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Why some Idleness is important in life by Jitu Das philosophy

What does it mean to be s human? It is a strange time for humankind, so much change is happening every day from technology to our ideas, beliefs. It is an exciting time, it is also a time of declining morality, it is a time of anxiety and depression. We have everything and we feel like we have nothing. I am not going to blame the corporate world. It's not their fault that you feel unhappy. Then who's a fault is it? It's not anyone's fault, but it is still wrong with humankind. It feels we have lost the sense of time, we are do busy all time with our tv series, movies, internet social networks, it's like we are too busy, there is no idleness. What idleness I am talking about is that we should not be too busy all day wasting time on the internet, tv, video games or anything that sucks a lot of energy. Social networks are the highest energy-wasting places, people posting photos, writing controversy matter to get attention, its really tiresome to look at.

You don't need to express themselves all the time, sometimes you just need to relax and be with yourself and your family and talk about good stuff. While being, don't spend your time scrolling time on social networks. Take a break, plug in good music and be content.

Idleness is more than just being in the bed, sometimes we need to keep ourselves sane, because it is the insanely busy and anxious world. What we are becoming is more like a machine, always multitasking, always a distraction from the present moment. It's like we are always running away from this moment, trying to escape from being still and stimulating the brain all the time.

Lin Yutang, talks about the importance of idleness in his book " The importance of living". It's a book about enjoying life to the fullest. But at that time he wrote a book, people used to already had not been that busy. What are we if we don't indulge in idleness sometimes, wouldn't we be a machine.

Idleness is important for your health if you are staring at the tv, phone all the time, it's stressful to eyes, mind. It just drains out the energy from the body. It's much more beneficial for just be there and rest. Idleness is not a bad thing. Idleness is not the root of the devil. Idleness could actually help you ponder about things, time to do some meditation or daydreaming.

I wish there was grass in
the field and I would
lie for a while anyday
I wish there was,
time and I would,
have taken some rest,
I wish there was,
a girl who loved me,
I would have a lie
by on the grass for
As long as there was
time in the world.
~ Jitu Das, 2/4/17

Does unconditional love exist by Jitu Das philosophy

 One thing common in this world that everybody had,have and will have without any condition and i.e Love. But dear reader one question that is bugging me for a week, is love is really unconditional ?? At first I am asking you ?? is it ?? Do we love someone without any condition or what ? What is the truth behind love ? Dear reader this post is not about love but rather about the conditions in which we love. Love can't be defined but I am sure we understand love via examples.Following are the perfect examples of love is  -----
 1. Love of mother 
 2.Love of father
 3. Love of brother
 4.Love of sister
 5.Love of a boy-friend
 6 Love of a girl-friend and   
 7.Love of  other things .            

The  problem  is which love is more strong or unconditional love ?what is unconditional love anyway ?I think unconditional love is very rare and  divine , in this love the lovers don't care about their look, money,skill,age and all other facts that strongly matters  in case  of  just love. Who falls in unconditional or passionate love is called True love.In this love lovers don't expect any gain for their love,they just love to love. In above 7 examples are given. which one is unconditional ? Most of people in the world would say that mothers love is unconditional ?But in a case where there is no mother,only father is present then there fathers love would be unconditional ( if the father love his childern). After mother's love, the love of life partners comes. Both  the love of mother,father and life partner's love is seems to be unconditional ! So it seems here we have come to an confusion ! Whose love is more unconditional ? who knows ? if you know please tell me in the comment !      
  I think both parents love and life partners love is not totally unconditional , for example------

 1. the boy at age 15 who don't study, drink alcohol would not be loved by his parents !( not  essentially   in every case) 

2.The boy at age 6 can't speak would be loved less while he would have love more if he could have been talk, ( I am writing this post because I need to sort it out what is it , not in ever case it happens ,but from my 20 years of experience I can say it loud)

3 If you still think that mother's love is unconditional, you are not all right ! Here for an example, two brothers , one is at 22 and other is 19, the older brother is very good at academic career, he has no job, but the younger one is good at academic career, who would be loved more ? surely the younger one if we regard the academic career.But whom would mother love more ? After two years the older one gets married without asking his parents, and the younger one gets a little bad grades, in this case  of course  the younger one  will be loved but a little less than before. Then after a year the older one gets a job and the younger get failed , what will happen in this case, here the older will be loved ( if he stay same as before) will not loved( if he get change for having a job with his attitude toward  his  parents ). After 3 years the younger one become graduate with high grades, the he would be loved more .

4. In case of life partners the man will love his woman if she behaves him well, make good food and above all love him. The woman would love his man if she get new clothes,  jewelery,money and above all love. 

           So,it seems that when in a relationship people get what they want from each other then there remains love. In case mothers love,the mother wants his children to be educated and a job. When her children don't study she get afraid that her children won't get a job. Then she shout at her children to study because they must study and get a job, thats what she want. But is there should be shouting or blaming in love ?  of-course  not, then in that time there is no love when the children is not studying or doing what she want ,she  will  get angry at him , so my friend is  there  any place for anger in love ? After a while then her children started to study and then mother smiles. So, think about it what is it actually ? we become happy when others do what we think right for them.(everything your parents wants you to do is good for you, this is what your parents thinks, they think their children will study and then will get good grades and a good job, then get married, have kids, and then your go to school,then college,then job,then marriage, then your grandson, hey you have spent all your time playing a game called Family, you get old and die.)Dear reader I am pretty sure you don't want that life., I know you wanna shine out, don't live a common life.)        SO HERE I WOULD LIKE TO CONCLUDE THAT THERE IS LOVE EVERYWHERE AS LONG AS WE GET WHAT WE WANT, BUT THERE IS NO  UNCONDITIONAL  LOVE  IN THIS WORLD OF GREED.BUT THERE  IS A LOVE CALLED LOVE OF HOBBY OF PASSION IN WHICH WE SEEK FOR NO GAINING, DOING HOBBY IS THE GAINING AND THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING.        DEAR READER HAVE A HOBBY OR A PASSION, WHICH IS TRULY AN  UNCONDITIONAL  LOVE 

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How to find the joy within yourself by Jitu Das philosophy

Whatever keeps our mind occupied must be important. The inner whisper that talks about your desire must be important. Whatever keeps you awake and even in the dream, you see it, must be important. Whatever that maybe that makes you feel good about yourself even though you have not achieved mastery, must be important. Whoever never stopped caring for you for years, you must be important for them and all you need to do is reciprocate. All things are never going to be in it's exact desired state, but sometimes all you need to do is keep doing whatever made you felt alive and great once, then you might find the balance you need to have hope for a brighter future and this balance will keep you afloat even if there are thousands automatic negative thoughts and over dramatic thoughts.
But if you are an empathy, it will not be easy for you, you will end up thinking why you should not have said something harshly to someone a few months back, why you should not have said no to that person, what you need to help out the people in trouble, all these and one hundred sources of thought will keep coming to you like Feedly feed. What can you do then, well only thing you can do is do what shuts off all the overthinking, doing which your focus is concentrated in a way that as if you are meditating, the thing I realized lately that meditation is not just sitting down and taking slow and long breathing, your work could be your meditation and it will de clutter your mind like nothing else and it happens so naturally if you are doing the right thing that just fills your soul with pure joy. I think this joy is of a supreme kind because it rises within yourself and you are not dependent anyone to find this spiritual upliftment.
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ক্ৰিয়া কি ? Verb in Assamese Grammar

ধাতুত বিভক্তি বা প্ৰত্যয় যোগ হ'লে , তাক ক্ৰিয়া বোলা হয় ।

ক্ৰিয়া দুবিধ- 

১. সকৰ্মক ক্ৰিয়া - 

যি ক্ৰিয়াৰ কাৰ্য কোনো বস্তুৰ ওপৰত হয় , তাক সকৰ্মক ক্ৰিয়া বোলে ।

যেনে - নয়নে যোৱাকালি পঢ়িছিল ।

২.অকৰ্মক ক্ৰিয়া - 

যি ক্ৰিয়াৰ কাৰ্য কোনো বস্তুৰ ওপৰত নহয়, তাক অকৰ্মক ক্ৰিয়া বোলে ।

যেনে -  অমৰে শুইছিল ।

বহল ব্যাকৰণ ( Bahal Vyakaran) The Best Assamese Grammar

Bahal Vyakaran by Satyanath Bara is the best Assamese grammar ever written !  It is truly beautiful, the systematic explanation of every bit of Assamese Grammar is just astonishing.. The amount of hard work put in the book is actually deserves appreciation. I have found this Assamese grammar so helpful in my entire academic career from highschool to College. It's actually very interesting and engaging book to learn about Assamese language grammar. 

কাৰক কি ? - সত্যনাথ বৰা


 Don't waste your  time and your mood trying to change others the way you want them to change

  • .Don't be afraid to take a step. Break all the fear of uncertainity. Live as yourself, you are special just like everyone. Be free from all the fear thats stopping you from living the way want....:-) ~ Jitu Das
  • .If you want something get it, if you don't get it, there will be a belief arise in your subconscious mind that you can't get what you want. This belief will keep making you sad, in future you may forget what you wanted badly, but the sad  feeling about youreself that you can't get what you want will live as long as you don't get what you want. If you want anything in the world, take it seriously, get it anyway. No matter what happens, no matter what people say, no matter great books say you must get what you want. If you really want you will keep trying to get it, but if you have not gotten what you want, its because you are afraid of what would people say. You should forget about making people happy by doing what they want to see. Always  remember that "anything is possible ". So get out from your thoughts  & get what you want. If you feel like nothing to do, if you feel like there is nothing  interesting, if you are being bored most of the time, then you are having a phsycological problem. Then you must be missing what you want so bad,  I am not talking about what you need, because everyone care about what they want. Now I am happy , because I want to write and writing. But I need to study now. But its not all about doing what you want to, you still need to do things that you should do, that is an universal human tragedy, but this tragedy can be turned into a wonderful romance  or a epic fantasy by keep doing what you want to do, if you keep doing what you want to the noises begins to disappear, so what noise I am talking about, what ?  Did you never had any doubt ? do you never got confused ? Did you never had to choose an option ? did you never had a headache when you get so much confused and worry ? Did you never felt like I can't think anymore ? So now you are getting what kind of noises  I am talking. Damn it ! my friend, its your thoughts  I am talking about, which arises in your brain. Many people commit suicide  to get away from the thoughts of regrets , lonliness , fear of uncertainity. But the bloody noises are so full of shit and its an universal problem. At first they appear as doubt, then you get confused, then you start worry, then it becomes an anxiety, and then you get stressed, your heart start to beat faster, your  sleepless nights starts, ok that gone too far. So never ever deny to get what you want. Take it seriously my friend, because  " you can't try to want something." What ever you "want" is special. Work hard or get it anyway. Everything else is secondary or not even that . From this hour start doing what you want to do, keep getting what you want to have. Make a list of things you want to do, you want to have. I know human desire is limitless. Everyone says that you can't have it all. Yes but you should try to get what you want by positive way. Human desire is limitless but without any desire or want there is no meaning of being alive. Every alive person must have a desire , just like your mobile needs a battery. To live in a tune you must need to want, you can want anything and then trust your within, get out & keep going to get what you want. Your one time Life is short. So What do you want right now?

