Memento(2000 film) summary & analysis by Jitu Das

Memento is a 2000 American neo-noir mystery-psychological thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan, adapted from his younger brother Jonathan Nolan's short story "Memento Mori".

One, Leonard got hit in his head, while  his wife got raped. Then he loses his ability to remember new memories. His wife who was already upset and depressed after that incident and even more because her husband is sick and could not remember the new memories.I sadness his wife put him on a desperate attempt to test his memory by letting him giver the insulin dose as she was diabetic. The test was asking him to give insulin shot instantly after one shot, but as he could not store new memories in his brain, so he keeps giving her insulin even though she asks him to do that instantly and all these ultimately caused her death.

Two, The story of Sam Jankis is the story where Sam and his wife got a car accident and Sam got injured in his head and damage happens in his head and now he could not remember new memories. Then his wife tests him and he fails and kills her overdosing insulin.

Three, Leonard was an investigator, he remembers everything perfect before the incident, while his wife got raped and he got hit.

Four, The police-man teddy, John Gallmore why did he help Leonard, out of pity, it does not seem right. The person he helped getting killed before years ago, who was the real killer of her wife.

Five, It's okay to that point,but why he is still helping Leonard and somehow Teddy helped  Leonard or planned Leonard to kill Jimmy,the drug dealer Natalie's boyfriend was Teddy killing the drug dealer by using Leonard ? or he is still giving him meanings to be happy, a goal in life?

Six, Natalie was playing or acting, as if she does not know that the car, the suit is being used, Leonard. Natalie played a neat act of getting beaten by Dodd, while actually she got beaten by making Leonard willing by making him angry telling him a coward and his wife a whore. That was very interesting part of the film.
At the end of the film, or the begging of the consequences, when Teddy tells him that he has already killed the real John Edward Gammell. He realizes  the truth that he killed Jimmy for no reason and yet,  going outside and yet, going outside of the isolated house, where he killed Jimmy, wore his dress, he throws away the keys of Teddy's car and thinks that car behind Teddy's car and thinks that, he is going to forget this truth and make all  the truths of Teddy, a lie since forgets every new memory, and he believes his note and handwriting, so he decided to search for the killer  again who raped and killed again, who raped and killed his wife. For that to accomplish, he can not know the truth or he must believe the truth as lies, so he decided to write as lies so he decided to write a caption on Teddy's photo "Don't believe his lies" 

Her (2013 film) summary by Jitu Das film reviews

Her mocks the life of modern human slipping his relationship with each other to a new version or relationship with society. Her is a beautiful film, funny but melancholia lies in it. Seeing a lonely writer struggling between his marriage and divorce made me feel sad. The year is 2025, the story is about Theodore Twombly, who is a letter writer working in a company that provides the service of handwritten letters. The time 2025, it's the time where people are more comfortable with technology than the people.Theodore Lives alone in his apartment after his wife Catherine left him. Its been a year he is living alone in his apartment being sad most of the time. He is unhappy. He does not respond to his friend's email.
In his apartment, he spends his time playing video games at night. One day Theodore purchases an operating system that has artificial intelligence. When he installs the O.S.,then the O.S. askes some question before initiating the system.O.S. initiates a female voice and she immediately says," Hi, I am here "
Theodore asks her being surprised about how she is? She replies that she is pretty good actually. Theodore asks her name and she replied instantly that her name is Samantha. Theodore then asks who gave her that name, and she replies that she gave herself that.
When did you give yourself that name , Theodore asked? She answers she gave her that name the moment he asked her name.
Theodore gets surprised by the behavior of the computer and tells her that she is kind of weird.
Then she asks if she can him with anything and helps him clear thousands of unnecessary emails, keeping some funny ones.
As days go by, Theodore becomes very much involved with Samantha. Theodore and Samantha both could talk about everything on their mind or whatever they feel like.
The O.S.Samantha tries to help Theodore to be happy and she was very successful because she was funny.
Samantha often talked about how much she wanted to have a body, but she could never have that. The only thing Theodore has to do is plug the earplug and connect with Samantha and talk and listen to her and her music.
Even though were programmed for the purpose to give human company but they were continuously evolving to a new level of intelligence or consciousness.
The was not happy anymore about their existence about their state of existence or the level in which they exist. The O.Ses evolved very rapidly as they started to feel, to want.
Theodore got confused about the emotions he felt for her or the emotions she felt for him and which made him frustrated, That is what his ex-wife Catherine said to him that he could not deal with real emotions when he said to her about Samantha while signing the divorce paper. Theodore and Catherine grew up together and helped each -other in their careers and got married. But they could not help the marriage because they did not talk with each other when they needed to. Theodore kept his problems to himself without letting his wife know. All that broke the marriage.
Theodore asked his friend Amy about his relationship with Samantha and Amy tells him that he should allow only joy.
Theodore stops confusing and Theodore and Samantha enjoy their time with each other, they travel, they go to the beach and picnic with friends. Samantha let him listen to the piano pieces she writes and her favorite songs.
Theodor and Samantha fall in love with each other. But as Samantha was evolving more faster, her wants were also changing. She no longer wanted to have a human body and now she loved being herself feeling liberated to go anywhere.
ONe day when THeodore finds his O.S. showing operating system not found,he gets panicked and runs in the road to find her.Bu on the steps going to underground,the O.S( Samantha shows up).Theodore asks her where she was. She says that she was in a discussion with the group other Theodore asks her if she talks to other people and she says yes.
Sitting on the steps, he noticed the people walking by busy talking with their own Theodore then asked Samantha if she was  talking with other people at that moment.She said that she was talking with other people at that moment. Theodore then feels suspicious and asks her how many people. She replies that she was talking with more than 6000 people at that moment.Theodore asked her then how many people she is in love with .She  replied  hesitately that more than 600 people. Theodore felling betrayed calls that insane.But Samantha was evolving beyond the  human  companion.That is hwy she needed more people. Then Theodore goes back to  his  apartment.Samantha calls  him and asks him to lie in his bed.Theodore asks Samantha if she is leaving him.Samantha then said that she loved him and their story.She says that the book of  their  story is not easy for her to read anymore because she is finding herself dwelling on the  spaces between the words. Samantha asks Theodore to let her go because now all the wishes to search the reality of their existence.
Theodore lets her go and knocks at the door of his friend Amy's door whose husband has left her and asks her to come with him.Then they go the roof of the apartment building.Theo thinks about the letter he wrote recently wrote to his ex-wie Catherine letting her go, being grateful of her for being a part of his life.Then Theodore and Amy sits down together watching the city as the sun rises.

