The secret of Buddha's smile by Jitu Das

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Do you ever wonder why Buddha smiles ? Buddha smiles because he knows the truth of our life. We born and we die, but the time while we live is full of possibilities. At first Buddha was worried about the meaning of our life. Buddha was not satisfied with the traditional ideas about life and death. When Buddha was young, he went to a village festival with his father. In the village, he saw a cultivator ploughing the soil. Siddhartha slip out of his father’s company and sat near the ploughing land a bit far from the festival. Then Siddharta attained a state a calmness and peace. He was watching the whole environment surrounding him, the people, the land, the mudd,trees, shrubs,grass , the ants in the land which were being disturbed by the plough. When the soil was ploughed, the soil was turned upside down and made griny. Then the ants living under the soil was exposed to birds that have far greater capacity in their eyes to see beyond us. Siddhartha suddenly saw an eagle come down to earth and it took some insects in its beak. Then Siddhartha wondered why that insects has to suffer, why that ant has to die and eaten by an eagle. If that man did not ploughed the land, the ants would have never exposed to the birds. Then Siddharta felt the early realization of a wisdom that he would teach the world and become a Buddha. The truth he realised that day sitting there was that everything is connected to each other, even though you may think you are an individual human being, but you are connected with your surrounding environment much more than you think you are. The man, the soil, the insects, the bird , the trees, grass.
The reason the Buddha smiles its because he has gained bodh ( wisdom) of life and how it works. Who he know how life works, the elements of life, he who wonders about the life and universe. Who knows, who have the sense or wisdom to see the truth of life, he has attained the buddha nature. Who has reached the buddha nature he has no fear for death or greed for heaven . He who is in buddha nature, he loves nature, animals and the plants and creates a garden. He finds joy in watering the plants. Even though he will die too, but his life would filled with peace and tranquility.So the The secret of Buddha’s smile is peace and tranquility even though life is full of uncertainity, realizing the connection of everything in the universe and having gratitude for this moment,for who we are. Being who we are is the way to peace and tranquility.

Why humans are also animals by Jitu Das

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I am writing this post mainly for those people who does not think that humans are also animals. This post is for those who believe humans are created by god in his own image.

This post is a simplification of the idea that all animals and plants possess atleast one cell and genetic material. In case of us, we are animals. But what is the link between humans with the other animals ? All animal atleast have one cell and within that cell have a nucleus, nucleus, within nucleus a cell have chromosomes, chromosomes are made of DNA.

 DNA is made of deoxy ribose, nitrogenous base and a phosphate molecule. This DNA is the genetic material or the information that is the commonest compound present in all life being except some virus. DNA has the same function in all animals and plants ie. to help the cell to devide, create new proteins, to carry the genetic material from one generation of any life being to its next generation. That is how we all life beings are connected.

Whenever I see the natural landscape of the world. I feel so much pure joy that makes my day. When you appreciate how vast and beautiful our world is, you transcend to inner peace. When you see the beauty of the world and how it works. You know then how great nature is and we are what we are because of the nature.

Water, fire, wind and soil are among the most affecting part of nature.
The cell is the basic structural, functional and biological unit of all known living organisms. Cells are the smallest unit of life that is classified as a living thing, and are often called the “building blocks of life”.

Organisms can be classified as unicellular (consisting of a single cell; including most bacteria) or multicellular (including plants and animals). Every animal and plant has at leat one cell. The cells are may be different in different animals,but properties and constituents of cell of every animals are same including human.Cells consist of a protoplasm enclosed within a membrane, which contains many biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids.

The 75 % of our planet earth is water. Just like that avg. 57 % of total weight of a human being is water. You can not deny that because every cell of our body is made of mainly protoplasm and protoplasm has been defined as the material basis of life. Protoplasm is made up mainly of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, which make up 95 % weight of the body. Water is the main inorganic substance and it varies from 5 % to 90 % in different tissues.

So, we have water( H20) in our every cell, in the cells of the brain that we call neurons, the neurons by which we think, we feel happiness, anger, jealousy, shyness, peace, anxiety, stress, we remember, create, solve and store information and memories, we dream by our brains, how strange it seems when my brain is thinking about my brain. 

