What will you become in life by Jitu Das Philosophy

You and I  have no idea, what will we become in life, should we control or let go , or life can be designed like a  room , place. Is life so hard, is love rare , should you wait for love or it is just a waste of life. With every hour that pass by, days turns to night, and then another new morning, but do you realize that its a new day, maybe you don't ,honestly neither do I. But sometime a good sense come to you, when you know what is right and what is wrong. Why life is hard, a question that everyone asks. I ask that too, but then you are reconnected with your soul, it may come from a very good music, film, book or from a poem, but mostly self realization of your situation is the true path to your soul. Soul is the source of all bless, happiness,peace and creativity.
Life is hard for most people in the world, whether you live in India, Pakistan, or the America, or London, China, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Arab, Africa. Wherever you go there will be people who thinks that life is hard. People thinks that, and sometime I too think I am the only one who is feeling unloved, sad, depressed, confused or struggling in this life that we are all far from living.
Why life is hard ? Life is hard because we are not living it well. We are disconnected from our true within. We are doing things that bores us rather than doing things that elevates us. It is very important that we do the work that makes bigger than our body. There are different jobs in the world. Among them most famous jobs are doctors, engineers, teachers, Police, Lawyers, bankers and thousand more. It is important for one to choose a job in this early life. But one should never stop connecting with his true within whatever he or she may do with their life. At some point of your life, when you shall find yourself at crossroads,there  will be somewhat frustration about what you should do with your life and you constantly seek the answer to those confusing questions like  should we control or let go  in life  or life can be designed like a  room , place ? Why life is hard? Is true love rare , should you wait for love or it is just a waste of life ?

The answer to those question is that no one can knows the future and more importantly what is the right decision or what you are supposed to with your life. If you are at a crossroad and you don't know what should you do. All I can tell you is that What you will become in life is not something you can know right at this moment right now because it is greatest suspense of life, but for now you must try to live a beautiful life with the people you love and you could do that if you connect yourself to your true within, tis your soul.


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