  • All the writing, drawing I have done with my r8 hand. Hand is a awesome organ. Both hands are amazing. We are helpless without our hands. So everybody have 2 hands.  With hands our life is so easy. Without hands try to imagine. Hands have 5 fingers. Thumb is also called old finger.1st finger and thumb to hold a pen to write.  middle  finger is to support the back of the pencil or pen.  Ring finger is to wear rings  and helps to hold. Little finger is also to hold someting.  Well I wear ring in my middle finger. With our fingers we write, type, clean disces and cloths, wiping with cloth, holding, pushing, pulling, twisting, washing, hand shaking, clapping, to cover face, to stire, to scratch and to all other jobs.

  • No matter what condition or situation you are in happiness lies in your health. What is health ? In easy words the high quality of body, mind and social reputation.~ Jitu Das

  • The beauty of flower can't be compared to anything. Earth  laugh  through the flowers. Like the stars makes the sky beautiful, the flowers makes the world beautiful. Flowers are the best evolved beauty. Flowers have such mesmerizing beauty created by nature through evolution. I have always been in the love of nature. No one can  neglect  the beauty of  flowers.
  • A beautiful evening. I love to watch the sunset. May be I am in love with the nature. Everything in nature seems mesmerizing. The sky is up above so high. The sky is always seems so beautiful, everyday, every season.  day sky with clouds and night sky  stars, planets and galaxy  create wonder  in my eyes while I look up and infinite curiosity for knowing the unknown universe

  • Don't search for the perfect one, who loves, cares and understand is the one you need. It doesn't matter who shall spend time for you, who is spending time for you is the one that matters.True love still exist even though the concept of virginity or royalty seems corrupted. Maybe its a crazy mad wonderful idea, but I believe that someone is waiting just for me to meet  one day , ofcourse by coincidence, just like I am waiting to meet her one day who will love me unconditionally. It may never happen, but who knows what will happen ? I am curious to meet my  soul-mate .

  • I  think that we don't appreciate the most important things in our life. We don't appreciate the Right now the present, we don't appreciate that we are living today. I find it so sad that we can't appreciate our present, but in future we would say ah those were the times if I could live in that time again, Millions of people is now wasting their time in worrying the shit. Let the past go,there is no reason hold it tight, as it has already gone away, its just memory in your mind, memory has no existance  in reality, they can't hurt you.
  • Present, right now is all that matters. The greatest peace is having the self consciousness in NOW.  sadness , jealousy, frustration let them go, they are no good. When you concentrate in Present, its so  peaceful . Meditation is nothing but the concentration in Present. Just appreciate yourself, your family friends and the world. Appreciate the art, music and nature. Always  remember  to let your disturbing thoughts go when it arises in your mind. RIGHT NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO BE HAPPY IN YOUR LIFE. ~ Jitu

  • Why unconditional love exist ? In my previous post I wrote in the support of unconditional love . But I thought about it and realised that why unconditional love doesn't exist
  • What is conditional love ? Conditional love is nothing but the love that has a condition. But what is love ? Love is not what you see in the films, listen in the songs. But the truth of love is not like in the romantic films. I have come to an conclusion about love that Love is nothing but a strong feeling of affection and care caused by sole intimacy. What is intimacy ? Intimacy is  name of a feeling between two object. One must be a  human and the other one is mostly a human and may be other things. You love your family , you love your pen etc. Who love someone unconditionally ? Mostly would say mother. A mother's love is at the top of all type of love. Please do ask why ?because I am really excited to tell you why ? I have told you I have to come to an conclusion about  love  is nothing but a strong feeling of affection and care caused by sole intimacy. What is intimacy ? Intimacy is  name of a feeling between two object. One must be a  human  and the other one is mostly a human and may be other things. You love your family , you love your pen etc. Who love someone unconditionally ? Mostly would say mother. A mother's love is at the top of all type of love. Please do ask why ?because I am really excited to tell you why ? I have told you I have to come to an conclusion about love. And I also told you that love is nothing but an another name feeling called affection and care caused by intimacy. The longer you spend time with something, intimacy becomes higher. Higher intimacy can results strong love. If you find it not easy what I am talking to you and only to you.  You love your family don't you ? Why is that ? Its because they have done all the things that made you who you are right now. You love your mother but your mother loves you more.  And why is that ? Because the love is directly proportional to intimacy and intimacy is directly proportional to the spending time with each other. No matter where, how and with whom. Mother spends  time with their children than the children. Ask How ? We spend 9 months in a womb. Thats when the intimacy works. Here, a question should arise ? How many time it takes to work intimacy. I think one hour communication via talking is good enough. Usually we unknowingly talk  about of children  like this, he or she is shy , but give him time to adjust he surely would like you. Thats how intimacy works. Intimacy is of two  genuine  types. One is close contact and the other is distant contact. Distant contact is of two types. Calling and sms or social networking or all of them. But the most  successful  distant contact of intimacy is calling > video chating> sms. Talking via phone is perfect for intimacy. I have seen many people falling in love without  seeing  just by talking via phone. Voice has been  always  a attracting feature of human.
  • So, it seems that you have now clear idea about intimacy. Intimacy could be made to anything. Your pen, your mobile phone, lap-top , car and whatever that is yours. ~ Jitu Das

  • Maybe you should  realize  it fast that it doesn't matter how long you live. Its alwaysabout the activity that makes you happy or make you feel like its a beautiful day. ~ :-) Jitu Das:-)

  • I was caught by a web. I  couldn't 't move. It was one of the hardest struggle I have  ever had. The web that kept holding me was not made by  giant  spider like in Lord of the ring, that hold  Frodo  , at last Frodo cut the web by a knife. But my web was invisible and it was the confusion of choosing a path of life. I was not able to think with an open mind. But with age comes wisdom and  enlightenement .  May be Robert Frost, a great American poet. His strength of poetry lies  in simple lyrical expression and universal subject e.g. Life, beauty , nature, work, time, destiny etc. He wrote a very beautiful poem " The road not taken" concerning the path in life. The first verse of the poem can tell you my feelings very well.
  • Here it is :- "
  • Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less  traveled  by and that has made all the difference." This poem is very successful in treating one of the most universal experience and a  confusing  life. The poet tells about human confusion in choosing when there are option in life. Great  Shakespeare  expressed this very confusing feeling by the verse" To be or not to be" Robert Host said that with the poem

  • Stop worrying about your past and future, because only thing that most matters is what are you doing in this moment and how you feel doing it, if you are having a good time, keep doing it, if not do something else. ~ Jitu Das.

  •  Beautiful  flower in my yard always makes me happy. I want you be happy too, enjoy the little things because they are available all the time, you just need to notice the beauty and glory around you. Be happy. Love the people you live with, I mean your family. Without the love  of your family you are nothing. To be loved . You need to love too. No one love back unless you love. So learn to love to be loved, enjoy and appreciate the love and be happy ;-) ~ Jitu Das. :-D

  • The moment you think about you should quit trying, you are no good for it. Remember all these thoughts come only when you are very close to get what you desire. - Jitu  Das

  • We are all poor, in many fields, yet we don't know how rich we are in one field. They  calls it destiny/ goal. But how many of you want a  career , not a job. How many of you can tell me what is your goal ? So we all are poor to know what bring us happiness, what is our goal as a whole mankind or just you. What do you want to be , someone great people like Socrates ,  Aristotle , Eienstien. Or just want to spend the "life", just like more than 99% of the world do, or be different.  you always know what you  really  really want, the problem, may be with  everyone, is that they all want to get a job, no one I meet, talks about doing something big. That just makes me wonder what the hell ? I  desperately  need someone who wanna go beyond this, what we call human life !

  •   We all are lucky, because there is only world as far as NASA know. We are alive, thats the reason, I am writing and you are reading. We have  developed , wisdom, art, science, philosophy, music, movies, only to be happy working in these  fields. In which field your interest lies , thats a question that will change the course of your life, only condition is that the very questions" who am I , where is my interest lies, am I working  on to reach my dream" must come spontaneously. Its ok if you are so much curious, it won't work if you are too busy to care. When it comes you must search for the answers. You have to read great books, great films and music. There is one more thing that is observing the society, nature.  We all are here to enjoy, to enjoy we need to do something, it is universally accepted by most people that without working these is no happiness. So find a work, any work that excites you. You are good at that work without even trying.Find the work that you are comfortable with and find it as easy as drinking water. To be honest for me writing is like drinking water, I can't believe sometime its so easy to write. So find a work that you find it very easy, exiting and makes you happy  every time  you do it and that keeps you happy for a long time. As time passes, I find writing a fascinating work and believe it thrills me from the feet to the brain. I love writing, watching films. Watching film is for me like the food of my mind. If I don't watch a film, if I don't write, I feel like so heavy. And you know it very  heaviness  in mind only  cause stress, if I watch a film, a good film  of-course , then I get a idea, that idea works like food for stomach , fuel for an engine. I can't live without films. We are all gonna die one day, life is limited plus the heaven doesn't exist to leave your after life. Death is not bad, its just makes life more important. An age avg 70 year for a person is more than enough to be most  successful  in your subject where your interest lies. Successful means being happy. For being successful you need to work, but it doesn't only working in your field is all that you need to do. You have to be creative. Idea runs the world, everything you see in man made environment is a result of an IDEA. How idea comes in our mind, actually idea is also like the concept , what you get from studying. But ideas are  refereed  to the thoughts that came from you mind, ( idea is also like  instincts , that are made by your brain, analysing your past & pres experience , your memory etc) Ideas are usually those thoughts which are useful. In fact Idea rules the human world. If an idea is useful to everyone, then it can change the world, and the name of that person who had the idea will live forever in that Idea. ~ Jitu Das.

  • If you have a interest in something, you will know it all the time. Only thing you need to do is keep your interest in that something, don't let die. Your interest is the inspiration, hope and one of the great reason you love your life. You keep it, don't lose it. If you are not getting what interest I am talking about. I AM TALKING that Your inspiration could be anything or anyone you love. Your love for someone, your love for something is the inspiration that literally keeps you alive ! Your inspiration is the reason you wake up, do breakfast, go to bathroom and you do all the things that you do everyday. Its something isn't it that keeps you running, don't get the wrong idea, it just food, its all about the energy comes from what you love. So what I want to say is that don't be afraid to fall in love, don't be afraid to fail in love. Do what you love, love whom you like. Its what you should do to stay happy.

