Donald Trump wins Presidential election 2016, becomes 35 th President of America

Donald Trump wins the presidential election , becomes the 45 th president Of America. Trump has changed the whole election campaigning style.  With slogans like Make America great,  America first slogan,  he has gained the huge support. Trump was falsely accused by many woman of rape, with his attitude and personality which was mostly negative on media, but Trump had a massive support from the south. But why did  Hillary couldn't win?? Maybe because of her elite style, with international friends, policys they were not as appealing to people as Donald Trump's most controversial election campaign with huge promises like No immigrants,  no war, make America great again etc. It is best not to judge him even though media has bashed his image. Let's see what happens,  does he remain as ignorant as the media portrays or prove them wrong and bring international peace. As an Indian I can hope India gets support from America to fight terrorism of Pakistan as they are backed by China.

Before the Flood, A must watch Documentary for everyone

Before the Flood,  a documentary about climate change made  by Leonardo DiCaprio, most influential environmentalist in the world right now.  He is also United nation's Peace messenger. He has really inspired me a lot to work toward conservation and to become a environmentalist. I urge everyone to watch the documentary, you can find it in youtube on this link


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