিৰে শিখন্ডক ডুলে
কৰ্ণে কুন্ডুল গন্ড বোলে
কেয়ুৰ কন্কণ কৰে উৰে বনমালা লুলে
মধুৰ মধুপ মধু ভোলে
কটি কান্ষি কিন্কিণী বাজত ৰিণি ৰিণি
শ্যাম তনু শোভে পীতবাসে
ৰাম কাখে শিন্গা বেত অৰুণ পন্কজ নেত্ৰ
কন্ঠে কৌস্তুভ পৰকাশে
ত্ৰিভন্গ ললিত হাস কৰু হৰি ভ্ৰূৱ ভাস
দৰশিয়া লীলা বিলাসে
চৰণে মন্জীৰ ঝুৰে উচ্চায়া পন্ষম পুৰে
শংকৰ কহে অভিলাষে

In the ecstasy, Lord Gobinda plays flute so sweet in Brindabana(heaven) forgetting the world and get lost in the beauty/
, sat under a tree near the river Kalindi/
,where he left the cows in the field of grass to eat/
with the children of the cowherds,
they are running, their hairs are swinging/
Krishna sitting under the tree, wearing earing/, armlet and bangle. Wood creepers are flying,
beautiful black bees are watching Krishna, and they get
mesmerized and forgot to suck honey.
Krishna is playing flute, the children runs in the happiness,
the calf remain close to Krishna,like a child to his mother.
Krishna wearing, a chain in his waist, his blue body is glowing
and wearing the cloth of color yellow.
Beside Rama( another name of Krishna) ,there is a wind
instrument made of horn of buffalo .
Red eyes, beautiful as a lotus, in his voice,
jewels scatters.Krishna seatting so beautifully,
spreading his left leg forward, and stressing on his left.( This certain posture of Krishna is called 'Trivangi')
Krishna expresses, the comfort, through his eyebrow.
In his feet, the chain tinkles and Krishna
sings in high pitch of fifth melody.

This is not a translation, but a mere attempt to express the meaning of this Borgeet written by the father Assam,mahapurukh Sankardeva. Sankardeva was a great preacher of Hindu religion of Assam, India.

How to find meaning in life again when you feel lost by Jitu Das

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Sometime you may feel like that there is no meaning of life. You may think what these people are running for ? Sometime everything may become meaningless to you. If you are wondering why you loose the meaning in life sometime ? Why sometime you get confused what you really want ? Whenever it happens, always do the easiest work you can do and you do also have fun. Then, you will know, then you will remember, why you were feeling lost ? Why everything was meaningless to you.

It is most weird to ask why live just because everybody is living. It works on everything. Why write ? While thousands of people are already writing ! Why play football or cricket, when other players are already in the field ? Why search for the truth, when many people have showed the truth. Why do something that others have already done or doing ? If you questions that resonates to these question, don't be afraid or feel lost. I think you want to do something new, that has been never done by anyone. May be you want to find the answers no one has yet found.  

Don't worry if you don't know yet, what you really want.
Right now, just what you love, it does not matter even many people are doing it. You do it your way, don't copy. Just do it, doing it will give you its meaning. You need to do atleast one thing, that can calm your mind. Create a hobby and do it everyday. 

Whenever you feel like you have lost the meaning in life, just remind yourself that you are not working the work. We all need to work, work is the way to make your life meaningful. Its the work that gives you pleasure and peace of mind. But, all works are not for you to do. You need to do the work, that calms your mind. 

The question here is - How to know what work you should do ? I have thought for days, then I got an answer, and then I forgot, I didn't write it before. So here it is, when you are doing something, and if you get distracted, what would happen then ? First thing is that you go distracted that means that your work is not interesting to get your complete concentration. If you think that you have problems in concentrating, you are wrong , unless you can not concentrate on anything. Always remember that, you should only a work that is interesting for you, so whenever you do a work, always measure the concentration you are giving to the work. If the concentration is high, you will do many great works and time would fly, and if your concentration is weak, you will get distracted, you will find it boring.

 So, what I want to tell you is that, you can not control the mechanism of love or attraction. You have to do the work that gets your full attention and that is how you can find peace in your heart and mind. Peace in heart means an anxious free body, normal heart beat with normal rhythm and by calmness of mind, I mean the absence of unnecessary, disturbing thoughts and pictures.
So, you have to find your calling to be happy. 