  •  Fantasy, imagination is much more powerful and beautiful than  knowlege.Thats because God doesn't exist in knowledge. God exist in imagination and almost 99 % people thinks its good to believe in God. There is no other way you can explain who created the universe. The god may have created a perfect earth where life supports, but I don't believe in the god the religion describe. I mean how could they know how god looks like. The common idea; that all the religion believe is the unknown god. Different religion have different idea about the appearance of god. I believe that God, is something,  that we don't know nothing yet and I don't think god looks like human. How could anyone can be sure of that, the religion can. But science can't.
  • I wrote that imagination is more powerful and beautiful because imgination creates are hope, and hope is the real inspiration behind everyday we wake up, go to sleep and do all the things we love to do, we have to do. Using Knowledge is called wisdom. It depends how you want to spend your life. Our whole Knowlege about reality may be proved to wrong in future scientific discovery. But imagination rules the heart of mankind. Sometime in life we may  need a story to be inspired not knowledge. If my explanation about the topic helped you bless the author, if not, then inspire him, at least the author tried.

  • We are all lucky to have eyes, everyone who is reading this definitely may be have eyes. They say beauty lies not in the beautiful things you see, but in the eyes of  the beholder who appreciate the beauty. Some says everything is bright and beautiful, so if you don't find something beautiful, it only means you are unable to reaveal the beauty. In this sense, everybody is beautiful, you too my friend. So if a person don't find you attractive , it means he or she has not the capacity to see your inner beauty, so leavd the company , where no one see the beauty , talent within you, because they would only depress you, cause they can't see the beauty inside. So find some company where people will appreciate your beauty inside and will inspire you to shine out loud in the world. I think its all what you look at not what you see. ~ Jitu Das.

  •  If something is bugging you, if you are missing something even though everything is fine, if you are missing yourself, if you are missing the spirit, inspiration in you, if you are  laughing  less, having less good time than before,  if all these are happening with you, its time to get back your spirit, inspiration and motivation, its time to happy again, its time to  laugh  more and have good time again. If you wanna what happened to you, you were not like this before, you used to be most  enthusiastic  person among your friends, what happened to you ? ? Question yourself why are so fucking serious about, is this about your girlfriend, career. If your girl/ boy friend really love they will stay in your life anyway, and why are you worrying about your career, if you keep doing what excites you, if you think  about and do that work everyday, thats where your career is related. If you  love to play something everyday, and can't stop thinking about that then you got whats your goal, for me I think about writing everyday. Thats what excites me and I wanna be a great writer. Hope one day people(reporters) would talk to me like this, I read your novel, '' Eternity, a science fiction about being immortal", it was awesone, when you gonna publish your next novel? Hearing the question I would glad andcooly smile and say I am working on a novel about 'reality', then the reporters would ask, whats new in this book , I  would say, its about what is the reality of universe, life and everything. The new thing about this is that its  more science than fiction, still gonna be fiction, because reality is something where every branch of physics will review the reality. What inspired you to write this book- reporters  would ask. I would say, what lies beyond our universe, whats the secret behind the big-bang are the questions that has been since I was 18, I always wanted to find those answers, and I should have physics as my major but I took Biology, still hoping to find those answers. From that period to this many things happened, if you are curious you would find them in my autobiography, "  Finding who am I ". Then the reporters would thank me and will fly away in their flying car. What would I do then, I would teleport myself to my stimulated universe !!. All these may not happen though !;-)

  •   Its amazing to  believe in God, because the question of the universe, life and everything just disappear, because God has created everything . Now you can take  more easy breath when you believe in it. Its not your duty or something to find out what is the secret of the universe. If thats what you want to find out you better be a physicist, but you are confused because, you are very curious to know everything, yet your heart and soul find joy in musics, art, literature, films, society. You forget all your worries when you listen to music, watch a film, whenever you read a story, you find amazing, you love paintings, you love the lining of a woman, curves, you find the smile as the best curve. You love the nature, you love the weathers, trees, birds, animals. When you see butterflies flying over the flowers, you

  •  I thought happiness is the only thing we need to move on, l mean to live life. I was wrong, constant happiness is not something we need, but we all want to stay always happy. I was wrong that I should always have a smile on my face, I was wrong that I should never be angry, I was wrong that I should never cry, I was wrong to think that I should control my emotions. I was wrong to think that falling in love hurts, I was wrong to think that whom I love should also love me.

  • I know now I should not worry about staying always happy, its okay to get hurt, we need pain too. Life means  joy, sorrow, happiness - sadness, adventure, romance, beauty ugly, lough,cry, jealousy-love, hate , kindness. All these emotion or feeling makes life colourful and each emotion is a colour, an emotion can't make our life beautiful, we need all the colour, all the emotion to have a beautiful life. For example, Because of the flood, fish from the fisheries came out, and now the fishes are available everywhere, cost of 1 kg fish small or large is not more than 50 rupees. So we are eating fish so much since last week, but because of eating in every meal, its becoming tasteless. Our family is now tired of eating fish. Just like that Life is not only about having happiness, if we think about comfort all the time, we could do nothing in our life. Sometime you need to do hard work. In  some part of your life you have to make sacrafices, you need feel the pain, you need to cry, you need to struggle. You have to burn, break your soul, and create a new yourself a strong,fearless, kind, peaceful soul. You are not just your body, you are more than that. Now, if you are not a fearless soul, go to the road where nobody even dream about going. Go in that road, where there lies your interest not  glamour . If You have a purpose then you know it deep down. Its all takes to see it through, when you want something in your life, you need to work hard and kick the comfort, procrastination  the ass. Your greatest distraction is  about what you naturally think about everyday. It could be anything. I believe its good to have such thing, that you have been thinking about everyday for many years now. If you act on these thoughts, if you go in that field where you could work on these thoughts, is there could be anymore better work.When you are working on what you love, it may not be something everybody expects you to be, but when you work on that field, if you find your body,mind and sould in peace, what else you need. But, getting to that part of your life you have to believe in hard work not in luck. If you are waiting to be inspired to do something big in life, you should not wait anymore. Life has no certain validity, so act on it, on your dreams,on your thoughts as fast as you can. The biggest inspiration comes from inspiring others. For success in any field, it need a lot of pain, and a little happiness. One more thing find the work, where you have a passion, a burning desire, an hunger to work in that field. If you want to get inspired inspire others.

  • You and I always know in our heart, what we want in life. But, we get worried, if we don't get what we really really want. The remedy is to believe in your talent,your inborn talent. You will get what you want, just follow what you love. Always believe that you are good at something. Your work is to find out what you are good at not what other's are good at. It is always about you,find who you are.

  •  Getting old is a natural process, a species gets old  to die, the purpose of a species is to produce its offspring, we human are unique. As the most essential need for a species that is the food and shelter are easily available, well, not for every one. In India, more, 30% people are surviving bellow property level. In Akobo, of Africa, people get to eat once a day. We don't see these things on T.V, because,they don't want us to see the complete truth.
  • However, it doesn't matter, if you are billonaire or a begger,you are gonna die,no one knows how. We all will die, but, it doesn't matter as long as we are alive. Our death is as certain and true as, there will be a tomorrow. Only being alive is enough for an animal, but, as a human, being just alive isn't enough,or is it ? Humane want more from life. There are many kinds of human in the world, they all want differents things from life. Just like that I want to know what is the meaning of life in the universe ? I may not find the answer.

  • Don't 't try to be great, don't try to be famous, try to be yourself, you are born an original spirit. Be what you are deep down,don't let other's thoughts to influence you. you are amazing all your own. Be yourself, being yourself, means doing what you enjoy doing without any guilt. Never feel guilt about what you enjoy doing, even your family,your friends and society tells you you are wasting your life. Its your one time own life, so live your life your own way, rather than  regretting  when you get old. If you want to any great work, then there is only one great work you can do and that is to do what you fully enjoy doing,do the work,when you do that ,you forget the world and all the troubling thoughts . So,my friend, bravely do what you enjoy doing,ignore other's suggestion because its your life.

  • To be able to laugh, you need to be like a egoless children, and when you laugh, you feel the ultimate joy,which is not in the smile you give and take. To be free of anxiety of ego, laugh. You can always  laugh, it does not matter how great or small you are. Make others laugh too.

  • The work, you don't any reason to do, is the work you are born to do. If you start to ask for reasons why you are doing what you are doing, that doesn't  only mean that you are a very curious person. I think that, when you love something, you don't question why you love ? Do you ? If you need reasons to do something, it is because you are not enjoying what you are doing. Ask, any great scientist,writers, singers, painter, filmmaker, actor, the question why they do what they do ? They all would say that, they can't live without doing their work, they say its their life. Such passion for a work, is what makes them great. My point is, do the work, you love. When you do the work, you enjoy every moment doing it. First know who you are, what kind of thinker you are, what kind of body you have.

  •  When everything seems to go against you, then seat down and concentrate on breathing, feel your every breath, just breath. When you feel calm, then pray, tell god about all your worries and problems , a way always comes out - Jitu Das.

  • When you feel, you have  lost the focus of life, then come to basic of life. I mean concentrate on breathing. Breath in and breath out. Your every breath  worths  more than all the treasure of the world, because breathing means that you are alive and I think being alive is the real purpose. You can be alive even after death only by work that serves the want or need of mankind.The great people like Socrates, Plato, Leonardo da vinci, Sir Isac Newton,Thomas Alva Adison, william Sakespear,  Tolstoy , Mahatma Gandhi, Albert  Einstein  , Dell Carnegi still lives in their great works. I read somewhere , Martin  Luther  king jr. saying that Everybody can become great, but not famous. He just told a great philosophy within the line. So, our purpose must be to be happy, we can only become  great when we do the work,that gives us pleasure and a content mind. I am writing this ,because I want you to be happy,  because when you are happy, you are feel truly alive. I told you being alive is the real purpose. You can become great by doing great  what you love to do. You can always become great if you really want to, but not always famous, its not fair, do you think like that ? Great work will be always great,even if the work which is great, doesn't become famous, in the life time of the worker, but its bound to be. I promise you. Many great workers had  honored  after so many years later of their death.   So have a smile on your face, be happy,don't worry.

  • We need inspiration to be alive, to wake up in the morning, to go through all the trouble,  failure .

  And I think love is a great inspiration. Love for human, love for nature, love for whole world, love for art, love for beauty, love could be for anything. So my point is love something, just fall in love  with something seriously that excites your mind. Something that creates peace in your heart and mind happy.

  •   There is Happiness in everycorner of your room, in everything and everywhere, just look around you may find something to be happy for, to smile.

  • Sometime  in life you may feel alone, you may feel like there is no one truly loves you. But, there is always some people who admires you  secretly , there is always some who loves you trully that is your family.You are not alone, and you are not only one who feels lonely sometime. Its ok, lonliness for a time isn't bad, you can use the time the way you want to. If you are feeling bore, change what you are doing. We all need to escape from reality, so if you are being both lonely and bored you can escape from that by watching a film, reading a novel or story, you can also go out and have a walk, you can listen to music.You can also talk with someone of your family or friends. But there is no comparison with the escape that fantasy films and novels  provides. Fantasy Films and novels are the doors by which we  enter in a world of imagination to our dreams. - Jitu

  •   People who believe in God also believe in ghosts, fairies and witch. For that belief many women are being burned alive or cut into pieces. These are all happening in my country India and this is all because of improper or no education.  Education shouldn't be limited in school or colleges. Most people only go to college to have a degree and then get a job, after that they  get married and have kids and they get old and die. Is this some kind of code are we robots to follow these codes. At some point these people realizes that they have no hobby and no passion for anything. When I see people of age 50-60, while their childrens are all grown up and earn money and have their own family, I see at that age most parents wants to spend their with children and seek love, care and respect from their grown up childrens, but in this ridiculously busy world ,no one have time to spend but they have money. So my point is  everyone has a inborn characteristics. If the people get to do the work that match with kind of personality, people are going to be happy and content. We also need morals, what is moral , for me "morals are the best way to experience life events without causing any problems to ourselves and others."- How to find your goal by Jitu Das.

