Monday, August 26, 2013

The secret of Buddha's smile by Jitu Das

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Do you ever wonder why Buddha smiles ? Buddha smiles because he knows the truth of our life. We born and we die, but the time while we live is full of possibilities. At first Buddha was worried about the meaning of our life. Buddha was not satisfied with the traditional ideas about life and death. When Buddha was young, he went to a village festival with his father. In the village, he saw a cultivator ploughing the soil. Siddhartha slip out of his father’s company and sat near the ploughing land a bit far from the festival. Then Siddharta attained a state a calmness and peace. He was watching the whole environment surrounding him, the people, the land, the mudd,trees, shrubs,grass , the ants in the land which were being disturbed by the plough. When the soil was ploughed, the soil was turned upside down and made griny. Then the ants living under the soil was exposed to birds that have far greater capacity in their eyes to see beyond us. Siddhartha suddenly saw an eagle come down to earth and it took some insects in its beak. Then Siddhartha wondered why that insects has to suffer, why that ant has to die and eaten by an eagle. If that man did not ploughed the land, the ants would have never exposed to the birds. Then Siddharta felt the early realization of a wisdom that he would teach the world and become a Buddha. The truth he realised that day sitting there was that everything is connected to each other, even though you may think you are an individual human being, but you are connected with your surrounding environment much more than you think you are. The man, the soil, the insects, the bird , the trees, grass.
The reason the Buddha smiles its because he has gained bodh ( wisdom) of life and how it works. Who he know how life works, the elements of life, he who wonders about the life and universe. Who knows, who have the sense or wisdom to see the truth of life, he has attained the buddha nature. Who has reached the buddha nature he has no fear for death or greed for heaven . He who is in buddha nature, he loves nature, animals and the plants and creates a garden. He finds joy in watering the plants. Even though he will die too, but his life would filled with peace and tranquility.So the The secret of Buddha’s smile is peace and tranquility even though life is full of uncertainity, realizing the connection of everything in the universe and having gratitude for this moment,for who we are. Being who we are is the way to peace and tranquility.