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For me writing has been always fun, I can write anything I want, I can write about my current feelings, yes but feelings too swings like the thoughts, I can’t say that I wanted to write this, this is the fun part of writing, you can never be so sure what your next sentence is gonna be ! I used to draw the comic characters in my childhood more than reading textbook, I remember it was when I was 7 year old, Spiderman was my favourite superhero. But ofcourse this is not all I used to do.
This blog is about ” Knowing myself”. I will be honest as much as I can. So in this article I am writing about Why I want to write. What makes me want to write about anything, I believe I could know myself with the help of this site.
To know myself more I have to close my eyes sit in a time machine in my memory to go back , imagine if you can.
Here I go , I was born in GMC in Guwahati, in a beautiful and world famous state called Assam of Holy country India,( you may also know Holy books ‘Gita’ , ‘ Mahabharata’ , Ramayana , Vagabata, you must know about , it is the birth of ‘Hindu’ dharma( religion ) , Buddhism , sikh, Jain and many other religeon , So its a important country for everyone who seeks spiritual joy , thats why India is world famous. Here I am talking about why I want to write. I think I found some reason to write. I live in Assam , which is world famous for its tea and culture. I am an Assamese , my culture is full of diversity. Here in Assam we celebrate three great festival and they are called Magh Bihu , Bohag Bihu and Kati Bihu.
1.Mah Bihu is also called Bhogali bihu. This Bihu or festival is all about eating different foods . Here in Assam we do produce rice mostjy. Many pitha or cake are made by assamese womens , they are very good making pitha, In the uruka night ( the day before the bihu start.) its in 14 th january. So the uruka night in the country place people go to nearby field and make a huge traditional party( the significance is gatherling of people , when people share their feeling, discuss many things , have fun, some young people play Bihu song and dance . The crops are being gathered from the field and put them in ” Bharal ghar” ( storgae house ). From the december the cultivator start to gathers the rice, it means if you come to Assam now you will see crop filled with busy cultivation gathering rice. So I am waiting for the new year now. In Magh Bihu people eats chicken , ducks , goat and pig. And with tea we eat ‘Gura sandah’ ( grinded rice after frying) by ‘Dheki’ ( an instrument to grind made of wood.
1. Bohag Bihu is my  favorite  Bihu festival. We celebrate this festival in the month of april for 7 day. First you must know that in Assam , most Assamese make money of rupees with their crop. So in Bohag Bihu its time to have some fun and meet relatives , friends, women make different type of pitha ( cakes) , ladoo etc etc. Its the time of when we go to see Bihu dance all tha. Its getting boring I am not going to write anymore about our culture. So get me back to my topic why I want to write , I don’t know it , forget it , I don’t need to know why I want to write. Actually I am tired of writing all these things , na kidding , I can keep writing with no food, no water, ha ha. I am joking again, thats why I write :-D , I find it enjoyable. To tell you the truh I am watching the film ” Fantastic. Mr.Fox. ~ I find it hilarious watch film. Its really fantastic animated movie. Its a story fox , beaver , opossum and what not and three ugly farmer Boggis , Bunce and Bean , also these horrible creature are not equally mean. So I need to take some evening tea , you know Assam is world famous for tea. After 5 min. ~back to my room , here Fantastic mr. Fox is fighting with the psychotic rat who spent all these years worked for Bean for cider, he redempt himself but he is just a another rat lying behind chinese restruraunt ! I am writing these because if you are curious enough you will surely watch the movie and will find it just fantastic. Here its 5:54 pm. This is why I want to write !
I would glad if anyone read it. Because I spent one hour writing it. Allright in this title I want to write all those above lines. I HOPE YOU FIND IT NOT THAT BORING I FOUND WHILE WRITING IT !!!


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