  • Most great people ever lived said that imagination is everything. The fact that imagination is not real. Then why imagination is important ? But reality is itself is relative. From the theory of relativity, the space is relative, time is relative, everything is relative, as we are made from the elements of the universe, the idea of our reality is also relative. Quantum mechanism shows us that what we see is not the reality. When a photon particle is sent through two slits , the emergence of particle becomes wave.  In the sky we see the sun and moon in a same size, but in reality the sun is thousands time bigger than moon.  When you are passionately curious, the whole world becomes interesting. Love is also important to live that makes us feel so good, it  becomes  wave.  In the sky we see the sun and moon in a same size, but in reality the sun is thousands time bigger than moon.  When you are passionately curious, the whole world becomes interesting. Love is also important to live that makes us feel so good, it becomes more amazing when you are in love with a person. So just fall in love with someone who likes to listen to your nonsense talking maybe just like this !:-D watch "Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy ", your life may change !

  •   Now when I remember my childhood, it feels like, it was a dream, but it was not my dream, indeed it is my memory.

  •  Time is passing like the sands falling through the slits of my fingers. I shall not seek the mate, I must go to the source of my impulse, may be its not yet the time where we meet, I shall walk the road  calling , I seek not luxury, I seek what makes my mind calm, I seek what  completes  my incomplete soul. The road is beautiful, flowers everywhere, bees and birds are flying,drinking the sweet honey. I am walking to my goal, where I could feel the complete, spontaneous  awareness  of being ALIVE contiously.

  • Drugs addiction is a disease, it can't be cured by blaming, shouting or beating the drug addicted person, he must consult a good pscycologist. Parents should not put their childrens in a competetion, they must indeed take away their children from the race, and inspire and motivate their children to a life of joy, balance and harmony. Its always good to remember that life is for only one time, there is no heaven or hell. Everything is here on earth. Most parents thinks that getting good grades is everything, I think good grades are just the fruits of possible  big tree their children could be. Parents must not compare their children and start inspiring and helping to achieve greatness not just grades by tiresome useless memorizing. The purpore of education must not be memorizing notes and vomitting them out in the examination. That is not what education should be, but in my state its still 100 year old educational system. Its just upset, and may be thats why we are a 3rd world country. The education must be changed, the current is giving us good grades. Life is not about getting grades. Now, education is only a way to get certificates of graduation to apply for a job. Most people go to college only to that period they have to, no students seems to be interested in studying further more. Well, the professors are also seems to have no will to teach and improve the life of students.Drug addiction is also a absence of knowledge about drugs, and what can it cause life. That boy died because he was afraid of tomorrow and most people are afraid of future. Students are worried and afraid about theis future/ career. Thats where education system fails and the whole system. The purpose of education should be making us free from fear. As  Marry  Curie said, there is nothing to fear, only to be understood.

  • Well, I  don't believe in any rules unless they comes through me to be true enough to believe in.

  • The day, you start trusting yourself, from that day life will be much more amazing- Jitu

  • Sleep early & sleep well for the peace & harmony your body, mind & soul.Sleeping is one of the best  thing  in life. I sleep for 8 hours, and in these hours, I regain the strength, freshness and my enthuaism back. A night without sleep is a mistake, for without sleep, tomorrow we will be like zombie. So have a good night sleep. Your body need to rest. Sleep long in peace and in your dream world have an adventure of your imagination.

  • Life is nothing but a play/ and we are characters, designed to behave in a certain way. It is so surprising how everybody  is behaving being unaware of  thou selves .We get old day by day, each day, each night I live and live my life. Old people get afraid when they find wrinkles in their skin, but my friend, its natural, its as natural as youth and middle age. Let not wrinkles diminish the joy, fill your mind with curiosity, what measures youth actually. - Jitu Das.

  •  Everything is beautiful. Some are at night, some are at daylight. Some looks in the microscopic level and some from the  satellite . Some looks beautiful when they are far like the mountain. Some looks good when they are close, but what looks beautiful when they are close ? What is it ? I asked my mother first, she said she do not know, and then I asked my father, well he was wearing shoes, being ready to go to the market. He said, for parents its the children,then my sister in law said its the flower that  looks  beautiful when they are close. She is right. The beauty of flower can be only be seen when it is close to you. So,the question is when do you look beautiful  !:-|

  •  What everybody want these days is a lover. A research was done on happiness, they found out  that the single men are the most unhappy people, but single women are the happiest people. Married women are unhappy but married man are happy. I don't know how true that is.

  • Its important to be happy. Otherwise you get depressed and you start to think that life sucks. But, life is itself great and with the possibilities life lead towards is just super great. So be happy, before you get depressed. Find something that  truly  makes you, except drugs and porn.


  • We are all connected. Our minds are interacting with each other here all the time. You are may be far away. But, still you know whats going on my mind and I know yours !

  • Falling  in love is not bad as your parents,society describe. True love never creates difficulty in building career. Your heart knows what you want, deep down you know, what you want to become. Now it is the time, let go the peoples who doubts who you really are. ~Jitu Das. :>

  •   Most people are unsatisfied,its because they are lacking a hobby. Hobby is not just for  Sunday ,everyday you must do your hobby, otherwise you will get a little angry. All work and no play leads to unsatisfaction. For a satisfied mind you need a hobby or a work related to hobby.

  • Oh life, oh life. I want to live. I want to live in the light of love and wisdom. Oh life how amazing it is to be just alive. I was sad, but then I saw a man struggling to live.Now I know the meaning of life is to spend it joyfully. Where does joy & happiness comes ? It comes from love from your family,more than  friends ,It comes appreciating life. Life is the best thing,you have it right now. To spend your life  meaningfully  you need only 2 things- a life partner who loves  truly  and a work that excites you everyday, a work that you want to do everyday. Enjoy your life. Why are you ruining life  worrying . Be free from the worries,live your life with people who knows what greatness lies within you. Hang around with those who cares for you. Appreciate the mother nature,if you don't appreciate you are still missing the good feeling comes from it. Listen to music that create passion within your nerve. It does not matter,who you are black or white, Indian, African, European or American, if you have a dream. It may seem that its hard to get your dream, but dreams are born to fulfil the empty feeling inside. If you are not after your dream,what are you doing then ? Worrying, being sad ? It leads you nowhere. Trust your instincts,let them lead the way, the destination is never going to clear,best that you can do is follow your dream, just follow the calling,the source may not be in a clear view.but keep following the trails of the calling. The calling that sparks life within you. The calling that connect you to a big source of truth,joy and the light of life.

  •  There was a time, when I was a child, my body was small. There was a time when I was dreaming what everybody was. I wanted what everybody wants, now its like an different me, growing up old, I am child no more ! My dream was build upon my reality, now the old dream is collapsing, it feels like I am standing on a big open field of green grass, and before my eyes sky is falling and yet the truth is everything is same for everybody,while my world has completely changed. Now I  am walking in a road with a horizon different than it was before.

  •  I think you will never be happy if you are waiting for perfect moment, in which you will be healthy ,wealthy and what not. The right time to be happy is right now. Happiness comes from everything that is interesting for you. So find the source of happiness, I mean find your true interest that is somewhere within. Good evening my dear friends.

 Kalpana Chaola was the first female atronaut of India. She was a great women and had a fire of passion to fly. The day the all the women will be educated,especially in the muslim countries,then there would be no poverty  caused by the capatalist mindset. The people would no more bear unjustice coolly. There will be poverty and war and nature destruction. I respect all women,especially the mothers. For me my mother and father is my god. I can't find anything real above them. They are the creator of this specific me.Women are the mother, sister and girlfriend just like men are the father, brother and boyfriend. Women have as much potentiality as man. But I find some of the potential women being faminist kind. Its just a tragedy that just like communism is ruined by making it a politics rather than serving mankind, faminism is also being misleaded to blame and hate man,rather than improving as a mankind. Both man and women are  the opposite gender of the same species Homo sapiens. Women can't develop without man, I don't understand  their faminist mind. I don't hate their ideal,but its just their revenge taking mindset makes them horrible. I think when a women hates man or thinks like she does not need a man, she starts to behave as a man. There are also people who are in the opposite of faminist,they are called misogynist,these peope think women are inferior to man or hates women or think them as evil. Most man become temorary misogynist when rejected by a women.I felt the same when I got rejected because she already loved an engineer lover. Women are selfish, and they are gonna leave you,when they find better than you ! But why ? You will never find the answer in the books of religeon,thats why I love science, because it has only the  reasonable answers. Evolution says that, in a species the female chooses the best male who carries the strong genes(character),which will make the offspring a strong species to survive. Without the companion of a loving women, a man has nothing,just like that a women would become shallow inside without the love of her man. Thats why I support widow marriage,Raja ram mohan Rai was a great man of India who just not only supported the marriage of widow,his son married a widow. A women must not live without a life partner. Education is the only way. Real education of women will make the world a better place. By real education I mean,the education that does involves a person to do good to society and nature. One who think education ends after graduating from the school and colleges. What a person can do for his society ? He or she should not seek only earn money,but learn themselves who they really are,what can do best spontaneously. I have hope one day everyone will know thyself and be happy in the deep. 

  •    Who am I ? I am Jitu Das, an average student, I am an Assamese, Indian or a world citizen ! But when I watched the sky, so big.I feel like I am a small,tiny part of this whole big business,thats when I loose my identity, I am not just an assamese, indian or world citizen, I am a citizen of the universe. I am also a conscience of the universe,

A poem :-

I was sad,I was angry
at myself and at my family
Then I went outside
looked up,saw the sky
It was so big,so full of beauty
like an concave ocean
full of stars,planets and galaxy
I was standing outside
I couldn't see the sky at one glance
I felt how small I am, like a tiny speck, don't need to count
I am so small that my presence is no better than my absence
Then a thought,so cool, came
and I realized that there is something big out there, far
bigger than my worries
Then I thought, if I am nothing to the universe,
so why waste my life so precious over my future
I do not think anymore that I could plan future
I should only follow my instinct
not what the parents and public suggest.
I might be going on a wrong direction for them
But I never felt that and never will
because my instinct lead the way
Future may be uncertain
but future could mean the next nanosecond or next the trillionth year.
I must the let the worries go
because its time to follow where my heart go.

