A hidden life 2019 -An awe inspiring spiritual movie by Terence Malick

A hidden life by Terrence Malick is a masterpiece of cinematography, a unique style of storytelling you could find in most of movies. This movie feels so much closer to his movie The tree of life in it's spirit.
A hidden life is based on a true story about a Austrian farmer who refused to fight for Nazi during world war II and suffers the cruelty of the Nazi rule for not obeying. But the story is inspiring because one must do what he feels right by his heart, no matter what obstacles may stand.
The camera movement is so beautiful in the movie, the order and beauty in many frames, the moving scenes of the nature makes a three hour long movie so relaxing. The faithfulness and strength in one's belief of the farmers and his wife even amidst of the chaos, war and ridicule of others is truly spectacular and awe inspiring.

All is one -spiritual poem by Jitu Das peoms 2021

Disney's Soul is a meaningful movie about our dreams and passion of life

Disney's Soul is one of the most refreshing movie made recently, because it uplifts the spirit with the amazing music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.
Disney's Soul is a meaningful movie about our dreams and passion of life !
In a world of soul crushing competition, we simply forget to enjoy living, living which is the very essential part of life, everything else is secondary even though important !!


What is Five Kingdom Classification in Assamese -পঞ্চৰাজ্য বৰ্গীকৰণ পদ্ধতি কি ?

পাঁচ ৰাজ্যৰ শ্ৰেণীবিভাজন ব্যৱস্থাই জীৱক তেওঁলোকৰ বৈশিষ্ট্যৰ ওপৰত ভিত্তি কৰি পাঁচটা প্ৰধান ৰাজ্যত ভাগ কৰে:  কিংডম মনেৰা: ইয়াত প্ৰ'কেৰিয়...