Monday, April 21, 2014

Top 3 greatest pleasures of life by Jitu Das

 1.Dreaming and desiring 

1.Dreams, desire and every need, these are the source of energy that keeps your soul alive. These are the light that fights with all the darkness along the road of life.
2. I could never imagine a life without any need. We are human being, living in planet earth that rotates around the sun in about 365 days.
3. But you just forget about everything else and you get lost in the world. When I go through my town Pathsala, I see about hundred different kinds of people,people with dreams and desire.
4.There is the shops of cloth, sweets,fast food, nursing home, bike dealers, along the way in the middle of town, I find busy people, so many people. 
5.Some are walking, some on cycle, some on  bikes, it is a busy road and busiest in about 11 to 1 pm. The business of life of the town slows down in between 2 pm to 4 pm.
6.Then in the west sky of the town, the sun slowly fades down leaving different kinds of colors in different days. Somedays the sun leaves a red colour scattering in the west sky, somedays its pink, somedays its blue.
7.I enjoy that while returning from bazaar to my house watching the sky cycling forward.

8.Why the people are on the road ? Why I am on the road ?
9.Everybody wants something.Some are seeking a job,some are love, some are fighting to just to live by,some are making money cheating the customers,some are just lost, they want everything and that is why they are lost,because you can not get everything, but you can get what you desire most.

10.Without any desire people would not have wake up.So, desire is the force that drives our soul.Human desire is infinite and no one is satisfied with their life.Everyone thinks that others are living a better life than him. 

1.There are days when you feel like you are missing out all the fun and there are somedays you find that life is good indeed.
2. Somedays you wake up late and still not feel no freshness because you didn't sleep well in the night.
3. Then the next day you feel weak and lazy carrying a pain in your forehead and burning eyes. 4.But some morning you wake up on your own without any call from your mother or sound of radio playing devotional songs, that is a wonderful feeling
5.. I waked up that way many morning, somedays its the birds peacefuly singing, somedays its a dream and somedays its just nothing.
6.Sleeping is one of the greatest pleasure of life because when you are all tired and weary of  your  day's work, after dinner you go to sleep in about 10 to 10:30 pm but you wake up with great energy in your body,mind and soul.That is like magic. 
7. .I  realize  that is why many big statues Buddha is  sleeping, which is the best meditation in the world, I have found.
8. Buddha believed that sleeping is the best meditation.
9.Sleeping well helps all the stress, heart palpitation,high-pressure go away.
10.Sleeping early is the cure of many bad habits.


1.To sleep and eat well are two greatest pleasure of life. 
2.No amount of sex,entertinment, knowledge, wine or money gives you what sleeping and eating good gives.
3.That is why I think that life is good enough when you are sleeping and eating well.
 4.I  realize  that is why many big statues Buddha is sledping, which is the best meditation in the world, I have found.
5. To be able to eat when you are hungry is one of the greatest pleasure of life.
6.There is  an old saying that if your stomach is well then all is well.
7.To enjoy eating one must be hungry, to be hungry one must digest well,to digest well one must have  peace  in his body,mind and soul and for that a man must sleep well.
8.When you eat, do not drink water in the midst of the meal, which will help you digest the food well.
9.To enjoy eating one must eat when he is hungry,if he eats later then in his stomach acidity will rise  released  by the stomach and gall-bladder, which is released time to time automatically.
10. Home food is always better than any  fast-foods.
So when you wonder that life is not good enough, ask yourself if you are sleeping and eating well. If you are then you would generally be able to enjoy other things in Life.

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