  •   The only thing that matters is your life,the fact that you are now,is all that matters. But once you know that,you start to neglect the fact that you are alive,and its amazing to be alive,just to be alive. The days and nights,the spirit lifting sunrises and the sunsets. We live in a spectacular world,we are lucky to get a chance to live, love,work and play. Your life gets amazing when you have atleast two special things in your life,one is a work  and the other is life partner that loves you truly. You need find the work that excites your neurons to release sertonin in your blood,which makes you feel high,as high as dopamine makes you when you drink alcohol,smoke cigerates or take the illegal drugs. So,better choose the work .not the drugs. The pleasure you get from the work of your dream, lasts all your life. If you have not find the work that will change your life,keep searching for it untill you get it. When I started writing my life has changed in a way I have never expected. Do not listen to other's telling what line of work you should do in your life,listen to your heart that whisper within your heart,there is a fire within wants to rise and shine your life. You are much more than you think you are. No matter what bad happened to you in your past,you need to rise up,leaving all the grudge you hold for the people who hurted you. You need to reborn putting behind all the bad memories like an nightmare.No matter how many people have  criticized you and made fun of you, they did it because they were having  inferior complex within and wanted to proove that they were superior,by criticizing and judging others and they did not have any clue why they did that,so forgive and leave those people and and go on the the path to your dream.It does not matter how many people left you without saying goodbye,they left you because to open up rooms for many others who respects who you are and admire you.

  • Life is full of people and events. Without people you can not live and do not keep enemies in your life,they are extra, why you would want to make enemies. Make friends,which is awesome. Respect the people,everyone needs respect. Control the ego and anger,because they make you only a sad is all.

  • How to enjoy life -

1. Only that matters is that you are alive,once you die,you are gone forever,no conscious,no senses,no memory. In short,no existence.
 So,enjoy life,love nature. Prevent the animals go extinction.

2. Enjoy daily in life. The only time to enjoy life is right now. Do not think of enjoying life,once you get a job,after getting married or getting retired. The only way to enjoy life,is by using your talent,not drinking alcohol or smoking or taking drugs.

3. You need two things in life, work, and a lover. You need to find the girl, that respects you just the way you are. You need to find the person, who dreams the same dream you dream. The person who have the ake personality you have and who has the same hobby you have, so you can spend your leisure time together. Is it not amazing? Yes, It is.

4. If you want to make your life big then serve the humankind and nature. The only best way to serve is doing what you can do your best.

  •    You can't pay anyone to do what a mother will do for free. The mother-child bond is the strongest of all human attachment. A mother and father are both greater than all relationships. They can love  unconditionally,they are the real GOD.

  • Why does not it works, the planning you do for life , the future plan. We all dreamt something else in our childhood. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor and all my noble wishes of serving mankind. But, what am I doing now ? Where am I ? Why am I here ? The question also goes same to you ! What are you doing in these time of your life,whatever it may young,adult or old. Well I am in my young adult stage, and I will be 22 years old in july 16th. But,what is the purpose of planning life ? Since nothing seems to happen as we wish in our life,why bother worrying about future. You and I could never know the future. We keep planning our future,we keep worrying about what we would do 5 years later, who knows what will happen tomorrow to us. I am not saying that we do not need to plan our life,but think about it what a gamble it is to plan something about your uncertain future. What we plan in our life ? We all want happiness in our life,that is why the fuss of getting a job exist, the job is the source of money. Many people do any job to get money,it does not matter whether it matches their personality. You may think that all the great works were done by 99 % hard work and 1 % inspiration, which was said by Thomas Alva Adison,the scientist who invented light bulb,gramophone,movie camera and one thousand other machines that we still use proudly. But, in an other unfamous quote Adison said that he enjoyed all his life by his work and he said something very important that you might want to remember, he said that he has never done any work in his, all those great inventions that shaped the modern world,as he was playing all his mighty life,he never got bored,never got anxious,but he was not working all day,even though he did not come home for many days,he had a sofa to sleep in his lab. So, what did Adison do in his early life ? Did  he plan this great life that influenced the whole world. I think Adison followed his heart,his instinct and impulse. He was not shy to ask questions to teacher, even the craziest one, for which he was elimenated from school, he was taught by his great mother,who knew the greatness of her son,and inspired to be one. What the great peoples did in their life that made great ? they did great works that has been touching the life of billions and will be touching. I think they did not do great works with hard labour,even it does look like hard work for us, but all the great scientists, artists, musicians,singer, and all the professionals of the world enjoyed their work as a playing toddler with his new toy. To do great work,you have to find yourself, who you are , where your interests lies. What you wanna just do ,even if you do not get paid for that.The work, you do for no reason is the work you are born to do. You need to leave anger, ego and shyness and start living in now following the impulse. No one have a guaranteed life or a certain life. We can do anything if we start doing what we want to right now. My world is in this moment,no matter how many minutes, hour and days passes, I will be always living in this moment. What I want to say is that I will be always feeling like living and that moment will be my moment. If you do not do what you want to do as an instinct, you are wasting your life. I could not have written all this if I did not follow my instinct. All that great work that was ever done, are being done and will be done by the people who did what their heart tells them to do at this moment. The past exists only in memory, the future exists only in imagination and only present, this moment is real. The question for you is ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOUR HEART IS TELLING YOU TO DO IN THIS MOMENT ?? What is stopping you?

  •   Good life is like the photography. You may not able capture the best shot in one click. You have to click more,just like you have to keep trying to get the good life.

  •   You can be expert at anything,if you love it from your heart. You may not be good at the work at first,but if you love it truly, you will be amazing  finally . Keep trying,one day you will find yourself smiling.:-D:-)

  •  Many families are so dissolved in making their life a mess,by criticizing, cursing, fighting with their own member of the family, they don't care about  others, they don't care about the world.Would these families change and live a life in peace and harmony, in this spectacular planet Earth.

  • Too much thinking can drive you mad. You need to express your thinking in your own way, don't keep it inside. Expose now. Whatever that is bugging you,is killing you. Expressing is very important, you only suffer,when you hide. The best way to express yourself is to do what you are good and you do enjoy too.~ Jitu Das.
  • Nine Ways to Become an Amazing Person  :-

 1.Don't fear the people, what they would say about you.
 2. Don't live in a shape they want you to live.
 3. Don't behave the way, they think you behave.
4. Don't be a personality that others thinks right for you.
5. Fall in love, make friends with anyone you like, don't worry what would others think or talk about that. Because, when you are alone, they don't give a shit about you, now, you have found whon you love, why bother about what other's would think.
6. Most people when falls in love, worry too much what would the people talk ? Why worry  that ? Does it even matter ? No, I don't think so. Why are you so shy ? You are afraid to ask out the person, because, you worry about your reputation, you worry about what the people would talk about this. Well, you can keep worrying that all your life. But, you will loose everyone, everything you wanted to have in your life, because in life, you were afraid to stand alooe, be who you are, act the way you are everywhere.
7. Stop changing your attitudes from person to person regarding their socio- economic status. Behave nicely not only with people who are rich and scholars, treat the begger and the fool nicely too. Behave everyone nicely.
8. Don't be afraid to show who you are. It is human urge to show who we are, through our work. Don't hide your work, show it by doing your work, works are for fun. Stop thinking what other's would think, do the work, you love to, and enjoy too. Let others think what they want. Why should you care ??
9. We think that the presents define our future. But, in reality future does not exist. So, stop worrying about future. If you have found the work you are born to, there is nothing to worry. You only need to do your work as much as you can. If you found it yet, keep searching, don't settle.

 When you would know what you want for sure/
There will be no stress,
anxiety and worry anymore/

  •  Change that we all seek,is actually attaining the balance of life. We all are unbalanced somehow, somewhere, we need to change that. In a balanced life,there is  neither  stress nor anxiety.One can't do everything, but one is not appointed to do everything. One good work for one being, that is all one need. Too much works are not for one being. The goal is to find peace, one work, that is worthy for you, thats all you need to find. After knowing, one must not be confused. One choice has to be made. One must not let the seconds thoughts increase the confusion. For, confusion is ake with suffocation. You must choose one work, after choosing to work on one work, there should be no wandering about working other work.

  • If there is a soul inside us, then only to find peace in our soul is to work. Work that we think as a great work. Work that we have respect for.

মহৎ লোকৰ বাণী - 100+ Great Men Quotes in Assamese

১. ভয়ক জয় কৰাটোৱেই হ'ল মানুহৰ প্ৰথম কৰ্তব্য ।   - কাৰ্লাইল

২.সৃষ্টিৰ আটাইতকৈ সুন্দৰ বস্তু হ'ল ফুল, কিন্তু তাৰ শিপাবোৰ থাকে মাটি আৰু গোবৰত ।  - ডি এইচ লৰেন্স

৩. তোমাৰ লক্ষ্য স্থান ক’ত ? সেইটো যদি ঠিক কৰিব নোৱাৰা, তেন্তে কোন পথে খোজ দিবা কেনেকৈ জানিবা ৷ তোমাৰ লক্ষ্যই তোমাৰ পথ নিৰ্ধাৰণ কৰিব ৷ -- লিটন

৪. যি মানুহৰ ধৈৰ্য শক্তি আছে, তেওঁৰ অসাধ্য একোৱে নাই ৷ -- বেঞ্জামিন ফ্ৰেংকলিন

৫. যিসকল মানুহৰ হাতত থাকে প্ৰচুৰ সময়, তেওঁলোকে কাম কৰিবলৈ কাহানিও সময় নাপায় ৷ অথচ যিসকল সদায় কামতেই ব্যস্ত হৈ থাকে তেওঁলোকৰ কিন্তু নতুন নতুন কাম কৰিবলৈ সময়ৰ অভাৱ নহয় ৷ --- লৰ্ড চেষ্টাৰফিল্ড ৷

৬. মানুহে যিমান কিতাপ পঢ়িবলৈ শিকে সিমানে ভাবিবলৈ শিকে -- জৱাহৰলাল নেহৰু

৭. আমি যি জানো সি অতি সামান্য ৷ আমি যি নাজানো তাৰ সীমা নাই ৷ - পাৰলেচ

৮. কোনোৱে তোমাক সহায় কৰিব নোৱাৰে ৷ নিজেই নিজৰ সহায় লোৱা ৷ ---- বুদ্ধদেৱ

৯. এলেহুৱা মানুহৰ শৰীৰ পেলাই থোৱা চাবিৰ নিচিনা ৷ ব্যৱহাৰ নকৰা চাবিত যেনেকৈ মামৰে ধৰে, কামত নলগোৱা শৰীৰতো সেইদৰে ৰোগ হয় ৷ ব্যৱহাৰ কৰা চাবি যেনে চকচকীয়া , শ্ৰম কৰা শৰীৰো তেনে কটকটীয়া ৷ তুমি যদি সৰহদিন জীয়াই থাকিবলৈ মন কৰা তেন্তে বহি সময় নষ্ট নকৰিবা ৷ ---- ৰিচাৰ্ড ৷