What is calling ? The calling means the work that calls you do the work. Like a magnet it attracts. Its a heavy energy that pulls you all the time to those who know their calling. If you do not know your calling, you would still sense the energy, but its very important that you have a clear conception of who you are and what is your calling ? Because Whenever you would feel lost in the world, if you could somehow remind yourself who you are and what is your worth, then you will see the meaning of life again. 

The meaning of life is serving others and yet you can not serve others or do any great work, if you do not the work that gives you peace to your body and mind. But, one thing you should know that to do great work is only easy if you can know what is your calling. To find your calling, there are two best ways, either know yourself enough that you can have clear idea about your passion or by doing the works that you find interesting and then choose the most interesting work out of them.

Whenever life seems confusing, a work that matches your personality is not just enough. You also need a family consisting of your parents, brother, sister in law, your wife and children. What happened to modern age ? We are making thousands of friends on networks, but we don't have time or interest spend some real life experiences with our family. Aren't we becoming to busy with digital gadgets than the people that we love. What is love ? Love is not just a feeling, love is something good that you do for whom you love.

Whenever, you ask yourself that why the people are doing what they are doing ,just know that doing any work matters, from a security guard to the president. All the work is important, no work is small. You have to do only the work that suits you. Just because you are not doing something that others are doing, that doesn't means you are wasting your time, if you are having fun.

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The Perks of being a wallflower by Jitu Das film reviews

The perks of being a wallflower, which means the benefits of being a loner or shy. Wallflower means shy people.
I watched this film last night. 
The story is about a boy named Charlie and his friends and family. Charlie is a shy boy and an intellectual, who has just entered into high school, at first he finds himself lonely, but on the first day of school he makes friends with Mr. Anderson, his English teacher. Charlie wants to be a writer, as he is a quiet person, he could not tell about his pain, feeling, and fantasies to other people. Charlie has an elder brother, who is in college and plays a bowl and a sister who has a boyfriend who gives her a mixed tape every week.
Charlie was alone after his best friend shot himself, but he makes friends with Patrik and his step-sister Sam. Patrik loves football and he is funny all the time. In their group, there is a punk Buddhist girl named Mary Elizabeth, and Brad who is a little paranoid and Lenny who wants to be in film school.
Charlie fell in love with Sam, but Sam loves someone else. Meanwhile, Mary Elizabeth asks Charlie, Charlie gets surprised and she tells him that Charlie is a cute boy. Charlie didn't want to break her heart, so he dates her twice, but eventually, in a truth or dare game, Charlie tells the truth that his relationship with Mary is not working, but nobody believes him, so Patrik dared him to kiss the prettiest girl in that room! And Charlie kisses Sam, so everything gets messed up for a while, but after two months, when Patrik gets in a fight, Charlie saves him. And again they become friends. Charlie is epileptic, he worries too much about the people. He worries about the pain of other people.
As Sam and Patrik were senior to Charlie, they get graduated. And Charlie counts that he still has 1095 days in high school.
Before leaving for college, Charlie helps Sam to pack her things, and Sam asks Charlie, why did he never ask her out? Charlie said that he only wanted her to be happy. Sam tells him that she doesn't want to be a crush of someone, she wants to be loved. Then Charlie kisses Sam. Sam and Patrik leave the next day, and Charlie gets lonely again and he gets epileptic and in medical doctor tells him that we can not choose where we come from but we can choose to go anywhere from here. After two months Sam and Patrik come home and they go to a drive through the tunnels, and Sam knew in his heart that everything is going to fine. He knew that he was okay. At that moment he was thinking only about that moment. Patrik was driving and Charlie stands back in the truck, he was looking at her, the song Heroes was on, Charlie is no longer going to be loner, he found his friends, he found his love. These moments may pass, but still, this moment can last to infinite. He is no longer choose to be alone, he has chosen the love he deserves, he now feels infinite Joy.
That is the story of Perks of Being a Wallflower. 

What I loved about this film:-

The color, lights are very beautiful. The characters are defined very well, it is good to know the backgrounds of the characters. Above all this film can relate to many young and young adults.

