Jadav Molai Payeng( যাদৱ পায়েং) The Forest Man of Assam, India who literally planted a 1400 acres Forest on the sand bar of Majuli, Brahmaputra by JituDas Biographies

Jadav Payeng is a man from Majuli,born in 1963, who literally planted a whole forest on the sandbar of Majuli,  Brahmaputra. Assam who literally planted a forest about the size of 1400 acres, which took him 30 years. He started planting trees in 1979. Now he is about 51 years old. In 2015, he was awarded the Padmashree Award for his incredible contribution to the Nature. He is now famously known as the " Forest Man of India ". He lives near his forest, which is now named after him as " Molai" forest. The forest now gives shelter to many animals such as Bengal Tiger, one horned Rhino, Many beautiful birds, Deer, and more than hundreds of elephants.
The documentary which made Jadav Payeng known to the world.



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