১০. সময়েই ধন ৷ --- বেঞ্জামিন ফ্ৰেঙ্কলিন ৷

১১. খং নকৰিবা নিজৰে সৰ্বনাশ হ'ব ৷ অহংকাৰ নকৰিবা পতন হ'ব, কাকো ঘৃণা নকৰিবা , নিজেও ঘৃণিত হ'বা , ফাঁকি নিদিবা , ফাঁকত পৰিবা ৷ ---- বিবেকানন্দ ৷

১২. আজিৰ কাম কাইলৈ কৰিম বুলি থৈ নিদিবা, কাৰণ কাইলৈ তোমাৰ কি অৱস্থা হ'ব তুমি নাজানা ৷ ---- হজৰত মহম্মদ ৷

১৪. পৰিস্থিতি যিমানেই ভয়লগা নহওক কিয়, দৃঢ়তা আৰু আত্মবিশ্বাস থাকিলে জয়লাভ সুনিশ্চিত ৷ --- পিয়েৰ টেলহাৰ্ড

১৫. সফলতাৰ পিছে পিছে দৌৰি নুফুৰিবা, যদি তুমি সচাঁকৈয়ে সফল হ'ব বিচাৰিছা তেন্তে ক্ষন্তেক জিৰণি লোৱা আৰু ভাবা -- তুমি কি কৰি ভাল পোৱা আৰু কিহত বিশ্বাস কৰা ৷ দেখিবা এইবেলি সফলতাই তোমাক খেদি ফুৰিছে ৷ --- ডেভিদ ফ্ৰষ্ট ৷

১৬. মই মাথোঁ জ্ঞানৰ অনুৰাগী ৷ জ্ঞানৰ বৃত্তিধাৰী মই নহয় ৷ সচাঁ কথাত মই মাত্ৰ জ্ঞানৰ আত্মবিনোদক অনুশীলনকাৰীহে ৷ যেতিয়া মানুহে সন্দেহ কৰিবলৈ শিকে , বিশেষকৈ নিজৰ মনৰ মাজত প্ৰতিপালিত বিশ্বাসক আৰু নিৰ্বিচাৰ ধৰ্মমত আৰু স্বত:সিদ্ধ বিষয়ত , তেতিয়াই দৰ্শনে পাতনি মেলে ৷ --- গ্ৰীচৰ মহান দাৰ্শনিক ছক্ৰেটিছ ৷

১৭. উশাহ লৈ থকা মানেইতো জীয়াই থকা নহয় ৷ --- মেথিউ

১৮. প্ৰেম হৈছে এনে এক জীৱনপুষ্প যি প্ৰস্ফুটিত হয় অভাৱনীয়, অপৰিকল্পিতভাৱে, কোনোৱে নজনাকৈয়ে, প্ৰকৃতিৰ সকলো নিয়ম উলংঘা কৰি ৷ --- ডি এইছ লৰেঞ্চ

১৯. কৰ্মৰ মাজতহে জীৱনে পূৰ্ণতা লাভ কৰে ৷ ---- বেইলী

২০. সুযোগবোৰ কঠিন কাৰ্যৰ ৰূপ ধৰিহে দেখা দিয়ে ৷ সেয়েহে এলেহুৱা লোকে সুযোগ বৰকৈ হেৰুৱাই ৷ --- টমাচ আলভা এডিচন ৷

২১. নজনাটো লাজৰ কথা নহয়, শিকিবলৈ যত্ন নকৰাটোহে লাজৰ কথা ৷ --- বেঞ্জামিন ফ্ৰেংকলিন ৷

২২ . এজন মানুহে গোটেই দিনটো যি চিন্তা কৰে তেওঁ সেয়াই ৷ ... সচাঁকৈয়ে ! তাতকৈ অন্য ধৰণৰ হোৱাটো বাৰু তেওঁৰ বাবে কেনেকৈ সম্ভৱ ? --- এমাৰ্চন ৷

২৩. নীৰৱতা হ'ল জীৱনৰ এক অমূল্য বস্তু, যাৰ ভিতৰত বহু বস্তুৱে জন্মলাভ কৰে --- থমাছ কাৰ্লাইল ৷

২৪. মানুহৰ মন সদায় একে ঠাইতেই থাকে ৷ কিন্তু এই মন বোলা অতি শক্তিশালী বস্তুটোৱে স্বৰ্গক নৰক আৰু নৰকক স্বৰ্গ কৰি তোলে ৷ --- কবি জন মিল্টন ৷

২৫. স্বীকাৰ কৰাত মোৰ লজ্জা নাই যে অন্য কোনো দৰিদ্ৰ লোকৰ সন্তানৰ দ'ৰেই মোৰ শৈশৱ আৰু কৈশোৰৰ সময়ছোৱা পাৰ হৈছে ৷ কেতিয়াবা মই মজদুৰৰ কাম কৰিছো, কেতিয়াবা কাঠফলা কাম, কেতিয়াবা আকৌ মালবাহী নাৱৰ নাৱৰীয়াৰ কাম ৷ ... অতীত যিয়েই নহওক লাগি থকাৰ শক্তি থাকিলে মানুহৰ ভৱিষ্যত সুন্দৰ হৈ উঠে ৷ --- আমেৰিকাৰ মহান ৰাষ্ট্ৰপতি আব্ৰাহাম লিংকন ৷

২৬. জীৱনৰ অন্য নাম সংগ্ৰাম ৷ সংগ্ৰাম অবিহনে জীৱন জীৱনেই হ'ব নোৱাৰে ৷ সংগ্ৰাম বা সংঘাতৰ স'তে যুঁজি যুঁজি মানুহে যি সাহস , মনোবল তথা প্ৰেৰণা লাভ কৰে, সি তেওঁক অসাধ্য সাধন কৰাত শক্তি দিয়ে ৷ --- নেপোলেয়ঁ বোনাপাৰ্ট ৷

২৭. প্ৰতিকূলতাই কোনো কোনো মানুহক প্ৰায় ভাঙি দিয়ে , আকৌ এচাম মানুহ আছে , যিসকলে প্ৰতিকূলতাই ভাঙি পেলোৱাটো জীৱনৰ প্ৰত্যাহ্বান বুলি গ্ৰহণ কৰে ৷ --- উইলিয়াম এ ৱাৰ্ড ৷

২৮. মানুহৰ জন্ম হয় সফল হ'বলৈকে , ব্যৰ্থ হ'বলৈ নহয় ৷ আত্ম-বিশ্বাসেই মানুহৰ জীৱনৰ সাফল্যৰ প্ৰথমটো সোপান ৷ --- প্ৰখ্যাত দাৰ্শনিক হেনৰি ডেভিদ থৰো ৷

২৯. প্ৰতিকূলতাৰ বিৰুদ্ধে গৈ সম্পন্ন কৰা কামখিনি সচাঁই বৰ মধুৰ ৷ --- উইলিয়াম শ্বেইক্সপীয়েৰ ৷

৩০. নিজৰ পাৰদৰ্শিতা বৃদ্ধি কৰিবলৈ অসম্ভৱ বুলি জনা কামো কৰিবলৈ আগুৱাই যাবলৈ কুণ্ঠাবোধ নকৰিবা ৷ --- আব্ৰাহাম লিংকন ৷

৩১. মোক তেজ দিয়া, মই তোমাক স্বাধীনতা দিম ৷ --- নেতাজী সুভাষ চন্দ্ৰ বসু ৷

৩২. সেইজনেই প্ৰকৃত সাহসী যিজনে নিজৰ ব্যৰ্থতাৰ কথা অকপটে স্বীকাৰ কৰিব পাৰে আৰু সেই ব্যৰ্থতাৰ শিক্ষাৰে সফলতাৰ পথত বাট বুলিব পাৰে ৷ --- অভিনয় শিল্পী মৰিচ চেভালিয়া ৷

৩৩. জীৱনটো হৈছে এক উত্তৰবিহীন সাঁথৰ ৷ --- এমাৰছন ৷

৩৪. প্ৰতিদিনে জীৱনটো উপভোগ কৰা, তেতিয়াহে ইয়াৰ আচল সোৱাদ পাবা ৷ --- মাৰ্গাৰেট বুনেন ৷

৩৫. জীৱনত আগুৱাই যাব বিচাৰিছা যদি বাস্তৱৰ সন্মুখীন হ'বলৈ শিকা ৷ --- জুলিয়েট বেষ্টিয়েনা ৷

৩৬. জীৱনটো এক মহৎ উপহাৰ ৷ যিসকলে জযৱনক ভাল নাপায় সেইসকলে এই উপহাৰ গ্ৰহণৰ অনুপযুক্ত ৷ --- ড০ সৰ্বপল্লী ৰাধাকৃষ্ণণ ৷

৩৭. তুমি ভালেই কৰা বা বেয়াই কৰা মানুহে তোমাক সমালোচনা কৰিবই ৷ সেইবুলি সমালোচনাৰ ভয়ত অকৰ্মণ্য হৈ বহি থাকিবা নেকি ? --- নেপ'লিয়ান বোনাপাৰ্ট ৷

৩৮. ব্যক্তিগত অভিজ্ঞতা অবিহনে মানুহে বহুতো প্ৰকৃত সত্যৰ সম্পূৰ্ণ অৰ্থ কেতিয়াও হৃদয়ংগম কৰিব নোৱাৰে ৷ --- জন ষ্টুৱাৰ্ট মিল ৷

৩৯. সত্যৰ মুখামুখি হ'বলৈ ভয় নকৰিবা, যি কাপুৰুষ তেওঁহে সত্যৰ মুখামুখি হ'ব নোৱাৰে ৷ --- মহাত্মা গান্ধী ৷

৪০. সৰু বুলি কাকো অৱহেলা নকৰিবা ৷ তুমি সৰু বুলি উলাই কৰা বস্তু এটাই তোমাক কেতিয়াবা বিৰাট সত্যৰ সন্ধান দিব পাৰে ৷ --- গ্যেটে ৷

৪১. বহু কথা জনা জনকেই জ্ঞানী বুলি নকয় ৷ জনা কথাক যথাযথ প্ৰয়োগ কৰিব পৰা জনহে জ্ঞানী ৷ --- লেনিন ৷

৪২. জীয়াই থকাটো ডাঙৰ কথা নহয়, ডাঙৰ কথাটো হ'ল তুমি আঁতৰি যোৱাৰ পিছতো মানুহৰ মনত তোমাৰ কৰ্মৰাজি, আদৰ্শ জীপাল হৈ থকাতোহে ৷ কাল বলুকাত খোজ ৰাখি থৈ যোৱা সম্ভৱ মাথোঁ সুকৰ্মৰাজিৰ দ্বাৰাহে ৷ --- লিঅ'টলষ্টয় ৷

৪৩. আমি অনুভৱ কৰিব পৰা আটাইতকৈ সুন্দৰ বস্তুটো হ'ল ৰহস্য ৷ সকলো প্ৰকৃত কলা আৰু বিজ্ঞানৰ ইয়ে হ'ল উৎস ৷ --- এলবাৰ্ট আইনষ্টাইন ৷