Deep life poems, "Today I will Live" by Jitu Das life poems

Today, this moment, is all I have,to be happy
who knows what tomorrow might give
love, joy and peace or death of all hope.
Today, I will live like it is my last day
Today I will do what would do in my last day.
Today is now, now is the moment live, I breath
and I can feel my heart beating 
in my left chest, I can feel the touch.
I can see the world and appreciate the beauty.
I can hear the sounds of the world activity
and musics of the world.
I can say what I want to say.
I can also sing, if I want..
I can feel the touch of my loved people.
Today, I see now, meaning of life is living.
Today, I forgive all to lighten up my soul.
Today, I see now, anger, ego, fear and shyness they are all cousins.
So deep they lies within, its hard to leave them, 
they grasps you, when you lose your hope.
Today, indeed, I will live with the
 hope that I grow wise everyday.
Today, I live now, having love in my
 heart for everyone in the world...
Today is beautiful, everyday is a today,
oh my weary heart don't worry about tomorrow, 
live today, tomorrow will be okay.
Today, is my life, if I fall, if I get lost, 
I have to keep my hope alive, hope 
is the light of life, to show me 
the road that I should walk.
Today, if sadness fills up my heart,
I won't go mad, I will relax and pray,
 which will calm my mind and show me the way.

Where our life is going by Jitu Das

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Don't worry about where life is going, because life is evolving, you can not resist the change, change is the ultimate truth. Those who can make the best out of change, the strive. Everyday life is changing, life is going somewhere. You have to keep changing yourself everyday, the world is changing, the air I breath is changing, the temperature of the world is rising, people are destroying the rain forests, the world may not suitable to sustain life in upcoming 50 years. Everything changes, time pass by you. You get old and you feel like this is life. Life ends and yet life goes from generation to generation. My grandparents, three uncle has died, but a part of their life has sent to their children, their characters, their genes has passed to their children, even if they died, their genes will keep moving from their children to their grand children and thus life goes on. You were a children, now you may be are an young adult, adult or old, the memories of childhood are now becoming  unclear, like everything has gone inside the world of a forgotten dream. Your childhood memories are like now seems like some forgotten dreams. They are gone now, the memories, those days now seems  like  some dreams, but what do we find in life ? Are these memories, these dreams are all that life is about. 
I said that everything is changing, it means everything, the whole universe, the universe is evolving. Yet many superstitions are still alive in this world, not only in the third worlds but also in the modern world. Some superstitions have gone with the time, but the superstition is very mysterious, because time to time new superstitions have born, for example, the zombie. Zombie has become now a genre in movie industry. 
I said in a earlier post that, if you believe in the god that religion describe, that means you also believe in ghosts, zombies, witch, wizard and other superstitions. I am sure, I talking about in a right age, come on this is 2013, age of wonder of science and truth. We know that there is no heaven above the clouds, our world is semi round, not flat, and the earth revolves around the sun, not the sun. We can now see the stars , planet and galaxies of million light years far. You should know that curiosity about the universe is a wonderful thing, it feels like you are a student and your school is the universe. 
But, yet, when we have the chance to know about the world and universe in our mobile phones, but, is that what we really want.  Knowledge is not enough, if you memorise a book, you don't become a wise man, you become a copy of that book. I don't like this education system, its like you are a parrot, you memorise book. Important part of education system is to make a student curious about the world. The old way of teaching with books should be changed tn video teaching. Which is far more interesting. And you should know that interest is the mother of education, where there is your interest, there is where you will be satisfied. 
Everything is changing. You and your world. You are not the same, you were one year ago, you have learned new things about life, you have gained new experiences in life.  And thus goes on. You live your life, doing a job, living in a home with your family and you have children, they grow up, you sent them to school, then college, then they gets jobs, then gets married, you get to play with your grand children, then you get very old, then one day you die, just like grandparents died. Then your grand children will remember you, and miss you, but you will never know that, yet still, a part of you would go to them through the genes and with those DNA our life goes on as long as the earth can sustain life, as long as the human race will reproducing. 
So, don't worry about where life is going on, you will die one day, but that is not your end, you will always live in DNA, in Genes,in the characters of your children of your children's of your children's of your children's and so on. So, grow up, learn a work that is interesting, then do the work, meanwhile fall in love, get married and have kids. :-D Happy Life. ;-)  :-D

How to deal with the causes of anger by Jitu Das

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You should not be angry on the things that is out of your hand and yet what is out of your hand, it may be reached bx someone elses hand.So, don't get angry, because anger makes you mad. Stay calm, distract yourself from the source, take a bath, it works. It cools down your whole body,taking a shower open up your jaws, the jaws gets closed firmly when you get angry, when you get angry, you bite your teeths, there may a pain arise in your cheek for that reason. The anger is a momentary madness. Don't worry ! We all get angry, sometime. We all get angry when things doesnot turn out the way we want. For example, if you computer doesn't work or gets extremely slow, you get angry, but getting angry is not solution. Think of the result, what your anger leads. When you get angry, you feel a heaviness in your heart, you take heavy breaths. You feel tired and then you feel that a headache is rising, your jaws gets closed firmly,its like you are angry with the teeths,then the upper teeths bites your lower teeth. Meanwhile, your heart beats frequency increases, which can be felt in your left chest. The whole process of getting angry is like getting inside a small dark box,you suffocate there, it feels same when you get angry, your mind becomes restless, you get to only suffer.

