Inspirational Hollywood movies

1. Yes man is one of the most inspiring film. It inspires you to be positive in life, to say yes to things you want to do ,but you fear to fail.

2. Bruce Almighty is really a great a family must watch.

3. Leap year is a very beautiful film about life. Its a refreshing film.What I love about the film is that its full of natural landscapes of Ireland. Its an romantic comedy,surely you will enjoy, do not listen to the rotten tomatoes. What I think that the message of the film is that life should be simple and full of life not only showy stuffs. I loved the beautiful Dingle peninsula. I got astonished seeing the ake superstitions about the cat. The soundtrack list of the film is just great,it helps the scenes understand clearly.

4.  50-50 is a beautiful film. One thing that makes this so amazing,that is its soundtracks, The songs perfectly match the scenes.I enjoyed this film more than 500 days of summer. This film taught me that there is always be some people when you are going through bad time. The soundtrack list of this films is just amazing,you will get into the film.

5.In the beginning of the film 500 days of summer, it tells clearly that its not a love story, its a story of a boy meets  a girl, The film tells you, not to have a belief someone is meant for you. There are no miracles,there is no fate, there is nothing is meant to be. Coincidence all that is, its about  timing that is working everywhere in earth and in the universe. There is no soul mate, there is only person of that have same likes and dislikes. The horoscope is a fraud to fool people in need of something like job,career,love etc. I think that if you want to find the girl of your dream, you just have to be observant a little bit, you will find the girl of your dream,where your interest lies. For example, if you love books, you will meet her in the bookstores or somewhere related this place. You will find  the girl that will love you in the places where you love going.

5. The descendants is a academy award nominated film for 4 categories in 2011 and for me the best film about life in 2011. The descendants is very successful in portraying a messed up  family in Hawaii,where the mother got accident in a boat, and she is about to die,where elder daughter  is addicted to drugs, and a 10 year old scotty.Where the father is trying to maintain the family. 
    What I loved about the film was watching the beauty of Hawaii. In the whole film,there was a  breeze was flowing and guitar tunes Jeff Peterson and Hawaiian songs.

6. Little Manhattan is a very beautiful has also one of the greatest soundtrack that match the scenes of the film. I think the message was to be honest and open with each other in relationships. Some time not talking with each other  rots a relationship.Talking is very important. I wrote about that in my most famous post my idea of a happy family Talking is one of the most important thing in a relationship,if you do not talk with your family just for an day even if you are in the same home,its effects the relationship,it does not matter how slightly. Little Manhattan is full of beautiful soundtracks.

7. Flashback of a fool is also a film about life.All these film I listed are films that captured the real life in picture. Daniel Craig portrays an actor Joe Scot: who was successful,but later,his life became messy. May be it was because of his suppressed memories of childhood.Where something happened with him,later he goes to to this home, and reconcile with his family.In the end  Joe Scot realize and thinks," When I was a child I used to think that being brave meant that you had to take ownership. That to have a dream and to move forward in life you needed courage. But the only thing you need courage for is for standing still."

8. AMERICAN BEAUTY is one of the great film is one of the greatest film that gives the messages that happiness lies in the love. Without love you can not find happiness  in the stuff or in the money.

9. LIAR LIAR inspires you tell only truth, telling truth you can make your life more beautiful,because truth is itself beautiful. 

10. " LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE  "inspires us to never stop trying. It inspires us to be who we are already.

 All these films are tells you that we must love our families,friends and neighbor. There is nothing that is perfect or could be perfect. So,we must never expect for utopia,paradise or a perfect society. At day,we need warm and light of sun and at night we dark to rest. I believe that,in life we need both happiness and sadness. What we call a person ,who is always happy,singing,laughing,we call them mad. Because, we need not laugh all day,or party all night.We need to be what the environment recommend. At daytime,we need to work,at night, we should sleep.There is no need to party all night,drink alcohol and get hangover. Why do something,that you are gonna regret doing in the future.Do something that your future thanks you for. So, whenever you get time watch these beautiful films.