Brain is the only subject in the universe that wants to understand itself. That is what makes human being so advanced than the other animals. But that does not mean we are not animals, we are also animals but advanced. All animals have at least one cell, We know we have cells, so we are also animals

We are mammals. Every animal including us have cells and except bacteria, there is a nucleus in the cells of all animals and inside the nucleus there are chromosomes. We human have 46 chromosomes in our every cell and the Chimpanzee’s have 48 chromosomes. The chromosomes are made of DNA.

The DNA is present in the cells of all plants, animals,prokaryotes and in a number of viruses. The DNA ( deoxy ribo nuclic acid) is a nucleic acid made up of oxygen,nitrogen, phosphorus, hydrogen. The DNA creates the protein in our body. The cell division by which a 3 kg baby becomes a man of 70 kg and of 70 kg weight 45 kg will be water( H20). It is the truth of our body. The DNA is the mastermind of the cells, the DNA is what carries the traits of parents to their children and thus the characters of father or mother is seen in their children.
Except some viruses,DNA is found in all animals and DNA plays the same role of replicating itself helping in cell division and passing the characters of an individual from one generation to next generation.

Sometime the DNA recombine and create a new character and that is called mutation. Mutation or change of original character is also caused by adaptation with the surrounding environment. That is where again nature plays a great role in shaping the physical and anatomical characters of the plants and animals including human being, ie. Us.

We are what we are because of our surrounding environment. In south africa, people are black because the sun rays fall their in 90 degree which means directly, In my country India, sun rays falls in 45 degree, that is why India is a subtropical country. In Europe people are white it is because of the climate. We are also what we eat. The food also creates a huge difference.

In the big picture, all the animals are connected to each other. Animals depends on the plants and the plants depend on the Sun. Sun depends on its hydrogen which burns and create helium and light and heat. Without the sun we are nothing and without the hydrogen, sun is nothing. So, great scientist Newton was right. Everything in the universe is connected to each other. Have a good night.

What is the purpose of our life ? by Jitu Das philosophy

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When you feel, you have lost the focus of life, then come to basic of life. I mean concentrate on breathing. Breath in and breath out.

Your every breath worths more than all the treasure of the world, because breathing means that you are alive and I think being alive is the real purpose. You can be alive even after death only by work that serves the want or need of mankind.The great people like Socrates, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton,Thomas Alva Edison, william Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Dell Carnegie still lives in their great works. I read somewhere , Martin Luther king jr. saying that Everybody can become great, but not famous. He just told a great philosophy within the line.

So, our purpose in life must be to be happy, we can only become great when we do the work,that gives us pleasure and a content mind. I am writing this ,because I want you to be happy, because when you are happy, you are feel truly alive. Without the joy in your heart your life is a waste.The purpose life is to enjoy life doing the works that you love living with people who loves you and in a place that is good for health.

Sometime you may feel like you have lost the meaning in life ? It feels you knew it before, but you have lost the meaning somehow and now you can not find it ! When it feels like that always do the work that makes you happy, most people find their true meaning in life by doing a work that they find most interesting or feel passion to the work.

 If you want to check how you are doing in life , then ask yourself – Am I happy ? If your answer is happy, do not worry any  more.

Because the most reasonable purpose of life is to enjoy every little moment, every little things in life. So, enjoy your life the way you can enjoy most.Do not worry what would people think about.

You just enjoy every day from the sunrise of the morning to the stars of the night.The flowers in your yard, the road in your town, the trees that is all around.The bees and butterfly flying around the flwers.The sounds of cricket at night,the fantasy mood creating fireflies in the evening.

 Be grateful that you are alive,be happy that your family loves you. Be happy in every meal.Do not blame or curse people in their small mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. There is beauty in everything. A poet can see the beauty everywhere in nature.Be a poet, be a nature lover. Love the animals, help other people if you can.Talk sweet to people.Respect the elders. Do not give an eye for an eye. Be happy about who you are.Do not belittle yourself, no one is perfect, nothing is perfect.

To enjoy life do the work that you are interested in to. Do not worry how to start doing the work.Just do it. You may not become excellent in one day, but trust me, it gets better as you keep doing the work.Most people say that it is the first step that is the most hardest step.So do not think so much about your first step, just do it, no matter what happens in the first stem, you may make mistake, it is okay, do not feel discouraged or be little yourself. Second step is always going to better and easy than your first step.

