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If you have been suffering for too long, you no longer need to. If you have been living a victim role, you need to get out of it. If you have been living without your own design, you need to rebuild your life, and if you follow the readymade design of life suggested by others, you are going to suffer internally a great deal of amount. This suffering will grow into an existential crisis.

If you don't want to suffer from this existential crisis, then you stop and disconnect yourself from everyone for a day or two, and really think about your life, about this one-time grand experience. Think about how does your life looks like, do you like it what is in your life. It's like designing anything, first you have to remove everything from what are you about to design, then you select the clutter, good for nothing things and remove them permanently, then select the important items, things, and put them at the places YOU WANT THEM TO BE , things should be put on their place, even the important ones. After that, it's all about who you are and what kind of things you like, what you love, search for these things and get them and fill your life, your place with vibrant life energy.

Before and After Drawing Room design

For the last past six months, I have been studying a lot of room designing, from color design, living room design, bedroom design, bed placement, sleep direction, feng-shui items, House plants for air-purification, carpets, curtains, etc. So, this whole experience gave me more of an insight into how to design your things and how to enhance life. I thought about this and this has boosted my mind like nothing else, I have understood now how you have the power to enhance your life with designing. I trust myself more now since my room designing has been very successful, I am actually surprised that the living room could be this beautiful. But I want to talk about the problems I faced while designing the living room, first of all, selecting the colors and these have to match with each other. Then getting wall stickers, collecting house plants, carpets, Changing the placement of sofa, table, tv. Whole designs took too much of my energy convincing the family because they have no much clue about Vastu, fen-Shui, neither any modern design idea.

This experience has been one of the most fruitful experience because I have learned to trust myself, trust my vision, trusted what I knew as best.

It's not about designing the living room, that I am actually talking about, it's about designing your life, your days, your weeks. It's about having a vision of what kind of life you want and trusting your inner wisdom along with earned knowledge.
But I used to trust other's design more than my own Wisdom and I suffered for a long time. But one recent experience that left me with no choice but trusting myself.
the most impactful experience that I had between January 19 to March19. Impactful because this might be one of the mindsets changing the experience I ever had. But I had to suffer terribly and I got badly depressed, but there were some people who gave me the best support and I will never be able to forget them.

Let me tell you briefly what happened, On December 2018, my friends told me they run in the evening near Pathsala railway station, so I joined them a few days later, and started running and walking them with for the whole month, It was great fun, it was a mood-boosting experience. But after the month, on January 19, I noticed that, my skin from the feet was coming out, then the skin of both feet started peeling off, I was concerned immediately, I searched online, wrote down the symptoms, It showed that Athlete's foot, I searched and searched and read a lot, watched videos on youtube, everywhere it said I had Athlete's foot, once I was sure it was Athlete's foot, I searched for treatment, at first home remedy, because I was afraid to get medicine on my own searching online !!

All the creams that I was prescribed for Athlete's foot 

But anyway, I consulted with the doctor in my neighborhood, who gave me Nizral cream, I used it didn't work. Then I used garlic with hot water, It didn't worked much, or my parents were against it that I was treating myself with the help of online.. So people have this distrust about getting help online for medical consultation. Well, I had to suffer for two months getting a consultation from a good dermatologist in my town and Guwahati city. So, it was an eye-opening experience that made me understood, how famous dermatologist misdiagnosed and behaved very rudely because I told him that I had Athlete's foot, Dr. Baruah got offended so bad, he asked me if I knew English, I was like, Whaaaat !, I mean I know I am not expert in English, but I have studied for the last 9 years in English medium, from Higher secondary, did Masters in Zoology, currently doing B.Ed, Teacher's training course in English. I have been writing this blog from 2012 in most blogposts English, Assamese, Hindi poems, some poems in Bangla.

Anyway, I am not perfect and nobody is. I have so much to learn. After getting medicine of about 1000 ₹ from Guwahati, I returned home and used the Dr. Barua's suggested medicine, Dr. Reddy's Venusia,. which was a moisturing lotion, I used a couple of times and guess what it didn't work, how could it, Athlete's foot worsens with moisture, the feet should be kept dried. Well, Athlete's foot caused because of using the same shoes every day, because of the sweat and moisture, athlete's foot causing fungus was born there and that's how I got them, but according to this well known Dr. it was caused by pressure !!. Well guess what it didn't, I just wasted my day and my money.