৪৪. মই মোৰ নিজৰ বাবে আত্মবিশ্বাস, শক্তি আৰু ক্ষমতা বিচাৰি সদায় বাহিৰলৈ চাওঁ ৷ ভাবো অন্য কোনোবাই নহ’লেও উদাৰ এই প্ৰকৃতি বা ঈশ্বৰে সেয়া দিব ৷ …কিন্তু শেষত দেখো যে সেইবোৰ অফুৰন্তভাবে ওলাই আহে মোৰ মন আৰু হৃদয়ৰ নিভৃততম কোণৰ পৰা ৷ ---- আন্না ফ্ৰয়েড ৷

৪৫.যিজন ব্যক্তিয়ে জীৱনত এবাৰো ভূল কৰা নাই ইয়াৰ অৰ্থ হ'ল যে তেওঁ শিকিবলৈ কোনো চেষ্টা কৰা নাই ৷ --- এৰিষ্ট'টল ৷

তোমাৰ বন্ধু বা পৰিচিতসকলৰ প্ৰতিয়েই নহয়, বিশ্বজগতৰ প্ৰতিটো জীৱৰ প্ৰতি নিজৰ হৃদয়ত বহন কৰিবা অহিংসা, দ্বেষহীন সহানুভূতি, প্ৰেম তথা কৰুণা ৷ ---- গৌতম বুদ্ধ ৷

৪৬. যি পাৰ হৈ গ’ল সেই অতীতলৈ আৰু উভতি নাচাবা ৷ কেৱল আগলৈ চোৱা আৰুঅসীম শক্তিৰে, অদম্য উৎসাহেৰে তথা দুৰ্জয় সাহসেৰে আগবাঢ়া ৷ তেতিয়াহে মহৎ লক্ষ্যত উপনীত হ’ব পাৰিবা ৷ --- স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ ৷

৪৭. প্ৰেমৰ আনন্দ অতি ক্ষণস্থায়ী, চিৰস্থায়ী প্ৰেমৰ বেদনাহে ৷ --- ৰবীন্দ্ৰনাথ ঠাকুৰ ৷

৪৮. কৰো বুলি কোনেও প্ৰতিভাৰ সৃষ্টি কৰিব নোৱাৰে ৷ ইয়াক কেৱল সঠিক পথেৰে আগুৱাই নিবহে পাৰি ৷ --- এইছ জি ৱেইলছ ৷

৪৯. কৰ্মশক্তিয়ে আমাক তিনিটা অতি ভয়ঙ্কৰ অনিষ্টকাৰী শক্তিৰ পৰা ৰক্ষা কৰিব পাৰে – আলস্য, বদ অভ্যাস আৰু অভাৱ ৷ --- ফৰাচী দাৰ্শনিক ভল্টেয়াৰ ৷

৫০. আমি চৰাইৰ দৰে উৰিবলৈ শিকিছো, মাছৰ দৰে সাঁতুৰিবলৈ শিকিছো সঁচা, কিন্তু এই পৃথিৱীত পৰস্পৰৰ স’তে ভাতৃৰ দৰে বসবাস কৰিবলৈ শিকা নাই ৷ --- মাৰ্টিন লুথাৰ ৷

৫১. আন কিবা কৰিছেনে নাই সেই লৈ মূৰ ঘমোৱাতকৈ আমি নিজে কি কৰিছো সেইটোহে ভবা বেছি প্ৰয়োজন ৷ প্ৰত্যেকজন মানুহে নিজৰ কৰিবলগীয়া কাম কৰি গ’লেই দহৰ তথা দেশৰ সেৱা কৰা হ’ব ৷ --- ৰাজা ৰামমোহন ৰায় ৷

৫২. প্ৰেম তেওঁৰ স’তে কৰিবা যাক তুমি ভালপোৱা ৷ কিন্তু বিবাহত তেওঁৰ স’তেহে বহিবা , যিয়ে তোমাক ভালপায় ৷ --- আৰবীয় প্ৰবাদ ৷

৫৩. এগৰাকী সফল আৰু এগৰাকী অসফল ব্যক্তিৰ মাজত থকা মূল পাৰ্থক্যটো হ'ল সফল ব্যক্তিগৰাকীয়ে তেওঁৰ ভূলৰ পৰাই সদায়েই শিক্ষা লৈ আগবাঢ়ে ---- ডেল কাৰ্নেগী ৷

৫৪. অতীত আৰু বৰ্তমানক লৈ তৰ্কত লিপ্ত হোৱাটোতকৈ অৰ্থহীন কথা আৰু একো নাই ৷ কাৰণ তাৰ পৰা আমি হেৰুৱাও আমাৰ বৰ্তমানক ৷ --- উইনষ্টন চাৰ্চিল ৷

৫৫. বিশ্বাসৰ ফল প্ৰেম, প্ৰেমৰ ফল সেৱা, সেৱাৰ ফল শান্তি ৷ --- মাদাৰ টেৰেছা ৷

৫৬. আন্ধাৰ যিমান গভীৰ হ’ব, প্ৰভাতো সিমানেই উজ্বল হ’ব ৷ চাৰিওফালৰ পৰা অন্ধকাৰে আৱৰি ধৰিলেও ভয় নকৰিবা, পোহৰ হ’বই ৷ --- জ্যোতি প্ৰসাদ আগৰৱালা ৷

৫৭. গভীৰ অমানিশা অথবা কালৰাত্ৰিৰ বুকুতে যেনেদৰে প্ৰভাত লুকাই থাকে, তেনেদৰেই বুকুত সাহস বান্ধি আগুৱাই গৈ থাকিলে হেজাৰ পৰাজয়ৰ পাছতো জয়লাভ নিশ্চিত হৈ উঠে ৷ --- ভূপেন হাজৰিকা ৷

৫৮. ভৱিষ্যতে আমি যি হ’ব বিচাৰো, সেয়া বৰ্তমান অৱস্থাৰ কাম-কাজে নিৰূপন কৰে ৷ সেইবাবে আমি কেনেকৈ কি কৰা উচিত সেইটো জনা দৰকাৰ ৷ --- স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ ৷

৫৯.  কাকো প্ৰবঞ্চনা বা প্ৰতাৰণা নকৰিবা, কাকো অৱহেলাও নকৰিবা ৷ সাময়িক খং আৰু উত্তেজনাৰ বশৱৰ্ত্তী হৈ এনে কোনোধৰণৰ আচৰণ নকৰিবা যাৰ বাবে তুমি আনৰ দুখৰ কাৰণ হ’বলগা হয় ৷ মাকে যেনেকৈ নিজৰ সৰ্বস্ব দিয়ো সন্তানক ৰক্ষা কৰে , সেই মমতা আৰু কৰুণা তুমি নিজৰ হৃদয়ত বহন কৰাৰ প্ৰয়াস কৰিবা ৷

৬০. আপোনাৰ অভিজ্ঞতা, পাৰিপাৰ্শ্বিকতা আৰু বংশানুক্ৰমিক চৰিত্ৰই আপোনাক যি দিছে সেয়াই আপোনি ৷ ভালেই হওক, বেয়াই হওক নিজৰ বাগিচাৰ পৰিচাৰ্যা আপুনি নিজেই কৰিব লাগিব ৷ সুন্দৰ হওক বা অসুন্দৰেই হওক আপোনাৰ জীৱনৰ সংগীতৰ সুৰ আপুনিয়ে সৃষ্টি কৰি বাদ্যও নিজেই বজাব লাগিব ৷ --- ডেল কাৰ্ণেগী ৷

৬১. যি মানুহে নামমাত্ৰও আনৰ কথা চিন্তা কৰিব নোৱাৰে, তেওঁৰ জীৱনৰ কোনো অৰ্থ নাই ৷ --- মণ্টেইন ৷

৬২. সাফল্য মানুহৰ জীৱনলৈ সৌভাগ্যক্ৰমে নাহে ৷ সফলতা লাভৰ বাবে প্ৰয়োজন কঠোৰ পৰিশ্ৰম, দায়বদ্ধতা, সাহস আৰু ত্যাগৰ ৷ কিন্তু এইসমূহতকৈও গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণ বস্তুটো হ’ল কামৰ প্ৰতি নিষ্ঠা আৰু ভালপোৱা ৷ --- মহান ফুটবলাৰ পেলে ৷

৬৩. ডাঙৰ আৰু যথেষ্টসৎখ্যক ভুলৰ মাজেদি নহাকৈ কোনো এজন মানুহেই মহান তথা সফল হ’ব নোৱাৰে ৷ --- উইলিয়াম শ্বেইক্সপীয়েৰ ৷

৬৪.এজন মানুহ যদি আন সকলোতকৈ শ্ৰেষ্ঠ হয়, তাৰ অৰ্থ এইটো নহয় যে তেওঁৰ এখন হাত বা এটা চকু বেছিকৈ আছে ৷ তাৰ প্ৰকৃত কাৰণ হ’ল জ্ঞানৰ অনুশীলনৰ দ্বাৰা তেওঁ নিজৰ মন আৰু বুদ্ধিক অধিক তীক্ষ্ণ তথা কাৰ্য্যক্ষম কৰি তুলিবলৈ সক্ষম হৈছে ৷ --- ঋকবেদ ৷

৬৫. ইচ্ছাশক্তি প্ৰৱল হ’লে জটিলতাই কোনো ধৰণৰ প্ৰতিবন্ধকতাৰ সৃষ্টি কৰিব নোৱাৰে ৷ --- মেকিয়াভেলে ৷

৬৬. কোনো সমস্যাকে তোমাৰ ওপৰত কাহানিও প্ৰভুত্ব বিস্তাৰ কৰিবলৈ নিদিবা ৷ বৰং সমস্যাকহে তোমাৰ অধীৰ কৰা আৰু নি:শেষ কৰা ৷ --- ড০ এ পি জে আব্দুল কালাম ৷

৬৭. মানুহৰ এই জীৱন অনন্ত আৰু প্ৰেম অমৰ ৷ কিন্তু মৃত্যু ? আমাৰ দৃষ্টিৰে ঢুকি পোৱা দিগন্তই হ’ল মৃত্যু ৷ --- ৰজিটাৰ ৰেমণ্ড ৷

৬৮. তুমি যদি প্ৰকৃততেই নিজৰ চৰিত্ৰ গঢ়ি জীৱনত সফলতা লাভ কৰিব বিচাৰিছা , তেন্তে দুটা কথাৰ বিচাৰ তুমি সদায়েই কৰিবা ৷ সেয়া হ'ল কোনবোৰ কাম তোমাৰ সাধ্যৰ ভিতৰত আৰু কোনবোৰ তোমাৰ সাধ্যৰ অতীত ৷ --- ফ্ৰান্সিছ থমছন ৷

