The first poem of Sankardeva is just wonderful

There is sayings that, just by learning the Assamese letters,he wrote a beautiful poem,which is still a wonder for many scholars. It was sign that,he held great talent within him, which changed the entire society of assam for good .

The poem he wrote was-

Karatala kamla , kamaladala nayana
Vabadaha-dahan gahana bayana sayana
Kharatara barakhara hatadakha badana
Khagasara nagadhra fanadhra sayana
Napara napara para saratar gamaya
Savaya mabhaya mama harasata taya
Jaga daghamapa hara vaba vaya tarana
Para pada laya kara kamalaja nayan

Why you should not be ignorant in life part 1 by Jitu Das Motivation

Why you are ignorant or why anybody is ignorant ? Being ignorant is the main problem in life. Nowadays everybody knows everything but why people are feeling anxiety, restless and depression more than ever ? Why people are more busy in Facebook than real life ? Why there is poverty, why there is no happiness or spirit of the soul ? Why there is no love only sex ? No matter how much you know, there is always more to know, but that doesn't mean that you know nothing. It's not about how much you know, it's about how much you are ignorant. Ask yourself what you are ignoring right now, is it your health, is it your dreams or is it your family.

Health :

No matter what I do, I take naps 3 times a day and it has changed my life. Do you take naps ? If yes, then you are good to your health. If not, then you are wasting your good health. You might as well know health is wealth, but how many actually really believe that. Do you ? Well to be honest with you, I didn't think it that way, until one day I realized when I looked myself that I was not looking very healthy. I was spending 18 hours a day on various activities without a break and this process went for more than 4 years and I always felt a mild pain behind my left eye and being ignorant as hell I kept suffering from that pain. Why was I ignorant ? Since I acknowledged the situation, I am feeling better now, I have been going to bed early and waking up early. For many years I was ignoring my health, which was because I was ignorant of my condition, I thought I was healthy but I wasn't.

The only way to change your life the way you want to is stop being ignorant and acknowledging your greatness. Everybody is made of the same precious materials, but only a few acknowledge that they have all the precious resources within. The only thing that keeps a man working like slave all his life is the ignorance of one's uniqueness. There is ,there must be something within me, something within you. You must believe that, don't let others decide your value. What you are is not how much money others are offering right now. And it is your duty to be your own captain, it is your right to decide how much money you deserve in life. It's not just money, it's everything. What you think you deserve, you get. What do you think you deserve in life ? Do you think that you deserve the best in life or just second hand is enough.

Money :

Why some people are satisfied with little amount of money, it's because they are satisfied with it or just adjusted their whole life around that little amount of money. They simply ignore the fact that their life is passing by and their dreams are dying but they are playing it safe and satisfied with that little money. They say it's not about money and money doesn't buy happiness, but it's not true. Money can get you anywhere you want to go right now in the world. If you have the money, you can fulfill your desires and what are you if you don't work for desires. What is life without our dreams, desires and hopes. Everything is possible, everything that is possible to get, you can get it. But you have to stop being ignorant about yourself, your dreams and desires. First acknowledge your dreams, focus on your desires. If you are not doing that you are only feeling bad for your self but not doing anything about it. Poverty is the worst thing in the world, work hard, work smart to build yourself up to a level that you don't have to worry about whether you afford it or not. So stop being ignorant about your situation in life and ask yourself , What is your goal in life ? Is it dying with unfulfilled desires or is it dying with all your dreams and desires fulfilled.


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