Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to be fearless of uncertain future ? by Jitu Das

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 So whats the problem you are facing,you can tell me !, I don't know, how heavy your problem is or you are finding it hard to carry on. It may give you the helpless feeling. But don't worry, helpless feeling comes by when you have no idea how to  face the problems of your life. But don't worry or panic, you can always get the ideas and solve your problems and be happy again.  I felt helplessness  before, I mean  years ago. 
Actually my problem was born with me. The helplessness was growing on me, but I must tell you that I never give in to my helpless, Always my inside was helping me to grow, What was in my inside, My inside was filled with the great inspiring stories and films. In my school life I was alone, no friends , after school, I come home watch films on t.v. There I  found myself. I kept watching films from that day and learning new lessons everyday. These lessons are changing me everyday, everyday  I feel like new me. To tell you truth I have always wanted to become a writer in somewhere in the deep of my heart, but everybody was talking about becoming me a doctor, so I was kind of lost trying to become a doctor, but I knew myself when I started to read books of philosophy, I was moved by reading the book '' 
The importance of living by Lin Yutang ,In that book I learned many lessons about living 
well with natural environment.  Here my purpose is to make your life beautiful sharing what I learned from my life   experiences.

 Now a days everybody is afraid of future. The only thing that can stop you from achieving what you desire is the fear of failing. The fucking fear of uncertainty of future makes your present worse. Every great philosophers agrees to the idea of knowing yourself. You can know yourself trying doing different world, the work you want to do for fun is the work you are born to do. There are so many work fields in the world. When you enjoy what you day, you can do great works, great work is measured as the number of people get inspiration, idea or help by your work.

Every great workers did what they loved, even people laughed at them. Galileo Galilei   was made blind because he made a telescope and showed the people the stars in the sky. People got shocked and thought that he is evil or satan. Copernicus said that it is earth that revolves around the sun, not sun. People laughed at him.Its now a fact.

My point is don't be afraid to express your true self, you are born unique, don't try to copy, be oneself, be original.

Most people live in many identity, they behave differently in different places. I think a person should be oneself everywhere. The so called shyness, fearfulness, religions are  taught behaviors, Many people feel shy to talk to opposite sexes, many feel shy to look at someone in the eyes, all these taught behaviors made our life complicated. A boy found his love of life, being a shy boy taught by ethics, he never spoke to that girl, and then the girl was proposed by an another boy, then the  girl got married to that boy, this is happening everyday somewhere in the world. To do anything, to move forward,to improve or  to progress, you must overcome the fear of uncertain future. When you let go of the thoughts of uncertain future, your life will easy, peaceful and interesting. I learned this lesson from my journey I did in the last week. You should never be afraid of  your or other's future, in fact you should be afraid of nothing, even if you fear  you can not do something, believe me there is nothing you can't do,if you have a strong will to do it. Never worry what is gonna happen to you in the tomorrow, because today you just have enough  things to worry about.

            You have to let go of the fear of uncertain future.   What is the fear of uncertain future ? The fear that makes you stop moving towards your goal, keeping you busy feeding thoughts of negative probability, is what I call as fear of uncertain future. Everybody is afraid of uncertain future, but don't really recognize it. That's why most students wants to go to the line of medical or engineering, where future is certain, both these lines secures a certain future. But that's not life is all about. Many people from my relatives tells me studying a general line is riskier, well, there is a great saying that trying to play life safe is the riskiest game ever. No one can ever exactly know what will happen in the future, so it is just mind torturing to worry about that. You should know that nothing is certain. So do time. Time is not certain. The very idea we have about the time is not a clock, we just measure it in the watch. Now, we have the digital watch, nano watch, where 10 billionth of a  second can be measured. What is time then ? Time is assumed to be started when big-bang occurred. From the law of relativity, we know time is relative or uncertain and that why every next second is uncertain, indeed, here I am uncertain about what my next sentence will be. So, its just foolish to fear the uncertain future. In fact, its good that future is uncertain, because it means we can make our future, as the way we like it.