I told you being alive is the real purpose. You can become great by doing great works,works that you love to do and do for pleasure more than money. You can always become great if you really want to, but not always famous, it’s not fair, do you think like that ? Great work will be always great,even if the work which is great, doesn’t become famous, in the life time of the worker, but its bound to be one day.Some great works take its time to be famous, because the people can not understand the value of those works instantly.I promise you. Many great workers had honoured after so many years later of their death. So have a smile on your face, be happy,don’t worry.

One more thing, when you are with people and you are feeling bad,you should know that you are hanging out the wrong people. If the people you hang out everyday does not inspire,love and cares for you, you need to change the people immediately,like right now,this very second. Because if you hang out with people who loves you, you automatically feel good.

So it is now your choice, what do you want ?? If you want to feel good,safe and love and live a happy life,be with people who love and cares for you, not with people who does not give a damn about you even if you die. So, remember this, when you are with people and you are feeling lonely and bad, that means those people have no love and good feelings toward you.When you are with people who have good feelings and intentions for you, you feel light in your heart.You feel safe and sound.You just feel the good feeling from company of people.I feel that when I am with my family and with some friends

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How to live peacefully with your family ?by Jitu Das

We are all imperfect people, our family, friends and we ourselves are not perfect people. But I think, you have to leave the imperfection of the people alone, and take the good part that lies in every beating heart of the world and live a great happy life together.

Life is dull without people, specially without a family. Families are not supposed to be perfect. But, nothing is perfect. So, you can not expect that the members of your family would behave in a perfect way. What is that you want from a family ? you do not want to have a family that does not have time, love, respect and care for you.

 Here, if you think you are not loved truly by your family, do not blame them or stay separated. Always remember that you get back what you give. Well, if you think they should start to love you before you do, it is just your ego. Ego is a life ruining feeling or thinking.

 What is ego ? Ego is simply thinking that you are perfect, nothing is perfect. So, if you are nothing then you are perfect ! Ego is thinking that you do not need anybody. Ego is believing that you are greater than others. Ego is thinking you are the best.

Well, we all think we are the best. In a way, every boy thinks he is the hero and every girl thinks she is a heroine. I used to think that I am a hero of a film matching my attitude with the heros of films that I admire.

It is a tough subject to talk & think about. Ego is a natural feeling or emotion just like hunger, feeling asleep. Everyone has ego,so the members of your family also have their own ego and they would love and hate you and still they would be your family.

Always remember you get it back what you give. When you blame your kids, your kids would be upset and won’t talk to you for a while. When I was a kid and I got blamed, I used to pretty upset and wouldn’t talk with my parents for a while and then I stay in my room and in dinner time, one of my father or mother comes to call me for dinner and I forget everything. This way things work.

 Even you are mad at somebody, you have to let it go and if somebody is angry at you, you have to be sweet. If anyone in your family is mad at you, it means that you have done or said something conciously or unconsciously that hurt them. You should know that no one will be mad at you unless you hurt their feeling and believes.

No one is with same personality, we are not clones, even clones might acquire different personalitities if they live in different places or in a same place but in a different lifestyle and philosophy. So, for example, if you like science fiction, do not expect that your family is going to like sci fi. Well, they may or may not like sci fi. It depends on how they have spend their childhood, if they did not have any access to sci-fi till they are young, they would not like sci fi in adult life also.

 So, know that your interests may not mean anything to the other members of your family, but that does not mean they are your enemy, not friends. So, what does friends mean ? I think that friends are simply those people who share same likeness and dislikness about enough things to create conversations about those. This defination is for the most friends you have. Only a few people are true friends.

True friends go beyond just that, they could even die for their friends. I believe everyone who stay close, help and inspire to do great things in life, they are true friends.

If you wondering if you have any true friends or not, well don’t worry, you have your parents as your true friends, they have brought you up and nurtured so patiently for 20 years and still they care and love unconditionally. They are your true friends, aren’t they ?

 Never leave your parents alone even though you get a job and wife or husband, stay in touch, they never left you alone when you were a baby. So, when your parents do not give you what you want to buy, don’t be angry and don’t feel helpless. There will be always some good reasons behind that. Maybe they could not afford to buy you that. Maybe they think it is right thing to do in the long run.

Always remember, every parents try to do only good for their children. It is a natural fact, so do not doubt that. Sometime in taking  decision  in career, your parents might oppose you.