There are many source for your anger, everything that is related to your happiness when doesn't work properly, it makes you angry. Your body, your health, your family, friends, your stuffs like pen, cell phone, computer, the current supply, the weather, the everything that is related to you, when doesn't work good enough to keep you happy, they become the sources of your anger. For example, its monsoon here in Assam, and it should rain here, but, its been more than 2 weeks, and it has rained only one day, well, the temp has risen 39 degree celcius and you can't even stop yourself from sweating, you can't sleep in your bed, beds are so hot that, it cause a great discomfort to sleep well, here the bed becomes a direct source of anger, and you dream of having a bed of water. So, there are limitless source of anger, only if you try to control the world. But, you should not be angry about everything, getting angry never helps you get a good result. Even in boxing, getting angry would only loose you the game, okay, I understand, things are not working the way the should, keep calm, and search for the solution, there will be some way to fix this. A broken glass can't be mended or a dead man can be made alive, or you can never become younger again, once you spend your time, you can never get it back, this day, this hour, this moment can never get back again. Every moment is precious for that reason. The worth of a day, can never be understood unless you see the truth that you are dying. We are all dying, I mean that, death can meet you anytime, and there may not a warning that would tell you that you are about to die. For such fragility of life, every second must be spent with joy and laughter. Spend your every moment with satisfaction, spend your hour with peace, spend your days with smile and laughter. Have you laughed today ? You have great reasons to laugh, when you laugh, you open up your world to let the joy fill your heart, you let the peace calms your mind, and all the good emotions, love, kindness, inner peace, satisfaction increses in your heart and you feel light as a flying seed a cotton tree and then you fly whereever your instinct,whereever wind of life take you.

There are many types or phases of anger. When you expect the things to work out they usually do, and then you find that, its not working and then you feel unsatisfaction, and then you try the things and hope that this might it work just fine, but it didn't, then your hope gets a crack, and when you see that it does not work anymore after trying to work it out manytine, then your hope gets scattered away, and unsatisfaction and anger relaces hope and then a madness begins in your body and mind. This madness can't be controlled or you can be recover from it by staying close to what is not working, as I said before, it could be everything that is related to you, your wife,husband,family and friends, it could be any relationship that is not working well might make you angry. For example, if your relationship is not working out with your spouse and you are trying hard to fix it, but it won't work, and you get angry with your spouse, then staying close or living with that person, would only make you angry, you must stay away from everything that hurts you and makes you angry,like you shouldnot get close to another car, it might crash you, otherwise its a mutual stunt !
So, you know now,when and why you get angry. You get angry,when everything that is related to you does not working good enough to make you satisfied or happy.
Anger never leads a good result, sometime it may makes you violent and when you get violent you can do harms to yourself and others and break stuff.

How to know who hates you ?

How would you know if a person loves you truly or not ? The best way from what I think is look at their faces when something sad happens to you. If they are false friends, they would smile or chuckle and if they love you truly,they would be sad instantly. Please know the truth of the people, fake people are not only in facebook, they are in your life too. They are the people that waits to see you die, they are the people who can not stop laughing when you fall in trouble, they are the same people who would make jokes about you. Love from Jitu to you. 

Biography of Poet Hiren Bhattacharya ( হীৰেণ ভট্টচাৰ্যৰ জীৱনী )of Assam by Jitu Das biography