Why save the tigers by Jitu Das

Lion, Cheetah and Tiger

Tiger is the national animal of India.After lion tiger is the most powerful and calm animal animal. We also know tiger as a king of jungle. The owner of the royal body structure, sharp teeth and strong jaw, tiger is one of the most beautiful animal in the world. Tiger is not only a majestic animal, it is such an great animal that it plays a great role in keeping the ecosystem healthy and diversified.
           In the beginning of  20th century, in India, there were more than 30 thousand tiger in my country India. But, in the census of 1972, the number of tiger was found to be only 1872. From 1972 to 2012, the decreasing number of Tiger shows that tiger is now at the risk of being extinct.
From 1972 -2012, the number of tiger found in the census------
         YEAR                  NUMBER OF TIGER
  • 1972                     1827
  • 1979                     3015
  • 1984                     4005
  • 1989                     4334 
  • 1993                     3750
  • 1997                     3508  
  • 2001-2002           3542
  • 2006-2007           2438
  • 2009                     1411
  • 2010                     1706
  • 2012                     1700     
 The decreasing number creates worries in the mind of people who loves this animal. It also concerns the scientists, because we human have caused extinction of many animals. From the rich biodiversity of India, Indian CheetahPink-headed_Duck have already gone extinct,because of hunting,poaching etc. The main reason behind the decreasing number of tiger is us,because people have been always hunting and poaching tiger for fun. The current population of India is more than 121 crore. the population explosion has caused the deforestation, cutting of hilly areas, which minimized the residence of tigers. The decreasing of habit has caused many problems in their food, reproduction, which also minimized their population. As the people started to live in the habitat of the tiger, the tiger-human conflicts increased and in every conflicts tiger gets killed.In some cases people even eat the flesh of tiger foolishly believing that it will make them stronger. As the habitat area is decreasing, the food scarcity is also occurring, thats why tigers come out and search for food, as people have started living near the forests and hilly areas, people often happen to see tiger searching for food, but when they see a tiger, most people get panicked and kill the tiger.In some tragic cases,they also kill the cubs. People are so messed in their life in the city by unbearable pollution,heat,sound and business,that most people are angry for some reason,because the environment is not a healthy residential place. That is why most crime happens in the city, not in the villages. Why day by day psychos are increasing ? Is this a product of modern city ?
Its 2013 now, we are civilized enough to know to respect the nature and other animals. The ecosystem is like a chain of pearls, if one pearl disappears, it may not effect much, if one by one it disappears, then the it will not be a balanced chain anymore. Some people may say, natures controls everything, why we need to save tigers. But, they don not know about how tiger helps maintaining the balance of the ecosystem of the forest and thus of the whole world. The deceasing number is because when people found a tiger, the kill it, instead of calling zoo or forest departments. 
    So, the decreasing number of tiger is because of 4 reasons-

  •  Scarcity of food
  •  Scarcity of habitat
  •  poaching & hunting 
  •  tiger-human conflicts      

 Tiger is the top carnivorous  animal of the food chain of jungles and forests. The adequate number of tiger in a forest indicates the balanced ecosystem in the forest. The reasons why should save the tigers ----

  • First it keeps the number ungulates*( deer, buffalo, pigs etc) controlled. 
  • Second it keeps the other animals protected, because of the presence of tiger in forest makes the jungle somehow scary,so people do not enter jungles at will. Well, its different in the case of poachers.
  • The main reason why we should save the tiger because if this way the number of tigers keeps decreasing,it will go extinct.
  • If the top carnivore of jungle tiger go extinct,then there will be no main  predator of the ungulates,  so in the absence of tiger, the number of deer, buffalo, pigs, etc. The increasing number of ungulates will decrease the grass,plants of the world. Then one day when grass goes fully extinct, the ungulates will have scarcity of food.So at last  the will also go extinct. In the condition where there is no grass and ungulates we could not survive. So, we will go extinct too.
  •  In Mauritius of Africa, when the Dodo bird went extinct due to the excessive hunting by the sailors coming to the 
  •  Mauritius, ( officially the Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometers off the south east coast of the African continent.), one plant called ecisus also got extinct.
  •  Extinction of one  animal can always lead to extinction of other animal.If the tiger goes extinct, then the herbivores will go also go extinct. If this way food chain becomes unbalanced then one day all animal will be in endangered. 
  • For all these above reasons, we should save tiger. The habitat of tiger is jungles and forests, to save the tiger we have save the jungles,  Total fore Deforestation, mainly conversion of forests to agricultural land, is continuing at an alarmingly high rate. Forest area decreased worldwide by 0.22% per year in the period 1990-2000 and 0.18% per year between 2000 and 2005. However it is slightly slower down by the planting of new forests and natural expansion.By attempting to save tiger we would save forests too, this is how we protects other endangered animals too. By saving forests and planting new forest we can minimize the global warming, which is a global problem.  
  • So, it is necessary to saving  tigers not for the sake of tigers or us,but for the whole world.
  • Thank you for reading, Please share this post with your friends. 

