Thursday, August 22, 2013

What creates your world by Jitu Das philosophy

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The idea of devil was created by those men who sucks the life of general people. The politicians are the people who controls the people and yet in 21st century people believe in the characters of ancient stories just like the really exist. To live ignorant may be easy but to live enlightened is much more amazing. The heaven and hell both lies in earth. Its your choices what to know, what to believe that creates your world. If you believe without questioning the people of religions who are as much human as you are, then it is your choice of life.

When you would pray you would look up, like there is a heaven and angles and you would look down as if there is a hell below the ground. Your world looks like as much as the knowledges you have gained or choose to learn. Your world is not similar to mine, and yet we all live in a same planet earth. Do you know what makes me sad most, the people with ignorance, who have no curiosity or questions. What shape people to behave in such way that from generation to generation, people are living the same life. The same killing each other, raping women, fighting for lands, corrupted governments, and people of religions are still fooling most people even in this age where science and technology has take us moon, mars. Still many people pray to moon. When I was a kid, my elders used to say that there are dinosaurs on mars. I believed that all my childhood.

 Now we have Hubble telescope to see thousand light years far away into the other galaxy. We live in a galaxy called Milky way. Our neighbor galaxy is Andromeda. The point is that you should be curious more than anything else.

 Curious about what ? You might ask me. Be curious about life, world and universe. Do not be afraid, do not panic, your job is not discover the God( the ultimate truth about life,time and universe) on your own. All you have to do is question openly what is disturbing you. Do not pretend like those people (who created religions) that you know god. God is neither a male or female person. But the people of religions always taught you a female human being is inferior to male human. That is not the truth. Female humans are as important as the male humans are. Both male and female need each other more than they can ever imagine. Men can not live with women and women can not live without men. When I look at parents, I think that they are best parents I could ever have. If they did not love each other and lived separately I could not dream of a family.

I do not understand why people believe in ghosts, witch and spirits. Remember, you know it is the truth, you have never seen a real ghost,witch or spirit other than in arts. Always remember that art never tells the exact truth, art is a manifestation of a human mind, just like dreams. Sometime dreams are like memories and years after you would not be able to distinguish between memories and dreams.

I remember my childhood and those memories are about 16 years old. Those images are still stored in my neurons of brain. It is so wonderful how brain works and the way body works so fluently and fast with the direction of the brain, it is just mind-boggling, if you can imagine that. Those images and small video clips of my childhood,they we captured by eyes and ear. Still I remember the first day of school. It is stranger than you and I can imagine. I remember growing up here, studying in school, college here in Pathsala town. Even though it feels so strange like an fantasy, the time is relative. That is why perception of time also changes and that is why it feels like yesterday, when I visited my grandfather, who gave me 50-50 biscuits.
My grandfather had died when I was a kid. Is he in heaven ? No, I do not think so. He was cremated 10 years ago and one day I will also be cremated. 

Death is a part of life. I am not saying that death is a gateway to heaven or hell. We are all made of cells. Cells are made of elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen,nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous and other elements. When we get cremated, the organs of our body disintegrates to those elements and then these elements gets mixed with the universe again.

The elements were created when the stars were exploded, so we are made of the star dusts. And that is why we feel a longing to the stars and the sky. So, when I would die, I will be cremated and my organs will again become free elements and again the elements that was within my every cell will return to the universe and thus even though I will be dead,the elements of my each cell will live forever.

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