Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to bring peace in the world by Jitu Das philosophy

For peace in the world, there should no divisions among people created by religions. All the women have the right for education, religions can not stop the women to go to school and colleges and be educated and independent. I think that religions are controlled by men, why not women, women are equal to man in front of the law. Women have the right to be free from the believes that tells that god is a male person. Remember that religions do not have the slightest idea what god is. God is not human, that you pray, so that he would listen. What is God then ? The nature is God. That is how it fits and makes sense and only science can lead you to truth, to the light of pure wisdom. But if you believe those religions, it will take you to dark ages, the age of ignorance. But science is the way to understand nature, the universe and by understanding we can know god.

Science is the way to God. Science means questioning everything that has been told, taught or shown to you no matter by whom or how many. This is the truth. Science is the way to long life, a better healthy life. Without science you would live in dark ages, having ignorance, believing the people of religions saying that it is god’s punishment. Always remember that god is not a person, neither male nor female. The nature is god, the universe is god. The elements of the universe are god, everything that is in your body that is made of the elements, which are created when a stars bursts. That is why you are part of the stars. Your every cell is made of protoplasm, which is known as the basic unit of life. And every protoplasm is made elements. You have oxygen ( 62 % ), carbon ( 20 % ) , hydrogen ( 10 % ) , nitrogen ( 3 % ) ,calcium ( 2.50 % ) , phosphorous ( 1.14 % ), chlorine (0.16% ), sulphur(
0.14 % ), sodium (
.10 % ), magnesium (0.
07) , potassium (0.11 ), Iodine (0.014 % ), iron (0.010 % ) etc.
This is the truth. All these elements are inside every cell. Of the 92 naturally found elements, 46 are found in the cytoplasm. If you questions like why all the organs in your body are same then. It is because these elements are common in every cell. But they are arranged by the genetic codes. The codes makes the organs, and if there is a deformity in the codes that is when abnormality occurs. So, the truth I want you to know that the renaissance was created when the greek books were discovered first in Italy, which were scientific and full of reason. That is how by the scientific thinking and curiosity and love of life has began again in the world.

From 12 th century the literature, sculpting, painting, philosophy was flourishing. Then the dark age was ended and human have started to love life in this world and yet some fools were not ready that there is no heaven above the sky or hell below. Both heaven and hell is here on earth. It is your choice what you want to see, beauty or ugly, good or bad, true or false, curiosity or ignorance, freedom or enslave, love or hate, kindness or cruelty, sweetness or rudeness, be friendly or be lonely, share the knowledge or keep it yourself, search and find a meaning in life or remain in a shape others have suggested.

It is all about the choices that creates heaven or hell for a person in this world. Always remember that there are many kind of people on earth,the good and the bad, the curious and the ignorant, those who believe in reasons and those who believe religions, those who believe in science and those in superstitions. Choice is always yours, because it is your life. Think about it. Research about and take a choice. If you wanna know what is my choice ? Then I would say I believe in reasons not religions. But I believe in God, not the god as the religions describe. I think god is neither a male or female person. God is nature, god is the universe. God is in every elements that makes the whole universe.

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