Why save the tigers by Jitu Das

Lion, Cheetah and Tiger

Tiger is the national animal of India.After lion tiger is the most powerful and calm animal animal. We also know tiger as a king of jungle. The owner of the royal body structure, sharp teeth and strong jaw, tiger is one of the most beautiful animal in the world. Tiger is not only a majestic animal, it is such an great animal that it plays a great role in keeping the ecosystem healthy and diversified.
           In the beginning of  20th century, in India, there were more than 30 thousand tiger in my country India. But, in the census of 1972, the number of tiger was found to be only 1872. From 1972 to 2012, the decreasing number of Tiger shows that tiger is now at the risk of being extinct.
From 1972 -2012, the number of tiger found in the census------
         YEAR                  NUMBER OF TIGER
  • 1972                     1827
  • 1979                     3015
  • 1984                     4005
  • 1989                     4334 
  • 1993                     3750
  • 1997                     3508  
  • 2001-2002           3542
  • 2006-2007           2438
  • 2009                     1411
  • 2010                     1706
  • 2012                     1700     
 The decreasing number creates worries in the mind of people who loves this animal. It also concerns the scientists, because we human have caused extinction of many animals. From the rich biodiversity of India, Indian CheetahPink-headed_Duck have already gone extinct,because of hunting,poaching etc. The main reason behind the decreasing number of tiger is us,because people have been always hunting and poaching tiger for fun. The current population of India is more than 121 crore. the population explosion has caused the deforestation, cutting of hilly areas, which minimized the residence of tigers. The decreasing of habit has caused many problems in their food, reproduction, which also minimized their population. As the people started to live in the habitat of the tiger, the tiger-human conflicts increased and in every conflicts tiger gets killed.In some cases people even eat the flesh of tiger foolishly believing that it will make them stronger. As the habitat area is decreasing, the food scarcity is also occurring, thats why tigers come out and search for food, as people have started living near the forests and hilly areas, people often happen to see tiger searching for food, but when they see a tiger, most people get panicked and kill the tiger.In some tragic cases,they also kill the cubs. People are so messed in their life in the city by unbearable pollution,heat,sound and business,that most people are angry for some reason,because the environment is not a healthy residential place. That is why most crime happens in the city, not in the villages. Why day by day psychos are increasing ? Is this a product of modern city ?
Its 2013 now, we are civilized enough to know to respect the nature and other animals. The ecosystem is like a chain of pearls, if one pearl disappears, it may not effect much, if one by one it disappears, then the it will not be a balanced chain anymore. Some people may say, natures controls everything, why we need to save tigers. But, they don not know about how tiger helps maintaining the balance of the ecosystem of the forest and thus of the whole world. The deceasing number is because when people found a tiger, the kill it, instead of calling zoo or forest departments. 
    So, the decreasing number of tiger is because of 4 reasons-

  •  Scarcity of food
  •  Scarcity of habitat
  •  poaching & hunting 
  •  tiger-human conflicts      

 Tiger is the top carnivorous  animal of the food chain of jungles and forests. The adequate number of tiger in a forest indicates the balanced ecosystem in the forest. The reasons why should save the tigers ----

  • First it keeps the number ungulates*( deer, buffalo, pigs etc) controlled. 
  • Second it keeps the other animals protected, because of the presence of tiger in forest makes the jungle somehow scary,so people do not enter jungles at will. Well, its different in the case of poachers.
  • The main reason why we should save the tiger because if this way the number of tigers keeps decreasing,it will go extinct.
  • If the top carnivore of jungle tiger go extinct,then there will be no main  predator of the ungulates,  so in the absence of tiger, the number of deer, buffalo, pigs, etc. The increasing number of ungulates will decrease the grass,plants of the world. Then one day when grass goes fully extinct, the ungulates will have scarcity of food.So at last  the will also go extinct. In the condition where there is no grass and ungulates we could not survive. So, we will go extinct too.
  •  In Mauritius of Africa, when the Dodo bird went extinct due to the excessive hunting by the sailors coming to the 
  •  Mauritius, ( officially the Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometers off the south east coast of the African continent.), one plant called ecisus also got extinct.
  •  Extinction of one  animal can always lead to extinction of other animal.If the tiger goes extinct, then the herbivores will go also go extinct. If this way food chain becomes unbalanced then one day all animal will be in endangered. 
  • For all these above reasons, we should save tiger. The habitat of tiger is jungles and forests, to save the tiger we have save the jungles,  Total fore Deforestation, mainly conversion of forests to agricultural land, is continuing at an alarmingly high rate. Forest area decreased worldwide by 0.22% per year in the period 1990-2000 and 0.18% per year between 2000 and 2005. However it is slightly slower down by the planting of new forests and natural expansion.By attempting to save tiger we would save forests too, this is how we protects other endangered animals too. By saving forests and planting new forest we can minimize the global warming, which is a global problem.  
  • So, it is necessary to saving  tigers not for the sake of tigers or us,but for the whole world.
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