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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

#distractionquotes #mindquotes #jitudasquotes #philosophyquotes #lifehacks

#jitudasquotes #philosophyquotes #distractionquotes

If the mind is quite and calm then you have found your way to success in life. Mind does not get calm very often in this ever distracting world and social media have made it worse and if you don't not reflect on how much time and energy you are wasting on social media, useless conversation, worrying about something rather than doing something about it, then you are gonna regret it later. Every minute wasted is sixty precious seconds of this one time life. The value of time is known to all and yet we are taking it so lightly that people are wasting so much of their time doing nothing worthwhile, while they think about doing something all the time. It's easy and comfortable to think about things you want to do , it's easy to plan something, to wish to do something, but when it comes to do that in reality we shy away from it, we procrastinate and procrastinate until we forget about our whole plan. The question I ask myself all the time how do I focus on the things I should be doing rather doing meaningless things because the time is very limited in life because we are not medicine that have a expiry date, everything is uncertain and it is very important that you realize and work toward actualization of our dreams. The chaos is forever trying to break down everything and it takes a great amount of effort from your side to survive and strive in life, still so many hurdles will come towards you and it will also take love and care from your family and friends to fight with it. #jitudasphilosophy #jitudasblog #jitudasquotes

Sunday, 17 February 2019

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Friday, 15 February 2019

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