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A lesson in love movie review by Jitu Das film reviews

A lesson in love is a Swedish romantic comedy film which I watched recently shocked me, made me realize how much I don't know about the world even though knowing them, I don't know much. A lesson in love is not just a comedy but also a tragedy, there is no protagonist here just like in life. Noone is hero, noone is perfect. The story revolves around a charming gynecologist David Erneman and his beautiful,strong wife Eva. Its been 15 years they have been together, they have a son and a daughter. But after his wife finds about the new fling he had with a young wom named Susanne, they are on the verge of divorce. David knew all of these going to happen, but people are no perfect and nomatter how much they know they are going to make mistakes. David despise himself for this. He breaks up with Susanne and rushes away from the chamber to fix his marriage, but will his wife going to forgive him !
A lesson in love is not just a romantic comedy, it also has deep message, existential crisis in it just like all the other movies of Ingmar Bergeman, Wild Strawberries, The Seventh Seal, both of them are really gloomy and not for everyone unless one is in existential crisis and willing to play chess with Death for life.

Ingmar Bergmann also shows the inconsequential nature of everything that we don't love, but what we love, whom we love is always going to be in our mind nomatter what we do.  A lektion in Karlek ( A lesson in love ) is a liberal movie and it shows the independence , a woman can have, it also makes huge blunder of promoting smoking, which I specifically hated about the movie. But is there any lesson in the film,if you are expecting find the meaning of love, life, and what should we do with our lives, you can't find it in one book or in film, it is just an endless journey and not a destination and the mystery of life, love never ends. #movie


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