Anyway then I consulted three doctors, none of their suggested medicine worked.

One of the Doctor actually changed his diagnosis after I showed him the photos, which was kind of interesting, but he gave the wrong creams such as Clindamycin Phosphate Gel, which is treated for acne. The other 3 doctors gave creams such asbl Tezcort -3S, which is used to reduce the itching and inflammation in scalp and skin infections, which was not related to Athlete's foot.
Then there was this Luliconazole cream 1 % w/w, Luliconazole is used to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Luliconazole is an azole antifungal that works by preventing the growth of the fungus. Which was the proper medicine, but it didn't work for me. It worked in the case of my brother's jock itch.

After all those, I was actually disappointed and depressed. But then I consulted my relative Doctor, who has a Mch degree in Heart surgery, who told me to take Ketoconazole Tablets, I took 10 tablets from Micro Labs brand, and shocker !! hell it didn't work.

Now, I was tired of suffering for two months, I couldn't walk properly, It was painful, and I had to go and teach in Ganakpukhuri High School near Pathsala for four months, for two months I walked slowly in school and in pain. It was awful !! I missed a friend's marriage, I didn't go out much unless I had to! All of these had a toll on me, but one tv serial kept my mood great, it was Star Bharat's Radhakrishna, I binge-watched the whole 100 episodes on Hotstar, it kept my mood balanced and it's also a great Tv series, but it got a little dragging after 150 episodes for me, anyway it helped me in toughest situation.

After all the attempts consulting the medical doctors, Athlete's foot was not cured. I was tired of listening to others, my parents. I wanted to try home remedies, but they wouldn't let me, like a good obedient son, I listened to them, and after consulting five doctors and all of them failed, I was like fuck all that, I need to trust myself now, nothing else matters. I decided to listen myself from now on, and if I fail that's fine and then I will take help.

Vitamin E capsule

I was not going to look for medical consultation anymore !! And that day, I stumbled upon E Vitamin capsule my sister was using for her face skin, Then I searched for the benefits of E Vitamin, by then I was searching a lot about skin disease, and voila, in some article, it was written that E Vitamin helps in treating Athlete's foot, I saw hope, I searched more about vitamin deficiency and Skin problems, Vitamin E and Athlete's foot, and I tried on that very day, Just cut the capsule and put it on the foot. I put it at night, next morning, I was so surprised and happy, my skin in the foot was showing the signs of healing. Then I used 2 capsules every day, and every day it got a little better, never felt in my life, I was so grateful, I was so grateful to Mahadeva, I thanked him with my heart. Then after one week I was cured, and I smiled and all the heavy clouds have left my sky, now beautiful blue sky !! I was so calm and relaxed. Finally, after two months I was cured, my sufferings had ended now.

This whole experience had forced me to trust myself, to value my own wisdom, my own conscience. And I have been devaluing myself all my life, putting down myself, I don't want to blame anyone, it was my own belittling me, that's what mattered and most badly influenced my life, career. Still, I struggle with confidence and self-esteem, but I have gained a lot of self-awareness, about who I really am, and what lies within me, what potential I hold, all I have to do is trust myself to achieve any goal. Trusting your gut, your inner wisdom works, it does. But I knew all of it, wrote thousands of quotes about love, life, and many things, but without application, knowledge is meaningless. Knowledge is truly meaningless if it's not used. Knowing what you wish to do with your life is not enough, you have to go towards it without letting anyone distract you or misdirect you on a different path in life. Your life must be designed by you, you are the architect of your life and your life is the architecture. Here, you shouldn't let anyone change your vision of life.

After learning to trust myself, after starting to believe myself, I am following my gut a lot and it is changing my life. Though I am not saying you shouldn't listen to anyone else, you should take guidance from others only when you don't what to do , but after having a clear goal, don't even bother.

If I learned anything from the treatment of Athlete's foot and Home interior designing and all other things from hobbies to friends, to starting a conservation NGO that....


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