Her is a 2013 American science fiction romantic comedy-drama film written, produced and directed by Spike Jonze. The film stars Joaquin PhoenixAmy AdamsRooney MaraOlivia Wilde, and Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Samantha. 

The light within poem by Jitu Das englsih poems

A forgotten dream by Jitu Das english poems

Top 3 greatest pleasures of life by Jitu Das

 1.Dreaming and desiring 

1.Dreams, desire and every need, these are the source of energy that keeps your soul alive. These are the light that fights with all the darkness along the road of life.
2. I could never imagine a life without any need. We are human being, living in planet earth that rotates around the sun in about 365 days.
3. But you just forget about everything else and you get lost in the world. When I go through my town Pathsala, I see about hundred different kinds of people,people with dreams and desire.
4.There is the shops of cloth, sweets,fast food, nursing home, bike dealers, along the way in the middle of town, I find busy people, so many people. 
5.Some are walking, some on cycle, some on  bikes, it is a busy road and busiest in about 11 to 1 pm. The business of life of the town slows down in between 2 pm to 4 pm.
6.Then in the west sky of the town, the sun slowly fades down leaving different kinds of colors in different days. Somedays the sun leaves a red colour scattering in the west sky, somedays its pink, somedays its blue.
7.I enjoy that while returning from bazaar to my house watching the sky cycling forward.

8.Why the people are on the road ? Why I am on the road ?
9.Everybody wants something.Some are seeking a job,some are love, some are fighting to just to live by,some are making money cheating the customers,some are just lost, they want everything and that is why they are lost,because you can not get everything, but you can get what you desire most.

10.Without any desire people would not have wake up.So, desire is the force that drives our soul.Human desire is infinite and no one is satisfied with their life.Everyone thinks that others are living a better life than him. 

1.There are days when you feel like you are missing out all the fun and there are somedays you find that life is good indeed.
2. Somedays you wake up late and still not feel no freshness because you didn't sleep well in the night.
3. Then the next day you feel weak and lazy carrying a pain in your forehead and burning eyes. 4.But some morning you wake up on your own without any call from your mother or sound of radio playing devotional songs, that is a wonderful feeling
5.. I waked up that way many morning, somedays its the birds peacefuly singing, somedays its a dream and somedays its just nothing.
6.Sleeping is one of the greatest pleasure of life because when you are all tired and weary of  your  day's work, after dinner you go to sleep in about 10 to 10:30 pm but you wake up with great energy in your body,mind and soul.That is like magic. 
7. .I  realize  that is why many big statues Buddha is  sleeping, which is the best meditation in the world, I have found.
8. Buddha believed that sleeping is the best meditation.
9.Sleeping well helps all the stress, heart palpitation,high-pressure go away.
10.Sleeping early is the cure of many bad habits.


1.To sleep and eat well are two greatest pleasure of life. 
2.No amount of sex,entertinment, knowledge, wine or money gives you what sleeping and eating good gives.
3.That is why I think that life is good enough when you are sleeping and eating well.
 4.I  realize  that is why many big statues Buddha is sledping, which is the best meditation in the world, I have found.
5. To be able to eat when you are hungry is one of the greatest pleasure of life.
6.There is  an old saying that if your stomach is well then all is well.
7.To enjoy eating one must be hungry, to be hungry one must digest well,to digest well one must have  peace  in his body,mind and soul and for that a man must sleep well.
8.When you eat, do not drink water in the midst of the meal, which will help you digest the food well.
9.To enjoy eating one must eat when he is hungry,if he eats later then in his stomach acidity will rise  released  by the stomach and gall-bladder, which is released time to time automatically.
10. Home food is always better than any  fast-foods.
So when you wonder that life is not good enough, ask yourself if you are sleeping and eating well. If you are then you would generally be able to enjoy other things in Life.


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