The question is what to do then ?
For example, you want to be a writer and your parents wants you to become an engineer. But you know in your heart, what you want to become and engineering is boring to you. Then you get in a situation where you even doubt yourself. But do not doubt yourself, do not get confused.

Always listen to your small inner voice that says that yes you can do great things that others do not dare to. Yes you can dream anything and achieve.To ensure your parents about your careers  you have to believe in yourself, in your dreams.

You can not expect  others  to believe if you do not believe in yourself. Sometime other’s opinions may become loud, but you can not give up hope, You have to hold the great hope and keep it alive.

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O pappad wale panga na le – Makdee ( 2002), one of my favorite song when I was 13 years old. Those days were more fun when I was akid and 7- 13 years old. I wish I could go back to those time and spend a month or two. Well, but that is not possible now untill the time machine is invented. May be you feel that too. May be you too remember the good old days witha song, book or a film or by a place you visited.
 I remember my child hood days with the cartoons, school and home. There is no other way I could remembermy childhood day without having the family, relatives, cartoons, films,song or book and school, to relate with. Without them I could not have something to remember in relation with.

 Our memory works like the  Google  search engine. We think or remember of something and it is like searching something in google. Google gives 10 results or link to what you were searching, so does mind gives you the related links of what you were thinking. Somehow I though of childhood days and a film came to my mind, the title of the film is Makdee. It was released in 2002. The film was directed, written by Vishal Bhardwaj. I got to watch the film in 2004, when I was 13 years old and was studying in class six. This film reminds me of those simple days when having fun was the main aim of my life.

 Now I am 22, and I know growing up is not fun and these young adult days are the hardest, most confusing time of my life. But a kid is free from the unnecessary worries. When I was a kid my world was very small, school, playground, 10 friends , home and family. That was my small happy world and now I know it is very big world, all the progress, all the knowlege of mankind like an giant ocean.

 Everyday advancement of science and technology, would you leave it all and live in 2004. May be I would if I could. This is what happens to everyone. You cry to go back in a time you love, now remembering that those days were great and if you knew how great those days were at that time, you would had been more grateful.
But we are never grateful to present, to this moment. Well growing up has taught me some good things too.

 A chinese philosopher, Lin Yutang said to enjoy life more than anything else.And poetry taught me see that there is always something worthwhile going on. Some great films taught me to hope for a better future, even when the life isat a odd position to hope. Biology taught me that we are all made of elements, the elements which were created when a star died. So, we are all made of stardust. Physics taught me that reality is we see and feel is also relative justlike time and space is relative. Well, we are not live here forever.

In my case my childhood days are over, and I can not get to live those days again. Here, now I am in my young adult days feeling thechange, progress of mankind, science and technology.

 There are two ways you can spend your life.Living in now,in this moment learning from the mistakes of yesterday or you can live like that past matters more than now. Do not get confused with who you were and who you are now. Just like I am not that 12 years kid anymore. My ideas, knowlegde arenot same anymore too. Somehow I am not now what I was, but what I was is a part of whole newme.

I am like a wall of brick, and the bricks are the time of life and ideas, thoughts and experiences along with time. And I need to accept that fact. These times are may be hard and most confusing but 10 years later these days would seem like great days. Maybe it is the time to do what my heart, instinct tells me to so that I do not have regret after 10 years for not listening to my heart, for not making the best out of right now.

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What creates your world by Jitu Das philosophy

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The idea of devil was created by those men who sucks the life of general people. The politicians are the people who controls the people and yet in 21st century people believe in the characters of ancient stories just like the really exist. To live ignorant may be easy but to live enlightened is much more amazing. The heaven and hell both lies in earth. Its your choices what to know, what to believe that creates your world. If you believe without questioning the people of religions who are as much human as you are, then it is your choice of life.

When you would pray you would look up, like there is a heaven and angles and you would look down as if there is a hell below the ground. Your world looks like as much as the knowledges you have gained or choose to learn. Your world is not similar to mine, and yet we all live in a same planet earth. Do you know what makes me sad most, the people with ignorance, who have no curiosity or questions. What shape people to behave in such way that from generation to generation, people are living the same life. The same killing each other, raping women, fighting for lands, corrupted governments, and people of religions are still fooling most people even in this age where science and technology has take us moon, mars. Still many people pray to moon. When I was a kid, my elders used to say that there are dinosaurs on mars. I believed that all my childhood.