What causes cancer actually by Jitu Das

A lot people are dying in cancer.mostly old people aged 65 or above. There are more than 200 types cancer having  different  symptoms ,causes and treatments.There were an estimated 12.7 million cancer cases around the world in 2008, of these 6.6 million cases were in men and 6.0 million in women. This number is expected to increase to 21 million by 2030. Lung cancer is the most  occurring  cancer in man and in case of woman, breast  cancer is very often. The causes of cancer can be different in different people.What is cancer ? Cancer is the abnormal growth of tissues caused by cell division malfunction. Some scientists says that the genes that  controls the cell division get mutated by ultra-violet rays, tobacco, smoking,overweight,red-meat etc.
If there is old people dies,one of three dies of cancer. The others die from strokes,high pressure etc.Most old people are dying from the throat cancer. In most cases,cause of throat cancer is Tobacco( pan-masala).

But what are the causes of  increasing  number of cancer ??
1. The main cause is our life-style.
2. Tobacco
3. Alcohol damages the liver cells, which results jaundice, and then the chance of pancreatic cancer increases.
4. Junk foods,fast foods create a chance ulcer,which if untreated creates stomach cancer.
5. Ultra-violet ray,x-ray exposure is regarded as main cause of cancer. Because genes can be mutated by these rays.
6. Most gene mutations are bad for the body. 
8. Lack of physical work :- As the years passing, human are loosing the need for physical works, we want a robot that mops our floor. We don't wash our cloths, we have washing for that, we eat more cream, cease, thanks to the refrigerator, we can store them. The company are always advertising drinking cold drink is cool, Why on earth we need to drink cold drinks, its not that we don't know that its bad for health. 20 years ago there was not this much of supermarket, and 20 years ago there were not this much of obese, diabetic, heart disease having people.The rising number of coronary heart diseases are because of sitting on asses. Now people don't feel anything. There is heater in winter and air cooler in spring. You don't to sweat at all, there is also deodorizer, which will block the seat glands of your arm pit for hours. That Is not natural at all. To be perfect is the most nonhuman, we are homo sapiens ,we must not forget that, we are also an animal, who can think,imagine,talk and adapt himself or the environment. We must not live in limits, we must be curious to find the answers out life,god and universe. 

How to be fearless of uncertain future ? by Jitu Das

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 So whats the problem you are facing,you can tell me !, I don't know, how heavy your problem is or you are finding it hard to carry on. It may give you the helpless feeling. But don't worry, helpless feeling comes by when you have no idea how to  face the problems of your life. But don't worry or panic, you can always get the ideas and solve your problems and be happy again.  I felt helplessness  before, I mean  years ago. 
Actually my problem was born with me. The helplessness was growing on me, but I must tell you that I never give in to my helpless, Always my inside was helping me to grow, What was in my inside, My inside was filled with the great inspiring stories and films. In my school life I was alone, no friends , after school, I come home watch films on t.v. There I  found myself. I kept watching films from that day and learning new lessons everyday. These lessons are changing me everyday, everyday  I feel like new me. To tell you truth I have always wanted to become a writer in somewhere in the deep of my heart, but everybody was talking about becoming me a doctor, so I was kind of lost trying to become a doctor, but I knew myself when I started to read books of philosophy, I was moved by reading the book '' 
The importance of living by Lin Yutang ,In that book I learned many lessons about living 
well with natural environment.  Here my purpose is to make your life beautiful sharing what I learned from my life   experiences.

 Now a days everybody is afraid of future. The only thing that can stop you from achieving what you desire is the fear of failing. The fucking fear of uncertainty of future makes your present worse. Every great philosophers agrees to the idea of knowing yourself. You can know yourself trying doing different world, the work you want to do for fun is the work you are born to do. There are so many work fields in the world. When you enjoy what you day, you can do great works, great work is measured as the number of people get inspiration, idea or help by your work.

Every great workers did what they loved, even people laughed at them. Galileo Galilei   was made blind because he made a telescope and showed the people the stars in the sky. People got shocked and thought that he is evil or satan. Copernicus said that it is earth that revolves around the sun, not sun. People laughed at him.Its now a fact.

My point is don't be afraid to express your true self, you are born unique, don't try to copy, be oneself, be original.