৪ জুলাই ২০১৩, যোৱা বছৰ এই দিনটোতে অসমৰ বিখ্যাত কবি হীৰেন ভট্টচাৰ্যৰ মৃত্যু হৈছিল, তেওৰ জ্ন্ম হৈছিল ২৮ জুলাই ১৯৩২ চনত যোৰহাট জিলাত, তেওৰ দেউতাকৰ নাম আছিল, তীৰ্থনাথ ভট্টাচাৰ্য আৰু মাকৰ নাম আছিল স্নেহলতা ভট্টাচাৰ্য , তেওৰ দেউতাক আছিল এজন জেইলাৰ.
তেও জীৱ্নযোৰা কবিতাৰ সাধনা কৰিছিল, তেখেতে সৰ্বমুঠ ১০ খন কবিতা পুথি লিখিছিল
১. ৰৌদ্ৰ কামনা ( ১৯৬৮)
২. কবিতাৰ ৰ’দ (১৯৭৬)
৩. তোমৰ বাঁহী
৪. মোৰ দেস আৰু মোৰ প্ৰেমৰ কবিতা ( ১৯৭২)
৫. বিভিন্ন দিনৰ কবিতা
৬. শষ্যৰ পথাৰ মানুহ (১৯৯১)
৭. মোৰ প্ৰিয় বৰ্ণমালা (১৯৯৫)
৮. ভালপোৱাৰ বোকা মাটি (১৯৯৫)
৯. ভালপোৱাৰ দিকচৌ
সকলোৰে প্ৰিয় হীৰু দাক সকলোৱে আজি শ্ৰ্দ্ধাঞ্জলি জনাইছে, সেয়ে তেঁওৰ কবিতা সুগন্ধি পখিলাৰ কেইটামান কবিতাৰ প্ৰথম ২-৪ শাৰী ইংৰাজীলৈ অনুবাদ কৰাৰ ধৃষ্টতা কৰিছো, যাতে বিদেশৰ মানুহে জানে অসমীয়া মানুহে কিমান সুন্দৰ চিন্তা কৰে

বসন্তৰ গান

কালি ৰাতি খুব কুঁৱলি পৰিছিল
এটা চৰায়ে ওৰে ৰাতি
গান গাই আকাশখনক কন্দুৱাইছিল ............


কুলি চৰাইজনী সিঞাৰি সিঞাৰি
ল’ৰাটো গ’ল যে

দলনিৰ মাজত জাহ গ’ল বেলি................


গছৰ পৰা ছাঁ
তেনেকৈ উৰি গৈছে
যেন ক’ৰবালৈ গুছি যাব......................


তুমিতো জানায়
এই কবিৰ আৰু একো নাই
এটাই মাথো কামিজ...........................

সিৰাই সিৰাই

কালি ৰাতি মেঘে গাজিছিল
মোৰ সিৰাই সিৰাই বিজুলি বেগেৰে
নামি আহিছিল .................................

Hiren Bhattacharya was born in Jorhat district at Assam in the year 1932. Last year in this day 4th July he died. He was one of the most famous poet of Assam, his poems are easy to understand, his poems are seems to be honest & true feelings. He dedicated his whole life for poems, he published 10 collection of poems, among which "Sugandhi Pakhila " is most famous.
He was a great poet of assam, who beacme a legend in his life time, he had left his life in earth, and but he now lives in the hearts of his fans to live within. His best work is Sugandhi Pakhila, which means "Scented butterfly".Hiren Bhattacharya loved his mother very much and he dedicated thisbook to his belove mother- Snehalata Bhattacharya. He dediacted his whole life for poems, he published 10 collection of poems, among which "Sugandhi Pakhila " is most famous.
This book contains many poem, about nature, bees, spring, autumn, birds, weather.He wrote many about his mother, about his lover.This book Sugandhi Pakhila was in our home library from 1988, but when I was in class 9, I saw the book, at that I did not read the book, I read this book 2 years ago, and I loved some of his poem about nature...

Here are some translation of the begining lines from his some poems about nature : -

Songs of spring

Last night so much mist had fallen
In the hill bottom,
a bird sang all night and made the sky cry................

The shadow is flying from the trees here and there,
as it if will fly somewhere...........


You know the poet
and he has nothing
He has only one shirt..............

Through veins

Last night the clouds were thundering

Through my viens came down the
last rain of summer
at a lightening speed..................

What is Jealousy ? Benefits of Jealousy by Jitu Das

Do you know what I was thinking in the morning ? Its the way to start a conversion, isn't it ?  So, I was thinking about jealousy. What is jealousy ? I think jealousy is normal feeling that comes to our mind, when there is a cause to create the jealousy. Is jealousy always a bad feeling. jealousy is not a good thing, I think that jealousy is more than just a bad feeling, because, I now believe that, jealousy can tell you who you are really . Its very important to know who you are really, because when you will know who you are really, you will have no have worry, stress and anxiety. So, I was talking about jealousy, what is this jealousy feeling ? We all feel it, Mankind has always felt it, I don't know now if other animals also feel jealousy. But, mankind feels it totaly. A man who does not feel jealousy, is the man, who knows either everything or nothing. Yes, we all feel jealousy, there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing in our body and mind that is not useful. We have all those emotions, the sympathy, love, kindness, hate, jealousy, greed, lust. They are emotions to guide us, to show us who we are really. How ? Well, its simple.