 Now we have Hubble telescope to see thousand light years far away into the other galaxy. We live in a galaxy called Milky way. Our neighbor galaxy is Andromeda. The point is that you should be curious more than anything else.

 Curious about what ? You might ask me. Be curious about life, world and universe. Do not be afraid, do not panic, your job is not discover the God( the ultimate truth about life,time and universe) on your own. All you have to do is question openly what is disturbing you. Do not pretend like those people (who created religions) that you know god. God is neither a male or female person. But the people of religions always taught you a female human being is inferior to male human. That is not the truth. Female humans are as important as the male humans are. Both male and female need each other more than they can ever imagine. Men can not live with women and women can not live without men. When I look at parents, I think that they are best parents I could ever have. If they did not love each other and lived separately I could not dream of a family.

I do not understand why people believe in ghosts, witch and spirits. Remember, you know it is the truth, you have never seen a real ghost,witch or spirit other than in arts. Always remember that art never tells the exact truth, art is a manifestation of a human mind, just like dreams. Sometime dreams are like memories and years after you would not be able to distinguish between memories and dreams.

I remember my childhood and those memories are about 16 years old. Those images are still stored in my neurons of brain. It is so wonderful how brain works and the way body works so fluently and fast with the direction of the brain, it is just mind-boggling, if you can imagine that. Those images and small video clips of my childhood,they we captured by eyes and ear. Still I remember the first day of school. It is stranger than you and I can imagine. I remember growing up here, studying in school, college here in Pathsala town. Even though it feels so strange like an fantasy, the time is relative. That is why perception of time also changes and that is why it feels like yesterday, when I visited my grandfather, who gave me 50-50 biscuits.
My grandfather had died when I was a kid. Is he in heaven ? No, I do not think so. He was cremated 10 years ago and one day I will also be cremated. 

Death is a part of life. I am not saying that death is a gateway to heaven or hell. We are all made of cells. Cells are made of elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen,nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous and other elements. When we get cremated, the organs of our body disintegrates to those elements and then these elements gets mixed with the universe again.

The elements were created when the stars were exploded, so we are made of the star dusts. And that is why we feel a longing to the stars and the sky. So, when I would die, I will be cremated and my organs will again become free elements and again the elements that was within my every cell will return to the universe and thus even though I will be dead,the elements of my each cell will live forever.

How to bring peace in the world by Jitu Das philosophy

For peace in the world, there should no divisions among people created by religions. All the women have the right for education, religions can not stop the women to go to school and colleges and be educated and independent. I think that religions are controlled by men, why not women, women are equal to man in front of the law. Women have the right to be free from the believes that tells that god is a male person. Remember that religions do not have the slightest idea what god is. God is not human, that you pray, so that he would listen. What is God then ? The nature is God. That is how it fits and makes sense and only science can lead you to truth, to the light of pure wisdom. But if you believe those religions, it will take you to dark ages, the age of ignorance. But science is the way to understand nature, the universe and by understanding we can know god.

Science is the way to God. Science means questioning everything that has been told, taught or shown to you no matter by whom or how many. This is the truth. Science is the way to long life, a better healthy life. Without science you would live in dark ages, having ignorance, believing the people of religions saying that it is god’s punishment. Always remember that god is not a person, neither male nor female. The nature is god, the universe is god. The elements of the universe are god, everything that is in your body that is made of the elements, which are created when a stars bursts. That is why you are part of the stars. Your every cell is made of protoplasm, which is known as the basic unit of life. And every protoplasm is made elements. You have oxygen ( 62 % ), carbon ( 20 % ) , hydrogen ( 10 % ) , nitrogen ( 3 % ) ,calcium ( 2.50 % ) , phosphorous ( 1.14 % ), chlorine (0.16% ), sulphur(
0.14 % ), sodium (
.10 % ), magnesium (0.
07) , potassium (0.11 ), Iodine (0.014 % ), iron (0.010 % ) etc.
This is the truth. All these elements are inside every cell. Of the 92 naturally found elements, 46 are found in the cytoplasm. If you questions like why all the organs in your body are same then. It is because these elements are common in every cell. But they are arranged by the genetic codes. The codes makes the organs, and if there is a deformity in the codes that is when abnormality occurs. So, the truth I want you to know that the renaissance was created when the greek books were discovered first in Italy, which were scientific and full of reason. That is how by the scientific thinking and curiosity and love of life has began again in the world.