Most people live in many identity, they behave differently in different places. I think a person should be oneself everywhere. The so called shyness, fearfulness, religions are  taught behaviors, Many people feel shy to talk to opposite sexes, many feel shy to look at someone in the eyes, all these taught behaviors made our life complicated. A boy found his love of life, being a shy boy taught by ethics, he never spoke to that girl, and then the girl was proposed by an another boy, then the  girl got married to that boy, this is happening everyday somewhere in the world. To do anything, to move forward,to improve or  to progress, you must overcome the fear of uncertain future. When you let go of the thoughts of uncertain future, your life will easy, peaceful and interesting. I learned this lesson from my journey I did in the last week. You should never be afraid of  your or other's future, in fact you should be afraid of nothing, even if you fear  you can not do something, believe me there is nothing you can't do,if you have a strong will to do it. Never worry what is gonna happen to you in the tomorrow, because today you just have enough  things to worry about.

            You have to let go of the fear of uncertain future.   What is the fear of uncertain future ? The fear that makes you stop moving towards your goal, keeping you busy feeding thoughts of negative probability, is what I call as fear of uncertain future. Everybody is afraid of uncertain future, but don't really recognize it. That's why most students wants to go to the line of medical or engineering, where future is certain, both these lines secures a certain future. But that's not life is all about. Many people from my relatives tells me studying a general line is riskier, well, there is a great saying that trying to play life safe is the riskiest game ever. No one can ever exactly know what will happen in the future, so it is just mind torturing to worry about that. You should know that nothing is certain. So do time. Time is not certain. The very idea we have about the time is not a clock, we just measure it in the watch. Now, we have the digital watch, nano watch, where 10 billionth of a  second can be measured. What is time then ? Time is assumed to be started when big-bang occurred. From the law of relativity, we know time is relative or uncertain and that why every next second is uncertain, indeed, here I am uncertain about what my next sentence will be. So, its just foolish to fear the uncertain future. In fact, its good that future is uncertain, because it means we can make our future, as the way we like it. 

The errors of modern society by Jitu Das

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Rich people wasting food, poor are eating that !

I think that day by day society is becoming more mechanical in mind and heart. Everywhere I see people with a phone in their hand. There is a whole world of internet, people, community. Everything on net is digital, image, books are digitalized. Thousand of different software for different purposes. I can't believe sometime what human have achieved and we are contiously developing in science & technology. Without machines, our progress is nothing. Machines are everywhere, from the turbain, nucler reactor which provides us elctrictiy, the TROLL which is gas cracker in Norway, and it provides gas supply to whole Europe. Machines are everywhere. Machines are the inventions of great minds which are made for one common purpose that is to please human. Machines such as Aeroplane, helicopters are made for to fulfil our very desire to fly like the bird in the sky, they also changed the concept the vastness of our planet earth. The speed is what determines the distance. Now, jet aeroplanes has made us able to travel around the world in a week or less. Aeroplanes have really changed the world. Travelling around the world is not a big deal if you have capital or money. However, travelling around the world is still dream for who are curious. You see, not everyone is seriously interested in that. Most people thinks that it is impossible. If you are both curious and brave enough to travell around the world, don't tell about it to the people who are not curious. 

What I want to say is that even though we are so much advanced, we have the schools. College and universities, but why we have no institution where we can learn to enjoy life with a mind free from ego & jealousy. Now everyone has a degree, of the non-practical education. What I feel about today's world that the capatalists waste food, electricity,paper, cloths. The industries owned by the capatalists don't give a damn about environment. While rich people wastes those above things. In India, everyyear more than 150 people dies of coldness. In my state Assam its temp is avg. 8 degree celcius. Our country India have the 2nd largest populated country in the world. Its more than 121 crore. people and 32 % of the 121 crore are living BPL. Its very sad and may be obvious. I don't know all the reasons of proverty of Asia and Africa. The main reason, I think , is lack of confidence, curiosity and wisdom. Japan is in 2nd position in the economic field, how ? Even though 2 atom bombs were dropped. What inspired the Japanese to achieve such level. I found in a article that a research was done and found that Japan has translated all the great books of world in their langugae. A great book is what above all inspire a person to become self reliable. After gaining self -confidence the people improved their life, when the people try to improve themself by practical education, a country can prosper. 

I think, it does not matter not being practical. In our education system, one who memorize notes is given good grades. I think it does not matter how much a person knows unless he or she makes other people knowledgable too. William Sakespear said that don't let others know what you learning. I hate that quote because if the scientists would thought like that, we would have done no progress. Sharing is one of the greatest thing you can do. What I see about the society that people do not like share a smile, a looking in the eyes of each other. 20 years ago, the nighboures were regarded as family. Now, everybody is busy, stressed, fucked and messed up. People are getting obese,diabetic. The teenager are getting addicted to drugs. But this is not the whole image, the news channel and paper only tells us what bad happened today. There is no good news, good people on the t.v. There is no inspiring serials in tv. Films are seems all about action and adventure. Films has a direct impacts on the society. 


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