Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love any people with any color,race, language and religion ~ Jitu Das

Deep inside your heart, you know my friend,what you really want. All the things in the world is trying to make you forget that. But you still know that you only need love and care no matter where you were born. You are as free as a bird. Do not bind your heart in the man made boundaries. Do not hate people living outside your boundary. You are only free if you have an open mind. You are only great if you can inspire the people to fall in love with each other not to bleed. You are made of star dust. You are not just a color, race, religion. More than your color, race, religion, you are a human. Human, who have the largest brain among the entire animal kingdom. We are human and high thinking makes us humane. It is upon you, what you do with your life. Life is a great chance to see all the beauty of the world, to love, to care, to have a family, friends and relatives. Your belief may vary from mine, but I hope you believe that we all the people on earth can live as one. I hope one day there will be more believers on earth, who would believe in unconditional love. They will change the world and make this world a better place for everyone. I hope one day people would believe that love is real, you can be human only through love. It does not matter whom you love or what you love. Love opens your mind and your heart fly with comfort. Love is the best way to achieve your destiny. What better way there was, is and will be to live and die than in a place you love, doing the work you love , with the people you love and who love you back and care for you. ~ Jitu Das loves you.

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