From 12 th century the literature, sculpting, painting, philosophy was flourishing. Then the dark age was ended and human have started to love life in this world and yet some fools were not ready that there is no heaven above the sky or hell below. Both heaven and hell is here on earth. It is your choice what you want to see, beauty or ugly, good or bad, true or false, curiosity or ignorance, freedom or enslave, love or hate, kindness or cruelty, sweetness or rudeness, be friendly or be lonely, share the knowledge or keep it yourself, search and find a meaning in life or remain in a shape others have suggested.

It is all about the choices that creates heaven or hell for a person in this world. Always remember that there are many kind of people on earth,the good and the bad, the curious and the ignorant, those who believe in reasons and those who believe religions, those who believe in science and those in superstitions. Choice is always yours, because it is your life. Think about it. Research about and take a choice. If you wanna know what is my choice ? Then I would say I believe in reasons not religions. But I believe in God, not the god as the religions describe. I think god is neither a male or female person. God is nature, god is the universe. God is in every elements that makes the whole universe.

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Love any people with any color,race, language and religion ~ Jitu Das

Deep inside your heart, you know my friend,what you really want. All the things in the world is trying to make you forget that. But you still know that you only need love and care no matter where you were born. You are as free as a bird. Do not bind your heart in the man made boundaries. Do not hate people living outside your boundary. You are only free if you have an open mind. You are only great if you can inspire the people to fall in love with each other not to bleed. You are made of star dust. You are not just a color, race, religion. More than your color, race, religion, you are a human. Human, who have the largest brain among the entire animal kingdom. We are human and high thinking makes us humane. It is upon you, what you do with your life. Life is a great chance to see all the beauty of the world, to love, to care, to have a family, friends and relatives. Your belief may vary from mine, but I hope you believe that we all the people on earth can live as one. I hope one day there will be more believers on earth, who would believe in unconditional love. They will change the world and make this world a better place for everyone. I hope one day people would believe that love is real, you can be human only through love. It does not matter whom you love or what you love. Love opens your mind and your heart fly with comfort. Love is the best way to achieve your destiny. What better way there was, is and will be to live and die than in a place you love, doing the work you love , with the people you love and who love you back and care for you. ~ Jitu Das loves you.

How I became an romantic and a philosopher part 1 by Jitu Das life stories

Out there, there is always more than your eyes can see. It is never the truth that it seems to be. The color and all the things you see all around you, in your room, outside in the street. Look at whatever you want, you will see only a fraction of what it really is. I am not talking seeing the surface of the whole object, I am talking about seeing a fraction of the surface. The colors you see of a object is a different one for an other animals. A red rose is not way it look in reality. The rose when absorbs all the other color of light but reflects the red color,it looks red. I saw about this on t.v. When I was 12 to 13 years old. From that moment my world was not real anymore and I started finding everything interesting and thus life itself became the most interesting and deepest thing for me and I became a romantic.

 I started to see beauty in sunrise,clouds,sky and sunset. The sunshine though the leaves became a great source of joy and I felt beauty in many things that other members of my family and friends overlooked. When I see green young leaves shining though the sunshine, it gives me joy that I can not explain.It feels like there is beauty all around us where we live, and yet we only see where the dirt is. There are Ashoka flowers in my yard, I see butterfly ad bees flying around sucking sweet honey from the flower.

The literature and films has made an romantic. The films of Shakespear’s play has made me realized the beauty of poetry. In my childhood I was not interested in poetry, because our english teachers taught us to memorize the poems from the english text book.But I was never interested in memorizing from my childhood, still I do not like memorize texts.For memorizing without feeling and understanding the subject is parrot learning.I could never do that. I search for creation of new things more. I did not felt the poetry untill I was 15 or 16, when I was in class 9 or 10,That is when somehow I became interested in literature and films,and I saw it, the vast ocean of literature, arts, philosophy. I did not know where this interest was leading me to, because from that moment I was not the same person I used to be.I knew not how to name the feeling, but there was always a feeling, so beautiful and great and yet so hard to name the feeling, I was always curious about God, religion, life and world.Before the year 2000, I did not have any idea how big the world is, the vast human knowledge, I was 8 years old when I read about Y2K in a science magazine, I did not understood what it was. Before the year 2000, we did not have color t.v, but then in 2002, we bought a color t.v, because my father promised me, he would bought us a color t.v, if India enters the final in cricket world cup. India did enter final but lost the game.