৬৯. প্ৰতিজন মানুহৰ মাজতেই আছে অসীম সম্ভাৱনা ৷ নিজৰ শক্তি – ক্ষমতাৰ ওপৰত আস্থা ৰাখিলে আৰু নিজৰ অন্তৰত চিৰ তাৰুণ্যৰ সোঁত বোৱাই ৰাখিলে মানুহে জীৱনত স্থিৰ কৰি থোৱা লক্ষ্যত উপনীত নোহোৱাৰ কোনো কাৰণ নাই ৷ নিজকে বাৰম্বাৰ এই কথাটোকেই ক’ব যে – এইটো নিৰ্ভৰ কৰে একান্তই মোৰ নিজৰ ইচ্ছা – অভিপ্ৰায়ৰ ওপৰত ৷ --- ফৰাছী সাহিত্যত নোবেল বটাঁ বিজয়ী আঁদ্ৰে জিদ ৷

৭০. জীৱনটোক বুজি পাবলৈ হ’লে পিছলৈ ঘূৰি চাব লাগিব সচাঁ কিন্তু জীৱন পথত আগুৱাই যাবলৈ হ’লে সদায় আগলৈহে দৃষ্টি ৰাখিব লাগিব ৷ ---চোৰেন কিয়েকগাৰ্ড ৷

৭১.  ক্রোধ মানুহৰ প্রধান শত্রু। ক্রোধ কৰা মানুহে যুদ্ধৰ বাহিৰে অন্য কামত ভাগ লব নোঁৱাৰে। - - -বাইবেল

৭২. আনক সমালোচনা কৰিবলৈ যোৱাৰ আগতে নিজক সমালোচনা কৰা ৷ নিজে শুদ্ধ আৰু পবিত্ৰ হ’ব পাৰিলেহে আনৰ বিষয়ে মতামত দিয়াৰ যোগ্যতা অৰ্জন কৰিব পাৰিবা ৷ ---- চক্ৰেটিচ

৭৩. আমি জীৱনটো ভাল পাওঁ এই কাৰণেই কাৰণ আমি প্ৰত্যেকেই প্ৰেমত অভ্যস্ত ৷ সকলো ধৰণৰ প্ৰেমতেই উন্মাদনা আছে আৰু আছে যুক্তি ৷ --- নীৎসে ৷

৭৪. বেদনাই হ’ল প্ৰেমৰ সৰ্বোচ্চ উপহাৰ ৷ --- কবিগুৰু ৰবীন্দ্ৰ নাথ ঠাকুৰ ৷

৭৫. যিটো জীৱনক প্ৰেমে প্ৰেৰণা দিয়ে , জ্ঞানে পথ দেখুৱাই , সেইটোৱেই হ’ল ভাল জীৱন ৷ --- বাৰ্ট্ৰাণ্ড ৰাছেল ৷

৭৬. কাহানিও ধৈৰ্য আৰু সাহস নেহেৰুৱাব ৷ হতাশ নহ’ব কাহানিও, যদি হতাশো হয় তেন্তে সেই অৱস্থাতেই একাগ্ৰতাৰে যন্ত্ৰবৎ কাম কৰি যাব ৷ --- বিখ্যাত ৰাজনীতিবিদ এডমাণ্ড বাৰ্ক ৷

৭৭. আন্ধাৰ আঁতৰাবলৈ যিদৰে পোহৰৰ প্ৰয়োজন তেনেদৰে ঘৃণা আঁতৰাবলৈ প্ৰয়োজন প্ৰেম ৷ --- মাৰ্টিন লুথাৰ কিং ৷

৭৮. তুমি য’লৈকে নোযোৱা কিয় বিলোৱা মাথোঁ প্ৰেম আৰু প্ৰেম ৷ --- মাদাৰ টেৰেছা ৷

৭৯. মহৎ কাৰ্য সমাধা কৰা ব্যক্তিসকলৰ ফালে এবাৰ চোৱাচোন ৷ দেখিবা তেওঁলোকে দুডাল লাখুটিৰ সহায়ত আগবাঢ়ি গৈছে – এডাল হ’ল উদ্যোগী মন আৰু আনডাল আদৰ্শ ৷ --- ছেমুৱেল বাটলাৰ ৷

৮০. কৰ্মত সাফল্য লাভ কৰিবলৈ যি সকলে আগ্ৰহী তেওঁলোকে ইচ্ছাকৃতভাৱে হওক বা অনিচ্ছাকৃতভাৱে হওক পুৱাৰ পৰা গধুলিলৈকে একেৰাহে নিজৰ কামত লাগি থাকিব লাগিব ৷ --- ছাৰ জছুৱা ৰেনল্ডছ ৷

৮১. আনে দেখা বস্তুবোৰ তুমিও দেখা , কিন্তু সেই বস্তুবোৰৰ বিষয়ে আনে চিন্তা নকৰা কথাবোৰ তুমি চিন্তা কৰা – তেতিয়া তুমি এটা নতুন বস্তু আৱিস্কাৰ কৰা ৷ --- এলবাৰ্ট গিয়ৰগাই ৷

৮২. তুমি যদি সদায় কেৱল বৰ্তমানৰ ওপৰত মনোযোগ নিবদ্ধ কৰিব পাৰা, তেন্তে তুমি এজন সুখী মানুহ হ’বা ৷ তুমি দেখিবা যে মৰুভূমিত জীৱন আছে , আকাশত তৰা আছে, জীৱনটো এটা উৎসৱ , কাৰণ আমি কেৱল এই মুহূৰ্তটোৰ কাৰণেহে জীয়াই আছো ৷ --- পল ৰবচন ৷

৮৩. এটা কথা মনত ৰাখিবা তুমি কি বা তোমাৰ কি আছে, তাৰ ওপৰত তোমাৰ সুখ নিৰ্ভৰ নকৰে ৷ তোমাৰ সুখ নিৰ্ভৰ কৰে তুমি কি চিন্তা কৰা তাৰ ওপৰতহে ৷ --- ডেল কাৰ্নেগী ৷

৮৪. ভালভাৱে জীৱন যাপন কৰিব বিচাৰিছা যদি সত্যক আকোঁৱালি লোৱা ৷ --- প্লেটো ৷

৮৫. অতি সাধাৰণ যেন লগা দৈনন্দিন জীৱনৰ সৰু সৰু ঘটনাৰাজিয়েই হ’ল জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰকৃত উৎস ৷ --- জেমছ এলেন ৷

৮৬. শিক্ষাই জীৱন, জীৱনেই শিক্ষা ৷ ----- লজ

৮৭. সকলো বস্তু কিনিছা কিনা। পৰাপক্ষত মাহেকত একোখন ভাল কিতাপ কিনিবা। --- যতীন্দ্র নাথ দুৱৰা

৮৮. সত্যক কেতিয়াও ঢাকি ৰাখিব নালাগে কাৰণ সত্যই অন্ধকাৰক ঘৃণা কৰে। --- মহাত্মা গান্ধী

৮৯. অকণমান সাহসৰ অভাৱতেই পৃথিবীৰ বহুতো প্রতিভাৰ অপচয় ঘটে। --- ছিডনি স্মিথ

৯০. যি নিজৰ দেশক ভাল নাপাই সি একোকে ভাল নাপায়। --- বাইৰণ

৯১ নিজক সদায় আনন্দত ৰাখিবা ৷ আনন্দময়, উৎসাহী আৰু শক্তিমানৰ কাৰণেহে জগতখন, দুৰ্বল, নিৰুৎসাহী মানুহৰ বাবে নহয় ৷ ----- ওমাৰ্চন

৯২ মই যেতিয়াই কেবা এক জটিল বিষয়ৰ ওপৰত লেখিব লগীয়াত পৰো, তেতিয়া আঁচনি তৈয়াৰ কৰি লওঁ ৷ যিমান পাৰি সিমান দ’কৈ বিষয়টোৰ সম্পৰ্কত কেইবা ঘণ্টা, আনকি বহু দিন পৰ্যন্তও চিন্তা কৰো আৰু শেষত বিষয়টোৰ চিন্তা সমূলি পৰিত্যাগ কৰো ৷ … আকৌ কেইমাহমানৰ পাছত বিষয়টোলৈ যেতিয়া পুনৰ সচেতনভাৱে ঘূৰি যাওঁ তেতিয়া দেখো যে সমস্যাটোৰ সমাধান হৈয়েই আছে ৷ এই কৌশলটো উদ্ভাৱন কৰাৰ আগতে মই প্ৰায়েই কাম অকণো আগবঢ়া নাই বুলি দুচিন্তাত ভুগি থাকিছিলো ৷ ফলত মোৰ কে’বাটাও দিন অথবা মাহ অবাবতে নষ্ট হৈছিল ৷ --- নৰ্মেন ভিনচেণ্ট পীল ৷

৯৩ .হাঁহিমুখে পৰাজয় বৰণ কৰা জনহে বিজেতা ।

  এলবাৰ্ট  হুৱ ।

৯৪. তুমি বৰফৰ দৰে নিষ্কলংক হ'লেও নিদাৰ হাত সাৰিব নোৱাৰিবা । শ্বেক্সপীয়েৰ

৯৫. তুমি তোমাৰ লক্ষ্যত উপনীত হ'বলৈ হ্রদয়ক সাহসী কৰি তোলা, তেতিয়া দেখিবা যে তুমি কেতিয়াবা  অকৃতার্য নোহোৱা । --শ্বেক্সপীয়েৰ

৯৬. অতি দৰ্পৰ কাৰণে ৰাৱণ মৰিল , অভিমানৰ কাৰণে কৌৰব সকলৰ বিনাশ হ'ল । অতি দানৰ কাৰণে বালিয়ে পাতাললৈ গ'ল । গতিকে সকলোৰে অতিমাত্ৰা গৰ্হিত আৰু নিন্দনীয় ।  চানক্য

৯৭. নিজকে  সদায় আনন্দত ৰাখিবা, আনদময় উৎসাহী আৰু শক্তিমানৰ কাৰণেহে এই জগতখন, দুর্বলীৰ বাবে নহয় ।

-- এমাৰ্চন

৯৮.  সংগীতে মনক আনন্দ প্ৰদান কৰে আৰু শান্তি দিয়ে যি

স্বাস্থ্যৰ বাবে উপকাৰী।    ----ভিক্টৰ  হিগো ।

৯৯. কথা কম হৈ কব, কাম বেছিকৈ কৰিবা, আনক উপদেশ কমকৈ দিবা সৎ লোকৰ উপদেশ  বেছিকৈ শুনিবা ।

--- ছক্ৰেটিছ

১০০. যি মানুহে বিপদক ভয় কৰে তেনে মানুহক বিপদে কেতিয়াও লগ এৰা নিদিয়ে ।

---- জৰ্জ  বাৰ্ণাডশ্ব ।

১০১. পাৰিলে সজ কথা আলোচনা কৰিব  নহ'লে মনে মনে থাকিবা ।

--- পাইথাগোৰাচ

১০২. আনে তোমাক সহায় কৰিব নোৱাৰে । তুমি তোমাৰ নিজেই সহায় হোৱা ।

---- বুদ্ধদেৱ ।

অসমীয়া ফঁকৰা যোজনা  (Great Assamese Proverbs)

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  2. Ananda Chandra Agarwala
  3. Padmanath Gohain Barua
  4. Syed Abdul Malik
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