How jealousy can tell you who you are really : -
Jealousy is a feeling, it comes in your mind, when you see an another man doing what you only dream of doing. Are you getting, what I want to say ? I want to tell you something that perhaps no one said like this. So the point is that when you feel jealous for someone, observe what is that thing he is doing that makes you jealous. Is he going on dates with your dream girl ? Is he is doing your dream job. Always remember that you will only feel jealous for someone who is doing what you really want to do in life. You see, everyone wants to be success. But, you can not be success, if you don't know who you are. What does knowing yourself means, knowing yourself simply means, knowing what you can do and love to do. So, whenever you feel jealour for someone, it means that actually you want to do what he has been doing, for example, if you feel jealous for a man who loves a girl, you know, then it means that you actually have love or likeness for that girl in your heart, because you wouldn't feel jealous if am man loves the girl you hate. That is how simply jealousy can lead you to an self enligthenment. A singer would never feel jealousy for a cricketer. An unknown singer would always feel jealous for a successful singer.
So, for this reasons, I think that jealousy is not that bad. That is how you should look at everything believing it to be true that there is good and beautiful in everything.  

When you feel jealous to someone, remember one thing that you can also have, what others got. Don't be afraid that you won't get what other's have already got. Be positive, you will get what you want in the right time.  I think Jealousy is a fear of not having what you want.  live simply and stay connected with me. Love to you ~ Jitu.

Looking at the Pathsala town road by JItu Das

Pathsala town,Assam, India
Pathsala town,Assam,India

We all live in our world, different peopld we import in our world and with those people we spend our time,not caring about the world and the other people. Yet, a new bride,(Hindu) when look at me as I was walking the road, it touched me, a mysterious look she had, two curious eyes and a thin body. It was nothing more than a look, but, then it struck me that how small my world is. I live in a small world, I wish I knew about her, passing through medical road with her mother wearing white, because her husband has died. There is a world, where our all the little worlds unite. But, alas, we don't live in that big world, we are busy in my small world, not caring about the people, and we call them Unknown.

Where am I ? I am in a saloon to have a hair cut, I am sitting now in a bench waiting for my turn. Now I see Pathsala town road in my right side and I see people,it tickles my curiosity to see this great divesity of people. Where I am sitting, I see man coming, He looks like his age is 45, he asked about the price to have haircut.

What was I writing ? Yes, I was in a saloon waiting for my turn. I was watching the people, a whole real world was infront of me, there were people who were carrying people rickshaw in rickshaw, he was old, he was perhaps 60 years old, still he had strength to carry people, well there was a young married couple, the wife was talking in mobile and her husband was looking at the road as the rickshaw passed by. I saw a man carrying bags of cement in a hand cart, he was sweating, it is a very hard work, and in this hot days, it becomes a worst work. I couldn't see his face, he passed by me and I was telling myself that this is real world and people works very hard here to survive and I am lucky that I didn't have to carry those bags in a wooden cart, I am thankful to my parents that my life is not that hard as his. Then a bike passed by, I know him, he has a cloth shop, Then another rickshaw passed by, it carried an old couple, this is how we get old, every day, every hour you are getting old, when I was 10 years, my dream was to become 20 years old, now when I am 21 years old, I know, I feel it when I see my younger generation behave as young adults, then I feel that I am in my young adult and soon I will be an adult in society. You can't stop your growing, and you can not live forever. You have to die, accepting this true fact is never easy, who can say that he agrees that he will die instantly. We thin for a while, then taking a heavy sigh we say we all have to die.
Everything changes, our world, environment, our aim, interests. Time is the master mind , who plans everything. Time is changing my town Pathsala too. Time is changing me and the people. Everything in the universe is tending to see. Evolution is happening. Now, Scientist can clone a mice from a blood drop from it tail. Japanese scientist just did that. After 5 years from, where I will be, what would I be doing then. I don't know. Future is full of possiblities, past gave me memory, every passing second is past,past is what you can not get back, past is irreversible, every moment of action is present, I am in my home now, in my room, 1 hour ago, I was there having a hair cut by a Bihari barbar, he is from Bihar, he lived here in Pathsala like for 10 years, he can talk Assamese language fluently, even the curses !
Now, is my moment, you always have a choice to do or not to do. To do is always a better choice, saying yes always gives you an opportunity to do something, to create.


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