After the color t.v, we got cable connection, there I could see the National geography, and the channels of Bollywood films, there was a channel of english films star movies. In the films I saw a world, I never thought that there was. Before cable connection, we had only two government channels called DD national and DD metro and I used to watch all the cartoons. broadcasted on metro channel, there was numerous cartoons broadcasted on these two channels in the evening, but now metro does not even exist and DD national is same as dead. Those were great time, I was in a quest to discover new unknown things or words. I learned hindi watching the Disney cartoons. There was Hercules, that cartoon series was great, I used to feel amazing, every evening I could see that greek mythology. When we got cable, I could see more cartoons zee t.v and star plus, but now, these two channels are not great they used to be. Batman, spiderman,superman,hulk,iron man, justice league,fantastic four they were all my favourite, I have spent many great times watching those cartoons. My most favorite cartoon was Duck tales, it was full of adventure and mystery, Oh those days were great.Without those cartoons, my childhood would have been something else, I would have been someone else now doing something else, not writing about those times. Everyday it was adventure, school in the morning, then after all day at school, lunch at home then cricket at the field nearby. Then after cricket, all sweating and tiredness, I used to wash my hands and mouth, then I watch those great cartoons, which have a great impact in my life.

Even though I was not interested in english films, because my parents used to think they are dirty. All these years till when I was 16, I have watched numerous films of Bollywood. In my childhood, Mithun was my favourite actor, because he used to fight with the bad guys all alone. Then my favorite hero was Akshay kumar, Sunil Setty, Gobinda.

I know that I would not have been me if I did not watched these devotional serials like Mahabharata, Krishna, Vishnu Purana, Ganga maiya, which have created a great wonder and curiosity in me about God, life and vastness of universe. As the great book Gita says that all the universe is within the Great god Krishna.

I used to wonder and wonder about it, but there was no answer. Besides these, every thursday, a holy book ”Vagabata” was read by an old man, and 10 to 15 people used to come to listen. It was giant book written in verses praising the god and the stories of saints. It took 5 years to complete the whole book. Every thursday it was a holy day for us, our feelings used to be different every evening the holy book ”Vagabata ” was read in a melody. There verses were not tough to understood, because the words were originated from a great ancient language ”Sanskrit”. Three readers completed that book,one was a saint, who had left his family to praise God Krishna, but he could not finish that book, then there was an old watchman of Pathsala girl’s high school, but he died, then came a man from a village nearby, who completed the book. Everyday thursday evening, that book was read for 1 hour, and we used to serve them tea, sweets,cookies and cakes. Among these old people that used to come to listen the reading, two of them are dead by now. So, this is life. we live and we die.

I was growing up very fast, I went to high school, that books was finished, thursday was no more different , it became just an day of the week. Then in the world of t.v. a new channel called discovery came. I was mesmerized the documentaries of BBC, the documentaries about physics.

When I entered in class 9, I never knew that my life was about to change, I was about to enter in the world of cinema, art and philosophy. Meanwhile I read books like the invisible man, The Frankenstein, The 20000 leagues under the sea, Doctor Jackyl and Hyde, these science fictions opened a door in my mind that I never know of. The science fictions inspired me to think and imagine and I thought and thought and thought.

I felt poetry for the first time when I was 16, it was a poem by Wordsworth about sitting under a tree, where the creepers were dancing, the birds were all chirping. I was no into poetry before that, because poetry was never taught us to feel, the english teachers only taught us to memorize the poems for exams, even the poems were translated in Assamese, they were never taught us as the way they should have, that is what I think. But now I know poems are not written to memorize them, they are written for enhance feeling, to widen the capacity of imagination. Poems are written to make others feel what the poet once felt. Poems are written, and we feel happy and sad as the poet express his feeling through in a creative way.

 Literature is thus a connection of human hearts, so that one can feel the joy and pain of each other.This is how we share our problems and solutions and help each other out whoever in need or desperate.

Before I entered class 9, I was not into english films but I had watched some great science fiction films when I was in highschool, like Terminator, species, Zathura, Jumangi. I had watched three great films when I was in class 4 or 5, these two were Jurassic Park, the stuart  little.

In class 9, when I was 15 years old, in a afternoon, I was all alone in my home and there was no good programmes in hindi channels that I usually watch. Then I enter the button 4, it was star movies and there a film started named ” Mr. Talented Ripley” and I was absorbed by that film. Matt Damon was damn good at acting, later I saw that story in a hindi film, Then the next film was Love in the time of Cholera, then the next and the next …. and from that day in 2007, I have watched films everyday and now the numbers of films I have watched in these 10 years is more than 1000.

But human heart and mind never become satisfied, for some reasons satisfaction is good, and for some reasons satisfaction is not good. As long as the people will be curious about life, world and universe, human will never be satisfied. But if you want to satisfied, accept any religion,because every religion explains that there is a heaven up above the sky and a hell below the ground, so if you want to satisfied take religions and if you want to create something new, learn more about life and universe and if you want to do great works, you can not become satisfied then.

Satisfaction will lead mankind into dark ages, just like religions once lead the world into dark age, but when the greek philosophy,literature and books were discovered again in 12 th century,a new age came, the age of light, where mankind wants to seek for the truth, the people who were discovering truth, the religious people killed them calling them witch or evil.Leo nardo da Vinci, who invented the telescope, was locked in the prison,The Roman Catholic Church’s Inquisition brought him to a central Roman market square, his tongue in a gag, tied to a pole naked and burned at the stake, on February 17, 1600. Giordano Bruno (Italian pronunciation: [dʒorˈdano ˈbruno]; 1548 – February 17, 1600) (Latin: Iordanus Brunus Nolanus), born Filippo Bruno, was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, astrologer and astronomer. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model: he proposed the Sun was essentially a star, and that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings. The Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy and he was burned at the stake. After his death he gained considerable fame, particularly among 19th- and early 20th-century commentators who, focusing on his astronomical beliefs, regarded him as a martyr for free thought and modern scientific ideas. But, now religions can not kill scientists like that. Science is a part our life.Without scinece technology human world would not work.

I am an young adult now. The stage of life when we all get confused about our goal and meaning of life and I was also confused when I entered 20, suddenly the idea of life changed to me. I had no idea who I am, who I am going to be. It was all very fancy to even think about it. I couldn’t see where my life was going. But, I knew and I believed that everyone has something, and the purpose of life is to discover who you really are. Socrates said to know thyself. And I started to study myself to know who I really am ? Before I passed my 12th class,that time was different to me. What I think now possible was impossible to 4 years ago.I always felt something within me, was trying to say out loud, something flickering , like a forgotten dreams, some fragments of true self was always there, but they were recessive, but now they are becoming dominant. When I started reading books about philosophy, I found out that man has suffered from the thoughts about the meaning in life, destiny, karma. I read about Socrates, Aristotle, Confucius, Rene Dekart, Kant, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Lin Yutao, Carl Sagan,Woody Allen, Douglas Adams. It is mind boggling to know that from Socrates of 2000 years ago till today, meaning of life has been great karizma to the philosophers. If you are an young man or an young adult, and you have confusion about who you are? And who you want to become in life. My dear reader, you must study philosophy and psychology. To know who you are you must read books on Human nature, read poetry, novels different genre, watch films and listen to music. 2 years ago, there were so many questions, and now there are some answers I have found. Finally, the meaning of life is getting clear to me, the road was all dark and full of mist, now its getting clear to me. The thoughts and questions of our existence in the universe was troubling me, now I have found answers to calm my mind. The atheist have no new idea,except they don’t believe in god. I would rather think more then sitting down and claiming that there is no God. I will believe in God, god who is beyond everything, every religion. So, I believe in God, not in religion. God is all I need and god is everywhere. I know that I am only a human. I always wanted to share with the world,what I know and feel about life. So, I started writing this blog 1 year ago, I write in my blog from life, family to philosophy, psychology to film, music, poetry and about my great country India and about my green state, the only land where the world’s biggest river island”MAJULI” and smallest river island ” UMANANDA” exist. I live in Assam, where endangered one horned Rhinoceros are found. Assam is the also world famous for its tea. I am an Assamese, my mother language is Assamese and my national language is Hindi.


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